Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

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Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

Post by lightwolf » Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:48 pm

Anger leads to Violence. Violence leads to hate. Hatred leads to some phat loot.

There be some spoilers up in here.

For a full overview of the Sea Quest, see Cannonfire40's excellent guide.

The following is a short version of how to do the Sea quest on subsequent attempts.

General Quick sea Guide (subsequent attempts)
Once you are on your way to your 12 sea ascensions (or 28+ if you want to be through), there is much you can do to speed things up. If you use runaways, the entire quest should take about 45-50 turns with fishy. First, there are a few things you want from the mall or farmed per run...

Shopping list:
3 Sea cowbell
15 Sea Lasso (ish) (Optional: Sea chaps, Sea Cowboy Hat)
10 Mer-kin wordquiz AND 10 Mer-kin Cheatsheet (Scholar path)
1 knuckle bones, 4-5 each of Mer-kin Heal/Kill Scroll (Scholar Path)
40-60 turns of fishy
100ish tatters (optional. Using tatters it takes about 45 turns to do the quest. Otherwise closer to 100)

If you are going scholar, Most of your combat is using lasso first, then funk sling tatters.

Note: Equipping the Sea Chaps or Sea Cowboy hat allows you to learn lassoing faster. With both it only takes 7 uses, with just the chaps it takes about 14 uses. I usually have a mer-kin hat on for breathing so just equip the chaps.

Note, you can use the mer-kin wordquiz before unlocking the mer-kin city, and start getting your words from the scrolls. I.E. use heal/kill scrolls against mer-kin.

If you are going Gladiator path, you can start off with lasso; and then optionally buff crits and attack with the mer-kin dodgeball/dragnet/swing-blade before running away. If you do so, you want your mus/mox to be about 450 before the outpost, 650 after the outpost, and 1200 for the actual Colosseum.

You can try just buffing stats and funk slining divines once you get to the Colosseum, but some of the mer-kin gladiator skills reduce all damage to 1 or reflect all damage done back at you; so having the mer-kin gladiator skills can make things easier here.

Starting the quest
* Buff fishy, stats (450ish), equip your sea outfit
* Buff +item
* Go to Garden, sniff/kill Flytrap until wriggling drops
* Visit little brother

* Unlock Ship wreck, buff non-combat, stats (450ish)
* Adventure at ship until you unlock it
* Visit little brother
* Adventure in Class area until you encounter Grandpa 3 times
* Speak to grandpa about 'Grandma'

* Unlock outpost, buff +item, stats (650ish)
* Adventure and KILL mer-kins until a mer-kin drops key.
* Buff +non-combat
* Adventure and lasso/run until you get choice adventure
* At choice adventure, choose tent that corresponds to mer-kin that dropped key
* Thief = camouflage, warrior = skulls, healer = glyphed
* Repeat until you get the stashbox. Use stash box. Use map.
* Speak to grandpa about 'Currents'

* Unlock Corral. buff stats (650ish), lasso should be expert by now
* Adventure until Sea Horse. Funk sling cowbell/cowbell then cowbell/lasso

* Equip Mer-kin Gladiator outfit. Buff stat (1400). Gladiator weapon you havent skilled
* Dodgeball vs Switch-blade, Switch-blade vs Net, Net vs Dodgeball
- Note: Equip the mer-kin weapon that WASN'T involved in previous fight
- Example: After fighting Switch-blade with Dodgeball... Equip Dragnet
* Complete 15 Fights.

* Buff stats (900-1500)
* Unequip passive damage (V-mask, Moveablefeast, sauce spheres, ect)
* Adventure at Temple
* Funksling 6 crayon shavings (Boss now has 800ish atk/def)
* Auto Attack (Boss has 3000 HP. Soft cap of 600 damage)
* Collect loot

* Use 10 mer-kin word quiz (and 10 cheatsheets) if you haven't already
* Buff HP (over 500), spooky resist. Use Dark Visions until you get bold word.
* Use knuckle bone if you haven't yet. Record bold word.
* Equip Mer-kin Scholar gear, buff stats (650), buff +non-combat
* Use Kill/Heal scroll in combat if you haven't already. record Bold Words
* Adventure in library until you get scroll
* Adventure in library until you get non-combat three times. Record bold words.
* Use 7 words, and guess the 8th (or optionally eat sushi with worktea)

