Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby 4/856

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Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby 4/856

Post by Seabook » Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:50 pm

As of this post, haven't ascended yet. I will do so either later tonight or tomorrow. Getting this out of the way so that when I do ascend, I can go straight to logging.
No Mr. A's category.

Goal: Shooting for a personal best. My best overall for SCNP is 5/917 as PM; best with a moxie class is 5/954.

Permed skills (12): Torso Awaregness, Volcanometeor Showeruption
Musk of the Moose
Amphibian Sympathy
Leash of Linguini, Spirit of Rigatoni, Spirit of Ravioli, Flavour of Magic, Transcendental Noodlecraft
Impetuous Sauciness
Smooth Movement
Sonata of Sneakiness

Will pick up my 13th skill when ascending into contest entry; it should be Unaccompanied Miner
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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (not started yet)

Post by Seabook » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:32 pm

And Unaccompanied Miner is permed skill #13 indeed

Now presenting Day 1

Pull: Fossilized Necklace, Facsimile Dictionary, Helm of the White Knight
Equipped necklace, sold dictionary
Bought 3 hermit permits and 12 chewing gum
Used chewing gum; went to hermitage. Yay, 3 clovers in stock; traded for clovers.
3 more permits and gum. Huh, make that 5 gum. Back to hermitage to pick up rims, planks,
and seal tooth.
Now to hit the gnoll and make that vehicle full of protein.
Car made, skirt and radio bought.
Ronin: 1,000
Think I'll open up the manor first. Radio to 10.
Bwuh, that took a while. Can-lid, check.
Ronin: 988
Still lv 1, so time to burn some turns at Cobb's Knob for that encryption key
Firecracker, check. Encryption key and lv 2, check. Chef's Hat for pre-helm mp regen, check.
Ronin: 979
Huh, maybe I should change familiar to sombrero now.
Paying Galaktik to pay for a shot of Smooth Movement.
Spooky Forest time!
Ronin: 960
Hidden Temple has been unlocked, but still need larva. 0 turns; Seabook needs food badly.
Pull: Milk of Magnesium, Knob Goblin Lunchbox, 2x Penguin Focaccia Bread
Lunchbox used...2 pasties, 1 coffee.
Bread and a pasty consumed; 63 adventures left. Lv 3 from the bread!
Larva found.
Ronin: 958
Guilt tests; beach unlocked. Disco nap bought. 1 trip at the shore taken.
Ronin: 953
Hmm, back to Groupie. Billiards room time.
Pool Cue on first turn, neat.
Ok, couldn't hit pooltergeist with radio at 10.
Ronin: 951
Might as well burn off beaten up on the rats.
Ronin: 948
Beaten up burned off, radio to 5.
Library key get! Also got a 4-ball along the way.
Ronin: 939
Back to sombrero, radio back to 10, rats time.
Shiny ring!
Faucet found and turned off; don't want to mess with the baron just yet...
Lv 4!
Ronin: 932
Hmm, need 2 more moxie before it's white knight helm time.
Pull: 3x Not-a-pipe, The Legendary Beat
!smoked, 13/13/16 now. Helm of the White Knight equipped
Back to Groupie. Legendary Beat used. Guano Junction time!
Broken skull, baseball, and 4 sonar biscuits in 7 turns, not shabby.
Hmm, 13 turns of the blessing left. Think I'll try to pick up a grave robbing shovel.
To the pre-crypt misspelled cemetary!
Shovel get!
Ronin: 921
Poltergeist-in-the-jar-o! Obviously I don't pay attention to my semi-rares.
Ronin: 920
Fernswarthy's key get!
Ronin: 919
Hmm, stats from the battlefield time! And prayers for a counterclockwise watch!
Disco Dance of Doom and AC bought while I'm at it. Summoned 3 coconut shells.
Ronin: 878
Out of adventures...server is being kind of slow...
Pull: 2x Corpsetini, Clockwork Maid
Clockwork maid used, Corpsetini drunk. Lv 6!
Bought a cocktail crafting kit and spent a turn to make a Tropical Swill, cause meh, it's
a nightcap without using up a pull.
Ronin: 877
42 turns left.... I could use some pants. Radio to 4, Hobo Monkey out to bash some bats.
Wait, huh, I should burn a shore trip now while I remember. Dynamite get!
Ronin: 874
Bashing bodyguards
Oh hey, it's the Springsteen Winged Mammal. Britches get!
Ronin: 867
Back to Groupie and radio back to 10...Nyaaa, time to waste some turns at the harem.
Ronin: 857
Got just the lab key and Veil. I hate you harem, such a waste of turns.
Pull: Knob Goblin harem pants
Burned a clover to get the perfume.
Hmm, want to start friars, but need more moxie...
Screw it, I'll burn another clover and make my epic.
Disco Banjo get! And 2 clovers left... I want to save 1 for the NS quest and 1 for
And around this time I remember that hair spray is buyable. Time to waltz into the
copse with some really hard hair and a sombrero.
Ronin: 855
Dark Elbow up first!
Butterknife get! That was faster than usual...
Ronin: 849
Dark Heart's next it seems.
Hey, 3 hot wings already.
Aaaand out of turns.
Ronin: 835
Drank a coffee, gained 7 turns. Hitting the Shore before I forget...
Tropical Orchid get! And back to the Dark Heart...
Birthday candles get!
2 turns left...hmm, I should grab the goblin king's cape.
Cape get!
1 turn left....meh, time to drink nightcap. Tropical Swill consumed for 10 turn gain!
Ronin: 829
11 turns left and falling down drunk. 5 pulls left...
Pull: Milk of Magnesium, the 3 legend key lime pies, Ring of Conflict.

