DoubleGold's Softcore Big Speedrun (all done, comments welcome)

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DoubleGold's Softcore Big Speedrun (all done, comments welcome)

Post by DoubleGold » Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:57 pm

First I'd like to mention that the last time I did any kind of speed run whatsoever that involved the 13 council quests where I play one of six classes was back in May 2012. That was a Softcore no path run, and the details can be found here.

Second, I'm going for a two day run, and if I do, it will be my first two day run ever. I would like to eventually like to do a 2 Day SCNP run eventually, especially if I'm ever going to enter another contest, as I don't want to be in last.

List of Skills
Pride of the Puffin (P)
Ire of the Orca (P)
Fortitude of the Muskox (P)
Amphibian Sympathy (HP)
Ambidextrous Funkslinging (HP)
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing (P)
The Moxious Madrigal (HP)
Nimble Fingers (P)
Torso Awaregness (P)
Rainbow Gravitation (HP)
Conjure Relaxing Campfire (P)
Powers of Observatiogn (P)
Audacity of the Otter (P)
Leash of Linguini (HP)
Gnefarious Pickpocketing (P)
Northern Exposure (P)
Mad Looting Skillz (HP)
Thrift and Grift (P)
Expert Panhandling (P)
Patience of the Tortoise (P)
Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises (HP)
Skin of the Leatherback (P)
Cosmic Ugnderstanding (HP)
Tolerance of the Kitchen (HP)
Hide of the Walrus (P)
Diminished Gag Reflex (P)
Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation (P)
Natural Born Scrabbler (P)
Moxie of the Mariachi (HP)
Vent Rage Gland (HP)
Batter Up! (HP)
Adventurer of Leisure (P)
The Ode to Booze (P)
Disco Fever (P)
Gnomish Hardigness (P)
Spirit of Ravioli (P)
Claws of the Walrus (HP)
Tao of the Terrapin (P)
Pastamastery (P)
Impetuous Sauciness (P)
Heart of Polyester (P)
Spirit of Rigatoni (P)
Intrinsic Spiciness (HP)
Advanced Cocktailcrafting (HP)
Natural Born Skeleton Killer (P)
Abs of Tin (P)
Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting (P)
Unaccompanied Miner (P)
Master of the Surprising Fist (P)
Super-Advanced Meatsmithing (P)
Seal Clubbing Frenzy (P)
Armorcraftiness (P)
Cold-Blooded Fearlessness (P)
Snarl of the Timberwolf (P)
Iron Palm Technique (P)
Marginally Insane (P)
Lunging Thrust-Smack (P)
Holiday Weight Gain (P)
Jingle Bells (P)
Candyblast (P)
Surge of Icing (P)
Stealth Mistletoe (P)
Summon Crimbo Candy (P)
Fashionably Late (P)
Cringle's Curative Carol (P)
Toss (P)
Hero of the Half-Shell (P)
Executive Narcolepsy (P)
Summon "Boner Battalion" (P)
Disco Aerobics (P)
Smooth Movement (P)
Superhuman Cocktailcrafting (P)
Disco Nap (P)
Manicotti Meditation (P)
Spaghetti Spear (P)
Lunch Break (P)
Kung Fu Hustler (P)
Disco Dance of Doom (P)
Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo (P)
Tango of Terror (P)
Disco Eye-Poke (P)
Disco Face Stab (P)
Advanced Saucecrafting (P)
Käsesoßesturm (P)
Sauce Contemplation (P)
Irrepressible Spunk (P)
Stringozzi Serpent (P)
Offensive Joke (P)
Cannelloni Cannon (P)
Entangling Noodles (P)
Toynado (P)
Curiosity of Br'er Tarrypin (P)
Elemental Saucesphere (P)
Scarysauce (P)
The Way of Sauce (P)
Request Sandwich (HP)
Flavour of Magic (P)
Ravioli Shurikens (P)
Transcendental Noodlecraft (P)
Tattle (P)
Salsaball (P)
Suckerpunch (P)
Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric (P)
The Polka of Plenty (P)
Frigidalmatian (P)
Saucestorm (P)
Sing (P)
Thrust-Smack (P)
Tongue of the Walrus (P)
Wassail (P)
Ghostly Shell (P)
Headbutt (P)
Saucegeyser (P)
Astral Shell (P)
Silent Slam (P)
Clobber (P)
Blubber Up (P)
Rage of the Reindeer (P)
Spectral Snapper (P)
Reptilian Fortitude (P)
Shieldbutt (P)
Chip on your Shoulder (HP)
Tenacity of the Snapper (P)
Thick-Skinned (HP)
Kneebutt (P)
Empathy of the Newt (P)
Singer's Faithful Ocelot (P)
Benetton's Medley of Diversity (P)
Drescher's Annoying Noise (P)
Prelude of Precision (P)
Walberg's Dim Bulb (P)
Tempuramancy (P)
Fearful Fettucini (P)
Weapon of the Pastalord (P)
Cannelloni Cocoon (P)
Musk of the Moose (P)
Pulverize (P)
Harpoon! (P)
Pinch Ghost (P)
Springy Fusilli (P)
Stuffed Mortar Shell (P)
Wave of Sauce (P)
Jalapeño Saucesphere (P)
Dirge of Dreadfulness (P)
Deep Saucery (P)
Master Saucier (P)
Awesome Balls of Fire (P)
Eggsplosion (P)
Splashdance (P)
Chorale of Companionship (P)
Inappropriate Backrub (P)
Lasagna Bandages (P)
Cold Shoulder (P)
Wrath of the Wolverine (P)
Psychokinetic Hug (P)
Utensil Twist (P)
Bind Spice Ghost (P)
Lunge Smack (P)
Communism! (P)
Mathematical Precision (P)
Pizza Lover (P)
Shell Up (P)
The Long View (HP)
That's Not a Knife (P)
Tricky Knifework (P)
Disco Greed (P)
Bear Essence (HP)
Bringing Up the Rear (P)
Transcendent Al Dente (P)
Hibernate (P)
Thirst of the Weasel (P)
Alien Source Code (P)
Unoffendable (P)
Olfactory Burnout (P)
Snokebomb (P)
Summon Stickers (HP)
Summon Sugar Sheets (HP)
Summon Clip Art (HP)
Summon Rad Libs (HP)
Summon Smithsness (HP)
Summon Candy Heart (HP)
Summon Party Favor (HP)
Summon Love Song (HP)
Summon BRICKOs (HP)
Summon Dice (HP)
Summon Resolutions (HP)
Summon Taffy (HP)
Summon Hilarious Objects (HP)
Summon Tasteful Items (HP)
Summon Alice's Army Cards (HP)
Summon Geeky Gifts (HP)
Summon Confiscated Things (HP)
Transcendent Olfaction (HP)

