Ed the Undying: Actual Cannibal

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Ed the Undying: Actual Cannibal

Post by lightwolf » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:37 pm

You are Ed the Undying: Not long after some stupid jerk adventurer stole your McGuffin
Welcome to the Land of Ed. A Myst like class who has a different view on staying healthy

Ed's "Campground" is the pyramid in the desert beach
* Instant access to the beach, but no access to your campground.
* No Tomes, Librams, Grimores
* No Garden, DNA/Workshed
* Your pvp Stone is located elsewhere...

Ed gains stats like a myst class.
* Starts with a 0 mp combat spell 'Mild Curse'
* Starts with a decent spell damage weapon
* Summon Love Mosquito is replaced with Love Scarabs, which drains MP instead of HP
* Has low native HP
* When beaten up during combat, get sent to the underworld... and can return to combat without spending an adv!

The events of Ed take place slightly after a normal NS run
* The Beanstalk already exist
* Have access to the Beach
* Have access to the pyramid which has already had its McGuffin Stolen (Changes to level 11 quest)
* You have to reach the bosses at level 11, but do not have to fight them.
* No wewt stew for Dr Akward.
* The NS tower has already been cleared by some jerk adventurer. No tower items needed. AT ALL!

Ed does not regain HP like a normal adventurer!
* HP restore items like Doc's or Chateu, do not restore your HP as expected.
* Ed gets healed to full every time he is beaten up in Combat, and can restart the fight where he left off
* Ed can buy Ed specific healing items with Ed specific currency**
** which you really only need if beaten up outside of combat

The Pyrmid:
Alter: Where your McGuffin used to be
Servants quarters: Familiar replacement
Portal to the Underworld: You can shop, and do 'things' there, though it takes a turn to use at the pyrimid. However...
Book of the Undying: Your SKill Tree

Servants Quarter
Instead of familiars, you get the chance to release servants
You can release servants at levels 3,6,9,???, at which point they become available to you like familiars.
You may have one active servant with you at any given time.
Entombed Servants - You may release 0 more servants.
Level 1: Gives unpleasant gifts (items for selling)
Level 7: Helps find items
Level 14: Lowers enemy stats
Level 21: Teaches you how to find items (Passive +25% item drop bonus)

Level 1: Lowers enemy stats
Level 7: Restores MP
Level 14: Picks pockets (Separate counter from lash, but can't both pickpocket the same target)
Level 21: Teaches you how to restore MP (Passive 8-10 MP regen per turn)

Level 1: Helps find meat
Level 7: Attacks enemies
Level 14: Prevents enemy attacks
Level 21: Teaches you how to find meat (Passive 50% meat drop)

Level 1: Prevents enemy attacks
Level 7: Attacks enemies
Level 14: Attacks enemies even when guarding
Level 21: Teaches you how to defend yourself (Passive 200 DA bonus)

Level 1: Improves stat gains
Level 7: Improves spell crit
Level 14: Improves spell damage
Level 21: Teaches you how to improve stat gains (Passive +5 myst stat per fight)

Level 1: Attacks undead enemies
Level 7: Improves evocation spells
Level 14: Improves Ka drops (+1 coin on monsters who drop coins)
Level 21: Teaches you how to improve spell damage (+40 spell damage)

Level 1: Attacks enemies
Level 7: Lowers enemy stats
Level 14: Staggers enemies
Level 21: Teaches you how to improve physical attacks (Passive +dmg bonus)
Ed's Skill Tree
There are three linear trees.
* Invocations which are mostly Buffs, and give +stat, +NC, and +Item
* Evocations which are mostly Combat spells. But also gives +"Familiar", Pick Pocket, and Insta kill (YR?)
* Curses are Combat Utiilty skills: This includes stuns, Banish, and Olfacate

You start with 1 'skill point' and get one on levels not divisible by 3.
After getting all the skills, additional skill points can be turned into Servant experience.
Each tree is only 7 deep.
You can purchase individual Ed skill perms in Mr Store, by trading an Uncle buck for the talisman of seshat