Recap time!
Lv 6; 27 mus/24 mys/34 mox
17,022 meat left
171 turns played
Pulls: Fossilized Necklace, Facsimile Dictionary, Helm of the White Knight, Milk of Magnesium, Knob Goblin Lunchbox,
2x Penguin Focaccia Bread, 3x Not-a-pipe, The Legendary Beat, 2x Corpsetini, Clockwork Maid, Knob Goblin harem pants,
Milk of Magnesium, Jarlsberg's key lime pie, Boris's key lime pie, Sneaky Pete's key lime pie, Ring of Conflict.
Larva found, tavern cleared of rats, Boss Bat slain, Knob Goblin King slain, 2 of the 3 fat friars' main quest items found
Spookyraven library key found
Dynamite and orchid shore items gotten. Need to remember to spend ~30 turns before shore trip #4.
6 lb groupie, 6 lb sombrero, 2 lb hobo monkey

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by stupac2 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:57 pm

Why are you using your groupie? Isn't that worse than a BGF on land? Also, why are you using a sombrero? At that low ML a vanilla volley is better. The sombrero doesn't beat the volley until around the cyrpt, and even then only with a bunch of +ML.

Why on earth did you open the temple BEFORE getting the larva? I can understand doing it day 1 if you have literally no source of runaways, but before larva seems really strange to me.

Why did you go to the battlefield? You seem to be leveling incredibly slowly, even more so than is explained by your skillcount. You should be able to hit level 6 in <80 turns, having it take >140 is really slow. This might be some lack of Mr. Store stuff going on, but this log reads a lot like an HC run, you're doing tons of things there's just no reason to do in SC (like making your epic or opening the tower). Are you an HC player and just doing what feels normal?

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Seabook » Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:07 pm

Groupie is equivalent to Baby Gravy Fairy on land. So I'm picking it just for the sleazy flavour to match a sleazy class.
I'm using the Sombrero cause I figured building up its weight would beat using volleyball for the first day.

Unlocking the temple before larva's just to make sure I remember to unlock the temple as early as I can. Does getting the larva first change combat rate or something?

Using the battlefield to get to 6 is because I have no idea how to get to 6 otherwise.
I've never played HC.

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Liizu » Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:04 am

Seabook wrote: Unlocking the temple before larva's just to make sure I remember to unlock the temple as early as I can. Does getting the larva first change combat rate or something?
No, but you could return to forest after having set ballroom song (that's an extra -5%).

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by lostcalpolydude » Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:22 am

Ronin: 979
Huh, maybe I should change familiar to sombrero now.
The transition point for using a sombrero over a volleyball is somewhere around the cyrpt.
Paying Galaktik to pay for a shot of Smooth Movement.
Spooky Forest time!
You can't get the noncombat during your first 5 turns in the forest.
Lunchbox used...2 pasties, 1 coffee.
Bread and a pasty consumed; 63 adventures left. Lv 3 from the bread!
I would suggest eating this stuff right away to start your run. You need those early stats, it looks like, and none of those things have a level requirement. Combined with my previous comment, you could eat a dragon snaps right before you enter the spooky forest (there are corresponding foods for non-moxie classes), since the 5 guaranteed combats will give you the most you can get from that food.
Hmm, back to Groupie. Billiards room time.
Hand chalk has a 100% drop rate, so you don't need a fairy there.

It seems like you're leveling a bit slowly. Have you considered getting a set of jacks?
Broken skull, baseball, and 4 sonar biscuits in 7 turns
There's a good chance that you won't need the broken skull with all of the drums that drop, and without a full telescope there's no reason to assume that you'll need a baseball or sonar biscuit, so you should not pre-farm any of those items.
Hmm, 13 turns of the blessing left. Think I'll try to pick up a grave robbing shovel.
If you're really going to use the battlefield for leveling (maybe there really isn't a better option), it's probably worth pulling the shovel.
Pulls: Clockwork Maid
Pull a clockwork pirate skull instead. You can take it apart for the clockwork sphere to make a maid (since you went muscle sign) and you get a free eyepatch for later.