Day 1
1. I equip my Wizard action figure, this is planned to be a 100% familiar run.
2. My Class is AT, with the moon sign that unlocks degrassi knoll that favors moxie. My booze is astral philsner. I have no astral pet.
3. I withdraw a Mayflower Bouquet. And Brimstone Boxers, hey I really don't want to get my butt kicked, as I'll have 300 moxie to start.
4. I go see the owl, pick up my gems and sell them, I also get 4 snowberries and 4 icy harvest from my campground. And equip my starting item accordion.
5. I cast Lease of Linguini 10 times.

Quest 2
1-9: Ran smooth movement and completed the quest. That was horrible, I need more noncombats, though I was not going to consider drawing Space trip Safety headphones, but if I lower monster level, I gain less stats.

Opening the Hidden Temple
10-23: I withdraw the Headphones and equip it, because I'll need the noncombat bonus, plus I'll unequip it when I need substats. I also set my tuned radio to 10. I do the rest of the spooky forest to get the hidden temple opened up. I had to rebuff smooth movement for maximum efficiency.

Quest 3
24-33: did the Tavern quest. Moved all the way left and then down for maximum efficiency. Although, it was not in the bottom left, so I had to search two more squares to do it.

Guild quest
34-39: I need my guild quest for access to better skills, so that is where I'm headed, to the Sleazy back alley after starting the quest.

Between the next quest.
1. 1 Boris Pie, 1 Jarelsburg pie, 1 extra grease slider, 5 glimmering rocs and 1 milk of mag.
2. Eat three rocs first, then drank the milk, ate the two pies and the greasy slider. And the slider allowed me to eat two more rocs
3. Equipped a soap knife which I got from not a knife and decided to kill 2 Knights for food while I still have 2 advs of milk on. Then ate 2 jumping horse radishes.

