Skipped noncombats are not added to the noncombat queue

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Skipped noncombats are not added to the noncombat queue

Post by ungawa » Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:51 pm

Hey all, I know many people are wise enough to stay away from G-D, so I wanted to pass along an interesting gameplay discussion that popped up there today.

All this time, I've assumed skipped noncombats were added to the noncombat queue, but it turns out this is not the case.
(Thal on the Rocks made the initial comment starting the discussion, and Cairnarvon did some spading that confirmed it. ... p?t=214468)

So, I wanted to start a discussion about any ascension implications.

I think the biggest question in my mind from this discussion is whether or not to spend a turn on Curtains if it comes up when you're trying to set the song.
-If you skip Curtains, there's a 50% chance the next noncombat will be the quartet. If you spend a turn on Curtains so it's the only thing in the noncombat queue, you have a 80% chance that the next noncombat is the quartet (if I did that queue math right). Going from 50% to 80% quartets reduces the number of expected noncombat encounters required to find the quartet from 2 noncombats to 1.25 noncombats.
-With a 90% base combat rate, if you are running 25% noncombat while trying to set the song (through temporary buffs or whatever), then you would expect it to take 2.86 turns per noncombat. Reducing the expected number of expected noncombats by 0.75 is 0.75 noncombats * 2.86 turn/noncombat = 2.14 turn reduction.
-This means spending 1 turn on curtains is expected to save 2.14 turns moving forward with the hunt for the quartet, for a expected net savings of 1.14 turns.
-That savings will only increase if you have fewer noncombat buffs since the expected turns/noncombat will be higher.

Giant Castle Ground Floor
I don't have brainpower for this one atm, but some initial thoughts:
Here, it looks like paths that want the boning knife should spend turns on the other noncombats when you come across them to get them in the queue while opening the top floor. Those turns have to be weighed against the stats from a combat in paths where that matters.
If you don't get the knife in run and go back after downing the wall of meat, my gut says it's not worth a turn to add a worthless noncombat to the queue given that the knife noncombat is already significantly more frequent than the others at that point.

Are there other zones that should be discussed? I don't know where all HC may spend turns that SC doesn't these days.

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Re: Skipped noncombats are not added to the noncombat queue

Post by harumph » Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:38 pm

Thanks for sharing! Very good points on both zones.

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Re: Skipped noncombats are not added to the noncombat queue

Post by emc2 » Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:57 pm

This is pretty fascinating. And very helpful to know.

I've had the feeling that "it's easier after you kill the wall of meat" isn't quite as patently obvious, just from hearing anecdotal screams of horror in /hardcore chat.


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