If you don't have anything better than the spooky forest to do due to leveling slowly, I don't think it matters when you open the temple. However, a few things I suggested above would make hitting level 3 and even level 4 trivial, so you would want to get the larva first just so you can get into the tavern. Once your runs speed up a bit you will want to get the larva day 1 and get out, so that's something to keep in mind. Liizu makes a good point about the ballroom song, but I'm guessing you can't survive in the bedroom or ballroom very well, and waiting until later in the run to go there saves you a lot of beaten up turns. Maybe it's worth going there and running away from everything anyway.
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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Liizu » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:28 am

Liizu wrote:
Seabook wrote: Unlocking the temple before larva's just to make sure I remember to unlock the temple as early as I can. Does getting the larva first change combat rate or something?
No, but you could return to forest after having set ballroom song (that's an extra -5%).
Oh, also Ring of Conflict.

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Seabook » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:43 am

Hmm, I usually hit crypt part way through day 2. I'll try volleyball->sombrero next ascension then.

Didn't know about the floor in the spooky forest. Nice to know. I'll try to save temple unlock a bit later in future ascensions, like after I have mp for sonata on top of smooth movements as well as myst for ring of conflict.

I used to eat food right away at the start of ascension, but lately I've been trying to see how far I could get before eating (not far, it seems). The dragon snaps-type food idea looks pretty neat with the spooky forest floor.

Also didn't know that hand chalk's 100%. So I should be running volley there then.
Never knew about set of jacks/crimbo 2007 pressie. Interesting stuff; I'll have to buy them once this run's done.

I usually don't bother getting a broken skull, but in my last 2 ascensions I had to pull a drum in the end. Also in those 2 ascensions I burned clovers to pick up sonars. So this time I figured to try something different.
I actually normally pull a shovel, but I wanted to cut a pull here to free up a potential clover pull later when I need to level to hit 12/13. Or maybe a pull for an outfit part.

Didn't know about the clockwork pirate skull. A free eyepatch would have really helped as getting the swashbuckling outfit is either a turnsink or pulls burner for me. Along with the harem and mining outfits.
I'm considering just pulling the complete mining outfit and try the mine manually since I have Unaccompanied Miner now. In the past I'd normally throw ~10-12 turns at the mine till I get the outfit, or 2 parts and pull the remaining part, then pull 3 ore.
As for the swashbuckling outfit, I usually throw ~10 turns at the cove then pull whichever pieces I'm missing. Kinda want to change my approach to that; I might just pull the outfit entirely this time?

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by lostcalpolydude » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:51 am

I would farm at least 1 piece of each outfit. None of those zones are great to be in, but the first outfit piece is easy to get with +noncombat.
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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Seabook » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:30 pm

Yea, opted to throw a few turns to try to pick up a piece or two.

