AFH Spotlight: Trapezoid (July 2008, obsolete strategy)

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AFH Spotlight: Trapezoid (July 2008, obsolete strategy)

Post by Eleron » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:23 pm

Day 1 speed: Portals by QuantumNightmare
[This strategy was nerfed, and can hopefully inspire something similar in the future]

At AFH, we have been working hard to develop a new day-1 strategy that makes stunt runs and moderate speed runs easier and more enjoyable. The key? For the majority of players, top tier consumables are not available until too late in Day 1 to be useful. It's time to change that: a few key skills and some borrowing power can go a long way.

General Theory

Pulling a trapezoid gives you 20 turns of shimmering portal time, which corresponds to 20 turns fighting ~350ML monsters. This post describes a method of killing portal monsters at level 1, to be used by players with a decent skillset and the ability to borrow some IotMs (and ideally, a Tiny Plastic Naughty Sorceress).

Assuming no stat days, using one portal will get you from level 1 to level 6.25 after 20 adventures. By pulling a second trapezoid, another 20 turns of portal time can be gained and you can jump to level 7 after 40 adventures. The key? All of this is done before anything is consumed.

In essence, you are moving your powerleveling from levels 8-10 to levels 1-7. In doing so, you begin your ascension with a running start and gain immediate access to SHC's and hi meins. This is very useful on moderately fast softcore runs where turns generated are a limiting factor, or on pathed runs where it is not trivial to get access to top-tier consumables and organ of steel on day 1.

This strategy has been used to achieve the first (and only) 3-day SCT and SCB runs, as well as the first 5-day SCO run.

Skills and Equipment
Goal: Boost spell damage as much as possible, use noodles, and kill all monsters in 2 hits.
Required items: Navel Ring, Tiny Plastic Naughty Sorceress, trapezoid (x2?)
Recommended items: V for Vivala mask, cookbook

Required skills: Saucegeyser (or equivalent), Jackasses Symphony of Destruction, Entangling Noodles
Recommended skills: Springy Fusilli, Mojomuscular Melody, Intrinsic Spiciness, Flavour of Magic, Wave of Sauce, Jabanero Saucesphere, Candy Heart Summoning, Overdeveloped Sense of Self-Preservation

Combat Strategy

1) Equip TPNS, navel ring, and elemental cookbook.
2) Cast jackasses, springy, flavour of magic, jabanero, and mojomuscular.
3) Buff mysticality however possible to 38-(3*level) or (23-3*level) with an orange candy heart.
4) Get the jump on a portal monster.
5) Use noodles.
6) Cast 2 killer spells, depending on the strength of the monster being fought.

Kill towering and menancing constructs with noodles -> geyser -> geyser, kill all others with noodles -> wave -> geyser. Creepy grin/divine popper/run away from hulking constructs, and olfact a 400ML monster to maximize statgain.

The basic strategy above lists one possible case where all monsters can be killed in 2 hits. A kickback cookbook could be used instead, removing the need for flavour of magic. Or the cookbook can be skipped entirely if your mysticality is buffed higher to compensate.

Familiar Usage: The sombrero is the ideal familiar to use here, due to the high ML.

What's the drawback?
Portals are not the overall most efficient means to level, so if you?re looking to minimize total turns spent leveling, the portal is not optimal. 50-70 mainstat per combat can be generated, but that is still less than what can be generated by gong/absinthe/clover leveling, or even the gallery later in the game.

When is this useful?

The portal can be used to level at any point during a run, not just when your mainstat is high. By sacrificing some pulls and leveling efficiency, you can move your stat grinding from levels 8-10 to levels 1-7. Some general ideas where this is useful:

1) Ignoring consumable requirements. Jick placed many speed bumps on day 1, and this lets you ignore consumable requirements and eat almost anything you'd like.

2) Reaching air on day 1 during a softcore pathed 3-day run. Early portal leveling provides enough stats and extra turns from level 6 consumables to get the steel organ and consume air ? all on day 1! The combination of day 1 organ and additional turns from canned air makes 3-day teet and booze runs easier to achieve by maximizing turn generation while sacrificing turncount. See Alrik's 3-692 and 3-744 pathed runs for examples.

3) Achieving level 9 on day 2 of a softcore oxy run for air. The strategy used during Kujjie's 5-602 was to portal level a few turns on day 1 to hit level 4 for not-a-pipes, then bank all turns for stat days on 2 & 3. The portal was then continued on day 2 en route to air huffing. No steel organ was needed. For this run, the keys were generating enough turns under oxy restrictions during days 1 and 2 to huff air and to maximize the turns available during stat days. A similar run could be achieved without portals by picking up organ on day 2 and huffing 4 airs per day for the last 3 days (both would use 12 airs total).

Is the Tiny Plastic Naughty Sorceress really required?
No, as long as you?re willing to take some serious risks. If your navel ring fails to trigger in the first three rounds of combat and you are unable to kill a construct with two saucegeysers, AfH will be forced to send a team of trained monkeys to wipe your remains off the base of Mt. N00b.

Most importantly
Using this method helps you go fast right from the start, while trying to stay alive against monsters much more powerful than you are. And that?s fun and exciting!

Obligatory fine print
You cannot find a trapezoid in a run where this technique is used. Therefore, this cannot be infinetely chained. The admins rejoice!

This post is brought to you in conjunction with KujjieKujjieKoo, and Alrik. Two diamond/spades that helped develop the strategy and use it to great effect.

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