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KOL video game music GreaseMonkey Script

Post by lightwolf » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:19 am

Kol Video Game Music script of sexy awesomeness.

Based on the "bumcheekcity's Airship FFVII Win Script of Win and Sexyness" written by bumCheekcity

This script will stealthy embed a youTube video featuring video game music at specific pages in kol. This script has been enhanced to provide more video game music references and trigger in a more consistent manner. It is also designed to try to not overstay it's welcome.

Current version notes
Note: Updated so is should work with the new Airship quest. It should also now work with proxy.

Note: If anyone can grab me the url from the last part of the zombie slayer intro NC, I'd consider placing it there. Right click on that screen, select This frame -> view source. The top of the new window should say Source of: http:// ect.

Alternatively I could place RE: when you visit the council for the first time... I'm open to suggestions for that.

Includes the following Musical additions to Kol:
Airship Victory - Plays the final fantasy victory music when you complete the airship immaterial quest
Megaman Crackpot - Plays the Megaman level select music when entering the Crackpot Psychosis zones.
Earthbound Market - Plays the Earthbound Shopping music when entering most Markets.
RE: Your Brains - Plays when clicking on an open grave during Zombie Slayer runs

You can customize which songs will play by using the variables at the top of the file. Editing the values from true to false can disable a specific song or sound effect. Example below

Code: Select all

// Music Toggles
var Airship_Vicotry   = true;
var Megaman_Crackpot  = true;
var EarthBound_Market = false;
var Zombie_Reasonable = true;
How to install:
Now with a new convenient Userscripts.org link.

Download the file. Then open the file in your Firefox / grease monkey enabled browser. It should prompt you to install.
- Do not try to double click open the file itself
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