Now presenting Day 2

Ronin: 829
So where was I? Oh yea, fat friars quest. To the Dark Neck of the Woods then!
Wussiness potion along the way, yay
Dodecagram get and quest finished!
Ronin: 816
No main quests at the moment and 5 moxie away from lv 7...
I might as well work toward Liver of Steel since I'll need to turns to stay at 5 days.
Ronin: 808
Hey Deze map get! ...not that I'll ever actually use it in-run.
Pencilnecked demon on this turn.
Ronin: 805
Azazel's unicorn
Ronin: 795
Azazel's lollipop
Ronin: 790
Level 7! Eh, I want that metal organ.
Ronin: 785
Azazel's tutu
Ronin: 778
Steel Margarita get
And time to shore again. And I can't go to desert beach via the upper pane?
Silly updates while I'm logged in. At least the main map still works.
Barbed-wire fence get!
Ronin: 775
5 turns left...
Hmm, need turns. Drinking steel margarita now before I forget, like previous ascension.
Pull: Can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce, 3x Mae West
Magnesium used, legend pies and cranberry sauce eaten; up to 75 turns left.
And I Just remembered that I should check the hermitage. 1 clover today
Crypts time! Time to put on the ring of conflict in place of shiny ring, with the other
accessory slots taken up by the necklace and goblin king cape.
Starting with Alcove and working clockwise...
Neat, pickpocketed a dead guy's watch.
Took a while for the conjoined zmombie to show up.
Ronin: 760
Oh hey, 45 moxie. Time to get some bling...
Pull: Bling of the New Wave
I need the MP regen so badly. And it shall replace the cape for the time being.
To the Niche!
Gargantulihc defeated!
Ronin: 752
Cranny time.
Got to enjoy a few naps before killing the huge ghuol
Ronin: 738
Nook time!
Yay, 2 skeleton bones for the key and rattle if need be.
Giant skeleton slain
Ronin: 723
Looking at the wiki, looks like I got slapped hard with the scheduling of 3 of the crypt
areas. Grumble grumble and what not. Oh well, 1 moxie till level 8...
Cape in for conflict while I take on the bonerdagon at mcd 10 for... I dunno, just cause
I can?
Bonerdagon slain, level 8! And vertebra-which-I-won't-use get!
And since it's a stat day, his chest gets used.
Ronin: 722
Trapper time. Conflict back in for cape.
Think I'll burn... 4 turns in the mine and see what I get in that timespan.
Oh yea, Groupie time for this.
Got the miner's helmet in that time...
Ronin: 718
Pull: 7-foot Dwarven mattock, miner's pants
And I'm beyond due for shoring to get dinghy plans.
Dinghy plans get!
Ronin: 715
Mining time! Need 3 chrome ore.
Bleh, bad cavern.
Ronin: 707
Ok, no more mining today! Instead I will turn around and throw 4 turns at the cove.
Buying the DB +meat and +item passives while I'm at it.
Nice, got eyepatch and pants in those 4 turns
Ronin: 703
Pull: Stuffed shoulder parrot
3 turns left, might as well drink the Mae Wests...
55 turns left now. Dictionary and insults book bought.
Insult farming time!
Smell of my breath, check.
Huh, when you get an ineffectual comeback from an enemy, it delevels them? -8
enemy attack and defense from this instance. Never knew that before.
Yellow's my colour, check. That's 2!
-10 enemy attack/def from another ineffectual comeback; percentage reduction perhaps?
Map get!
Comparison to his girlfriend makes that 3!
My tongue and wit are dull makes that 4!
My inability to count to one makes that 5!
Being such an expert of fear makes that 6 insults, 6!
Ronin: 691
Huh, that took 12 turns? Felt longer with the duplicate comebacks I was getting.
Nasty booty recovered and returned.
orcish frat house duly catburgled.
Ronin: 687
It's insult beer pong time!
Gaaaaah damnit, retort-fail on first round already
2nd attempt... success!
Ronin: 685
F'c'le time! Switching to Groupie and using the Beat.
Well this has been a terrible F'c'le so far. The blessing ran out and I only got the
Go fig, immediately after I typed down the previous line, I got the mop and ball polish.
The power of complaining about the RNG works, EVEN IN NOTEPAD.
Pirate fledges get!
Ronin: 662
14 turns left...hmm, I reaaaaally should get around to at least unlocking 2nd floor
of the manor. Yaknow, I normally do so far earlier, usually in downtime between levels.
But this time, I barely had such downtime. Oh well.
Keeping Groupie out in case of inkwell. And in the middle of typing that, I encountered
a writing desk and it dropped an inkwell. Yes, I will pause in the middle of sentences
to play turns.
Back to Sombrero it is.
2nd floor finally unlocked!
Ronin: 653
Spectacles get!
Ronin: 648
0 turns, still no wooden nightstand.
Pull: 3x Not-a-pipe
!smoked, 29 turns!
Ballroom key get after a while!
Ronin: 642
Hmm, think I'll dash in to the ballroom to set the song.
Noncombat song set!
Ronin: 641
22 turns left. Not sure what I want to do now. A little bit over 1 moxie to hit lv 9.
Might as well craft a swill for today's nightcap... Got an ice cube today so let's go
with that.
Ronin: 640
21 turns left... actually, I dunno what I want to do next. So I'll drink, save up turns,
and decide tomorrow.
2 overpriced 'imported' beers later...
25 turns left and idea get! Gonna cut my losses with the mining, I'll pull the 3 chrome ore
so that I'll have a chrome weapon to end today with for a few extra turns.
Pull: 3x Chrome Ore
Chrome crossbow get!
Getting brother burrito's blessing and then drinking the swill
38 turns left.
Pull: Milk of Magnesium, 3x Star Key Lime Pie, Can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce,
Star Chart

Recap time!
Lv 8, 45 mus/43 mys/67 mox
14,466 meat left
360 turns played
Pulls: Can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce, 3x Mae West, Bling of the New Wave, 7-foot Dwarven mattock, miner's pants,
Stuffed shoulder parrot, 3x Not-a-pipe, 3x Chrome Ore, Milk of Magnesium, 3x Star Key Lime Pie, Can-shaped-gelatinous
cranberry sauce, Star chart
Lv 1-7 quests are done; at the goat cheese collecting stage of lv 8 quest
Ballroom song set to non-combat
Shore items gotten; dinghy made; pirate fledges gotten
7 lb groupie, 11 lb sombrero, 2 lb hobo monkey


Ehh, didn't like how I handled the mine with the turns thrown after unaccompanied miner's 5 free mines.
I pulled the star chart for lack of better immediate single pull choices. Normally when in doubt, I'd pull the star stuff as I know that I'll definitely be pulling them in the run. Hmm, I probably should pull the star crossbow next as it's an upgrade anyway.
Next up I'm gonna use the Legendary Beat right away and go for goat cheeses.
After that, I plan to pull 668 and 64067 scroll, as my luck with getting scrolls to actually drop and to use them on the calculator in a timely fashion is not good. Is there a delay on the machine? I can hold off on pulling for first few turns there and see if the semi-rare pops up, and then pull the 2 scrolls if it doesn't.
After that, strange leaflet. Then for the rest of level 9, I plan to use the bathroom to set up the GMoB while using Don't Hold a Grudge to level, as my luck with ballroom leveling, especially at lv 9-10 range, is usually pretty terrible.

