asawyer's 3/536 Gel Noob HC Run

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asawyer's 3/536 Gel Noob HC Run

Post by asawyer » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:15 pm

No one has posted GN logs yet so I thought I'd offer my last GN run. Nothing too fancy here, just the arduous grind of trying to not waste any turns and calculating expected savings from certain skills.

Pre ascension setup:
Chateau: Writing desk. Even before the -combat skills were added I'm quite certain painting Bram's was a bad idea.
Floundry items: All bass clarinets. This works well for a 3 day run.
Cowboy boots: whatever stuff does deleveling and damage from kicks
Deck pulls: key/stat//ore, key/item/sheep, key/item/race card (maybe sub in an ore, although 3 day runs give lots of clovers)
Planned digitizes: desk/desk/witchess rook, rook/rook/bowler, rook/frogmen/green ops or dudes
the temptation with avatar classes is to try to use digitize like olfaction, but I found just burning delay with rooks tends to be more efficient
Various spinner/duplicate/printscreen targets: dairy goats, gaudy pirates, frogman, bowler, dudes, accountants, 1 brigand
if you have all +combat skills, use 2 enamorangs on assassins and coordinate with frogmen/desert
LOV tunnel choice: stats/enamorang, item/enamorang, item/enamorang
Tea tree: +elemental damage, 50% meat, +combat (maybe ML?)

GN Initial Skills (I had 17 as of this run because I'm stingy with meat)
- Arrogance
- Beating Human Heart
- Central Hypothalamus
- Gelatinous Headbutt
- Gelatinous Kick
- Gelatinous Punch
- Gelatinous Reconstruction
- Golgi Apparatus
- Large Intestine
- Left Eyeball
- Optic Nerves
- Pathological Greed
- Rudimentary Alimentary Canal
- Saccade Reflex
- Sense of Sarcasm
- Stomach-Like Thing
- Subcutaneous Fat
- Sunglasses
- Vacuoles
- Visual Cortex
- Work Ethic

Essentially all the +adv stuff, +item, +7 stat/fight, +25 adv/abs, +25/20 moxie, 100% HP, +3 cold res, and 70% meat.

Day 1 Absorbs:
L1 -L4: Small Intestine (only lose 2 adv by absorbing this, costs 0 meat)
Sense of Pride
Sense of Purpose
Basic Self-Worth
Anterior Cruciate Ligaments
L5: Retractable Toes
L6: Bendable Knees
L7: Ink Glad
L8: Frown Muscles
L9: Anger Glands
L10 if reached: Sense of Entitlement

Meat, Init, DR, more +stat/fight, and the combat freq skills as soon as they are available.

I'll go ahead and list the rest of my planned absorbs. I can't remember the names so I'll just do the effects.
Day 2:
50% meat, 40% init, 50% HP, 50% pickpocket, 40% pickpocket, +11 tower elemental damage, +9 tower elemental damage, +combat skill from orc, 5 repeat skills
Day 3: gear with +elemental damage, gear or +7 elemental damage, 40% meat, 12 repeat skills

If these choice are tough to follow the rule of thumb is that every repeat skill earns +5 adventures, so in getting down to a 3 day run you want to take skills that will save close to 5 adventures. Lots of stuff in my list is overkill. 40% meat is maybe 1 adv. Spooky and cold res is just to make a-boo and tower maze trivial. 40% init saves maybe 1 turn on zombies. My advice here is go light on skills on day 2 and throw extra absorbtions into +elemental stuff for the tower test on day 3. The plan above is something like 560 turngen. There's literally zero RNG in turn generation with this path so you can calculate it exactly.
NEW Disco Bandit Gelatinous Noob Hardcore not defined ASCENSION STARTED 20170317

This log was created by the Ascension Log Visualizer 3.7.0.
The basic idea and the format of this parser have been borrowed from the AFH MafiaLog Parser by VladimirPootin and QuantumNightmare.

===Day 1===
[0] Ascension Start [62,65,705]
+> [0] Got empty meat tank, tires
-> Turn [0] Robortender
=> Level 2 (Turn 0)! (8/8/26)
=> Level 3 (Turn 0)! (8/8/26)
=> Level 4 (Turn 0)! (8/8/26)
=> Level 5 (Turn 0)! (8/8/26)
Cheat 500 moxie stats from the Deck. In Standard I think this may be superfluous at this point, but statgains are tight in GN, plus you want the skills right away. I hold off on the last absorbtion and start with robort to get a cocktail mushroom ASAP.
[1] Chateau Painting [0,0,0]
+> [1] Got bottle of rum, inkwell
[2-5] The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency [0,0,85]
Digitize writing desk, used a charter zone to trigger, and then blew 6 turns in shore. I think I squeeze LOV tunnels in AFTER the shore trip to get an extra turns of the stat buff. You can also do a single witchess rook fight after the shore to gain ML and stats, although LOV monsters are surprisingly difficult on day 1 at high ML if you don't have enough mp for 2 kicks. I take enamorangs every time, as they will almost always save more adv than the chocolates.

Using items.enh twice on day one is a decent idea, but I prefer to use substats.enh right off the bat for ~100 extra moxie.
[8-9] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [7,10,31]
+> [8] Got Knob Goblin firecracker
-> Turn [8] Intergnat
-> Turn [9] Robortender
Got cocktail mushroom first try and absorbed it for the skill. We want at least 4 sources of -combat before doing friars, hopefully 5. Writing desk #2 fought.
[10] The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency [0,0,47]
=> Level 6 (Turn 10)! (8/8/29)
[13] The Old Landfill [11,8,29]
-> Turn [13] Intergnat
A zone I haven't visited in about two years. Worth spending a turn or two for the robort drop. This puts us at -15% combat with shoe gum effect, or -20% with the gnat's rational thought. I'm going to avoid the ballroom noncom choice completely this run since I want to do frogmen and assassins together.
[14-16] Barf Mountain [0,0,0]
+> [16] Got thin black candle
Ordinarilly I'd be sticking my head in here for a stench jelly, but in gel noob it makes sense to try for the garbage tourist drops. One single drop (or a lovebug drop) with give you currency for 3 +40 ML potions. This will likely save 4 adventures on oil peak, plus a few more from faster leveling. You could even think about YRing the garbage tourist for a whopping 9 potions over the course of the run.

I'm running intergnat here for 20 bacon, and to trigger rational thought whenever possible.

