Shieldgen leveling in HCO - any tricks or tips?

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Shieldgen leveling in HCO - any tricks or tips?

Post by schlurp » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:32 pm

Having gotten to solid 8-day HCO runs, I'd like to try for 7-day. As I understand it, it will require me to learn how to level in the shield generator. And with that, questions:

1. Timing: I assume the time for doing so is in the post-Trapper L8/L9 space that would otherwise be used for manor powerleveling?

2. Limitations: appropriate for all classes? With the option to skip the garden noncombat in the gallery, is it still superior to gallery-leveling? (The leaderboards seem to say yes.)

3. How: I'm assuming it's as simple as: (i) get 1-2 transponder drops early, (ii) crank +item to finish the quest quickly, and (iii) buff moxie as much as possible and fight in the generator, killing by whatever means are available. Is there more to it than that? When do you typically decide enough is enough and bail out?

Anything else I should know about it?

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Re: Shieldgen leveling in HCO - any tricks or tips?

Post by Draco Cracona » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:52 pm

I grab one transponder, and use it at L9. It's only viable as an AT class, due to the still/catalysts for +200% moxie potions, and this causes the L9 limitation. One burst of shield generator levelling should do for the entire run, and will mean that you won't have any offstat issues at all.

I tend to have:
+200% mox potion;
+50% all stats potion;
+100% mox potion;
Ice cold water;
Cool cat elixir (second of these is only half effectiveness as it's 20-turn duration);
Crimbo candy;
Any other misc. +moxie stuff I can scrounge up or that I've forgotten offhand.

I run the hipster here for massive stats until 3-4 fights, then switch to pantsrack with pin-stripe trousers for a sombrero.

I go for the full 30 turns in SPAAAAACE. Shield gen levelling isn't needed for 7D, but it's fun and optimal. You'll need 9 reagents and 4 or 5 tome summons, as well as 3k meat for catalysts.

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Re: Shieldgen leveling in HCO - any tricks or tips?

Post by NightBird » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:06 am

30 turns of shieldgen leveling aren't necessary usually (at least from my hco/hcb/hct AT experience). 20 turns are enough. Also consider using stringozzi serpent and tobiko marble soda to kill high-level monsters here. And keep your muscle low.
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