Quest 6
40-67: Skipped to this quest, because there is no strategy to it, it is not speed up by item drops or noncombats, just straight adventuring and it is done, which allows me to get items, meat and other things, until I can plan the earlier quests. In the middle of the quest, I just remembered to unequip the headphones, that will cost me valuable substats.

Manor Quest, the Kitchen
68-74: Withdrew a Hodgeman's coat to make this faster, crap, muscle needed 200, assumed that because I was level 15, I could equip anything. Still I needed it to be faster, as well as bypass many other things, so I withdrew a Plexiglass Pinky Ring

Manor Quest, Haunted Billiard Room
75-85: At 75, I ended up with a semirare right here. Choose to knock em down. After adventure number 82, I had the pool stick and 2 chalky hands, did not even know the first one dropped, so I put on my buffs, put on my semi-rare, equipped my pool stick and maxed out noncombats to encounter the ghost faster. Hustled the ghost at 16 pool skill and won. That wasn't my plan, as I misread the chalky weapon, ie the semi-rare I googled on the wiki to give me 10 pool skill, not 5, but it worked out and there is no guarantee I would run into the ghost twice before the effects wore off, so I took a chance instead of upping my pool skill and it worked.

Manor Quest, Library
86-95: Used the skill, snokebomb on a bookbat to better my odds of finding writing desk. I needed some MP recharge, so I withdrew plastic vampire fangs. Got the Necklace on turn 95. I now have access to the second floor, which I will need for level 11 quest.

Quest 4:
96-108: bannished a perpendicular bat to better my odds of finding a screaming bat. 101, my dog gave me a biscuit, yea for house dog.
109-115: After two biscuits and one scream bat, I now have that boss bat lair open. So I kill his bodyguards and kill the bossbat on turn 115.

Quest 5:
116-126: Got the knob goblin encryption key
127-132: Got my way inn to the King. And 132, killed the King.

Quest 7: The Crypt
133-139: Alcove: Withdrew a Raindow, as I'm gonna copy zombies. I still had an empty back slot item, so I equipped the wings, because why not. Boosted the init to quickly encounter my first modern zombie. Copied him as soon as I got the chance, and left the copy going. And beat that subboss at 139.
140-157: Niche: I still had one black box use left and yep, it is going on that dirty old liche. Beat the subboss at 157
158-163: Cranny: I can still fight 3 more chess pieces and yes, I'm downing the rook for a boost of ML. Was able to sell enough stuff, to buy annoyance for more ML boost. And I'm boosting noncombats, just not the safety headphones, because I need the ML. And killed the subboss on 163.
163-171: I down to only 4 few adventures, remember those icy harvests and snow berries? I make a long island ice tea out of it and put on oode getting 26 advs. At this point, I did summon all of my grimores, my dry noodles, my request sandwhich, etc. I did it between 158 and 163 actually. After all, I'm recharging MP like crazy. I cast leas and ocelot each twice as I need item drops for the evil eyes. During this time the dog gives me 3 evil eyes, the dog does it again. I kill the final subboss at 171.
172: I kill the bonedagon. Of course I remember to use the chest afterwards, 3000 meat and lots of substats.

Quest 8: The Mountains
173-177: I sniff a dairy goat, which I encounter immediately. And I get my 3 cheeses
178-186: I have four more pulls, and I need some adventures, I pull a long island ice tea, yes, I kept plenty in hanks, the last one I just made. Pulled a corpse on the beach, though I'm not downing that yet, that is my rollover cap item. With 1 one ice tea I pulled and 6 astral philsners with oode to booze on for 15 advs I am set, though I could have possibly pulled one less item, the long island ice tea, in exchange for using the speakeasy. Drunkeness is 14 and it ain't going higher until I need to cap off. And I completely forgot that my clan owns a speak easy, not that from epic to awesome would bother me though. Anyway, I buffed up item drops, familiar weight and of course noncombats to get miner stuff easier. Of course I'm pickpocketing every chance I get. At 186, I'm in.
187-190: Yes I have unaccompanied minor. Once you find one, you know the other two are near.
191-199: Extreme Slope, getting the items for it.
200-214: Getting my way up to the slope. Not sure if the lair is the better route, but I went this way.
215-228: Defeated the boss, Groar

Quest 10: The trass quest
229: Bean hunting
230-247: Airship. Not sure if they are superlikelies or not, so I boosted NC. Equipped a raindow yellow gun.
248-261: The basement: NCs are still up all the way. got Dumbbell at 251
262-287: The Ground Floor: Picked up a electric boning knife before moving up. Or tried to and geesh the adventure choice did not want to appear, every other one wanted to, though I did unlock the top floor.