I did my first witchess fight before barf and used greek fire. 35 ML and the +20? stat buff will help, although I'll still end up short a few stats when going for level 10.
[17-23] The Obligatory Pirate's Cove [0,15,32]
+> [18] Got thin black candle
+> [19] Got bottle of rum, eyepatch
+> [23] Got ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover
[24] Guano Junction [0,0,0]
+> [24] Got sonar-in-a-biscuit, sonar-in-a-biscuit
Clovered guano, as usual. We can either YR a beanbat for the 3rd sonar, or potentially a pirate to get a missing piece of gear, OR a hippy for gear since there's no calc universe in this path. I think I ultimately setteled on hippy? It also yields a +combat potion and the potential for upgrading the robort drinks.
[25-26] The Obligatory Pirate's Cove [0,0,0]
+> [25] Got stuffed shoulder parrot
+> [26] Got swashbuckling pants
Could maybe run slimeling in here to speed up gear drops? I think I ended up with a 10 turn cove overall, which is about what is expected at -15% combat.
[27] The Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
-> Turn [27] Robortender
I'm running robort a lot here which is probably not ideal, but if I can get gin and an extra cocktail mushroom, I can feed it to him and get +5 moxie per fight. This is a significant upgrade over any volley/sombrero. I don't think I'll bother with this in the future though.
[28] Hippy Camp [0,0,0]
+> [28] Got filthy corduroys, filthy knitted dread sack
-> Turn [28] Rockin' Robin
[29] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [0,0,0]
-> Turn [29] Robortender
[30-31] Hippy Camp [14,18,15]
+> [31] Got anticheese
-> Turn [31] Rockin' Robin
Get the final robort -combat drop, absorb. I switched to robin in the woods to get 1 egg, which is a nice safety item for a-boo, tower maze, or a crappy combat.
[32] The Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
[33-36] The Dark Neck of the Woods [0,0,0]
+> [36] Got ruby W, wussiness potion
-> Turn [34] Intergnat
Desk #3 goes in cobbs, redigitized then off to the woods. Not sure why I keep doing the single forest combats, although I do want to coordinate most of the forest noncombats with friars. Used shoe gum and triggered rational thought somewhere for the full -25% combat. I also did some snojo fights in here at some point, which I want to cram in while both the LOV and greek fire buffs are active. Also did the first protopack ghost in the kitchen. Make sure to not go over 50 ML for her, or she can resist stun and kill you in a single shot.
[37] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [0,0,0]
Desk #4. Switched back to robortender once I had 2 or 3 wings so I could get the +combat drop from a demon in the woods.
[38-41] The Dark Neck of the Woods [0,0,0]
-> Turn [41] Robortender
[42-48] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [0,0,0]
+> [43] Got bottle of rum
+> [46] Got thin black candle
+> [48] Got Knob Goblin encryption key
-> Turn [44] Intergnat
You can go super light on meat in this path and get by just fine, but I'm lazy and want to get screeges. Luckily it is the second ghost in this path, so cobbs gets cleared out to unlock treasure. It's also just mentally satisfying to have gear equipped that does something.

On that note, kol con globe is a major douche for this path. It can cut dozens of turn off your run, or 0. This run I managed to get the +cold tower test, which is almsot certainly the worst, and was even more infuriating because globe dropped 2 liquid ices in the previous run. I'm sure it dropped something marginally useful in this run, but nothing that changed my gameplay.
[49] The Dark Neck of the Woods [0,0,0]
+> [49] Got dodecagram
[50-52] The Dark Heart of the Woods [0,0,0]
[53-54] The Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
+> [53] Got thin black candle
[55-56] The Dark Heart of the Woods [0,0,0]
+> [56] Got box of birthday candles
-> Turn [56] Puck Man
[57-58] The Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
-> Turn [57] Intergnat
Final writing desk. Digitize a rook, and try to time the wanders so they'll both coincide with a stat buff.
[59-68] The Dark Elbow of the Woods [19,27,32]
+> [63] Got bottle of rum, bottle of rum
+> [68] Got eldritch butterknife
-> Turn [60] Robortender
-> Turn [62] Puck Man
-> Turn [63] Robortender
-> Turn [64] Intergnat
I'm not going to bother counting up which zones were the best, and log visualizer really can't be trusted at this point thanks to free kills, wienerdog, wanderers, etc. I recall this was a fairly average friars quest, and that there were only a few areas in the run that were 4+ over expected turn count. Overall queue/selection RNG is still well over the expected value, because it's pretty much a given that the more hours I spend in a run, the worse the RNG becomes.
[69-83] The Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
+> [69] Got thin black candle
#> [71] Semirare: Blaaargh! Blaaargh!
+> [72] Got mosquito larva
+> [79] Got Spooky Temple map
+> [80] Got Spooky-Gro fertilizer
+> [83] Got spooky sapling
-> Turn [69] Robortender
-> Turn [76] Intergnat
-> Turn [78] Robortender
-> Turn [83] Nosy Nose
I stopped here and did a little math on which semirare to aim for. Since I'll barely be able to hit cold damage for the tower, the semirare from the kitchen will save a full 4-5 turns. If I can narrow the window a little bit it makes sense to jump over to the kitchen and nab the semirare. Unfortunately it pops right on turn 71 in the forest.

This zone appears to violate what I already said about not going >4 turns over expected turn count. I would have had 35% combat rate here, but I ended up with 2:1 monsters:nomcom. And in a low level zone to boot!
[84-90] The Haunted Bedroom [63,0,143]
+> [84] Got Lord Spookyraven's spectacles
-> Turn [87] Puck Man
Throw nosy nose on to get 2 ornate desks, then back to puck man. I want 2 power pills today, and 15/25 yellow pix before doing DMT to maximize stat gains.
[91-93] The Goatlet [0,0,0]
+> [92] Got bottle of whiskey
+> [93] Got goat cheese
-> Turn [93] Intergnat
My usual strategy is to fight a single dairy goat, then time spin and dupe another one. Luckily with no milk effects we don't need to bother cranking items here.
[94] A Recent Fight [0,0,0]
+> [94] Got goat cheese, goat cheese, ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover
+> [94] Got ten-leaf clover
[95] Itznotyerzitz Mine [0,0,0]
-> Turn [95] Puck Man
[96] Way Back in Time [0,0,0]
+> [96] Got ten-leaf clover
Stats are really a pain in this path. I missed mentioning that I went ahead and used 1 porstcan into cobbs, and took the 50% hallowiener buff there for a bit of extra ML. Ideally we get a huge buff going into DMT and the 1 free eldritch fight, and spend another portscan burning up delay in the bathroom or gallery. It's not necessary to reach level 10 on day 1, but I think this run I ended up close enough and eventually went for it. Using 1 time spin for compound exp is an okay use of your minutes. I'd avoid using it more than once if you have good copier targets, but I think I did several more this run. We have tons of stat sources in standard so I really don't want to see more in the April IOTM, so I'm not sure how else GN could be sped up in this regard.
[98] Barrrney's Barrr [0,0,0]
+> [98] Got bottle of rum
o> Used 1 compounded experience [144,143,143]
-> Turn [97] Robortender
Robort equipped for the 2nd +combat skill. You *might* want to skip this if you do mt. large the long way, but I want it for assassins and to avoid a noncom on the pirates themselves.
[99] Way Back in Time [0,0,0]
+> [99] Got bottle of whiskey
o> Used 1 compounded experience [129,143,143]
[100-108] Barrrney's Barrr [217,213,237]
+> [100] Got bottle of rum
+> [101] Got bottle of rum
+> [104] Got bottle of rum, bottle of rum
+> [107] Got bottle of rum
+> [108] Got bottle of rum
-> Turn [100] Puck Man
=> Level 7 (Turn 100)! (25/25/40)
[109] Cap'm Caronch's Map [0,0,0]
[111] The Infiltrationist [0,0,0]
[112-113] Barrrney's Barrr [0,0,0]
-> Turn [113] Rockin' Robin
[114] Way Back in Time [0,0,332]
+> [114] Got Sneaky Pete's key
o> Used 1 compounded experience [146,148,172]
-> Turn [114] Robortender
DMT is in here somewhere, along eldritch fight and most of my chateau heals. Remember monsters scale with mainstat, chateau scales with level, so use that to decide which boosts to nab first. Don't need to worry about abstractions at all here. We should probably use DMT duper for ... something? Teas were my original target but now they aren't that important. When in doubt you can always blow it on a power pill to extend meat or item effects late in the game. On day 3 it's nice to leave 1 DMT turn open to burn delay.

