Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

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Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

Post by Gimlyly » Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:15 pm

My first time doing a speed run, my first time logging, my first time blahblah. I'll start with my permed skills:

Softcore No-Path Sauceror

Seal Clubber
- Rage of the Reindeer
(got it because it was my first ascension and I thought maybe it would be handy. I don't find it to be so much so.)

- Cannelloni Cocoon
- Leash of Linguini
- Pastamastery
- Spirit of Rigatoni

- Advanced Saucecrafting
- Immaculate Seasoning
- Salsaball
- Sauce Contemplation

Disco Bandit
- Advanced Cocktailcrafting

Gnome Trainer
- Torso Awaregness

===Day 1===

[0] Ascension Start [0,0,0]
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 rat tooth polish
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 Gravyskin Belt of the Sauceblob
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 Staff of Blood and Pudding
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 Newman's Own Trousers
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 hamethyst ring
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 heart of the volcano
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 baconstone ring
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 mysterious silver lapel pin
-> Turn [0] Smiling Rat
[41-46] Haunted Pantry [0,0,0]
+> [42] Got razor-sharp can lid
#> Turn [41] pulled 1 ladle of mystery
#> Turn [39] pulled 1 kickback cookbook
#> Turn [18] pulled 3 fuzzbump
#> Turn [18] pulled 1 sonar-in-a-biscuit
#> Turn [46] pulled 1 Bonerdagon necklace
#> Turn [46] pulled 1 Ancient Saucehelm
#> Turn [12] pulled 2 sake bomb
#> Turn [11] pulled 1 Corpse Island iced tea
#> Turn [7] pulled 1 Jarlsberg's key lime pie
[35-44] Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
+> [35] Got spooky sapling
[27-34] Tavern Cellar [0,0,0]
+> [27] Got Typical Tavern swill, Typical Tavern swill, Typical Tavern swill
[18-26] Guano Junction [0,0,0]
[44-51] Beanbat Chamber [0,0,0]
+> [45] Got enchanted bean
[37-43] Boss Bat's Lair [0,0,0]
+> [37] Got Boss Bat bandana, Boss Bat britches
[26-36] Outskirts of The Knob [0,0,0]
+> [26] Got Knob Goblin encryption key
+> [27] Got coconut shell
+> [28] Got chef's hat
+> [29] Got Knob Goblin firecracker
+> [33] Got chef's hat
[20-25] Cobb's Knob Barracks [0,0,0]
+> [24] Got Cobb's Knob lab key
[18-19] Rest in your dwelling [0,0,0]
[16-17] Cobb's Knob Barracks [0,0,0]
#> [16] Semirare: Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain
+> [16] Got Knob Goblin elite helm, Knob Goblin elite pants, Knob Goblin elite polearm
[13-15] Cobb's Knob Kitchens [0,0,0]
[12] Cook 1 unfrosted Knob cake + 1 Knob frosting [0,0,0]
+> [12] Got Knob cake
[11] Throne Room [0,0,0]
+> [11] Got Crown of the Goblin King
[12-21] Spooky Forest [0,0,0]
+> [12] Got Spooky-Gro fertilizer, coconut shell, magical ice cubes
+> [16] Got Spooky Temple map
[2-11] Cobb's Knob Barracks [0,0,0]
[9-21] Dark Neck of the Woods [0,0,0]
+> [9] Got dodecagram
+> [19] Got wussiness potion
[1-8] Dark Heart of the Woods [0,0,0]

Turn rundown finished!
I used the Ascension log visualizer
I was a little disappointed with my mp restored per adventure
I got beat up once out of silly mistakednessity.
I ate 2 astral dawgs in the beginning so I had a head start on whupping some radio level 10 butt.

It's just a start----first day after all.
I'm going to fix up my logs so that I can see more things like eating and drinking, etc.

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Re: Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

Post by Effovex » Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:10 pm

First of all, in the KolMafia preferences, go to the Session Logs tab and untick "Log adventures left instead of adventures used". The way you are logging makes it very difficult to gauge your progress. Did you tick or untick anything else? There seems to be a lot of information missing from your log, such as when you hit a level.

Second, I would say that Sauceror's are not a great class to try your hand at low-skill speed running. The Myst classes really come into their own once you have a lot of skills permed - for instance, saucerors are extremely good once you have the whole sauce synergy skill suite permed, since they can kill anything at very little MP cost while also gaining a ton of HP. However, when you begin the Myst classes are a bit gimped, because their main stat doesn't help survival at all. Even if you were to go myst class, it would be much better to go with pastamancer because then you can buy Entangling Noodles in-run, which would help a lot with survival. But overrall the best class to go as is Accordion Thief with Vole as your sign. The extra initiative, hp and mp from vole are extraordinarily helpful,

With that said:

1) Nothing you can buy from the guild store is a good pull. You could just pull a facsimile dictionary, autosell it for 21337 meat, buy the items from the guild store and have meat leftover.
2) You're pulling a lot of stuff long before you can wear it. I doubt you got to 50 Myst today, so the heart of the volcano does nothing for you. It would have been better to pull something that helps you get to that 50 myst, like good consumables. At low skill a Ur-Donut or three can help you considerably get past the early level hurdles. Astral hot-dogs get better as you level up so it's better to keep them for later.
3) Why did you pull two sake bombs? If there are bosses that you have trouble killing when you get to them, just move on to something else and come back to them later. There is a lot you can do at lower levels (open the island, open the bedroom, get the pirate outfit, etc.)
4) A lot of your pulls seem redundant - how many accessories did you pull? You can't run them all at the same time. Picking only those that will help you the most is important. You have to consider a speed run as having limited ressources - it is how well you use those ressources that make a run faster than another, and pulls are one of the most important ressources you have.

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Re: Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

Post by Effovex » Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:13 pm

Oh, and something else to consider: you might want to try and get an Ittah Bittah Hookah. You need items that can't be sold in the mall, so you need to go in /trade and ask to buy them from players. You can also get the items yourself over the course of 6 ascensions.

Here's a list of the items.

Overall it should cost you less than 100k meat, I would think, and it's an universal +5 to weight familar accessory that also gives side benefits.

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Re: Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

Post by lostcalpolydude » Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:15 pm

Heart of the volcano autosells for 10k, so it's basically a dictionary pull.
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Re: Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

Post by Gimlyly » Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:59 am

I did a lot of ticking, actually. hah :oops: I'm going to fix it tomorrow.
Yes, I sold heart of the volcano. I was still short on funds so I decided to pull some of that junk. I pull the mysterious lapel pin first because it helps me through the first few adventures-- but it's easily replaced at 15 myst.

I did use one sake bomb on the goblin king, and I used another to save myself when I was caught without mp.

I've clearly got more planning to do before I can do a true SPEEDY speed run. but until then I'm going by my gut (and I guess other people's advice)

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Re: Gimlyly's DitR (SC) Saucerer

Post by lotsofphil » Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:40 pm

Ask in our clan chat and we can likely get you some of the hookah items.

If you are pulling drinks (fuzzbumps) pull the ones that give you mainstat. Fuzzbumps give muscle.

Try to eat 3 key lime pies on D1, not just the one.

Good luck, keep posting logs and you'll be able to iron out a lot of kinks.

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