General Theory of Elemental Zones

This is where you spade, shovel and sickle. Or is it reap?
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Seal Lubber
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General Theory of Elemental Zones

Post by Seal Lubber » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:20 am

If it says hobos die, or escape, they probably did. If not, they probably didn't. To make sense:
- all of those increase or decrease element non-combats seem to have no effect on the progress of the zone. I guess it's possible that these do 1/5 or 1/10 of a kill per non-combat based on our tests, but I think it's unlikely and not useful.
- the non-combats where you get meat sent to the stash and hobos escape add hobos to the count

Kill Count:
- 10 images with about 50 per image. We had 50 in the Heap, 51 in the burial grounds.
- Heap had 30 kills with 4 trashcanos from image 0->1
- Burial ground had 51 kills from image 0->1

- 5 kills
- Heap had 30 kills with 4 trashcanos from image 0->1

- Adds 10 hobos to the burial ground.
- After a tomb was opened, Burial Ground had 10 kills to return to image 1 on two occasions.

Moving flowers to the Heap:
- Does not increase Heap Count
- Does not decrease Heap count
- Does not decrease Burial Ground Count
- Does not increase Burial Ground Count
- Likely causes bonus spooky attacks by hobos at the burial ground
- Picking a flower did not revert Heap from 1->0
- Picking a flower did not revert Burial Ground from image 1->0
- With 6 flowers picked, Burial Ground still took 10 combats to return to image 1 after opening a tomb
- Not sure how confirmed that is by the people fighting there.

Moving Compost to the Burial Ground:
- Does not decrease Burial Ground count
- Does not decrease Heap count
- Does not increase Heap count
- Sending compost did not revert Burial Ground from image 1->0
- Sending compost did not revert Heap from image 1->0
- I give up, they just don't do anything and I'm getting confused.

- 40 piled tires changed image 6->10
- Can be tested by figuring out how many hobos jump out of the hot door and using a similar method to the Tomb.

Strong Yodel:
- Once used, cannot find that non-combat again
- The first one does at least 40 kills
- May lose effectiveness (as icicles run out?)
- 3 logs where people only crazy yodelled once, makes sense
- With ten kills on the board, a strong yodel progressed image 0->1
- 3rd or 4th (?) strong yodel didn't progress image 8.

Cold Pipe:
- May require the hot zone to be open for water to flow through the pipe in the CLUE choice
- Will add icicles and increase effectiveness of yodelling

Other Synergies:
- Maybe

So... unless you find some explosive relationship (like the CLUE pipe), the diverting non-combats only appear to be a tool to make things easier to kill (or to revert the increased difficulty from stacking tires, making trashcanos, etc)

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Post by Prestige » Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:06 pm

Just to reiterate: It's very likely that all choice adventures that divert one element into another zone do not affect kill count and do not save turns. Unless they are involved in some heretofore unknown synergy.

Personally, I think they affect the overall elemental-level of each zone, changing the severity of the special elemental attacks. Keep your eyes out for any ways that elemental level of the zone also affects the choice adventures.

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Post by Pendulass » Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:18 pm

During the latest run, a considerable amount of flowers where moved to the heap. This caused the environmental damage in the heap to drop to single digits, and despite this there was no noticeable decrease in combat levels or changes in the combat rate.

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