I went ahead and used dinsey face paint and pixel pot in here. Greek fire is pretty much always active. This meant a total of 95 ML? Maybe 105 if I had gnat effect. Anyway, it's still easy to kill DMT monsters with gel kick, but be careful with eldritch fight. I might have done it before the dinsey buff. If you didn't blow soaked in mayo on guano junction you could use it here.

I also forget what the 3rd ghost fight was, but I think after screege's nothing really matter outside of statgains.
[115] The Haunted Bathroom [0,0,106]
[116-117] Way Back in Time [0,0,110]
+> [116] Got bottle of tequila
o> Used 2 compounded experience [319,293,338]
-> Turn [117] Intergnat
Yeah, this was almost certainly a waste of adventure. I was 2 moxie away from level 10 though, and got greedy going for 14 more adventures. Will make day 3 turn choices more flexible though, so maybe turn neutral?

Only used 1 actual spinner dupe, so I got a useless Kardashian gin.

Took the +30 cold damage tea.

[118-119] The Smut Orc Logging Camp [60,69,154]
+> [119] Got ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover
-> Turn [119] Machine Elf
=> Level 8 (Turn 119)! (34/33/53)

===Day 2===
[120] The Deep Machine Tunnels [0,0,0]
-> Turn [120] Puck Man
Some general day 2 prep stuff not shown here - get 2nd bass clarinet, harvest thanksgarden, get mayo lance. Lance allows 2 YRs to get crammed in, which would be nicer on day 1 but still quite useful here. Cashew yield is actually stronger by harvesting on day 2 and 3 of this run, plus we want gravy boat ASAP since cemetary is slower in this path. Absorbed all my skills and several repeats here, leaving may 1 absorption open in case I decide to pick up another skill.

I then go ahead and digitize another rook, which will burn up 2 or 3 delay. Modern zombies might be a smarter choice, and I'd definitely take them if globe ever dropped an early init booster. Or we could even digitize dirty lihc, although the gravy boat makes them less important than they used to be.

Blew DMT dupe on power pill, then used 4? DMT turns. Still have mini-power pill and +ML from the day before, so I do eldritch fight and portscan 1 agent into bathroom. I can't remember the exact number, but you should really shoot for 1 or 2 normal combats in the bathroom and gallery, and the rest should be wanderers.

[121] The Haunted Bathroom [0,0,110]
[122] The Beanbat Chamber [0,0,0]
+> [122] Got enchanted bean, sonar-in-a-biscuit
-> Turn [122] Intergnat
Timing works out well with the lance here. By getting screeges I didn't need to mess with bat guards on day 1, so I YR the beanbat for the last sonar and a bean for giants quest. Want to get to the frat war as everything looks yellow wears off.
[123] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 4) [0,0,0]
So if you are a super d-stabber here, you want to get several of the +9 and +11 elemental buffs to skip noncoms. This costs a lot of turngen though, and the odds are it saves ~1 turn when factoring in tangle losses. I'm not even sure I had the +11 cold buff at this point, because there was some issue with getting the right items. Anyway I go ahead and do cellar and tavern without -combat and ~100 ML, and get several tangles. Boosted noncom for cranny.
[124] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 3) [0,0,0]
[125] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 2) [0,0,0]
[126-129] The Defiled Cranny [22,22,51]
[130-149] The Penultimate Fantasy Airship [5,18,24]
+> [131] Got metallic A, photoprotoneutron torpedo
+> [137] Got thin black candle
+> [139] Got Tissue Paper Immateria
+> [140] Got Tin Foil Immateria
+> [141] Got ocarina of space
+> [145] Got Gauze Immateria
+> [149] Got Morto Moreto
-> Turn [131] Nosy Nose
-> Turn [132] Intergnat
-> Turn [138] Nosy Nose
-> Turn [146] Intergnat
I go ahead and do LOV tunnels (pill and wiener boosts still be active here for more stats). It's useful to check your tower stat test in a 2 day run before doing tunnels, because the +40 mus potion might help you hit 600. However cheateau offers a gr8ness potion on day 3 of a HC gel run, so I'm not too concerned about it. Take the +item buff to help with airship, and another enamorang.

My advice in airship is to run maybe 10 turns with either +combat or no combat frequency modifiers whatsoever. I think I casts the 10 and 20 turn buffs on day ONE, so that way they'll wear off a few turns into airship. I can never decide whether to nosy nose the healers or run a +item familiar. Again, slimeling probably beats gnat/hound here, but gnat also offers -combat and +10 ML buffs. I also launch off the deck +100% item buff to help with amulet and mohawk wig.

Get a mohawk wig.

Zero quiet healers.

[150] The Defiled Nook [0,0,0]
+> [150] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
Jump into nook at this point before fortune of the wheel wears off, and probably because I'm super pissed at healers not showing up in airship. There's like a 25% if you cap every evil eye you can save a turn here, but I usually just assume getting at least 2 evil eyes will let me clear the zone after the hallowiener adventure.
[151-156] The Penultimate Fantasy Airship [0,0,0]
+> [151] Got Plastic Wrap Immateria
+> [156] Got S.O.C.K.
-> Turn [155] Puck Man
[157-163] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement) [208,0,0]
+> [157] Got furry fur
+> [158] Got heavy D, original G
-> Turn [158] Intergnat
-> Turn [163] Robortender
Considering I'm missing the amulet, 7 turn basement is not terrible. I do have the umbrella but end up getting the weight/elevator route.
[164-174] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) [0,0,0]
+> [166] Got worthless trinket
o> Used 1 very overdue library book [73,70,68]
-> Turn [164] Puck Man
-> Turn [173] Intergnat
I neglected to mention shoe gum gets used partway through airship, which we want active through the entire giants castle. I think I miss boning knife though, and no one has mastered the art of killing wall of bones with no spells, so I'll have to come back here later. I do get some of the +mus and +moxie drops in these zones, which are used in conjunction with snojo to maximize statgains.

[175] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) [0,0,0]
[177-179] The Defiled Nook [0,0,0]
+> [177] Got loose teeth, loose teeth, skeleton bone
+> [178] Got skeleton bone, smart skull
+> [179] Got evil eye, loose teeth, loose teeth
-> Turn [179] Puck Man
[180-184] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) [0,0,0]
+> [182] Got giant needle, rave whistle
-> Turn [181] Intergnat
Six turn top floor? Not too bad. I'm tempted to hold off this zone until I'm in the second semirare window, but I don't want to waste -25% combat.
[185] The Haunted Bathroom [0,0,0]
2nd digitized rook? I guess I stuck one in the airship.

