AFH Spotlight: Fairy & leprechaun (July 2008)

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AFH Spotlight: Fairy & leprechaun (July 2008)

Post by Eleron » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:50 pm

Spotlight on familiars: Recent Spading Developments by QuantumNightmare

The spades have been hard at work, and exact formulas have been discovered for item and meat dropping familiars. It's taken lots of time, the development of new spading methods, and a last-minute push from houeland/eleron, but it's finally been done. The math might not be pretty at first, but bear with me for a moment.

The fairy formula is the basic one that all others are based off of:

Fairy bonus (in %) = sqrt(55*weight)+weight-3

The leprechaun is exactly twice as powerful as the fairy (but boosts meat drops instead). Whatever the fairy bonus is at a given weight, double that to receive the meat drop bonus of the leprechaun.

This means that at 20 pounds, the fairy gives +50% and the leprechaun gives +100% bonuses. At 50 pounds, the fairy gives +99.4% and the leprechaun gives +198.9% bonuses.

The admins have also introduced a new class of super-familiars: the hobo monkey and hound dog. The hobo monkey is a leprechaun-type, and the hound dog is a fairy-type. However, both of these familiars act as if they were at 125% of buffed weight, as well as having a strong secondary ability. So a 20 pound hobo monkey acts as a 25 pound leprechaun, and a 40 pound hound dog acts as a 50 pound fairy.

I'd like to thank both my clan, as well as the numerous members of the general KoL forum who have helped contribute turns over the past months. And a big thanks to the admins, who's odd handling of meat drop bonuses made all of this possible!

Full formula list:
Fairy bonus (in %) = sqrt(55*weight)+weight-3
Leprechaun bonus (in %) = sqrt(220*weight)+(2*weight)-6
Hobo monkey bonus (in %) = sqrt(275*weight)+(2.5*weight)-6
Hound dog bonus (in %) = sqrt(68.75*weight)+(1.25*weight)-3

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