Quick note about Quality

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Quick note about Quality

Post by Fred Nefler » Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:03 am

I've noticed a fairly nice pattern in the relation between the new quality listed in an item's description and the average number of adventures it yields. I've still a number of foods to check to be sure, but this is the breakdown I'm observing:

crappy = at most 1 adv/organ
decent = at most 2 adv/organ
good = at most 3 adv/organ
awesome = less than 5 adv/organ
epic = at least 5 adv/organ

And by the above I implicitly mean that a food is, say, "good" if it gives at most 2 adv/organ but more than 1 adv/organ (better than the next level down).

The extra-wide margin on awesome is necessary to accommodate the hi meins, which should be slightly less than 5 adv/full but still just "awesome". Good ending at 3.5 isn't possible, however. The banana milkshake is an awesome beverage that gives 3.5 adv/full. The sausage wonton is an EPIC food that gives exactly 5 adv/full, assuming the adventure range on the wiki is correct.

The problems they had with certain 0 adventure consumables showing as non-crappy quality at the beginning indicates they probably didn't code things up this way; or that 0 adventure yields are coded up in a different way from the others. Still, I've been able to use it to find a few foods/booze whose adventure ranges (as given on the wiki) were inconsistent with this rubric (something listed as good when it should have been decent, say), and upon consuming such a culprit ultimately found that the adventure range was larger than listed, thus fixing the apparent inconsistency. The aforementioned milkshake is one such example.

So knowing this is reasonably useful at getting an immediate guess at yields from new or otherwise mysterious consumables (obviously part of the intent), and in figuring out if you definitely haven't found the correct range yet.

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