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Seabook » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:15 pm

Now presenting Day 3

Ronin: 640
Pull: Star Hat, Star Crossbow
And since Star Crossbow is an upgrade over what I currently have as weapons, that gets
Still wearing helm of the white knight, boss bat britches, fossilized necklace, cape
of the goblin king, and bling of the new wave.
Realized that I have yet to farm white pixels. I do have a few digital key lime pies in
storage, so I'm considering eating those tomorrow and farm the remaining white pixels later
Anyway, still have burrito's blessing leftover from yesterday...
Legendary Beat used; Goatlet time. And gaaaah damnit, just realized gonna eat a turn
to mine away the rocks. Oh well.
Ronin: 639
Ok, NOW it's goat cheese time.
Ugh, queue hasn't been nice to me; only drew 4 dairy goats in those 19 turns.
Time for today's shot of burrito's blessing.
Grah, finally got the last 2 cheeses.
Ronin: 610
29 turns to get 6 cheeses? Heck, I only encountered 8 dairy goats in those 29 turns...
So I'm level 9 orc chasm is up next.
I'm not clear on how much of a floor, if there is one, for the rampaging adding machine,
so I'm pulling scrolls to be on the safe side. if I run into the ascii in the meantime,
I dunno, hermit hack or something?
Pull: 64067 scroll, 668 scroll
Back to the sombrero
Meat vortex, yay
Otaku candy, yay
Fedora in case I need more moxie later, yay
Yeesh, took 14 turns before the machine showed up. No semi-rare in that time, so pulling
was a good move. Ok, quest done
Ronin: 595
Hmm, strange leaflet time. Hey, carved driftwood bird this time.
Ok, cleesh learned and ring gotten, what's next on the list...
12 moxie to hit 10; and according to yesterday's me, I'll be using the bathroom to set
up GMoB. So let's do that.
Fancy bath salts, yay.
Having a Medicine Ball number 1!
GMoB mention number 2!
Number 3!
And finally number 4!
Ronin: 560
Wow, 35 turns to do that. 1 moxie away from lv 10 though. Think I'll pick up an
enchanted bean now, then return to the bathroom.
Bean get! And lv 10!
Ronin: 558
I remember reading somewhere that the materia aren't affected by combat modifiers, so
the ring comes off and the cape goes back in.
Torpedo get!
Ronin: 550
Out of adventures, oh noes. Star pies and cranberry sauce eaten, back up to 72 turns.
Picking up Electric Boogaloo during this break in action as I'll be using the dance combos
sometime during lv 12. No materia yet.
There, Cid encountered. And it turns out that all the delay was stuffed in before I ate.
Ronin: 540
Switching to groupie cause I really want a chaos butterfly to drop.
Hey, probability potion.
Hey, gift certificate so I can finally has shirt.
Got 1 chaos butterfly before turning the wheel
Ronin: 531
Nyaaaa, what to do next. 16 moxie away from lv 11. Time to mess around in the ballroom.
But before that, let's check up on the hermit. 2 clovers in the hermit today.
I have 5 clovers now. 1 will be saved for the NS quest. 1 for Ultrahydration. So that
leaves 3 for leveling... I'll save them for a bit later. For now, regular ballroom
shenanigans in which a lot of turns will be thrown away. I pre-cry now.
For once I'm gonna try sombreror instead of item familiar for the ballroom. Hell,
item familiar hasn't been much help there in the past anyway.
There, lv 11!
Ronin: 489
Huh, 42 turns. That's a lot faster than I expected, actually. Got more dance cards
than I normally do, go fig. Alright, Macguffin time.
Groupie for the forest. Bet you'll tell me that the wings and eyes are 100%.
Or...not. But hey, black no. 2.
Oh, black kettle drum. Where were you the last two ascensions when I needed a drum?
Hey, black greaves; I could use new pants. And hair spray to cover for the lower mox.
There, now I have broken wings.
Ronin: 481
Forged ID and 2 cans of black paint bought.
Diary get and read
Ronin: 478
Hmm, out of turns.
Pull: 4x Mae West
And chugged, back up to 65 turns.
Normally I'd do the hidden city first, but it's stat day so I want to delay crying time
just a bit.
So let's go kill Lord Spookyraven first! Back to the manor...
Aaaand wine cellar opened
Ronin: 474
Normally I pull wines, but I'll throw a few turns at this just to see, so, Groupie time
Ronin: 470
Wow, pretty lucky. In those last 4 turns, I picked up 2 of the bottles I needed. Time
to quit while I'm ahead and pull the 3rd.
Pull: Dusty Bottle of Zinfandel
So anyway, monsieur Spookyraven time. And he's what the 2nd can of black paint's for.
Nyaa, need a touch more moxie...the britches in for the greaves. The goth kid t-shirt's
+5 ml is throwing me off. And the lord is duly slain.
Ronin: 469
I really don't want to start crying yet, so I'm gonna do the palindrome next then.
Oh damnit, I'm 4 myst away from being able to wear the fledges. Bah, full swashbuckling
outfit it is.
Password get! And didn't run into the O captain adventure; that'll save me some delay
when I do the nemesis quest after this run.
Ronin: 466
Belowdecks time, and huh, didn't know snakehead charrrms are 100%. Staying with Sombrero
Grungy flannel shirt get! Yay for more moxie when I need it later.
There, charrrms gotten.
Ronin: 456
Turning to Groupie for Palindrome as my luck with hound/nuts drops there is kinda
Good stats here. Oh, finally 60 myst.
Ronin: 441
Got 3 of the items, but haven't even seen racecar bob yet. I'd be tempted to pull stuff,
but heck, this place is practically ballroom like in leveling anyway.
Yay, finally a racecar guy. Stunt nuts and hound in one, nice!
Items placed, beaten up, diary read.
Ronin: 437
Pull: Wet Stew
Cause seriously, I hate whitey's grove. And huh, that was the last in storage. I really
should remember to stock up after this run.
Woo, 3 turns to get the Mega Gem. This kind of luck will pay back in the form of crying
time later.
Ronin: 434
And the good doctor is defeated.
Ronin: 433
Aaaaand it's now time for the hidden city unlock. Also known as Crying Time.
This part is just really depressing. My shoulders slump as I click on the hidden temple
for the first time in a run. My neutral face frowns as I click away.
Ronin: 413
Got 2 out of 3 so far. Good gods, 20 turns and not done yet? This is worse than even
my usual. I frown harder. I'm also out of turns. I frown even harder.
I bathe under the light of three instant karma. Back up to 65 turns.
Ronin: 407
Ok, so it took 26 turns to unlock the hidden city this time. I hate you.
Groupie time until I pick up a blowgun and whatever else I could need in theory.
Rough is blue.
Blowgun get! Hmm, want a pygment too.
Pygment get! Ok, sombrero time.
Smooth is red.
Mossy is yellow. Ergo, cracked is Bulbasaur.
Gah, had to explore every square. Still, far less rage than unlocking the place.
Ok, protectre spirit slain.
Ronin: 382
34 turns left. Gah, unlocking the hidden city is just so emotionally draining.
And I find out the Nets lost to the Bobcats tonight. That is also somewhat emotionally
draining. So what's next on the agenda? The desert? Awww. That place was bad for me
last run. I'm gonna be dead inside by the end of tonight.
Gnasir on the first turn? Bullocks. I bet I'll be screwed over a bit later.
Ronin: 381
Anyway, clover for ultrahydration time. Speaking of which, 3 spare clovers, I should
remember to burn them by the end of today.
Oh yea, Groupie time for bronzed locust and whatever else.
Hey, quick gnasir pt 2.
ooh, drum machine, don't have to pull that now.
Ok, turned in paint and machine
Ronin: 365
Gnassssiirrrrrr, where are you.
Ronin: 363
Ok, manual hunting time.
Ronin: 352
Ok, got 2 of the pages, so one NC left to get...
Hmm, wondering if I should make a swill for my nightcap or pull a Mae West. Checking pulls..
Pull: Milk of Magnesium, 3x Digital Key Lime Pie, Tofu Chow Mein
That takes care of tomorrow's food...
Pull: Reinforced beaded headband, bullet-proof corduroys, round purple sunglasses
2 pulls left...
Pull: 2x Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler
I'll be crafting a swill for my nightcap then.
Ronin: 351
Hmm, got a supernova champagne to drop earlier, so I'll use the 3 turns now in the
oasis and hope for manual page, then drink the champagne.
Page get!
Ronin: 349
Hooks get!
Supernova champagne drunk, back up to 10 turns.
Hooks equipped and drum machine used. Alright, I'll throw 7 turns or so at the pyramid.
Carved wooden wheel found! To the middle chamber!
Ronin: 347
Turned the wheel once...
I'd get the token now, but I'm down to three turns, and I need to burn clovers.
Ronin: 338
Aaand out of turns. And this day took a few hours to play. Manual logging adds so much
Might as well buy funkslinging before I forget.

