DoubleGold's Community Service Run (Done, comments welcome)

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DoubleGold's Community Service Run (Done, comments welcome)

Post by DoubleGold » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:15 pm

First, I'd like to say I posted this same exact log on Hogs of destiny, but it looks like people don't go there that often anymore, so I posted it here.

Second, comments are allowed and appreciated, there is a reason I'm posting this.

Why community service? There are so many quests and I have to look them up, or I usually mess them up, thus costing me a few adventures, or I have to constantly think about what I have to do next. Oh, haven't hit level 10 yet, well lets see, is the temple discovered? Do I have 30 white pixels, etc. I have decided to chain community service runs, to not hurt my brain but still do fast runs for Karma. This is my third community service run, but I have no way optimized it yet or mastered it. My first run took 5 days, my second run took 4 days.

Campground stuff and other implanted IOTMS that grant me extra locations (even if it is probably negligible to the run, I list it. I do have actual equipment, but I'm not listing it)
1. 5 out of 7 for the telescope
2. Winter Garden
3. Workshed with snow machine
4. A Perfect Bookshelf, except for summon snow cones
5. Haunted Doghouse
6. Witchess Set
7. Source Terminal (with no upgrades)
8. Order of the Green Thumb
9. 3 of the 5 airlines, glaciest, disney, spring break
10. The Snojo
11. 11th Precinct Headquaters
12. LT&T Office
13. Clan Vip Key, with access to a Clan that has all of the Vip stuff.

List of Skills
Powers of Observatiogn (P)
Gnefarious Pickpocketing (P)
Torso Awaregness (P)
Gnomish Hardigness (P)
Cosmic Ugnderstanding (HP)
Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting (P)
Awesome Balls of Fire (P)
Conjure Relaxing Campfire (P)
Eggsplosion (P)
Inappropriate Backrub (P)
Natural Born Scrabbler (P)
Thrift and Grift (P)
Abs of Tin (P)
Marginally Insane (P)
Rainbow Gravitation (HP)
Vent Rage Gland (HP)
Summon Crimbo Candy (P)
Unaccompanied Miner (P)
Wassail (P)
Toynado (P)
Fashionably Late (P)
Executive Narcolepsy (P)
Lunch Break (P)
Offensive Joke (P)
Natural Born Skeleton Killer (P)
Master of the Surprising Fist (P)
Summon "Boner Battalion" (P)
Pinch Ghost (P)
Tattle (P)
Thick-Skinned (HP)
Chip on your Shoulder (HP)
Request Sandwich (HP)
Frigidalmatian (P)
Silent Slam (P)
Walberg's Dim Bulb (P)
Singer's Faithful Ocelot (P)
Drescher's Annoying Noise (P)
Splashdance (P)
Psychokinetic Hug (P)
Mathematical Precision (P)
Bear Essence (HP)
Communism! (P)
Seal Clubbing Frenzy (P)
Thrust-Smack (P)
Lunge Smack (P)
Lunging Thrust-Smack (P)
Super-Advanced Meatsmithing (P)
Blubber Up (P)
Fortitude of the Muskox (P)
Audacity of the Otter (P)
Tongue of the Walrus (P)
Hide of the Walrus (P)
Claws of the Walrus (HP)
Batter Up! (HP)
Rage of the Reindeer (P)
Pulverize (P)
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing (P)
Northern Exposure (P)
Musk of the Moose (P)
Snarl of the Timberwolf (P)
Clobber (P)
Harpoon! (P)
Holiday Weight Gain (P)
Iron Palm Technique (P)
Hibernate (P)
Cold Shoulder (P)
Wrath of the Wolverine (P)
Ire of the Orca (P)
Thirst of the Weasel (P)
Pride of the Puffin (P)
Patience of the Tortoise (P)
Headbutt (P)
Skin of the Leatherback (P)
Shieldbutt (P)
Armorcraftiness (P)
Ghostly Shell (P)
Reptilian Fortitude (P)
Empathy of the Newt (P)
Tenacity of the Snapper (P)
Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises (HP)
Astral Shell (P)
Amphibian Sympathy (HP)
Kneebutt (P)
Cold-Blooded Fearlessness (P)
Hero of the Half-Shell (P)
Tao of the Terrapin (P)
Spectral Snapper (P)
Toss (P)
Jingle Bells (P)
Curiosity of Br'er Tarrypin (P)
Shell Up (P)
Pizza Lover (P)
The Long View (HP)
Manicotti Meditation (P)
Ravioli Shurikens (P)
Entangling Noodles (P)
Cannelloni Cannon (P)
Pastamastery (P)
Stuffed Mortar Shell (P)
Weapon of the Pastalord (P)
Lasagna Bandages (P)
Leash of Linguini (HP)
Spirit of Rigatoni (P)
Cannelloni Cocoon (P)
Spirit of Ravioli (P)
Springy Fusilli (P)
Tolerance of the Kitchen (HP)
Flavour of Magic (P)
Transcendental Noodlecraft (P)
Fearful Fettucini (P)
Spaghetti Spear (P)
Tempuramancy (P)
Candyblast (P)
Stringozzi Serpent (P)
Utensil Twist (P)
Transcendent Al Dente (P)
Bringing Up the Rear (P)
Bind Spice Ghost (P)
Sauce Contemplation (P)
Expert Panhandling (P)
Saucestorm (P)
Advanced Saucecrafting (P)
Elemental Saucesphere (P)
Jalapeño Saucesphere (P)
Wave of Sauce (P)
Intrinsic Spiciness (HP)
Master Saucier (P)
Saucegeyser (P)
Impetuous Sauciness (P)
Diminished Gag Reflex (P)
Irrepressible Spunk (P)
The Way of Sauce (P)
Scarysauce (P)
Salsaball (P)
Deep Saucery (P)
Surge of Icing (P)
Käsesoßesturm (P)
Disco Aerobics (P)
Disco Eye-Poke (P)
Nimble Fingers (P)
Disco Dance of Doom (P)
Mad Looting Skillz (HP)
Disco Nap (P)
Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo (P)
Disco Fever (P)
Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation (P)
Adventurer of Leisure (P)
Disco Face Stab (P)
Advanced Cocktailcrafting (HP)
Ambidextrous Funkslinging (HP)
Heart of Polyester (P)
Smooth Movement (P)
Superhuman Cocktailcrafting (P)
Tango of Terror (P)
Suckerpunch (P)
Stealth Mistletoe (P)
Kung Fu Hustler (P)
That's Not a Knife (P)
Tricky Knifework (P)
Disco Greed (P)
Moxie of the Mariachi (HP)
The Moxious Madrigal (HP)
The Polka of Plenty (P)
Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric (P)
The Ode to Booze (P)
Dirge of Dreadfulness (P)
Benetton's Medley of Diversity (P)
Chorale of Companionship (P)
Prelude of Precision (P)
Sing (P)
Cringle's Curative Carol (P)
Transcendent Olfaction (HP)