Prayer of Seshat: Buff 5 MP: 10 turns of +3 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
Wisdom of Thoth: Buff 5 MP: 10 turns of Mysticality +10, Mysticality +50%
Power of Heka: Buff 10 MP: 10 turns of Spell Damage +20, +10% Spell Crit, Spell Damage +50%
Hide of Sobek: Buff 10 Mp: 10 turns of 50 DA, 5 DR, 1 resist all
Blessing of Serqet : Buff 15 MP: 10 turns of +20 to Monster Level
Shelter of Shed: Buff 15 MP: 10 turns of Monsters are way less attracted to you (-20 NC)
Bounty of Renenutet: Buff 20 MP: 10 turns of +50% Item Drops from Monsters

Fist of the Mummy: Combat 5 MP: Physical damage (60 damage)
Howl of the Jackal: Combat 10 MP: Spooky attack spell (120 damage)
Roar of the Lion: Combat 15 MP: Hot attack spell (250 damage)
Storm of the Scarab: Combat 8 MP: Prism Spell (30 prisim dmg / 5 sources)
Purr of the Feline: Buff 10 MP: Makes Ed's Servants Stronger (+5 levels. So get level 14 ability at level 9*)
Lash of the Cobra : Combat 12 MP: Damage + Pickpocket (Force pickpocket, x30 a day)
Wrath of Ra : Combat 40 MP: Vaporizes enemies (100 turn YR)
*Note: Spell dmg depend on Myst. These were unbuffed values at level 8 (20% spell dmg from moon sign)
*Note: Servant buff does NOT grant you the level 21 passive ability early. These require 441 experience.

Curse of the Marshmallow: Combat 2 MP: Delevel
Curse of Indecision: Combat 5 MP: Stun
Curse of Yuck: Combat 5 MP: Damage over time (8-15 per round)
Curse of Heredity: Combat 10 MP: Reduces stats and inflicts poison on every enemy of the same type*
Curse of Fortune: Combat 1 KA: Makes enemy drop more meat (+200% meat drops?)
Curse of Vacation : Combat 30 MP: All day banish (? banishes at once)
Curse of Stench: Combat 35 MP: Olfacate
*2-4 damage per round, 9 delevel when cast and randomly, across every monster of that phylum

A Portal to the Underworld
You can get to the Underworld from your pyramid if you are willing to spend 1 Adv. Or...
When beaten up in Combat, Combat is paused and you are sent to the underworld:
* Afterwards, you can either return to the fight you were previously in,
* or return to your pyramid and consume the adv you would normally spend on that combat.

Doing so gives you access to a number of shops and features.
The shops take an ed specific Currency that drops off of monsters of specific phylum.
* You get 1 KA coin from creatures with souls (i.e. beast, goblins, ect)
* You get 2 KA coins from dudes (and others?)
* The level 14 priest ability (81 exp + buff, or 196 exp) gives +1 KA to monsters that drop KA
* The level 6 and 7 quest, along with most of spooky raven, give no KA

* Restore HP as if you rested
* removes negative status effects (except for thrice cursed)
* Shop for Ed Upgrades / passive skills
* Shop for Ed consumables (foods, restores, sgeas, ect)
* Break your Hippy stone.

Most notably, the Shop is a way to increase Ed's capacity to eat/drink/and spleen.

The Body Shop
Allows you to buy upgrades for Ed. These are basically a set of passive buffs including consumable capacity.
Some of these upgrades have multiple ranks, in which case the price is increased each time.