Recap time!
Lv 12; 72 mus/70 mys/128 mox
946 meat left
662 turns played
Pulls: Star Hat, Star Crossbow, 64067 scroll, 668 scroll, 4x Mae West, Dusty Bottle of Zinfandel,
Wet Stew, Milk of Magnesium, 3x Digital Key Lime Pie, Tofu Chow Mein, Reinforced beaded headband,
Bullet-proof corduroys, Round purple sunglasses, 2x Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler
Quests 2-10 done. Need to grab the token in the pyramid.
Also, need to farm a few white pixels...probably after the war.
11 lb groupie, 15 lb sombrero, 2 lb hobo monkey


Wow, this is the furthest I've ever gotten on day 3. 5 days or less is a lock; 4 days might actually be possible if my luck's good. Wait, I need 20 more mox to hit lv 13? Ugh. I hope the hermit has some clovers tomorrow.
Hmm, I should've pulled a pate instead of the tofu chow mein, oh well.

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby (in progress)

Post by Seabook » Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:53 pm

Now presenting Day 4

Ronin: 338
So I forgot to actually drink the moxie swill nightcap until after the last post and closed
notepad. Anyway, today starts with 64 turns.
First off, meat's in the 3 digit range, so it's time to sell the dense meat stacks.
Guh, 1 clover at the hermit today.
Ok, so time to continue with the pyramid
Token get!
Wheel turned once more...
Number 4!
Bomb get!
Ronin: 331
Turned again...
Yeesh, combats are raging back fierce. At least I'm getting stats out of this.
Finally the wheel again
And thrice, bomb used, Ed is unveiled
Ronin: 316
Jeez, 14 turns for the last 3 wheel turns? Altogether 31 turns to open up Ed. Ehh, worse
than my usual, which is in the low to mid 20's. Alright, time to beat up Ed.
Ronin: 309
Ed crushed, time to put on the war hippy outfit and start the war...
Ronin: 305
And the war has been started. Mandatory battlefield starting turn eaten.
Think I'll do orchard first.
Pull: Cyclops Eyedrops
1 left in storage after that pull; I should remember to restock them later.
Legendary Beat used.
First combat against filthworm reveals to me that I forgot to buy the Disco Eye-poke.
5 turns to pick up the hatchling gland...
Huh, need more MP. Let's use those Monsieur Bubble bottles.
Cyclops Eyedrops used.
Pickpocketed gland from 2nd drone.
Gland drops from 2nd royal guard. All in all, 9 turns to pick up 3 glands? I'll take that.
Time to crack open a corsican's blessing and switch to the hobo monkey. Gonna
kill the queen then do ducks to squeeze out some weight before the nuns.
Huh, I should use the one chaos butterfly against the worm queen.
Ronin: 294
Duck murdering time.
Fence made. Lantern knocked over. Drum dumped and got my tornado.
Ronin: 274
6 ducks left to murderlize but out of turns. It's eating time.
Got 26 white pixels out of the pies, so 4 to farm after the war...
Up to 74 turns
And ducks finished off
Ronin: 268
Ok, next up is nuns, and time to pull +meat stuff.
Pull: Recording of The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder, Black polka-dot oyster egg,
Glimmering Buzzard Feather
This should let me do the nuns in ~20 turns while leaving me with 13 spleen. Then I can
pick between 3 not-a-pipes or 2 instant karma to pull if booze turns aren't enough.
Alright, let's do this. And in the future I should stockpile black or red snowcones for
this to save a spleen.
Only 3778 meat from a bandit?.... gaaah damnit, forgot to use the inhalers.
Alright, mid-high 5000's a bandit now, that's better. Also, when I was doing the mental
guesswork on meat buffs I needed, I was thinking +100% from inhalers instead of +200%.
Woo, nuns done in 17 turns. Last time I didn't pull the buzzard feather and did this in
19 turns I think? So 1 more pull saved... 2 turns. Oh well.
Ronin: 251
Back to sombrero. Need 192/8=24 kills to open up junkyard. So target is Ronin: 227
Ronin: 227
Junkyard time! Since survival and not murdering is required, switching to a 1 handed weapon
and shield. Cardboard Wakizashi and Keg shield equipped. Double checking to see if I
have seal tooth...yep. Radio turned down to 1.
First up is the hammer at the barrel.
Hammer get in first battle.
Next is wrench at the tires.
Wrench get in first battle.
I have 182 HP and am taking 8-10 damage a round, so I've been lucky in getting the tools
to show up early.
Doubt that this luck will hold, I shall grab a few poultices for incombat healing just in
case. 5 poultice bartered for!
