AFH Spotlight: Fortune cookies (July 2007)

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AFH Spotlight: Fortune cookies (July 2007)

Post by Eleron » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:41 pm

Alliance From Hell presents Feast of Fortunes! by Zurich

This Feast of Boris, Alliance From Hell would like to play devil's advocate for one seedy Kingdom resident, trying to earn some meat by selling his wares. We are of course referring to the Demon of the Demon Market, who wants you on this Feast of Boris to consume only his finest quality Fortune Cookies.

Feeling out of control after all the changes of NS-13? Want to take back some of the control from the cursed RNG? Want to get all the scrolls for the valley in one adventure at your command? Or get a full Frat Warrior Outfit in one turn? Need the full elite outfit as a muscle or moxie class? Yeah, we thought so. Thanks to Prestige, we at Alliance From Hell are fortunate enough to know the mechanic behind these adventures and would like to share it with you.

A short history on fortune cookies- Fortune Cookies are delicate, crisp cookies made from flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk which are baked around a fortune- a piece of paper with words of faux wisdom or vague prophecy.

When the Demon replaced the Hermit as distributor of Hong Kong Noodle Company fortune cookies, he encountered slow sales. He toiled to make the fortune cookies comparable in quality to local cuisine. With the help of depleted Grimacite magic brand paper, he was able to accomplish this in NS-13. Fortune cookies now contain three numbers, infused onto the sheet of Grimacite paper, not by the makers of the cookie, but by magic itself. Nobody understands the mechanisms behind this, but speculation is that it's too heavy to comprehend.

But those numbers are random!; you are quick to shout. Yes, they are random, but if you eat TWO fortune cookies without spending any adventures inbetween, it will be revealed that two numbers are the same! While theoretically possible, this feat, when repeated 15 times seems to be something more than chance.

What is the significance of this number? With every adventure you spend, this Fortune Cookie Counter will decrease by 1. Try it! Eat 2 cookies, find your lucky number and spend one adventure, then eat another cookie.

Okay, so fortune cookie numbers are based on adventures spent. Sounds completely random.
Except that it's not random. When you adventure in certain zones on the turn after your counter reaches 0, you will encounter a semi-rare adventure. These semi-rares occur for all players, but the Fortune Cookie Counter allows you to predict the exact time of their appearance and force the adventure in the zone of your choosing. Not every zone has one. Some notable exceptions are the Oasis, Gallery, Beanbat Chamber and Typical Tavern (Post Quest).

After obtaining one semi-rare, your next one may take from 140-200 turns based on preliminary spading. [160-200, and only 100-120 for oxygenarians, see this thread for more details.] Eat two more cookies and find out for yourself! You may not be able to get the same semi-rare twice in an ascension.

As alluded to earlier in this post, this fortune cookie counter can be used in specific locations to drastically speed up your run. Some locations have not had their semi-rare spaded yet and have the potential to create mind blowing speed. Did you ever think you would see a 7 turn Valley again? Open your eyes. There's a whole new world of speed with fortune cookies, so go buy 10, 100, or even twenty million from Alliance From Hell's brotherhood store, the Demon Market.


My cookies are broken, I eat two and the numbers don't line up! -There are certain spans of turns during which fortune cookies don't display any common numbers. Sometimes this has occurred in the very early turns of an ascension. At other times fortune cookies have failed to give a countdown number for several turns after the player's previous rare adventure. It is also possible that the number of rare adventures a character can find during a single ascension is somehow limited. Regretfully, we do not yet fully understand the mechanics behind this. [The way it's coded, the SR counter only gets set by the adventure.php page, so make sure you adventure in a "normal" zone before eating cookies.]
I adventured when the counter hit 0 and got nothing! - Either A: You already got that adventure on your current ascension. You may not be able to get the same semi-rare twice in an ascension. or B: The zone you adventured in does not have a semi-rare adventure.

All credit goes to Prestige (#1014085), for discovering this mechanic. Extra credit to Alliance From Hell and Alliance From Heck for bumbling around in delight collecting data on all the different fortune cookie adventures and where they can be used to speed up runs. Honorable mention to KujjieKujjieKoo and LordHades15.
Disclaimer: This thread paid for in full by the Demon Market and the Hong Kong Noodle Company

Per request, list of some of the adventures.
  • Fortune Cookie Adventures!
  • Spooky forest: Fake blood (+50 spooky damage)
  • Cobb's Knob Kitchen: fight Elite Captain (Complete Knob goblin elite outfit)
  • Hippy camp (in disguise): Complete Frat Warrior Outfit [Not a semi-rare]
  • Valley: Complete set of scrolls + shirt
  • Harem: 3 Scented Massage Oils (Complete HP restore out of combat, also has combat use)
  • Misspelled Cemetary: Poltergeist-in-the-jar-o (Combat Item)
  • The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky: Mick's icyvapohotness inhaler (+200% meat drops)[/quote]
  • Hippy Camp: teeny-tiny magic scroll
  • 8-bit Realm: Fire Flower (+20 Hot Damage/10 Adventures)
  • Deep Fat Friar's(+ Elbow/Heart?): SPF 451 lip balm (Maximal Hot resistance/10 Adventures)
  • The Haunted Library: Black eyedrops (Maximal Spooky resistance/10 Adventures)
  • Lair of the Ninja Snowmen: Bottle of antifreeze (Maximal Cold resistance/10 Adventures)
  • Knob Goblin Laboratory: Bottle of mystic shell (+X Damage Reduction (dmg = 1?)/10 Adventures)
  • Whitey's Grove: bag of lard (+50 Sleaze damage/10 Adventures)
  • Sleazy Back Alley: 3 bottles of fortified wine.
  • Haunted Kitchen: Freezerburned ice cube (+50 Cold damage/10 Adventures)
  • Batrat and Ratbat Burrow: Dogsgotnonoz pills (Maximal Stench resistance/10 Adventures)
  • Haunted Pantry: 3 tasty tarts (level 1 food) - noncombat
  • South of the Border: Donkey flipbook (Maximal Sleaze Resistance/10 Adventures)
  • Outskirts of Cobb's Knob: Knob Goblin Lunchbox
  • Sleazy Back Alley: 3 distilled fortified wine

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