Code: Select all

Replace Stomach	Ka coin	30  +5 stomach	
	Replace Liver	Ka coin	30  +5 Liver
	Extra Spleen	Ka coin	5   +5 Spleen (6 Ranks, each rank costing 5 more then the last)
	Upgraded Legs	Ka coin	10  +50 ini	(2 Ranks, +10 cost per rank)
	Upgraded Arms	Ka coin	20  +50% Mus 
	Upgraded Spine	Ka coin	20  +50% Mox
	Tougher Skin	Ka coin	10  +100 DA
	Armor Plating	Ka coin	10  +10 DR
	Bone Spikes 	Ka coin	20  +10 dmg and thorns
	Arm Blade   	Ka coin	20  +5 dmg, +20% crit		
	Healing Scarabs	Ka coin	10  +2-4 hp regen
	Elemental Wards	Ka coin	10  +1 resist (3 Ranks, +1 resist and +10 cost per rank)

Everything Under the World:
Sells spleen items, MP/HP restores, and some utility items:
These are the only HP restore items that work for Ed; besides the HP restore from first entering the Underworld:
mummified spleen items:
These go for 5/10/15 KA coins:
* Ranked good/Awesome/Awesome
* Fills 1/3/5 spleen respectively
* The 5 KA one gives 3 adv for 1 spleen
* The 15 KA one gives 23-27 for 5 spleen

Mp Restore Items:
These go for 1/2/3 KA coins:
These restore 20-25, 40-50, 80-100 MP and give an mp regen per turn buff

HP Restore Items:
These go for 1/3/5 KA coins:
Restore 10-20, 20-40, 40-80

Utility items:
Ancient Cure-all: 3 KA, Green soft echo equivlent
Talisman of Thoth: 2 KA Potion: Extends all active Invocation buffs.
Talisman of Renenutet: 1 KA Combat item: Massive boost to item drop for this monster (Limit 7 per day, 200-300%?)
Talisman of Horus: 5 KA Potion: 10 turns of ++Combat (20%)
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Re: Ed the Undying: Actual Cannible

Post by lightwolf » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:37 pm

Low Skill
* Your first run is probably going to get you about 8 skills, with the 7th skill at level 10
* Summon Love bugs help a lot before you get combat skills.
* The curse tree is just bad, besides the banish and weak olfication. Yuck and Heredity don't do any real damage, don't scale, and any significant ML (see CI omega button) means you cant stasis them. It seems almost always recommended to go down evocation for the servant buff, get the +stat buff from invocation, and from there probably work your way to NC first.

* You will only get 4 servants in the course of a normal run.
* If your goal is early day count, rushing the priest to 14 with the combat buff will maximize turn gen
* Cat, Servant, Maid, Belly dancer are the other quest relvant candidates.
* Servants gain exp at the same rate as baseline familiars (+fam exp enchants do not work) and cap at level 21 or 441 exp. They are not affected by familiar weight or exp gain enchants from native kol.

* Once you get 21 skill points, additional level ups give 'infusion' points which can add 100 experience to a servant.
* First early goal is to get priest to 14 from the start
* Next would be to max out scribe to get the +5 myst stat skill

Coin management
* Dudes is the fastest way to get Ka. Secret Government Laboratory is the most reliable early place to farm them
* SGL not only gives Ka but large amounts of stats, and potentially some useful items.
* You can also unlcok pirates early, but the pirate outfit requires 25 mox to equip (which is about level 6)
* As a last resort you can also farm KA at the sleazy back alley or hippy camp.

* Liver allows you to get speakeasy drinks (see +100 substat good dirnks) and nightcap
* Stomach day one will allow you to eat ghost dog for free chateau rest over a run.
* You need to get stomach, then fill it before pantsgiving will work.
* Your first 3 spleen upgrades are all cheaper than stomach and give about 4.5 adv per fullness.