Day 1
1. I choose Astral six-pack, astral statuette, and the platypus sign. I am a Seal Clubber
2. Get the stuff from the owl, sell the gems for 2500 meat.
3. Get my 4 berries and 4 ice harvest from the campground. I decide to make 1 ice long island tea, since I'm trading 4 fullness for 4 drunkeness and getting epic quality instead of good quality. After drinking one of those and eating 1 snow berry, I'm at 61 adventures.
4. I do my first task for a 10% chance, the first task that should always be done in Community service from my understanding.
5. I withdraw 2 badmoon clubs and summon one box of hammers.
6. I go to the Snojo and tune it to Moxie mode. I beat the snowman 10 times freely. Watching my HP, I only had to use the tub once. Had to buy 2 MP rechargers from the medicine guy so I can thrust or LTS the snowman.
7. Now I do my free fights at the witchess set. I kill the pawn twice, the bishop twice and the knight once. I just now remembered to set the canandian control device to 11 for slightly more stat gains.
8. I eat and drink all the rest of the stuff I got from the campground, my witchess set and the snojo. I'm at 30 advs. 5 fullness and 7 drunkeness. I then summon two muschats from the clip art and drink those. I then drink the bees knees from the speak easy.
9. Buffed up using the telescope and just now remembered to get a familiar, got a crimbo pressie, not that the familiar used makes much of a difference though, but why not a one that boosts stats? Withdrew Brimstone Boxers, a Rumpelstiltz and a pressurized potion for moxie boost. Got myself a bass clarinet from the clan foundry. Also remembered to drain spit because why not?
10. Bought a fortune cookie, because I'm at 47 advs and I need 48 to complete the moxie test.
11. Eat 9 more fortune cookies, because that is my only known access to food and it fills my stomach. Spent 4 advs in the sleazy back alley in an attempt to get extra booze. Got 2 mad train wines. used one to bring me to 14 drunkness and bought a bee's nees from the speakeasy to set myself up for tommorrow. I am now overdrunk
12. Get one buff of each from the pool table, grabbed muscle unbound from the shower, and lapdog from the pool. I remembered to equip my statuette so I can have it fro rollover. Also got my three claw pieces from both the clan room and the clan vip room, because that is a little bit extra meat I could use. Right now I'm down on MP, but I recharged to full HP 207/207 using the tub. Remembered to set my terminal for tommorrow, for familiar weight buff and item buff.
13. I have two tasks done out of 13. my unbuffed stats are 39 muscles, 36 moxie and 36 mysticality.