Third is pliers at the fridge.
Not the right enemy. Moxious Maneuvered.
Again not the right enemy.
There we go, spider gremlin. Pliers get!
And last is the screwdriver at the car.
Right enemy but timed out.
Wrong enemy.
Wrong enemy again.
Right enemy, timed out again. Luck balancing with a vengeance! Also ran out of poultices,
so I'll have to trade for some more. I'd be angry, but timing out a few times is pretty
normal for me.
Wrong enemy.
Right enemy and got the screwdriver on 3rd round.
So in the end, it took 11 turns to do the junkyard quest. That's a couple of turns less
than it normally takes me.
Ronin: 216
Need (458-192)/16=16.625=17 more turns to unlock the island arena. With 16 turns left,
that means it's booze pulling time.
Pull: 4x Mae West
And duly consumed; back up to 80 turns. 3 drunk and 13 spleen left.
Target is 199 crossbow equipped. Radio back to 10.
And Jam band flyers get
Ronin: 199
Pull: Antique Hand Mirror
For pollen, so it's basically a spleen pull, right?
Oh cool, Guy Made of Bees on first turn in the bathroom. And good stats out of it too.
Ronin: 198
And back to the arena. Wait, why am I not seeing reward?... Oh, right, I took off
the sunglasses for ring of conflict. Ok, now that's resolved, it's time to finish off
the battlefield. And this time, I will remember to barter for stuff at the hippy camp
before taking on The Man.
Dude, a Natty Blue Ascot!
Ronin: 181
The battlefield is cleared of frats!
Aaaand I just realized that I'm not entirely sure of how to beat The Man as a moxie class.
Macrame nets for first few rounds I suppose? Got 15 more poultice and then 5 nets.
Beer Bong and Keg shield equipped.
Yep, macrame nets to delevel, then +stench and spooky damage from Beer Bong and necklace
did the trick.
Ronin: 180
Need 4 moxie to hit lv 13...
Well, first gotta grab last 4 white pixels
And it took 4 turns to get those white pixels. I was expecting worse, actually.
Ronin: 176
40 turns left and 5 moxie to gain...burning 1 clover then throwing a few turns at the
Ronin: 166
2 moxie a dance card to drop on the last turn, so eh, we'll go with that.
Ronin: 162
Guh, 80 substat away from lv 13. Snorting some pollen now!
Gained 51 substat and 8 turns. 29 substat left means 2 combats or 1 noncombat left.
And it turns out to be 1 combat->1 dancers.
Ronin: 160
32 turns left, time to start the NS quest.
The 3 gates are IcyVapoHotness Rub, jabanero flavoured gum, and strength of ten ettins.
Well, those are all pulls.
Pull: Mick's IcyVapoHotness Rub, Jabanero-flavoured chewing gum, Large Box
8 pulls left...
Large box use reveals... cloudy, fizzy, murky.
Cloudy is healing
Fizzy is strange mental acuity
Murky is teleportitis
Pull: Large box
Large box reveals... bubbly, cloud (Gah!), effervescent, and fizzy (GAH)
Bubbly is strength of ten ettins, whew
La di da, keys used, scuba gear gotten, instruments used, courtyard time.
Groupie time to collect hedge maze puzzles.
Oh yea, I should probably soft away the teleportitis.
I didn't expect topiary golems to hit at 240 mox.
...oh, they have 232 atk. Well then, radio to 1 and tophat in for white knight helm.
2 puzzles needed so far
3 puzzles needed
Make that 4
And 4 is indeed the answer.
Tower time!
Ronin: 154
Eh, I've had better hedge mazes. I've had worse hedge mazes. Back to the sombrero.
And I just remembered that I actually have a telescope with 1 upgrade, so I can at least
see the first tower enemy. And it's...translucent wing, so Pretty Fly.
Pull: Spider Web
Tower enemy #2 is...globe. Running away. Can I paste together an NG? Yes I can!
Burned a turn but at least I don't have to pull.
Enemy #3 is... ice cube. Yay hair spray.
Enemy #4 is... a giant finger. Yay can lids from pantry.
Enemy #5 is... EL DIABLO. Yea, gotta pull that g-string.
And enemy #6 is the (non-plush) enraged cow.
Ronin: 146
Woo, and 5 pulls left to work with. 1 of them will be recording of chorale of companionship.
In fact, I might as well pull that now.
Pull: Recording of Chorale of Companionship
Huh, can't paste together Wand of Nagamar, so let's pull that.
Pull: Wand of Nagamar
Wow, shadow was dealing ~129 damage a hit. Pretty impressive when my max is 157.
First familiar is mosquito. Lime time and hurray for chorale of companionship.
And the second is goat.
Ronin: 145
And time to mop the floor with the NS. Moxie classes have this fight in the bag, it's
Aaaaand, victory! Instant Karma get!

