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Community Service Planning Tool

Post by DLR » Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:13 pm

So, some of you guys asked for a template to help sort of figure out and plan your CS runs. I figured I'd share the spreadsheet I made to plan mine. I've cut it down to be a little more basic than my own version, but the formatting and test calculation is solid. So, download it and start filling it in with your own strat as you develop it.

Also, anytime a test has a dashed divider: Above the line is % buffs, below the line is flat value buffs.

Formatting for the sheet: There are 3 relevant cells for each test. The cell left of the buff name, the buff name, and the cell to the right of the buff name. The left cell is where you input values. The middle tells you the name of the buff. The right cell is the "value" of the buff. So, Mad Loot gives you 20% item drops, which is why there is a 20 in the right cell. If you have this buff on your character, put 20 in the left cell for it to count towards the test calculation. ... sp=sharing

I used a non-trivial amount of shorthand in this sheet. Feel free to ask questions (here or in-game) if you can't figure out what a specific line/buff is.

<3 DLR

Edit: Ungawa and I are noticing some weirdness with the Spell test. It seems like possibly 1 or both of the 10% passives aren't being counted. I'll keep you posted.

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