Authors Note: not my better day 1, I messed up on some of the draws, like I usually draw my sneaky Petes shirt for extra advs and the vampire fangs for more stats and HP, though I don't have logs of my previous two runs, so I don't remember exactly which draws where when, and what they got replaced with, like what brimstone items I drew one day one. I don't draw the pressurized potion on day 1 but forgot about my better options.

Day 2:
1. Started the day out with 64 advs, beat the snowman with my 10 free fights, beat the pawn twice, the knight twice and bishop once.
2. Withdrew my Mayflower Bouqet and equipped to my familiar before doing step 1.
3. Got my campground snow supplies and summoned a box of hammers for extra stats. Used my 2 armored pawns for extra stats.
4. Withdrew a moveable feast and fed it to my familiar for 10 extra pounds. Then withdrew a silver facepaint I had kept from a previous run to put my familiar up to 60 pounds. Summoned 3 candy hearts in hopes I would get a green one for extra weight. No Luck, only put me down a few MP. Then did the familiar weight contest that took me 48 adventures.
5. Withdrew Plastic Vampire Fangs and a rumplestiltz as my last two pulls. It was a touch decision right here.
6. I did submarine sprints using the clan pool and used the smooth movement skill to increase noncombats. I topped it off with the rose I got as my reward.
7. I made a long island ice tea and drank it. This puts me down to one ice harvest and 3 snow berries as I do have the snow machine installed. Then I drank an ice plum wine from the snowman, epic booze. And then two jumping horse radishes to get the adventures I needed.
8. I have 53 advs going into the noncombat quest and spent 42 advs leaving me with 9.
9. Next I work on my muscle. I drink a Bees Nees from the clan, and buff up using the telescope (25% right now). I then eat all three of my candy hearts, lavendar, pink and orange, because that is +9 to my muscle. The rumplestiltz really helps. Oh, look a thing of shady shades from one of my previous services, I buff with that too. Oh, and I have both brimstone bludgeons equipped. I go to market square to by a single ben-gal balm and get +15% to muscle. I summon another candy heart in hopes I'll get a different color, yes a green candy heart for another +3 muscle.
10. But now I need the advs to do this, so I eat my 3 snow berries and my 1 ice harvest. Fullness 6, drunkness 7. Then a sacremento wine, because I can get another one tommorrow. Brings me to 6 and 8. I grab the claw stuff from the machines and sell a few things I don't need, including stuff animals, as every bit of meat counts. 191 meat from the sale. I cast my precious skill communism for 1 extra meat. I go to my clip art and summon a Beignet Milgranet for booze advs and +5% muscle. I also summoned a cold-filtered water. I'm at 6 fullness and 9 drunkenss. I drink a second bees knees because it is awesome quality.
11. My muscle is 519/47 and it takes 45 advs to do this and I have 46 advs.
12. I realized I forgot to grab a muscle shirt from the clan foundry which would have raised my muscle by 18, and saved me one adventure, and yet I'm suppose to be mathemtically perfect in thinking of every buff possible for this, I can afford mistakes, that one adventure might cost me another day. Not, but still it was an adventure. I also should have done all my grimores first, I just summon them every day and not really pay attention to what I get, but I didn't have the MP earlier unless I bought mp potions from the doc. But I realize now I could have had 10% more muscle after just now using them all.
13. my hagis-wrapped haggis-stuffed haggis and my pblt I got from summon skills gave me 11 extra advs. Then a mad train win and bees nees. I fill up the rest of my fullness with cups of lukewarm teas.
14. Not sure what I'll be doing tommorrow, but I put on my muscle unbound buff and one of each pool buff for tommorrow.
15. I leave today with 27 advs, 5 tasks done, and my stats are 47, 41 and 42.

