Crude Adventurer Echo fax/copy script

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Crude Adventurer Echo fax/copy script

Post by lotsofphil » Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:54 am

This is my login script to farm Chroners from Adventurer echoes. It has worked for me, but there are some known caveats:

* The initial version was written before easyfax/faustbot were implemented in mafia. So this way is at least clunky and almost surely outdated.
* You have to have the CCSes. They're simple for me "item spooky putty; attack" or "attack", etc.
* I don't have any form of arrowing on this account.

Code: Select all

login spadeofphil
ashq visit_url("arcade.php?action=plumber")
/whitelist alliance from heck
/w easyfax Adventurer echo

acquire unfinished ice sculpture
acquire 4-d camera
wait 30
fax get

ccs faxCopyCopy1
use photocopied monster

ccs faxCopyCopy2
use spooky putty monster
use spooky putty monster
use spooky putty monster
use spooky putty monster

ccs faxCopyCopy3
use spooky putty monster
use shaking 4-d
use ice sculpture

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Re: Crude Adventurer Echo fax/copy script

Post by zekaonar » Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:41 pm

Instead of swapping CCS you could make a mini consult script for spooky putty

Code: Select all

void main(int initround, monster foe, string page) {
	if (available_amount($item[Spooky Putty sheet]) > 0 
	  && available_amount($item[Spooky Putty monster]) == 0 
	  && get_property("spookyPuttyCopiesMade") < 5) {
		throw_item($item[Spooky Putty sheet]);
This will be more tolerant if you've used some of your copies.

Then in your CCS

[ adventurer echo ]
special action
consult spookyputty.ash
if hasskill wink at
skill wink at
... etc more copies
kill script

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