I still have two pulls left, so I pull a clocwork maid and fudgecycle for rollover advs, I put on oode to booze and drink my corpse. I wanted to do my witchess set 2 more times, but apparently I need at least 1 adv even for a free fight. I pull a fish hatchet from the clan foundry, reason I skipped level 9 quest, pull one today, pull one tommorrow get bridge skip that part of the quest. Buff up using the shower, the familiar with the pool table oh and the swimming pool which I forgot about, as I buffed NC so I can get that bowing knife tomorrow. Summoned clip art items I might need for tommorrow, borrowed time, box of hammer for stats, and unbearable light.

End of Day 1

Day 2 start
I buy the sononta of sneakeness skill. I have on 20% non combats, the headphones, sononta, smooth movement, the clan buff

287-320: This frustrating, I finally got the home on the free range adventure. I got one worthless item from the castle, although I only choose to take that choice once, as I escaped it every other time. I wonder if home on the free range does not appear until you have taken the Pewter clawymore or the very overdue library book first, because those two noncombats kept appearing.

321-326: I buff up noncombats, sononta, sneakiness and the headphones on and I still have 17 advs of silent running on. Raided the crate at 321. I complete the level 10 quest at 326.

Quest 11: The Black forest part.
327-343: I know I said 100% wizard run, but it isn't that important, what is important however is a 90% run and right now I can afford at least 33 advs before it would disqualify as I really want that trophy. Anyway, I switch to the crow. I buff up NC in hopes to get the level 13 quest item along the way. Got the beehive on 334. Complete that part of the level 11 quest on 343.

The Beach
343-358: I quickly switch back to wizard action figure. I get the dingy plans and the UV compass. And of course my fathers diary.

I pull my food before I forget. I pull sneaky petes pie and a digital pie, I forgot to stock up a star pie however. One extra greasy slider, 5 glimmering rocs and a milk of mag. Actually I did not look up digital pie, I just assumed it would get me the key, so I will need 22 more white pixels. The killing of two knights/free fights from my witchess nets me my 15 fullness. I am now full and spleened out, but haven't ate any booze yet. I have 11 more pulls and at is plenty for the little I have left. So I pull the pirates outfit and bring it down to 8 pulls left.

The ship
359-364: I pick up the big book of pirate insults and the dictionary. Get my first map on 364 and kill the crab at 365. I still need a few more insults though, so I a while before completing the blue prints.
366-378: Okay, that is enough insults I think, so I'm going to complete the blueprints. at 381, I complete Insult beer pong.
382-399: I buff up item drops and do this. I need three items to unlock the next area. ocelot, lease and oh look I use a clan beer. Hot socks as raising familiar weight increases item drops and I remember to turn on oode for extra advs. I get all three items at 398 and the pirate fledges at 399.

Oh, it is break time, I'll be back to add to this.
Breaktime over and I have an hour and half left before rollover, so I gotta hurry.

The Ship
400-403: I get access to below decks on 400. I copy the gaudy pirates once I run into him and get the Talisnam necklace.

Quest 9
404-416: Both hatchets plus the untinkered bridge only got me 23 parts and 24 parts out of 30 and 30. So I had to spend 12 advs here.
417-440: I go to a boo peak first. I got my first boo-clue at 430, even though I buffed item drops. My passives, plus plexiglass pinky ring, plus ghost necklace puts me at 6, 6, 6 and 9, 9, 9 for resistances. I get beat up once in 431, so I heal in the tub. I get the boo-clue 3 times, but I'm only able to go 4 levels deep in each, then I have to quit on the 5th.
441-452: The oil peak, I do buff up ML with the clan pool and with a rook I slay. I even switch familiars again, this time to the rat and buff up its weight. 3 times using the pool and lease is on. I have +55 ML before the rat, 20 from pool, 25 from greek fire, 10 from radio. Another semi-rare here, unnatural gas. I switch the familiar back when I'm done.
453-465: The twin peak. I put on item buffs and noncombats. I complete all three challenges at 463. Now I buff init and find my double at 465.

