Machine Elf Abstractions

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Machine Elf Abstractions

Post by digitrev » Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:31 am

A nice, simple script to automatically upgrade your thought, sensation, and action abstractions up to certainty, joy, and motion.

It only upgrades if you have at least 5 of the appropriate item.

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item[monster] abstractions;
abstractions[$monster[Perceiver of Sensations]] = $item[abstraction: thought];
abstractions[$monster[Performer of Actions]] = $item[abstraction: sensation];
abstractions[$monster[Thinker of Thoughts]] = $item[abstraction: action];

void abstract(int initround, monster foe, string pg){
	if ($monsters[Perceiver of Sensations, Performer of Actions, Thinker of Thoughts] contains foe){
		if (abstractions[foe].item_amount() > 5)

void main(int initround, monster foe, string pg) {
	abstract(initround, foe, pg);
Save it as whatever you like, and add it to your CCS section.

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