Scratch that, this is the end of bathroom. Still wearing off shoe gum
[186-191] The Boss Bat's Lair [0,0,0]
+> [186] Got thin black candle
[192-193] The Defiled Cranny [0,0,0]
-> Turn [193] Reassembled Blackbird
ML has dropped a bit but is still high enough to clear with a 2nd swarm. I end up not getting one though.
[194-207] The Black Forest [11,14,22]
+> [196] Got broken wings
+> [197] Got Black No. 2
+> [199] Got adder bladder, sunken eyes
+> [201] Got black picnic basket
-> Turn [198] Intergnat
-> Turn [201] Puck Man
-> Turn [207] Intergnat
Black forest was garbage. I wore off most of my -combat, but still manage to get the noncombat on turn 3? Get 2 blackberries, and kol con globe drops a 3rd blackberry like 2 turns after I'm done with the forest. End up not getting galoshes at all. The only bright spot is that I can kill the wall of bees with passive damage ~80% of the time in this path, so I skip beehive.
[208-210] Barrrney's Barrr [0,0,0]
-> Turn [210] Robortender
[211] The Smut Orc Logging Camp [0,0,0]
-> Turn [211] Intergnat
[212-224] The F'c'le [50,0,0]
+> [213] Got thin black candle
+> [214] Got mizzenmast mop
+> [221] Got ball polish
+> [222] Got thin black candle
+> [223] Got rigging shampoo
And I thought black forest was bad. I'm running +15% combat and quest monsters are capped here or damn near it, mabye +220% item drops? Anyway I figure I can spinner copy if I miss a drop. That turns out not to be the issue though. Clingy pirates show up 3 times, and somehow I never got a cocktail napkin. Two curmudgeonly pirates. Two crusty. Three chatty pirates.

[225-228] The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency [0,0,85]
Start of Macguffin. As usual desert should be timed to maximize wanderers, which will be when I do frogmen and assassins. I also still prefer to combine the spooky cellar with filthworms, so that leaves palindome and the hidden city as the only areas to do before frat war. It would be kind of nice to get machete and a tomb ratchet from the gnat demon and get a 2nd gnat demon for meat on day 3, but that means running cellar without item buffs, which is like +10 turns in this path.
[231-234] The Hidden Temple [0,0,0]
[235] The Defiled Nook [0,0,0]
-> Turn [235] Puck Man
[236-242] The Hidden Park [0,0,0]
+> [237] Got pygmy blowgun
+> [242] Got Beignet Milgranet, bottle of vodka
-> Turn [237] Robortender
-> Turn [238] Intergnat
-> Turn [242] Nosy Nose
Banished janitors, 2 bowling balls, no book of matches. I had planned to digitize bowlers today which it looks like will now be easy to squeeze in without any other copiers. It's possible surgeons or palindome dudes would be better targets. Since I can't use the +meat booze from robort, I use lianas for bacon/familiar leveling/power pills. Triggered corsicans blessing since it's extra fam xp.
[243] An Overgrown Shrine (Northwest) [0,0,0]
[244] An Overgrown Shrine (Northeast) [0,0,0]
[245-249] The Hidden Apartment Building [0,0,0]
-> Turn [247] Intergnat
-> Turn [249] Nosy Nose
I'm pretty sure this is the optimal way to do the north zones without olfaction. Sniff shaman if it pops first. If accountant pops first, sniff them, do 4 in office, and then resniff something else before coming back to apartment. Here I got 2 shamans right away and then risked sniffing an accountant, which was a bit risky but worked out fine. I think I end up leaving 3 turns of delay open in office when all is said and done, which will basically serve as a sink for the bowlers.

I haven't mentioned hallowiener in a while. In general I stock up on ghost dog chows, most of which get dumped on robort or monkey for a turn saved on nuns. It's possible taking the straight stat gain from the very begining would pay off just as well.
[250-253] The Hidden Office Building [0,0,0]
-> Turn [252] Intergnat
[254-256] The Hidden Apartment Building [0,0,0]
-> Turn [256] Nosy Nose
[257] The Hidden Office Building [0,0,0]
+> [257] Got world's smallest violin
-> Turn [257] Robortender
[258] Cobb's Knob Treasury [0,0,0]
+> [258] Got bottle of gin
[257] Mix 1 olive + 1 shroomtini [0,0,0]
This is rather stupid to do this late in the day, but hey, +5 moxie stats from robort is better than nothing. Still have a ways to go before hitting level 12.
[258-261] The Hidden Office Building [94,93,212]
Okay nevermind, I mixed this up with another run. This did NOT work out well as a delay zone. I managed to get 4 accountants very quickly, then had a drought of 5-6 turns where they didn't show up at all. Ended up time spinnering the last one.
[262] A Recent Fight [0,0,0]
+> [262] Got bottle of rum
[263] An Overgrown Shrine (Southeast) [0,0,0]
[264] An Overgrown Shrine (Southwest) [0,0,0]
[265-267] The Hidden Bowling Alley [0,0,0]
+> [265] Got bottle of whiskey
Digitized a bowler, I think?

This is a good place to note the challenge of doing wall of skin without beehive. Without going into the exact math, you essentially need to pick up two of the following passive damage source in run: smirking shrunken head, tiny bowler, ant rake/hoe/whatever, pygmy phone number, hippy protest button, bottle opener belt buckle, random globe drop. All of these items alone are ~30-50% odds depending on your item drop rate, so you can do some math to figure out the odds of getting 2 of them. If you don't have 2 passive sources in addition to prismatic damage, imitation crab, and stinkbugs, you'll lose.

[268-269] The Defiled Cranny [0,0,0]
+> [269] Got evil eye, evil eye, evil eye
-> Turn [268] Puck Man
I vaguely recall seeing evilometer at 26, so it didn't matter if I got the noncombat or if I equipped gravy boat. Just getting some easy stats to hit level 12.
[270] The Defiled Nook [0,0,0]
+> [270] Got skeleton bone, skeleton bone, skeleton bone
-> Turn [270] Intergnat
[271-273] The Hidden Hospital [0,0,0]
+> [272] Got thin black candle
-> Turn [273] Puck Man
[274] The Boss Bat's Lair [0,0,0]
[275] The Hidden Office Building [0,0,0]
[276] A Recent Fight [0,0,0]
[277] Chateau Painting [0,0,0]
[278-280] The Hidden Hospital [0,0,0]
-> Turn [278] Intergnat
-> Turn [280] Puck Man
Decided I'd get 1 surgeon out of the way, potentially to spinner copy overall. I've never actually done the math on how much 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 surgeon gear cuts turns, but I'm confident spending a turn for a 2nd piece of gear is worth it.
[281-282] The Poop Deck [0,0,0]
Seeing poop deck and gallery together must mean I popped off rational thought in the previous zone. I used to pull an obscuri tea to use in late day 2 zones, but it's not worth it with 20% already.
[283-285] The Haunted Gallery [0,0,0]
[286] The Haunted Ballroom [100,100,110]
[287-288] Belowdecks [0,0,0]
+> [288] Got snakehead charrrm, snakehead charrrm
Duplicate gaudy pirate. I sometimes push the dupe forward to a hedge monster with YR for 2 hedge trimmers, and just spin a gaudy, but I have other decent spinner targets today. Plus that would eat up my 2nd yellow ray, which I'd prefer to use on a frat warrior.
[289-291] The Hidden Hospital [0,0,0]
-> Turn [289] Robortender
Six or seven turns total? Probably about average.

