Zombie Pirate Solution (GM script for Zombie Slayer Path)

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Zombie Pirate Solution (GM script for Zombie Slayer Path)

Post by lightwolf » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:19 pm

Zombie Pirate Solution
It has recently come to my attention that there was a serious oversight in the Zombie Slayer Challenge Path. So I have corrected it.

Any time you are in a Zombie Slayer Challenge path run, and are wearing the pirate outfit, your avatar will show the cursed zombie pirate outfit instead of the normal one. This works for both the male and female versions of those avatars.

How it works:
This script will detect when you are in Zombie Slayer challange path ('By finding the class string "Zombie Master" in the char pane'). It will then check to see if the char pane is currently using the pirateoutfit.gif (or pirateoutfit_f.gif), and then replace it with the cursed pirate zombie counter part.

I do not know if custom titles will interfere with this...

How to install:
Now with a new convenient userscripts.org link!

- Download the file.
- Open the file in your Firefox / grease monkey enabled browser.
- It should prompt you to install.

Note: Do not try to double click open the file itself. That will not work
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