Day 3
1. Started the day out with 75 advs. Decided to buff my stat gain familiar with the moveable feast and swamp some laps in the pool. Also picked up my claw supplies and went diving for treasure in the pool. I still have the muscle unboundness buff from yesterday, so no use wasting it now, as I'm just going to do my 15 free fights. Got my snow stuff, and made a long Island ice tea, didn't drink it yet.
2. Did my 10 free fights from the snojo and beat the bishop twice, the knight twice and the pawn once. Used my armored pawn.
3. Did my daily one use skills and summoned my grimores. Summoned the Brickos five times, because I want extra fights and I want to be level 8 soon. I still have my astral booze which is determined by level. Also used one summon out of three to get a box of hammers, anything for those extra stats. With 13 Brickos, got myself a bricko Turtle. My last two brickos got me a briko ooze. Bought an MP recharge and summoned three more brickos. Great, I don't have another bricko eye.
4. Got myself a cod piece from the clan foundry. Made sure to unequip my brimstone stuff which reduces my mysticality. My first pull of the day is the fossilized necklace. The my 2nd pull a stainless steel solitaire. Actually now that I relook at my accessories, not much use out of it, I mistakenly thought I had only two good accessories on, I have three, the codpiece, the fangs and the necklace, and the fangs provide slightly more mysticality than the solitaire. Although the solitaire can be equipped for rollover advs. Used the bag of grain, and a consifcated cell phone. And a glittery mascara from the market.
5. Completed the Mysticality test using 53 advs.
6. Next up, spell damage. Used the pool table for a spell damage buff. Drank a sockdollager from the Phone booth for bonus spell damage.
7. Now I need the advs to do this task, one ice long island tea, and two ice plum wines puts me at 0 fullness and 8 drunkness and 61 advs
8. The spell damage test takes 55 advs leaving me with 6 left over.
9. Now I'm going for bonus melee damage.
10. Spent two advs in disney landfill on barf mountain to get the meat I need.
11. Need the advs, two jumping horse radishes, 2 sacremento wines, 1 sockdollager for advs and a buff, a sausage with a cause puts me a 12 fullness and 12 drunkeness and 72 advs.
12. The task takes 53 advs and leaves me with 19.
13. Goes to the barrels in hopes I get stuff and not run into a mimic. Oh crap first try and that was a precious adv, but at least I got booze. I drink the shot for 1 drunkeness and 2 advs. so 1 adv lost, but 2 gained, because I'm going to overdrink with the clan using ish kabbible as I'm going for hot protection as my next task. I fill up my fullness with snow berries.
14. I pick up any remained buffs from the clan vip room I did not use. I forgot about the telescope, but I buff up now, because why not, might as well use it.
15. I still have three pulls, so the sneak peaky's shirt, the red lava lamp (I own all three), and the camp scout backpack.
16. I Make sure all of my rollover adv stuff is on. The lava lamp this time and not the statuette. I end the day with 35 advs, I still had two summons left which I used for smittness and used the two spleen items, this got me from 33 advs to 35 advs.

Day 4 Last day
0. I started the day with 90 advs.
1. I put on as many familiar buffs as possible and found every ml buff I could in hopes to gain stats, as I still have the HP test to do and improving muscle indirectly improves HP. But first the hotness test.
2. Did my 15 free fights. The bishop twice and the knight three times.
3. Pull snowman pants. and equipped the parrot and fed the parrot the feast. With all my buffs, including amazing, passive skills, the clan booze buff and the pants I'm at +15 resistance to hotness.
4. Completed the Hotness test for 45 adventures.
5. Clan foundry, got the tunac from the clan foundry, and buffed up with bees knees, telescope, and the vintage smart drink.
6. Second pull, the stainless steel skullcap. Went through all of my noncombat skill buffs that add muscle or HP and buffed up. And of course my campground and inventory and bought the ben-gal balm. Also summoned cold-filtered water.
7. HP is 974 and it took 41 advs.
8. Last one items.
9. Clan pool buff for 10% and the training helmet I got from the snowman. And a sacremento wine. Takes me 55 advs and ended the run, but used the aftercore advs to farm meat. I realize I didn't use my astral booze on the last day, because of the way I planned it, or rather I didn't plan it from the beginning, but I planned the next two or three tasks ahead each time, going by easiest to do and what would set up the next one. Forgot that the one buff would require 10 drunkeness thus I never used the astral booze, except for 1 in aftercore, then I ascended, but into Big.

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