Quest 12
I draw the war outfit and skip to here. I have 5 pulls left.
466-467: I buff up NC and start the war.
468-498: Junkyard quest, I start this one first as it is a pain in the butt, I use the flyer while doing this quest. I know not to kill the monsters in one hit, so I use my raindow healing item and flyer on first turn clobber, killing them in one hit, means it will take forever. Yes it takes me 30 turns, one zone of it was uncooperative and that was the first zone, even tough I was killing them in 4 to 5 turns average.
I do my last two fights, fighting a bishop for free epic booze.
499-508: Lighthouse, I don't think I have any skills that buff combats, if I do, I really don't know, but I do have black boxes left, so I just need to run into one. Luckily I ran into my first one quickly and completed it at 508. Taking a break from quest 12 for now, to get the rock band flyers up.

Quest 11: Hidden Temple
509-517: I buff up NC and item drops. I get the nostril serpent at 510 and complete the temple at 515. I discover the hidden city at 517.
518-533: I drink another epic ice tea made from the camground and keep going as I set up all four places killing the bushes first.
534-550: Hidden Apartment Building and I kill the first ghost. I buff up using oode to booze and I drink up to 14 drunkenness using the clan foundry. Okay, at this point there is no way I'm getting the 2 day run, as I have 19 advs left, and I'm maxed out on food/booze/spleen and still have an entire level 12 quest left to do and half of level 11 quest to do. Not even if I withdrew a spice melange and epic food/booze and used borrowed time.
551-561: Hidden office building, since I have all 5 pages and just need a boring clip. NCs are still buffed and I'll let you know how close I get. I kill the next ghost at 561. Oh and my 3rd sidequest is complete

The wiki says it would take me 42 advs to complete the level 12 quest alone, and that is with 5 side quests complete, so I just nightcap and end day 2, even though I have 8 advs left and I could pull all the adv stuff I want with 5 pulls left, instead I just pull a corpse nightcap and some rollover adv stuff.

End of Day 2 But I'll let you know what my final turncount is on day 3. and still post it anyway.

Day 3 Start
562-577: Started the day by going to the bowling alley, buff up item drop and sniffed the pygymy bowler, but I did not think about sniffing him until my second encounter with one.
578-581: To the hidden hospital, the one I hate the most out of those four, it makes you wear so much stuff and if you don't you will have a hard time encountering the ghost. I don't fell all powerful when I wear that stuff either, as it is not like other outfits. I do buff item drops however, because it helps to have the items. And this zone is never nice to me, so I got pretty lucky to encounter the ghost so earlier and I only had the headmirror drop.
582-585: Defeated the Main ghost after getting past his three bodyguards.

The Beach
586-611: Equipped my uv compass, and used one clover to get 20 turns of ultrahydrated. Encountered the gnome after 5 advs or 10% exploration. I had a killing jar and a can of black paint ready for him for an instant +30% gain. I decided to buff NC and go for a stone rose, I even used the clan swimming pool buff. It took me 5 advs which is a gain, because 8 advs would be a loss that could have gotten me 16% in the beach. I found all 15 pages after 85% and finished up using the drum machine and fish hooks.

The Palidome
612-638: I keep up the NC so that I can get the important items which are NC, unless they are superlikelies, though I'm too lazy to look, as sometimes you have to chase things down on the wiki. I also buff up item drop drops for stunt nuts. I forgot to stock a wet stew, which is what I was told to do last speed run and I still forgot. At 638, I finally get the photograph of a dog.

The White's Grove
639-652: I heal in the tub and the ingredient for wet stunt nut stew. I use my unbearable light on the snake.
653: I kill Dr. Awkward.

The 8-Bit Door
653-660: I need that key, and I had only stocked one pie, so I need to do this, get into the clan foundry and get a clarninet for 8 white pixels, I now have 18 out of 30. I do sniff the blooper when I find him. Here I run into the dog, giving me plenty of pixels, but still not enough for the key, though I'm hoping to get a red pixel potion or two out of the deal. I get the key, but no potion. I may come back here for 1 or 2 advs when my sniffer wears out, because defeating my shadow will be hard without at least one.

