KoL Con, Housing, and You!

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KoL Con, Housing, and You!

Post by Gamma_Ray » Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:42 am

EDIT: I'm glad that this hasn't seen much activity, since I have just learned that I will be unable to attend Con this year. I can't even express in words how sad this makes me. I hope to see y'all another time. You're my favorite people.

TL;DR: Don't bother reading, I can't really arrange anything

Every year, stick figures gather in the arid, extra-dry desert known only as Arizona. During this time, much drinking, board gaming, bike jousting, trivia, and general comradery is had by all. This year marks the eleventh (and most ridiculous, yet least funny) KoL Con of them all! You can bet I'll be there and I'd love to see as many of you there as possible! One of the great things about Arizona is that there are many rental homes available on a weekly basis on the cheap (especially if you're splitting the costs with strangers from the internet).

This year I think it would be great if we rented a clan house and spent an entire [however long you are able] together during Con. (It's better than I make it sound, I promise!)
Con officially runs September 5-6, but many people arrive early and stay late.

So my questions to you, so I can start looking for relatively close houses of appropriate size:
1. Will you be attending Con this year?
2. Are you interesting in staying in the clan house?
3. Are you planning on renting a car?
4. (If you know which days you're planning to stay, add this)

I understand that many of you may still be tentative at this point, but if you think there's any likelihood that you'll be there, please let me know.
In the past, houses have usually run around $100-$200 per person depending on duration of stay (usually closer to $100 for 2-3 nights). This is clearly a rough estimate based on number of people and duration (as well as specific house), but it's something to consider. Vehicle count helps make sure everyone is able to get where they need to (carpools are awesome).

Info about Con: http://forums.kingdomofloathing.com/vb/ ... p?t=202498

Heck/Hell yes, I'll see you in Arizona, in the house!
[Gamma is sad and not here]

Heck/Hell yes, Con is where I'll be, but I have other housing plans!

I'll do my best to update this regularly!
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Re: KoL Con, Housing, and You!

Post by LeafyGreens » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:48 pm

I will be there, but I will probably stay in my own house because I live there. I probably won't bring my car to events this time, because the DUI laws in Arizona are Serious Business.

For real, even if you've only had a couple beers be careful as fuck, our justice system here is more broken than the Smith's Tome.

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