Today's pulls: Cyclops Eyedrops, Recording of The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder, Black polka-dot
oyster egg, Glimmering Buzzard Feather, 4x Mae West, Antique Hand Mirror, Mick's IcyVapoHotness
Rub, Jabanero-flavoured chewing gum, Large Box, Large Box, Spider Web, Mariachi g-string,
Recording of Chorale of Companionship, Wand of Nagamar


Wow, new personal best, by far. Goal accomplished!
Thanks to AfH for hosting this contest! I enjoyed this quite a bit, but it does leave me exhausted; I don't want to seriously try another ascension for a while :P

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby 4/856

Post by Effovex » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:56 pm

I think 4/856 isn't bad at all for a first speed attempt, and quite impressive without Mr. items or using mafia. Did you do write the log as you went along? That's insane :shock:

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby 4/856

Post by Seabook » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:04 pm

Yep, typed as I went, switching back and forth between browser and notepad. That alone probably doubled the time spent on this :!:
So those are real time emotions. And the frowning during hidden city unlock wasn't really an exaggeration.

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Re: Seabook DITR III DB Wallaby 4/856

Post by lostcalpolydude » Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:38 am

I remember reading somewhere that the materia aren't affected by combat modifiers
They are affected by combat modifiers, but there's also delay there.
Groupie for the forest. Bet you'll tell me that the wings and eyes are 100%.
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