Coin Maths...
- You need about 270 Ka Day 1 to maximize consumption
-- 135 turns farming dudes! (but probably more with 1 drops, 0 drops, and NC's)
-- 90 with priest at level 14. But it will take at least 81 turns to get priest to 14...
-- This can generat about 270+ turns on day 1...
-- It cost 45 KA to fill your last spleen. Which is 22.5 dudes, or 15 with priest to gen 24 adv.
- You only need 105 Ka Day 2+ to fill spleen.
-- There are also 60 Ka worth of +6 Resist All Upgrades you want for Kitchen, Boo Peak, ect
-- And 30 Ka worth of 100% ini Upgrades (Crypt Zombies)

Fun with getting Beat up
* Use it to get you're shopping done for free!
* While monster stats are carried over, it counts as a fresh encounter each time you return
* You can insult the pirates multiple times, or Flyer
* You can remove debuffs (except for 'Thrice-Cursed')
* You can get Thrice-Cursed from a single combat (Three round trips)

Optimal GM SCript by Lightwolf

*Edit* This is deprecated with the new in game option, but was a nice macro before that
Chat macro courtesy of gulaschkanone
Will move you from getting beat up to re-entering the fight. There is a delay between each goto so it might be slightly slower then clicking yourself, but it saves you from having to make all the clicks.

/goto choice.php && /goto choice.php?whichchoice=1023&option=1&pwd='+pwdhash+' && /goto place.php?whichplace=edunder&action=edunder_leave && /goto choice.php?whichchoice=1024&option=1&pwd='+pwdhash+'

As always, I accept non mandatory appreciation for this compilation in the form of Ed skill givers or uncle bucks.
Also as always, please forward all complaints and corrections to Pantsless@urpultbl.kol
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Re: Ed the Undying: Actual Cannible

Post by littlelolligagged » Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:11 pm

Not my textdump: http://pastebin.com/zzrW6UhG

Pyramid - http://imgur.com/apUqBDs
Underworld text - http://imgur.com/2JfzsYJ
Underworld - http://imgur.com/apUqBDs
Underworld body shop - http://imgur.com/vPd0E0G
Other underworld shop - http://imgur.com/D57n5IJ

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Re: Ed the Undying: Actual Cannibal

Post by ungawa » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:06 am

Some lvl 11 spoilers for those that are curious about run planning
You continue the theme of retracing the adventurers steps, which means black forest, forged documents, diary, and the 3 bosses that guard the pieces of the staff.
As soon as you get the lvl 11 quest, the staff is disassembled and no longer a useful caster weapon. You have to return the 3 parts to the bosses to hide again.
After opening spookyraven's chamber, I did not fight him, just gave him a stern talking to.
From /hc, it sounds like awkward is similar, and not fighting him means no mega gem required, therefore no wet stew.
I'm banking for day 3 now, so not clear yet if lvl 11 requires anything beyond returning the 3 pieces. I was imagining there may be some new content to recover the mcguffin to replace the desert/pyramid. So far there's no sign of that, in which case that's a chunk of questing stats and flyering that will have to come from somewhere else.
I also got my priest to lvl 14, and the ability to find extra Ka seems to give an additional Ka every combat that would normally have dropped at least 1.

Also, there is a combat item that costs 1 Ka that says it gives extra item drop for a single combat. Today, it disappeared from the store after I purchased 7. Hopefully it will be back tomorrow, but if it's daily it's something else to try to spend Ka on day 1.

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Re: Ed the Undying: Actual Cannibal

Post by ungawa » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:14 am

So, with the update to give the servant exp imbue on level up in run, I decided to try a "full skill" run since I'd have enough imbues to level the servants I wanted as I unlocked them. I don't have the energy to post a log before the Ed IotM is out, but for softcore run planning, I just wanted to say that this run involved 0 ka farming and 0 turns spent powerlevelling.
Sadly, rng, some mistakes, and FoB monsters meant this run was actually 2 turns longer than my previous. However, thanks to the scribe's+5 mainstat/combat passive, a heavier scribe, more frequent scribe usage, and some tweaks to my run plan, I actually ended up overlevelled.
-Last run I used 13 unfree rests, 3 clovers (one of which was pulled), and the jarlsberg gate for more than 500 mainstat
-This run, I hit lvl 13 with 5 free rests remaining, 3 clovers left (good clover days and bridge), and an open jarlsberg gate left unused.
That easily covers the stats from FoB monsters and leaves wiggle room for when the rng is more helpful in some areas.

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