Bowling balls get closeted whenever they drop, and acts as a nice turn burner later on. This turns out to be mildly useful since my lack of healers has left me bereft of sgeeas, so I sometimes need to mess with combat frequency.
[292] The Hidden Office Building [0,0,0]
[293-294] The Smut Orc Logging Camp [10,11,26]
I believe it's always worth clovering smut orc unless you can hit ~700% item drops, but combats are better when you are 3n+1 bridge parts away from completion. I usually do combats whenever I'm not a multiple of 3 away from finishing (or some combination of 3 and 5 in softcore)
[295] The Haunted Ballroom [0,0,0]
Bowler. Ideally we can burn up ballroom delay and then run -combat for it tomorrow along with frat war start, palindome, and maybe twin peak.
[296] Frat House [0,0,0]
+> [296] Got beer helmet, bejeweled pledge pin, distressed denim pants
-> Turn [296] Intergnat
Yellow ray, obviously.

I played this game quite a bit before I knew everything looks yellow wore off at rollover. :/
[297] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 1) [0,0,0]
[298] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 2, col 1) [0,0,0]
[299] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 3, col 1) [0,0,0]
[300] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 4, col 1) [0,0,0]
[301] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 5, col 1) [0,0,0]
[302] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 5, col 2) [0,0,0]
I guess I waited to finish these before getting 20 cold damage since I got tangles early on. In one run globe dropped elizabeth's paintbrush which is perfect for the cellar, but still better used on tower test.
[303-305] Inside the Palindome [0,0,0]
+> [305] Got Jarlsberg's key, ten-leaf clover
I think day 1 and 2 were 2 clover days. If not I'd suggest spinning an ore.
[306] Itznotyerzitz Mine [0,0,0]
[307] Lair of the Ninja Snowmen [0,0,0]
-> Turn [307] Nosy Nose
[308] The Defiled Niche [0,0,0]
-> Turn [308] Intergnat
[309-311] Inside the Palindome [0,0,0]
+> [309] Got bottle of gin
+> [310] Got photograph of God
I can't remember exactly why I used these last few turns. Maybe I had excess rational thought or ink glands and wanted to wear it down before doing frogmen? Since I have reodorant, which is only 10 turns, I don't mind wasting 1 turn in the lair to raise the initial assassin odds. Now that I'm typing it out I suspect this is not a great idea.

I think I'm out of spinner turns, but I remember realizing I'd have an excess copiers for day 3. I decided I could squeeze in one dude on day 2, spinner it on day 3, and either digitize or printscreen/alpine/enamorang the rest if I had all the noncombats done.

Looking at my logs I pulled an ore before the assassins, so I guess I switched sheep and ore from my original plans?
===Day 3===
[312] A Recent Fight [200,0,221]
+> [312] Got Typical Tavern swill, Typical Tavern swill, Typical Tavern swill, bottle of vodka
+> [312] Got ten-leaf clover
Drab bard? Ideally Bob would have showed up yesterday, and I'm not blowing a digitize on bard, so I can't follow my own logic here. Anyway 2/5 dudes done.

Some other early day 3 stuff - final bass clarinet, get a +combat tea. I went ahead and swapped in the +3 adv skylight in chateau yesterday since I had copious meat so I switch back to the fan. I neglected to mention I ran stats.enq on day 2 for trivial fights, and switched to fam.enq on day 3 for items/meat. I think this is the run where I had 2 turns of stats.enq active for the tower.

I probably have enough bacon at this point for a malware, but outside of items and init I have no obvious 3rd deck pull, so I get an extra printscreen. This is going to leave me with 3 enamorangs, 2 printscreens, the alpine watercolor set, 3 time spinner, 3 digitizes, and duplicate.

If someone makes another copier IOTM this year and still won't create a decent pair of pants, I will have to start sending them hate mail.
[313] Hippy Camp [0,0,0]
[314-315] Wartime Hippy Camp (Frat Disguise) [0,0,0]
The only source of RNG that ever likes me.

A yellow ray on my one combat technically saves 1 turn in the desert, but I'd rather play it safe and use one on a filthworm or peak monster.
[316-317] Inside the Palindome [0,0,0]
+> [316] Got ketchup hound, stunt nuts
+> [317] Got ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover
[318-323] The Smut Orc Logging Camp [0,0,0]
+> [319] Got ten-leaf clover
+> [320] Got ten-leaf clover
Pretty much all clovering.

Need a new source of bridge parts.
[324-330] Twin Peak [79,89,232]
Used my last shoe gum to start frat war, so I do palindome and twin peak to make use of it. It might be safer to push these zones off to right before the pyramid if you have low tangles, but then you're stuck trying to get wet stew with low combat rate.

I still can't follow exactly what I was doing with palindome here, but I get bob racecar and his items in here.

Twin peak is also awful this run. I think I got one noncombat in that set of 7 adv.
[331] The Haunted Ballroom [0,0,0]
+> [331] Got bottle of rum, thin black candle
[332-335] Cobb's Knob Harem [0,0,0]
+> [332] Got Knob Goblin harem pants, Knob Goblin harem veil
+> [335] Got Knob Goblin perfume
I have three decent sources of +item: deck pull, lov tunnels, and puzzle champ. I go ahead and take the lov tunnel one first to cap the harem, and then do the deck pull before filthworms.

If it looks like you have excess turngen dump absorbs into pickpocket at this point. I may have taken the 30% one.
[336-337] The Hatching Chamber [0,0,0]
[338-339] The Feeding Chamber [0,0,0]
+> [339] Got thin black candle
-> Turn [339] Puck Man
[340-341] The Haunted Ballroom [0,0,0]
-> Turn [341] Intergnat
Oops, forgot to unlock cellar.
[342] The Royal Guard Chamber [0,0,0]
5 turns / 3 filthworms, at around 500% item drops. Normal.
[343-348] The Haunted Laundry Room [0,0,0]
I usually use both tennis balls in cellar zones when lacking olfaction. Again, another chance for math I'm not in the mood to do: use nosy nose or an item familiar. In retrospect I could have used a time spin or printscreen here. Blasting soda drops on the 3rd cabinet.
[349] The Haunted Wine Cellar [0,0,0]
Logs are screwed up here. I'm burning through power pills trying to keep fortune of the wheel active as long as possible. If I had an inhaler I'd want to save a few for nuns, but all my meat buffs are >20 turns.

Only 3 turns to get the vinegar.
[350] A-Boo Peak [0,0,0]
[351] Oil Peak [0,0,0]
[352-355] A-Boo Peak [100,0,0]
I often bounce back and forth between these zone, which is another habit that I doubt actually saves any turns, but it allows for a bit more flexibility with familiar use if stuff drops early. Dinsey + yellow pot + greek + perfume of prejudice (juice bar) + MDC = exactly 100 ML. Without the juice bar potion you can cap ML with gnat effect.