* Buff -HP, -Mus, +mox (500+), spell damage. No passive damage (V-mask, attack familiar, saucespher)
* Equip 3 prayer beads
* Adventure at Temple
* For first 5-9 rounds of combat
- Use red potion
- Use very red potion
- Use mer-kin heal scroll
- Use filthy poltrice
- Use Gauze garter (Debuff falls off with 3x mer-kin prayer beads)
- Optionally: Use Red pixel potion or scented oil massage or soggy bandaid to heal up
- Optionally: funk sling delevels with all of the above healing items
- Note: If you have above 500-600 moxie, Boss will only hit you for 1-10 damage
* Use Elemental Spell to kill boss (he has 750 HP. Soft cap of about 150 damage)
* Collect loot

* Reach 150 base stat in all three stat values.
* Equip 6/7 Loathing gear, Sea Salt scrubs / Hodge Overcoat, Hopping Socks / Pocket Square, scuba/palm fround
* Have unbuffed stats: 1200 MP, 1500 HP.
* Use Lightwolfs Dad Sea Monkee Grease Monkey script to determine boss weakness
* Alternatively use CannonFire40's Excel Spreadsheet to determine Boss weakness based on start of fight text
* Use Hobo 120 MP skills (optionally Volcanometeor) for 10 rounds to kill boss.
* Collect loot

Extended Boss fight information:

Scholar Path
You are fighting one of the Yog cousins, like one of those twice removed cousins who none of the other Yog's really like and don't even invite her over to R'lyeh for the family reunions anymore. You have to deal with the following restrictions

* All of your base are belong stats are capped at 30... for a time
* Every round, you deal 90% of your max HP in damage to yourself... for a time
* Any damage done to the boss (including passive, familiar) deals 500% max HP in damage to you... for a time
* Potato / Navel ring will NOT block damage.
* You can only use each combat item once.
* The boss is immune to physical damage from all sources (reduced to 1 dmg)
* The boss is immune to all blocking or stagger effects.
* Elemental damage has diminishing returns past 100-150 damage
* Boss stats 450/450/750 (atk/def/HP)

So the spoiler part.
You need to survive X rounds by healing yourself until the debuff wares off. Where X is 8 rounds (minus the number of mer-kin prayer beads equipped). After that you can attack the boss normally (though the combat item restriction is still in effect).

* The goal is to use unique healing items that can heal 90% of your max HP for the first 5-8 rounds.
* To increase the number of viable healing items, you want your HP to be reduced to around 30-80.

Remove any +HP or +Mus buff, and apply any -Mus buffs. Options include -100% muscle, mer-kin gutgurdle, whalebone corset can help as well.

Healing items of note include:
- Green pixel potion (40-60)
- cartoon heart (40-60)
- Red potion (100)
- extra-strength red potion (200)
- Gauze garter (80-120)
- Filthy Poltrice (80-120)
- Mer-kin heal scroll (200)
- Red pixel potion (100)
- soggy wet band aid (Full heal)
- scented message oil (Full heal)

* Note you can also funk sling two weaker healing items.
* Or funk sling a healing item and a delevel (As long as they dont also do damage)

* After the debuff falls off, your stats return to normal.
* Note that you will have low MP and HP once your base stats go back up though.

At this point you just fight a normal 450 attk/def monster with 750 HP. the damage you do is capped at about 100-150. So you'll have to hit it 6-9 times. Having high moxie can put you into no hit or make it so you only take a few points in damage if you do get hit.

You can use an MP restore and spells, or 1 of each love songs to kill boss. Optionaly you could also use an elemental phial and attack.

In summary:
* Remove +HP/Mus enchantments
* Do not Attack boss and Heal yourself for 5-8 rounds (using different healing items each time)
* Once debuff is gone, deal elemental damage until boss is deaded.

Gladiator Path
* At the start of the fight, the Boss will drain ALL of your MP, and deal 1/2 of that amount as damage to you.
* The boss will counter attack any skill or damage combat item, probably killing you
* The boss has stats of 4200/4200/3000 (atk/def/HP)
* The boss has a soft damage cap of 600

The point of the fight is to buff up really strong and just over power the boss. Here is how we are going to kill the boss...

1. Funksling 6 crayon shavings
2. Attack Boss
3. Profit.

Remember not to ware any passive damage equipment or buffs. I.E. attack familiars, V-mask, moveable feast, ect.

Loathing Path (Secret Boss)
Unlock mer-kin city in a new ascension, and approach temple wearing 6/7 of the loathing outfit. You still need a source of underwater breathing (for you and optinaly your familiar) though this may change.

You will face a boss with the following properties.

