Kickball Fellow (batfellow guide)

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Kickball Fellow (batfellow guide)

Post by lightwolf » Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:56 pm

Kickball fellow Guide
This Guide is based on ziggyS's forum post. But put into a step by step form that can theoretically get you a joker board time of 225 about 70-75% of the time.

Note that there have been times of 243 on the board before, so there is some strategy that improves on this. But what it is I do not know, and a 215 time was enough to get me a batfellow tattooo eventually.

The biggest point of rng is how many orphans + jute fabric you get during travel and NC. This can give or take 4-12minutes
The other biggest point of rng is time bandit bonus drops, which is usually a 10 minute difference depending on if you get 3 after combat bonuses or 2.

You can kill the joker on your 3rd comic, and get the 215-225 time on about your 6th or 7th comic. Everything after that is quality of life for combat.

The fastest way to clear any zone is to use 7 fingerprint kits, 4 jutes, and a 25% NC. (Except for easy zones where you use 2x50% combats).

NC requirements:
The NC requirements, and resource requirements for each set of zones is as follows:
Easy: 6 finger dust, 6 ultra colag, 36 kickballs
Medium: 1 bat-o-mite, 1 bat-o-rng, 1 jute for NC, 12 more jutes, 21 finger dust
Hard: 1 Kickball, 1 Ultra colag, 1 finger dust for NC, 12 jutes, 21 finger dust

For a total of:
49 finger dust
25 jutes
37 Kickballs
7 ultra colag
1 bat-o-mite
1 bat-o-rng

You will have extras of some of these things. Kickballs and jutes are the resources you will be trying to get just enough of. For the rest of the resources, you simply have to keep in mind to save at least 1 of the thing you need for the medium or hard zone NC's until you use it. This means not using your last kickball, or ultra colag in combat.

Skill priority:
At the very start of the batfellow game you want to priorities skills in this order...

1. Extra Swishy cloak (act first in combat without taking damage)
2. Rocket Booster (faster travel time)
3. Street Sweeper
4. Advanced air filter
5. Orphan Scoop
6. Improved Cowl Optics (Note: These 6 skills are required to get this strategy to work at all.)
7. Really Long Winch (Note: The next 4 skills are required for optimal time, but can be pushed to after first 3 bosses)
8. Surveillance Network
9. Blueprint database
10. Spot light

After killing the 3 bosses in the easy zone, the skill priority is:
1. Improved 3-d printer
2. Improved Bat Punches
3. Any and all skills you didn't get in the first list of 10

Any leftover skills, or skills after killing the medium bosses can go to quality of life stuff
1. Bat Bandaids
2. Bat glue
3. Bat health regen
4. Bat spike thingys ect...

Combat is mostly predictable, with known damage dealt and taken. Most of your decisions are about optimizing healing. You will have plenty of bat-dynamite for bosses and 1 shooting some minions. Also remember, any healing combat item is a free round, meaning you won't take additional damage the round you heal.

Bosses do consistant damage. Easy bosses do 10 damage, Medium do 20, hard do 30. This can be reduced by armor/resist

For the easy bosses, you will likely be punching them. In which case hit them until you have 10 or less HP left, use a full heal, then continue hit/kicking them. Should only need 2 full heals on the first 3 bosses with 2 health upgrades (50 hp) and no combat damage upgrades.

The rest of the bosses die in 2 bat-dynomite hits. So you only need enough HP to survive one hit.

The jokester dies to 7 kickballs without ever hitting you.

Med/Hard zones:
Some time during the zone, you will HAVE to jute 4 monsters. The other three monsters you can kill on the first turn with dynamite. The general strategy is to try and jute the generic thugs in each zone (who do the lowest damage), while using dynamite on any early monsters that show up that give bonuses.

It is important to keep track of each zone, how many jutes you have used and how many combats you have left. Once you use 4 jutes, dynamite all the remaining fights until the boss. If you haven't used all 4 jutes and only have that many combats left, you have to jute every one.

To use a jute, you have to get a monster down to 10 or less HP (but not 0) and then use the jute. This usually requires 1-2 strikes with 10 damage fist in med zone, and 2-3 strikes in hard zone.