Logs don't show it, but I went 1 turn over on a-boo.
[356-357] Oil Peak [0,0,0]
[358] Cook 1 bottle of Chateau de Vinegar + 1 blasting soda [0,0,0]
[360-362] The Haunted Boiler Room [100,0,0]
-> Turn [360] Puck Man
-> Turn [361] Nosy Nose
[363-365] The Defiled Niche [0,0,0]
-> Turn [365] Robortender
Must have goofed something up here, since niche should ordinarily be done all at once.
[366-369] Lair of the Ninja Snowmen [0,0,0]
+> [367] Got frigid ninja stars
-> Turn [367] Puck Man
I can hit a 25% combat here thanks to the 3 skills, reoderant, and irritabili tea. I'm assuming I used one of my few sgeeas here to take off shoe gum effect. Assassin pops on turn 4 (technically 5 since I burned one yesterday). I meant to enamorang but had a brain fart and digitized instead. Not a huge deal with all my copiers, but frustrating. Frogmen show up instantly and get my misplaced enamorangs.

[370] Sonofa Beach [0,0,0]
+> [370] Got barrel of gunpowder
-> Turn [370] Space Jellyfish
[371-375] The Hole in the Sky [0,0,0]
+> [371] Got star chart
-> Turn [373] Puck Man
Probably still had some item boosts from lov tunnels, which allows me to use jelly instead of an item familiar. I get astronomer over skin flute since the meat demon is useful in this path.
[376-386] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [0,0,0]
+> [381] Got bronzed locust
+> [385] Got barrel of gunpowder
-> Turn [386] Intergnat
Not much to say about desert. Cram as many frogmen/assassins in as possible. I think I already got the passive damage sources I need to there's no reason to go for ant drops. If drum machine drops first turn it's possible to skip stone rose completely and still come out ahead, but this is tough to manage and not worth it this run.

I guess I settled on using robort for nuns here. Hobo monkey is probably the better choice as long as you have puzzle champ available.
[387] The Oasis [0,0,0]
+> [387] Got drum machine
-> Turn [387] Puck Man
[388-397] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [0,0,0]
+> [397] Got worm-riding hooks
-> Turn [392] Robortender
[398-403] The Oasis [11,10,27]
+> [400] Got barrel of gunpowder, bottle of whiskey
+> [403] Got stone rose
-> Turn [400] Puck Man
-> Turn [403] Robortender
[404] Chateau Painting [0,0,0]
+> [404] Got barrel of gunpowder, bottle of whiskey
-> Turn [404] Puck Man
[405] screencapped monster [0,0,0]
+> [405] Got barrel of gunpowder
If I'd digitized properly I'd likely save one copier here, but it also would been challenging cramming in another 30 adventures before the war.
[406-407] Next to that Barrel with Something Burning in it [0,0,0]
+> [406] Got gremlin juice
+> [407] Got molybdenum hammer
Make sure you run DR in this zone, or boost your HP. I've had a few 15+ round combats in junkyard recently, which is enough to kill in this path with no damage reduction. AMC gremlin should be banished unless he doesn't show until the last zone.
[408-410] Over Where the Old Tires Are [0,0,0]
+> [410] Got molybdenum crescent wrench
[411] Near an Abandoned Refrigerator [0,0,0]
+> [411] Got molybdenum pliers
[412-414] Out by that Rusted-Out Car [0,0,0]
+> [414] Got molybdenum screwdriver
-> Turn [414] Robortender
[415-416] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [0,0,0]
+> [416] Got bullet-proof corduroys
[417] The Filthworm Queen's Chamber [0,0,0]
-> Turn [417] Nosy Nose
[418-423] The Defiled Niche [0,0,0]
-> Turn [423] Robortender
[424] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [0,0,0]
+> [424] Got round purple sunglasses
-> Turn [424] Exotic Parrot
Realized I forgot to grab hippy gear in the desert. I used 4 fluffers already which should be ~148 hippies killed, or 3 turns away from the nuns. I just blow off the copy trick since it should be the same number of turns.

I decide that with mediocre item drops and few zones to do after the war, it's not worth planning for green ops copies. I digitize a random hippy and put 2-3 copies in DMT.
[425] Lord Spookyraven [0,0,0]
-> Turn [425] Robortender
[426-438] The Themthar Hills [71,55,175]
+> [426] Got bottle of whiskey
+> [427] Got bottle of whiskey
+> [431] Got bottle of rum
+> [432] Got bottle of rum
+> [434] Got bottle of rum
+> [438] Got bottle of whiskey
-> Turn [438] Intergnat
Winklered, chari tea, and puzzle champ. And demon name. And meat.enh Blew most of my ghost dog chows. Not as good as the 1100% I get in Standard, but good enough.

Somewhere around turn 400 or so you should check turn generation to see how close you'll be to day count. Excess meat, init, and elemental damage are the main things to waste absorbs on. Gear absorbs from the war grant sleaze, stench, and fire. Stuff from cranny grants spooky. Essentially no gear grants cold.
[439] A Recent Fight [0,0,0]
+> [439] Got thin black candle
[440] Whitey's Grove [0,0,0]
+> [440] Got bird rib, lion oil
[441] Cook 1 wet stew + 1 stunt nuts [0,0,0]
+> [441] Got Mega Gem
[443-447] The Hidden Bowling Alley [90,89,98]
-> Turn [442] Machine Elf
-> Turn [443] Puck Man
[448] A Massive Ziggurat [0,0,0]
[449] Mist-Shrouded Peak [0,0,0]
[450] Throne Room [0,0,0]
+> [450] Got Cobb's Knob lab key, Crown of the Goblin King
[451-453] Mist-Shrouded Peak [0,0,0]
-> Turn [453] Robortender
[454-459] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [0,0,0]
+> [454] Got reinforced beaded headband
+> [456] Got thin black candle
-> Turn [454] Intergnat
I think I have got and used all my power pills at this point, so familiar use is flexible. I put some points on gnat for a slight boost in pyramid, and robort for ... wall of meat? IDK.
[460-462] Twin Peak [0,0,0]
-> Turn [461] Robortender
Yellow ray and duplicate hedge monster, and get 1 normal noncombat.

[463] rusty hedge trimmers [0,0,0]
-> Turn [463] Intergnat
[464-467] The Upper Chamber [0,0,0]
[468] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) [0,0,0]
[469] The Upper Chamber [0,0,0]
[470-473] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [0,0,0]
-> Turn [471] Robortender
-> Turn [472] Intergnat
[474-475] The Upper Chamber [0,0,0]
[476-478] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [61,43,94]
[479] A Recent Fight [0,0,0]
Still have excess copiers so I time spin a green ops on the off chance I get green smoke bombs. No luck.

I'm not really sure what I'd use a smoke bomb on anyway.
[480-483] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [0,0,0]
+> [482] Got thin black candle
-> Turn [483] Nosy Nose
[484-493] The Middle Chamber [0,0,0]
+> [484] Got tomb ratchet, tomb ratchet
+> [490] Got tomb ratchet, tomb ratchet
+> [492] Got tomb ratchet
-> Turn [493] Intergnat
[494] A Recent Fight [0,0,0]
+> [494] Got tomb ratchet
[495] screencapped monster [0,0,0]
+> [495] Got tomb ratchet
-> Turn [495] Nosy Nose
I think this crap happened in the last log I wrote up. Used a tennis ball on tomb asp, but get like 7 tomb servants. Throw two tangles but can't cap drops so I only get 3 ratchets from 2 kings. Blow my printscreen and an extra turn to get enough ratchets.

