AFH Strategies: NS13 mechanics (April 2008)

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AFH Strategies: NS13 mechanics (April 2008)

Post by Eleron » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:42 pm

Emergent strategies 101: Recent Spading Developments by QuantumNightmare

I'd like to take a few moments and recap some recent spading work that has been done lately on the AFH forums, which lead to emerging gameplay strategies. This is the kind of spading that can help change your ascension behaviour, by providing new and interesting ways to break the game. Consider this a public service announcement of some of the more interesting spading work, which I feel would have mass appeal and merit more than a simple wiki-edit.

Again, nothing discussed in this thread is new information for frequent visitors to the AFH forum, but I still think it would be instructive to the majority of forum-goers.


Ns13 brought the death of teet-dropping, where dropping a path several turns into a run conferred a gameplay advantage. In it's place, we have oxy-dropping: taking advantage of misplaced semi-rares. Spading has shown that semi-rares occur 160-200 turns apart in no-path runs, but only 105-115 turns apart in oxy run. As well, the semirare counter starts whenever you expend an adventure in a place where teleportitis would fire. Put all this together, and you have the following: Start your run in HCO or SCO, spend one turn. Then drop oxy, and your first semi-rare will occur on turn 105-115 instead of 160-190. While all other semi-rares will occur the normal 175 turns apart, it allows better timing of your first semi-rare.

Time your semi-rares! With a spread of 10 turns, you might not even need to eat a fortune cookie the first time.

Non-random barrels

The barrels are not random: they are predictable, just like NS11 bang potions. Most players know that the barrels are divided up into 9 quadrants, with one booze quadrant in each of the three rows: however, there are only 9 configurations for these quadrants, one of which is randomly chosen each day for each player. Each of these nine barrel configurations occurs equally likely, however booze is distributed in the top left in 4/9 cases, in the top right in 3/9 cases, and in the top middle in only 2/9 cases. Finally, once you figure out which of the top quadrants your mixed booze is in, you can easily predict where in the middle row your base booze can be found.

Smash efficiently! There's a spreadsheet in this link which helps you through the whole process. [This page can also be used, and mafia does it automatically.]

NS Smashing

The NS blocks skills and items equally likely, and both forms block at the same rate. Her block rate starts high, and decreases each time you lose to her until it reaches a permanent low of 30% after four deaths. There's no advatage to losing more than this magic number of 4! Spading has shown slightly different block rates for each path, varying from 50 to 75% when fighting her the first time. But no matter the path, she always has a 30% block rate once a minimum of 4 deaths have been achieved.

Some more random tidbits: you can delevel the first form by 20 ML, and the second form by 25 ML. Every time she heals, she restores roughly 100HP. She still reduces your familiars to 50% weight, rounded down. And she can never get a critical hit: with safe moxie, you're completely and utterly safe!

6th floor tower items

Most players have recognized that once you fight a 6th floor tower monster, your next shore turn will always give you a tower item. However the mechanic is more complicated than that, and is easily abused. To set this up: spend one vacation at the shore. From this point on as long as you spend 30 adventures (anywhere) between shore vacations, you will always receive a tower item. This method of spacing out your shore vacations can be used to easily pre-farm all three of the spoiler items.

Have a productive vacation!

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