With this strategy, you won't be returning to town until you finish all 3 zones so your healing items have to be spread out for the entire run. This is challenging on a 6th comic run, but much easier once you pick up bat bandage skills and glue later on.

Ideally your first zone will be the asylum, where you can pick up bullet armor which helps a lot with damage later on. You should have an idea as you go through the zone what the max damage the harder monsters do.

The clocktower is special because the time bandits there can give you 10 additional minutes to your final time. You want to a) never get hit by time bandits and b) try to kill as many of them as possible to get +30 minutes or 3 after combat bonuses from them. As a note the clock tower 25% NC uses 1 kick ball which is the last kick ball you need, so you can use any additional kickballs here to banish non-time bandit monsters here until you get 30 minutes.

You can use any bat-o-rng's and then jute the time bandits you face here, while dynamiting the rest. You still need to use 4 jutes here. And any left over bat-o-rng's are quality of life usefull against the flamethrower enemies in the 2nd hard zone.

Step by Step guide
Start: Buy skills in Bat cave. See skill priority above
5 min: Travel to high crime district (Hope you get 3 oprhans either now or going to town.)
5 min: Travel to town. Make 5 kick balls and 1 finger dust
5 min: Travel to high crime district
4 min: Trivial Pursuit: Do one fight in the trivial pursuit zone using bat-dynomite to get +1% exploration bonus.
-- (note: you have 6 combats, 4 jutes left for the trivial zone. And used 1 finger dust for 9% exploration)
5 min: Clock tower: Use 5 kickballs on combats to get to the NC. Select the orphans + explosives NC option
5 min: Travel to town. Buy 10-15 kickballs.
5 min: Travel to High crime.
15 min: Clock tower: Use 15 Kickballs to get 3 NC's
5 min: Travel to Town. Make 25-30 kickballs
5 min: Travel to High crime.
30 min: Clock Tower: Use 30 kickballs to get 6 NC's
5 min: Travel to Town. Make 55-60 kickballs
5 min: Travel to High crime.
25 min: Trivial Pursuit: Use 24 kickballs to get 5 NC's, picking up fabric + evidance
5min?: If you have less than 34 kickballs + orphans combined, do Clock tower NC's until you do
5 min: Travel to town.
-- Turn all orphans into kick balls (At LEAST 37, probably around 40)
-- Buy 7 ultra-colags, 2 health upgrades, the rest ultra-colags (probably 6-8 extra)
-- Buy 48 finger dust, Buy any armor upgrades you can afford, buy any remaining finger dust.
5 min: Travel to Low Crime.
42 min: Use kickball's to get to 50% NC twice in each zone. Kill bosses
0 min: Travel to bat cave.
-- Buy improved 3-d printer, and next priority skills
-- Create all of the jutes and dynamite you can (about 22-23 jutes, and 40ish dynamite)
5 min: Travel to med Crime.
111 min: Go through zones left to right fighting monsters. Jute 4 monsters, dynamite the rest + bosses. 25% NC. Don't hit 0 HP!
0 min: Travel to bat cave
-- Buy any remaining quality of life skills
-- Fabricate jutes (hopefully 3-4), and any dynamite or bat-o-rngs you can make.
5 min: Travel to High crime.
111 min: Go through zones left to right. jute 4, dynamite rest + 25% NC.
-- Save 1 kickball for clock tower NC, use rest to force time badnits. Don't get hit by time bandits gun. 20-30 min get!
-- kill 3 bosses
0 min: Optional, travel to bat cave and buy skills or fabricate items. This accomplishes nothing except for SWAGer points
5 min: Travel to Town
-- Buy 7+ kick balls. Buy other things if you wish
4 min: Fight jokester. Use 7 kickballs against him. Win game.

If you got 3 time bandit bonuses, and got average or above average orphans/jutes early on, you should get a time of 225 min remaining. If you only got 2 time bandit bonuses, you will get around a 214 time.

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Re: Kickball Fellow (batfellow guide)

Post by BC_Goldman » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:48 pm

Thanks! This got me the tattoo on my first try. :trophy:

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