[496] The Middle Chamber [0,0,0]
+> [496] Got tomb ratchet
[497] The Lower Chambers (Token/Empty) [0,0,0]
[498] The Lower Chambers (Rubble/Bomb) [0,0,0]
[499] The Lower Chambers (Empty/Rubble) [0,0,0]
-> Turn [499] Oily Woim
[500-506] Ed the Undying [0,0,0]
[507-508] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [0,0,0]
-> Turn [507] Intergnat
[509] Oil Peak [0,0,0]
+> [509] Got ten-leaf clover
[510] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement) [0,0,0]
+> [510] Got Boris's key, lowercase N
[511] The Hole in the Sky [19,22,55]
o> Used 1 miniature power pill (9 adventures gained) [10,13,25]
[512-515] A-Boo Peak [100,0,0]
-> Turn [513] Oily Woim
Used a robin's egg here and some buffs to make clue adventures easy to survive.
[516] The Big Wisniewski [0,0,0]
+> [516] Got rusty grave robbing shovel, thin black candle
o> Used 1 ant agonist (9 adventures gained) [9,13,26]
o> Used 1 old bronzer (9 adventures gained) [8,13,26]
[517] The Defiled Alcove [0,0,0]
-> Turn [517] Robortender
Deck pull for race card and every single init buff, including terminal. I have 500 something init, and get 2? non-modern zombies.
[518] The Defiled Niche [0,0,0]
[519] The Defiled Alcove [0,0,0]
+> [519] Got loose teeth
[520] Haert of the Cyrpt [0,0,0]
+> [520] Got chest of the Bonerdagon, skull of the Bonerdagon, vertebra of the Bonerdagon
o> Used 1 chest of the Bonerdagon [150,150,165]
=> Level 9 (Turn 520)! (52/44/68)
[521] Fastest Adventurer Contest [0,0,0]
Just use mafia maximizer for all these tests. As I mentioned the cold test is awful.
[522] Strongest Adventurer Contest [0,0,0]
[523-526] Coldest Adventurer Contest [0,0,0]
+> [523] Got bottle of rum
+> [526] Got bottle of whiskey
[527] The Hedge Maze (Room 1) [0,0,0]
[528] The Hedge Maze (Room 4) [0,0,0]
[529] The Hedge Maze (Room 7) [0,0,0]
[530] The Hedge Maze (Room 9) [0,0,0]
-> Turn [530] Imitation Crab
[531] Tower Level 1 [0,0,0]
-> Turn [531] Robortender
[532-533] Tower Level 2 [0,0,0]
950 something meat from the wall. :/
[534] Tower Level 3 [100,0,0]
[535] Tower Level 5 [0,0,0]
-> Turn [535] Machine Elf
[536] The Naughty Sorceress' Chamber [0,0,0]
[537] Freeing King Ralph [0,0,0]
536 turns, which booyahcookie manages to beat about 30 minutes before I finish. Can't think of any super obvious ways to cut a significant number of turns, but with better luck I can maybe hit 520 by the end of the season.

Overall thoughts about Gel Noob:

- I like paths where daycount is not automatic, and real choices need to be made regarding turn generation versus turn savings. Gel Noob certainly qualifies, although it's not quite as tight as Nuclear Autumn.
- Does not have the awful time grind associated with Source, and there's no way the nightmare of a 1 day softcore run will ever be possible.
- The main challenges in this path for me are getting sufficient stat gains, lumping together noncombat zones, and slightly lower item drop rates than normal. None of these are super exciting, but they are enough to offer a significant departure from Standard. Getting items for skills is not difficult at all once you have enough starting skills
- Niche gear like globe and cowboy boots suddenly becoming relevant is cool. However, the huge RNG swing associated with globe is not cool. This is mainly because ....
- Elemental tower test can make or break your run. I actually liked the fact that in several runs I've had to make difficult choices about my 1st semirare or 2nd semirare window, but with no fortune cookie you are screwed if you miss that first semirare. I was really hoping robort would solve this problem when I saw the +40 damage boozes, and now wonder if getting the booze effects through absorbs would have been better than the combat frequency skills.
- No one serious bothers with after season runs anyway, but I'm very curious what softcore gnoob would look like after May 15. Smith absorb bonanza?

Untrustworthy ALV data:

Turn rundown finished!
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship: 26
The Battlefield (Frat Uniform): 22
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert: 21
The Spooky Forest: 21
Barrrney's Barrr: 15
The Black Forest: 14
The F'c'le: 13
The Themthar Hills: 13
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor): 12
The Defiled Niche: 11
The Hidden Office Building: 11
The Middle Chamber: 11
The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob: 11
The Smut Orc Logging Camp: 11
The Dark Elbow of the Woods: 10
Twin Peak: 10
A-Boo Peak: 9
The Dark Neck of the Woods: 9
The Hidden Hospital: 9
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove: 9
The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency: 9
Inside the Palindome: 8
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement): 8
The Defiled Cranny: 8
The Hidden Apartment Building: 8
The Hidden Bowling Alley: 8
A Recent Fight: 7
Ed the Undying: 7
The Boss Bat's Lair: 7
The Haunted Bedroom: 7
The Hidden Park: 7
The Oasis: 7
The Upper Chamber: 7
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor): 6
The Defiled Nook: 6
The Haunted Laundry Room: 6
The Hole in the Sky: 6
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen: 5
The Dark Heart of the Woods: 5
The Haunted Ballroom: 5
Way Back in Time: 5
Cobb's Knob Harem: 4
Coldest Adventurer Contest: 4
Hippy Camp: 4
Mist-Shrouded Peak: 4
Oil Peak: 4
The Hidden Temple: 4
Barf Mountain: 3
Chateau Painting: 3
Out by that Rusted-Out Car: 3
Over Where the Old Tires Are: 3
The Goatlet: 3
The Haunted Bathroom: 3
The Haunted Boiler Room: 3
The Haunted Gallery: 3
Belowdecks: 2
Itznotyerzitz Mine: 2
Next to that Barrel with Something Burning in it: 2
screencapped monster: 2
The Defiled Alcove: 2 (instakills)
The Feeding Chamber: 2
The Hatching Chamber: 2
The Poop Deck: 2
Tower Level 2: 2
Wartime Hippy Camp (Frat Disguise): 2
A Massive Ziggurat: 1
An Overgrown Shrine (Northeast): 1
An Overgrown Shrine (Northwest): 1
An Overgrown Shrine (Southeast): 1
An Overgrown Shrine (Southwest): 1
Cap'm Caronch's Map: 1
Cobb's Knob Treasury: 1
Cook 1 bottle of Chateau de Vinegar + 1 blasting soda: 1
Cook 1 wet stew + 1 stunt nuts: 1
Fastest Adventurer Contest: 1
Frat House: 1
Freeing King Ralph: 1
Guano Junction: 1
Haert of the Cyrpt: 1
Lord Spookyraven: 1
Mix 1 olive + 1 shroomtini: 1
Near an Abandoned Refrigerator: 1
rusty hedge trimmers: 1
Sonofa Beach: 1
Strongest Adventurer Contest: 1
The Beanbat Chamber: 1
The Big Wisniewski: 1
The Deep Machine Tunnels: 1
The Filthworm Queen's Chamber: 1
The Haunted Wine Cellar: 1
The Hedge Maze (Room 1): 1
The Hedge Maze (Room 4): 1
The Hedge Maze (Room 7): 1
The Hedge Maze (Room 9): 1
The Infiltrationist: 1
The Lower Chambers (Empty/Rubble): 1
The Lower Chambers (Rubble/Bomb): 1
The Lower Chambers (Token/Empty): 1
The Naughty Sorceress' Chamber: 1
The Old Landfill: 1
The Royal Guard Chamber: 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 1): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 2): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 3): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 4): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 2, col 1): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 3, col 1): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 4, col 1): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 5, col 1): 1
The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 5, col 2): 1
Throne Room: 1
Tower Level 1: 1
Tower Level 3: 1
Tower Level 5: 1
Whitey's Grove: 1

