AFH Spading: NS13 developments (May 2008)

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AFH Spading: NS13 developments (May 2008)

Post by Eleron » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:44 pm

Knowledge Breeds Speed: Recent Spading Developments by QuantumNightmare
[lightly edited with updates]

Here at AFH, we believe that knowledge breeds speed: knowing more than your competition and having access to the latest strategies provides our advantage. I'd like to take a few moments and recap some spading work that we have done lately, as well as some of the tools that we have created for public use so that the general community can benefit from our ongoing efforts.

Much like the first "Recent spading development" thread, none of the information I am about to post is new. You may be familiar with some of this information, you might be familiar with all of it. Regardless, I feel that many players can benefit from the work that AFH has been doing.

NS13 monster guide
NS13 brought many changes to the game, including changes to many monster statistics and the inclusion of new high level monsters. In conjunction with HCO data gatherers, we are putting together an updated guide which includes exact attack/defence/hit point values for all monsters in the game.

Perl Log Analyzer & Log Visualizer [updated]
These tools can be used to easily log and analyze a speed run. Place the perl script in the same folder as your mafia session logs, and it will automatically create a run breakdown similiar to this crimbo run. The visualizer is a newer and prettier version that can perform the same analysis as the perl version, read already parsed logs (very useful for reading logs posted on the forums!) and read raw mafia session logs. The visualizer turns the boring plain text output into a user-friendly and interactive browsing tool, courtesy of Flolle.

Battlefield quest solver and Web version
This level 12 quest solver has been around for months, but has never been officially introduced on these forums. By inputting some information about the buffs and effects you have available, the solvers will find the route through the battlefield and it's sidequests that require the least number of turns. The web version comes courtesy of TeKRunneR.

Jumpsuited Hound Dog [see this thread for more details.]
The hound dog is a combination of super-fairy and monster bait. Numbers? The hound dog provides +1% combats per 6 pounds (rounded down), and acts as a fairy at 1.25 times it's weight. This project was run in conjunction with the main forums, and we are grateful for all your help.

In english: a 20 pound hound dog provides +3% combats, and acts as a 25 pound fairy.

+ML and defence
The effects of +ML were changed with NS13. While +10ML provides +10 to monster attack and HP, it has a different effect on monster defence. Instead, +10ML increases monster defence by 9 points on average. This makes it slightly easier to hit monsters with large amounts of +ML applied.

Static wine cellar
While the haunted wine cellar seems random, there is actually a pattern to the madness. The four corner subzones can each drop 3 bottles, which are randomized per ascension. This means that once a few bottles have dropped, you can go hunting for the exact bottles you'd like. For example, once pinot noir and merlot drop in a zone, you know that the 3rd bottle will be port.

The corners are always grouped as follows:
-Merlot, Port, Pinot Noir
-Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Marsala
-Port, Zinfandel, Muscat
-Merlot, Marsala, Muscat

If not fought in any of the corners (e.g. through using a spooky putty sheet), a player can potentially collect all six bottles from the same monster. [updated]


The tools and mechanics listed here aren't as game-breaking as those mentioned in the last spade-post, but they are just as useful. Logging your run and having players contribute constructive criticisms of it can drastically speed up your run, by offering advice on difficult parts of your run and by reading about the tactics that leaderboard players use.

If you would like to help contribute to our spading projects, look at the commune spading forum on this site. There is always plenty of work to be done, and plenty of records to help break. [updated]

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