The War Again
First, I have enough berries and stuff now to make two ice teas, so I do so and drink up with oode on, as I'm low on advs again.
661-669: I did enough to get to the next sidequest.
Sidequest 4, Organic Orchard
669-684: I have on ocelot and lease, and phat loot, and I use three half-orchids I got from mayflower, because every bit helps because I know item drops are low in this area, too low for comfort. I pull a camp scout backpack because +15% is a lot. I beat the queen at 684.
The Main War Again
685-692: Just kicking enemy butt
Sidequest 5: The hills
693-714: And it will be the last sidequest I'll do, it cost more advs to do the last one than it saves. Anyway, I forgot to stock an important semi-rare right here, one that gives you +200% meat. I switch to the hobo monkey and use the meat flower I got from the Mayflower. I pull a origami shirt, because I still have 18 pulls left and I might as well use them when needed. I kill a knight from the witchess set and +100% meat drops. I pull a milk of mag, because I'm filling up my fullness. I also have some food from the dog, which gives me +50% meat. I get poisoned from centipede eggs, but I have a tub and three more uses after I get poisoned. I'm getting no less than 4K per adventure.
The Main War at Last
715-741: I kill the boss at 741. I make sure to switch back to the wizard, don't want to lose my 90% run if I haven't already.

The spookyraven house:
I need to kill Lord Spookyraven, and this is the last part of the level 11 quest, so here I go.
742-744: I want the spectacles.
Great, I have to retrieve here things before I go into the ballroom.
745-750: I snokebomb one nighstand not needed so I can run into one I do need.
751-757: Got the second item in the bathroom, pumped NCs.
758-766: Gallery and pumped NCs. And got her third item.
767-772: Got, ya'll be flat adventure.
773-795: Pulled Plexiglass Pants for more item drops, I need it for this. 5 Glimmering rocs and a Jar of fermented Pickle juice, as I'm down advs. Created the wine bomb I sniff the boilers. I forgot the unequip my headphones for the first two advs. And I kill the Lord at 795.

The Pyramid
796-845: The dog gave my one tomb rachet. I buff up NCs and use the upper chamber once I have all rooms unlocked. I defeat Ed and I have 25 advs remaining, and now to the level 13 quest, and I still have yet to get the star key.

Level 13 Quest:
Fastest, strongest and sleaziest, so I pull 2 brimstone bludgeons and buff up with the telescope. I buff with springy. I equip brimstone boxers. My bookshelf provided me with a lot of buffs as well. And I still have my semi-rare possibility potion for +100% combat init and the pool table buffs. And I summon a water from my clip art to get +100% to all stats. I summon the bomb to kick butt from the clip art. I take 2nd, 3rd and 11. I had buffs that boosted sleaze damage but they were minor, like a toad buff, I summoned stickers in hopes of something, but not that sticker, was hoping to get the elemental one.
846-859: Killed the competition.
859-863: I do the opposite twice and do what he says the rest of the time.

okay I really need two left, the skeleton key and the star key. I have 7 advs left, but I still have stunts to pull, borrowed time for one. Okay 27 advs. i still have a spice melange stocked and chocolate for minor extra advs. The skeleton Key I paste, I have the ingredients. I have to get into the hole in the sky now.
864-874: Okay I buff NC and do the castle. I get access to the hole in 2 advs. and I get the key at 874. I have 16 advs left from here.

The last bit of the Lair
875-881: I have everything I need to get past the mini-bosses, I buy 5 healing medicines from the medicine shop to fight my shadow, and switch to the monkey for the wall. I Keep my max HP up, because of raindow indigo cup. I Pull one fossilized necklace to help max that. And a Plexiglass Pith Helmet. I lost to my shadow once.

I just need a lowercase n, now and I'm complete. I have 9 advs to do this, or I have to pull expensive stuff.

End of Run: 3 Day 887 Turns

Day 1: 5 Glimmering roc feathers, 1 milk of mag, 2 of the pies that net keys, Hodgemans coat (a mistake pull), Plexiglass pinky ring, corpse item for nightcap, clockwork maid, fudgecycle for +7 advs, 1 extra greasy slider, brimstone boxers, mayflower bouquet, vampire fangs, raindow cup, epic ice tea, headphones for NC. That's all 20 pulls

Day 2: 5 Glimmering roc feathers, 1 pie that nets a key, 1 that nets white pixels, 1 milk of mag, 1 extra greasy slider, 3 the pirate outfit, 3 the frat outfit, 5 rollover adventure equipment items. That's all 20 pulls.

Day 3: 5 Glimmering roc feathers, 1 origami shirt, 1 milk of mag, Plexiglass Pants, Plexiglass Pith Helmet, Fossilized Necklace, 2 brimstone bludgeons, a hemp backpack, extra greasy slider, and maybe a few other pulls. I know I didn't pull 20 things here.
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