Mosquito Larva: 0
Opening the Hidden Temple: 0
Tavern quest: 0
Bat quest: 1
Cobb's Knob quest: 5
Friars' quest: 0
Pandamonium quest: 0
Defiled Cyrpt quest: 1
Trapzor quest: 2
Orc Chasm quest: 0
Airship: 0
Giant's Castle: 0
Opening the Ballroom: 0
Pirate quest: 19
Black Forest quest: 0
Desert Oasis quest: 0
Spookyraven quest: 1
Hidden City quest: 0
Palindome quest: 1
Pyramid quest: 28
Starting the War: 7
War Island quest: 8
DoD quest: 0


Hit Level 1 on turn 0, 0 from last level. (0.0 substats / turn)
Combats: 0
Noncombats: 0
Other: 0
Hit Level 2 on turn 0, 0 from last level. (25.0 substats / turn)
Combats: 0
Noncombats: 0
Other: 0
Hit Level 3 on turn 0, 0 from last level. (39.0 substats / turn)
Combats: 0
Noncombats: 0
Other: 0
Hit Level 4 on turn 0, 0 from last level. (105.0 substats / turn)
Combats: 0
Noncombats: 0
Other: 0
Hit Level 5 on turn 0, 0 from last level. (231.0 substats / turn)
Combats: 0
Noncombats: 0
Other: 0
Hit Level 6 on turn 10, 10 from last level. (44.1 substats / turn)
Combats: 3
Noncombats: 3
Other: 0
Hit Level 7 on turn 100, 90 from last level. (8.4 substats / turn)
Combats: 65
Noncombats: 22
Other: 0
Hit Level 8 on turn 119, 19 from last level. (63.6 substats / turn)
Combats: 14
Noncombats: 4
Other: 0
Hit Level 9 on turn 520, 401 from last level. (4.5 substats / turn)
Combats: 316
Noncombats: 77
Other: 3

Total COMBATS: 410 (76.4%)
Total NONCOMBATS: 111 (20.7%)
Total OTHER: 3 (0.6%)

Muscle Myst Moxie
Totals: 2872 1977 4706
Combats: 1253 702 2400
Noncombats: 569 224 495
Others: 0 0 0
Eating: 0 0 0
Drinking: 0 0 0
Using: 988 986 1106

Top 10 mainstat gaining areas:

From consumables 988 986 1106
Ascension Start 62 65 705
Way Back in Time 0 0 442
Barrrney's Barrr 217 213 237
Twin Peak 79 89 232
A Recent Fight 200 0 221
The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency 0 0 217
The Haunted Bathroom 0 0 216
The Hidden Office Building 94 93 212
The Smut Orc Logging Camp 70 80 180

Need to gain level (last is total): 10 39 105 231 441 759 1209 1815 2601 3591 4809 6279 21904

Intergnat : 167 combat turns (40.7%)
Puck Man : 92 combat turns (22.4%)
Robortender : 85 combat turns (20.7%)
Nosy Nose : 40 combat turns (9.8%)
Oily Woim : 11 combat turns (2.7%)
Reassembled Blackbird : 5 combat turns (1.2%)
Rockin' Robin : 4 combat turns (1.0%)
Space Jellyfish : 3 combat turns (0.7%)
Exotic Parrot : 1 combat turns (0.2%)
Imitation Crab : 1 combat turns (0.2%)
Machine Elf : 1 combat turns (0.2%)

71 : Blaaargh! Blaaargh!




0 / 0 free retreats overall


Cast 439 summon love gnats
Cast 207 gelatinous reconstruction
Cast 204 cowboy kick
Cast 66 gelatinous kick
Cast 66 summon love mosquito
Cast 54 summon love stinkbug
Cast 51 shoot ghost
Cast 22 science! fight with rational thought
Cast 21 bendable knees
Cast 20 gelatinous punch
Cast 17 trap ghost
Cast 15 retractable toes
Cast 13 science! fight with internet debate
Cast 9 digitize
Cast 9 ink gland
Cast 7 frown muscles
Cast 6 anger glands
Cast 5 gelatinous headbutt
Cast 5 get a good whiff of this guy
Cast 3 duplicate
Cast 3 portscan
Cast 2 cleesh
Cast 1 powerful vocal chords

| Total Casts | 1245

| Total MP Spent | 20

Total mp gained: 1879

Inside Encounters: 1518
Starfish Familiars: 0
Resting: 0
Outside Encounters: 0
Consumables: 361

Level 6:
Inside Encounters: 48
Starfish Familiars: 0
Resting: 0
Outside Encounters: 0
Consumables: 70
Level 7:
Inside Encounters: 530
Starfish Familiars: 0
Resting: 0
Outside Encounters: 0
Consumables: 20
Level 8:
Inside Encounters: 832
Starfish Familiars: 0
Resting: 0
Outside Encounters: 0
Consumables: 271
Level 9:
Inside Encounters: 108
Starfish Familiars: 0
Resting: 0
Outside Encounters: 0
Consumables: 0

Adventures gained eating: 0
Adventures gained drinking: 0
Adventures gained using: 27
Adventures gained rollover: 510

Total meat gained: 93241
Total meat spent: 42012

Level 5:
Meat gain inside Encounters: 10
Meat gain outside Encounters: 3046
Meat spent: 2508
Level 6:
Meat gain inside Encounters: 5111
Meat gain outside Encounters: 0
Meat spent: 3594
Level 7:
Meat gain inside Encounters: 1597
Meat gain outside Encounters: 0
Meat spent: 308
Level 8:
Meat gain inside Encounters: 65760
Meat gain outside Encounters: 13013
Meat spent: 35602
Level 9:
Meat gain inside Encounters: 1704
Meat gain outside Encounters: 3000
Meat spent: 0

Spent 0 turns in the 8-Bit Realm
Fought 0 bloopers
Fought 0 bullet bills
Spent 0 turns in the Goatlet
Fought 0 dairy goats for 0 cheeses and 0 glasses of milk
Spent 0 turns in the Haunted Ballroom and found 0 Curtains
Fought 0 Zombie Waltzers and found 0 Dance Cards
Spent 0 turns in the Haunted Gallery and found 0 Louvres
Spent 0 turns in the Haunted Bathroom and found 0 noncombats
Garnishes received: 0
Coconuts: 0
Umbrellas: 0
Ice Cubes: 0
Number of lost combats: 0

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Re: asawyer's 3/536 Gel Noob HC Run

Post by boozedup » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:29 pm

This is pretty cool to see. I need to start being more selective about the skills I absorb for. Potted cacti are too good.

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