Semi-Official list of Superlikelies

This is where you spade, shovel and sickle. Or is it reap?
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Post by TeKRunneR » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:26 am

Also, I'm pretty sure the Black Forest map is one. Not sure about the map encounters in the starter locations and the Friars Gate.
The friars map has to be one, as you won't avoid it even if you've turned off all the other noncombats in the zone.

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Post by Eleron » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:17 am

Guesses for various adventures, adventure class and some rejection conditionals: (unlike the previous list, this stuff isn't necessarily true)

"delay()" means "rejects the encounter if less than X adventures have been spent in the zone so far this ascension, where the X values are determined for each zone at the beginning of the run". This is a moderately accurate description that at least captures the gist of it.

"already found" means "rejects the encounter if it's already been found this ascension. Often it's not possible to tell whether it's really "once only based on already-seen-this-adventure flag" or "don't have the item already".

"normal" means no conditionals attached.

Encounters marked with * are those I consider interesting to spade further, feel free to help out ;D
They're also even more likely to be wrong than the others.

Encryption key: superlikely; already found, delay()

Manor unlock: superlikely; already found, delay()

The sewer: hard-coded
*Rusty screwdriver: superlikely; already found, delay() and/or X% chance

Pool cue: superlikely; 75% chance, have one
Playing pool: noncombat; delay(), no pool cue equipped

Mosquito: superlikely; already found, 75% chance
Temple map: noncombat; already found, delay()
Spooky sapling: noncombat; already found, not found the map
Fertilizer: noncombat; not found the map, have one, unlocked the temple
Three-tined fork, first time: superlikely; already found, 75% chance
Three-tined fork: noncombat; not found the superlikely version

*Rat faucet: hard-coded; delay()

Beefy bodyguard bat: combat, normal
Boss bat: combat; adventured < 3 times in the zone

***Clown lord: superlikely; 75% chance, already defeated, not spent enough turns since last encounter

*Cemetery gravedigging: hard-coded; good one equivalent to "superlikely; already found, X% chance, have none of the grave-robbing shovel items"
*Tower ruin explorations: not spent enough adventures in the zone, not found the previous one

*Lab key: hard-coded; X% chance, have one

Library bookshelves: noncombat; delay()

*Gallery key: superlikely; already found, delay()

Friars, 3 items: noncombats; delay()
Hey deze map: superlikely; already found, X% chance
Organ of steel, 3 items: superlikelies; not spent enough turns in the zone
Organ of steel, follow demon: superlikely; not spent enough turns since last encounter, finished the quest

*Crypt items: noncombats
*Crypt bosses: superlikelies; delay(), not seen the corresponding noncombat, not spent enough turns since last encounter

Clearing rocks to the goatlet: superlikely; already cleared
Dairy goat: combat; normal

*Cap'm's map: already found
Barrr cap'm returns: superlikelies; not having the required item
Insult beer pong: superlikely; not returned the dentures, not spent enough turns since last encounter
Pirate fledges: superlikely; already found, not used the 3 items

*Towel: already found

Bedroom nightstands: noncombats; delay()?

Adding machine: combat; delay()

*Bronze breastplate: not spent enough turns in the zone since last encounter
*Immateria and S.O.C.K.: noncombats; already found, delay(), found the previous one

Wheel in the sky: noncombat; delay()

Black market map: superlikely; already found

*Hidden temple advancement: delay()

*O Cap'm: noncombat; not spent enough turns in the zone since last encounter
*Beware...: noncombat; read the diary
*Swordfish: noncombat; already found, not read the diary

Hidden city special tiles: hard-coded, delay()

Palindome items: superlikelies; already found, 75% chance
Drawn Onward: hard-coded
Dr. Awkward: superlikely; no mega gem equipped, already defeated

Ultrahydrated: superlikely; already ultrahydrated
Stone rose and pages: superlikelies; already found, X% chance
Gnomes in desert: superlikelies; X% chance, wrong stage of quest / no drum machine

Strung-up quartet: noncombat, not spent enough turns since last encounter
Cellar unlock: superlikely; already found, delay(), 75% chance
Matilda: superlikely; not correct turn number

Carved wooden wheel: superlikely; already found, X% chance
Middle chamber failure: noncombat; wheel inserted, have wheel
Wheel install: noncombat; wheel inserted, don't have wheel
Normal wheel turning: noncombat; wheel not inserted, ed defeated

Lobsterfrogman: combat, normal
*Other sonofa encounters: noncombats; affected by having the items already

*Defowl the farm: superlikelies; based on number of adventures spent in zone

Worm wood stuff: superlikelies; not correct turn number

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Post by lordhades15 » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:48 pm

What do you mean by "hard-coded"?
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Post by Eleron » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:03 pm

lordhades15 wrote:What do you mean by "hard-coded"?
Adventure functionality realized by embedding specific functionality directly into a php source code file instead of using the game's normal encounter data structures. It's not a fourth class of encounter types, it's actually not a true encounter at all but something different and weird.

It really just means that it behaves differently from anything else in the game, and from a development perspective it's also more prone to errors and unintended consequences. It can do absolutely anything, which can be very good and very bad =)

Instead of

Code: Select all

superlikely manor_key
  name: The Manor in Which You're Accustomed
    checkflag: manorfound
  setflag: manorfound
you have

Code: Select all

player = get_player_structure(get_session());
layout = get_tavern_layout(player);
if (layout[$_REQUEST["where"]] == 1) {
  if ((get_player_name(player) == "LordHades15" && mt_rand(1, 100) < 90) || mt_rand(1, 100) < 10) {
    print_adventure("Raternal Bonds");
    give_item(player, item("ice-cold fotie"));
  } else {
    print_adventure("The Cask at Hand");
    give_item(player, item_from_zap_group("fruity girl drink"));
The examples are mostly made up, but the hades name checking bit is leaked code! ;)

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