* Strips ALL buffs from you before combat starts
* You Must have loathing outfit equipped, so can only customize back, shirt, and acc3.
* You Can't use any combat items
* Boss Deals elemental damage each round (about 150-200 damage)
* Is only vulnerable to 1 element each round of combat
* Has a damage has soft cap of 300
* Combat ends after 11 rounds (round 12 defeats you. have to kill it in 11. somehow)
* Boss has stats 42000/42000/4200 (atk/def/HP)

* The boss has 4200 HP. Which means you need to deal more than 300 damage per round with just spells. That means you have to use the 120MP hobo spells of the correct element on the current round. You have to hit the boss with 14 sources of 300 damage (I.E. 5x Double hits, 5x single hits = 15 hits. 4500 damage)

The element that the boss is weak to each round is based on the combat text before starting the fight. (aka hotstuff puzzle). Cannonfire40 as well as several other people from /hardcore have created a spreadsheet to help you calculate this at the start of the fight.

*I've put together a Dad Sea Monkee Grease monkey script which will determine how to defeat the boss.

*Cannon posted his results for the Dad fight here: ... tcount=369

rounds 1-3: Map directly to the first few combat text libs.
rounds 4-5: The 5th lib word maps to 4, the 4th lib word maps to 5
rounds 6-7: The x number (1-64) represents a pair of elements, in binary. The verb before it tells what order to use those elements.
rounds 8: Lib matches value 2-12, minus the value of the first weakness
rounds 9: Round 2-5, +4, minus the second variable number. (where hot = 1, cold = 2, ect)
rounds 10: There are 10 body parts, which each refer to a weakness from a previous round
round 11: No clue. At this point the boss should be dead, or there are only 1/2 choices left.
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Re: Mer-kin Boss Spoilers

Post by robmon » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:41 pm

lightwolf wrote: * Elemental damage is capped at 100-150 per hit.
I'm not too sure about this part. I looked back in my logs, and I killed it with 2 combat items (181 damage total) and 2 saucegeysers, which did 314 and 315 damage. I had a ton of +spell damage on, so that's probably why, but I assume it has some sort of soft damage cap that starts at 100-150.

I also remember it wasn't able to hit me at all after the first 9 rounds were over. I was at 425ish moxie I think.

Also mer-kin healscrolls are another great healing item that should act as a full heal in this fight.

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Re: Mer-kin Boss Spoilers

Post by thacon » Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:04 pm

My logs aren't detailed enough to give me damage totals, but it took four love songs to bring down the boss and my applicable stats were somewhere around 3,000

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Re: Mer-kin Boss Spoilers

Post by greycat » Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:33 pm

Yog-Urt has a soft cap. My fearful fettucinis did like 187 or 178 damage. Something like that.

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Re: Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

Post by greycat » Tue May 14, 2013 9:30 pm

For the lasso training part, wearing a sea cowboy hat and sea chaps greatly reduces the number of lasso uses required.

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Re: Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

Post by lightwolf » Tue May 14, 2013 9:45 pm

greycat wrote:For the lasso training part, wearing a sea cowboy hat and sea chaps greatly reduces the number of lasso uses required.
forgot to update that. thanks!

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Re: Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

Post by Guiseppi » Sat May 18, 2013 7:35 pm

lightwolf wrote:Gladiator Path
* At the start of the fight, the Boss will drain ALL of your MP, and deal 1/2 of that amount as damage to you.
* The boss will counter attack any skill or damage combat item, probably killing you
* The boss has stats of 4200/4200/3000 (atk/def/HP)
* The boss has a soft damage cap of 600
Are we sure there isn't some kind of scale mechanic here or something? I fought the boss yesterday with 5000 Muscle, and about half my attacks were glancing blows. Buffed up to 8000 muscle... and about half of my attacks were glancing blows. The first two combats, I did over 3000 damage and the fight hit the 30-round limit. For the last combat, I used gremlin juice to guarantee hits and killed him after dealing over 6000 damage.

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Re: Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

Post by lostcalpolydude » Sat May 18, 2013 9:06 pm

There probably is something weird going on, since Manuel lists 10k HP out-of-combat. Don't bother buffing muscle, just throw some crayon shavings at the gladiator boss. Five of those, plus one sea lasso, should make the fight trivial to end with normal attacks.
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Re: Mer-kin Quest and Temple Boss Guide

Post by Communism » Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:37 pm

For the Scholar path boss I've found funkslinging delevelers really helps. Mouthsoap is awesome. Mafia arias help to lower your Muscle so you can use accessory slots for the prayerbeads.

I don't remember how much my Saucegeysers damaged her, but it didn't take very long to take her down without much +spell damage.

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