Frank's BM 14/2222 100% Songbird

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Frank's BM 14/2222 100% Songbird

Post by Mister Mickey » Thu May 21, 2015 4:31 pm

Time to switch things up a little, a 100% run to "take a break" from the game while still doing a run.

100% BM runs are a thing. Niche, but so is BM speed running....

so here's a log of a simple one? Simple in that there's no RNG luck involved in getting the familiar, there's some luck involved in stat gains from gyming(variance) but that evens out in the end usually.

As always comments, questions and advice is welcome and appreciated. I don't know everything about BM, I just pretend I do.

For this particular BM 100% run, you have to be an AT(to get music box parts from dread you have to be an AT), so no decisions in the class making process.

This run is special in the fact that it cannot be completed without at least one person helping you, they technically only have to "hang you" in the square 1 single turn, but without that one single person from another person the 100% BM songbird run is impossible to complete.

3 locations in dread must be ghost penciled in: Town Square, Cabin in the Woods and Skid Row. The other ones could be helpful for other reasons; 100% restore items, dread skills, etc.

I have all 9 locations ghost penciled in.

Here's what you have to do to get the songbird though: Hit Level 15, enter clan basement, dread go to the attic and smash the music box, 3 times that must be done. Additionally you have to go to the village square and stand below the noose and have someone pull the lever while you're standing on it. This gives you the moxie hanging item, go to skid row and get the songbird(I'm not sure what choice it is, I'll look it up when I get there...)

I didn't know what 100% type of run I wanted to do until day 3, I considered the songbird since there is a FoB coming up and that would be kinda nice to make it faster but...I noticed after starting my run that Rainbow Sparkles has completed a 100% mechabird BM run.

The bar has been set, I'm not sure how high it is... consumption from the get go+SRs should gets ~100 turns per day, once my runs actual run starts I'd hope to get close to 200 adventures per day.

so here's what happened those first few days before I'd even committed to doing a songbird.

Ascend BM, are you sure? Yes. Are you really sure? You don't want to perm skills or bla bla bla bla, JUST LET ME GO... You need to click the three confirmation boxes to prove that you're not insane. Of course I'm insane I'm doing BM, let me start my run...

New Ascension started! Welcome back to KoL n00b

Day one claw machine 1/3

Sell gems, sell tent(yeah I don't need the regen, I'll be level 9 soon enough)

Went to the moxie guild talked to the guild guy... to start the quest for the pants.

I need 5,970 meat to begin shore leveling,(unlocking the beach with the bus pass means I can auto-sell the anti-cheese for 30 meat) which is way better than odd job board stats, but we start on the odd job board to gain meat, some stats and hopefully some mixed drinks....

Odd jobs(?) - I did 3 turn jobs trying to get the 10 adventure job with the 3 basic mixed drinks, but of course it didn't show up

Eventually I hit 5,969 meat(yeah it happened, I hit that exact amount and realized I didn't need more, if I sold a hat(I had 3 chewing gums I got from a job, could've sold them too but whatevers, I used one and got a hat, stupid move but for a minute I was thinking about getting a BFV to "protect" my 100% run incase of screwing up.

Anyway so I had 1,000 meat necessary to start shore leveling I also didn't have many turns left, so it's fortunate that I noticed), with a few turns to spare then I shore leveled and bought a jumbo Lucifer or two with the extra meat, eventually getting a few extra turns... around turn 40 or so I ate a fortune cookie, I got 2 possible fortune numbers in my 10 SR fortune range... seriously?

Imp ales even losing stats give a net positive result of stats(when you factor in that they give 3 turns, exactly enough for a shore trip with combined with the meat globe gives positive returns on meat and stats...

The reason I didn't drink imp ale from the get go before odd jobbing was a mistake I will admit. One that cost me about 200 moxie stats. I thought I could get the mixed drinks and drink them, maybe it was a gamble IDK... in the long run it probably will hurt me more than 200 stats since shore level stats increase based off main stat.

At the end of the day came the pickpocket and rollover run.... this is a technique necessary for some 100% runs, it is not necessary for the 100% song bird, but it can help make the run take less days so... of course I'm going to do it.

A rollover run is clicking on a zone that has combats in it, hitting a combat... looking at the monster trying to pp something from it, if possible and then logging out and waiting till rollover.

After rollover happens the combat is ended without using a turn, this is a technique used for over a decade in oxy runs(since they couldn't overdrink) in order to save a turn...

Here in BM, we're using it to PP stuff for 100% familiar runs we can't get from non combats, unlock zones we couldn't unlock without combats... make progress etc. etc. etc.

I need to get 5 SRs/non combats/pretentious paint to "steal my pants" and unlock the guild. With a bit of luck it can be done in a few days.

When I was down to about 6 turns I set my aa to pp healed my HP so that I didn't get beaten up.... getting beaten up without a songbird as my active familiar means no amount of combats will ever get me to 100%. Failure...

so that's the gist of my day for now... eat, drink, shore level, get SRs and PP and rollover run....

Day 1(level 6!): rushing bum pp cigar butt

Day 2(level 8!): spider pp nothing

Day 3(level 9!): spider pp spider web

Not a great start, I've only done 1/5 turns so far(the SR day one wines counted towards my 5 turns needed)

On day 3 I realized I didn't talk to the pretentious artist to start the quest... so I talked to him to make it possible for the paint to show up in the back alley...

Day 4 (level 10!):

Back Alley(9-6)
1. Sex change option- I've always been male and never done a sex change but this is for progress so a necessarily result of that is I'm a girl now
2. Aww Craps- I'm on some kinda roll
3. Pretentious Paint

Seriously? I only need one more non combat and I'll have done 5 turns in the back alley which means my next turn will be the guild unlock...

Back Alley(6)- Half Drunken Hobo pp nothing steal accordion gain: beer-battered accordion

It was a good run... my SRR is 22 turns away and my last SR was a knob lunchbox which means that tomorrow I will be able to unlock my guild after I get the SR in the back alley.

so I need a new pp and rollover run thing to do. I already know the best choice.

Starting tomorrow I'll be PPRR trying to get the hippy outfit from the hippy camp. It's possible to do and if I get the outfit then I'll gain 14 turns more consumption from booze per day and I'll quit losing ~250 stats per day from drinking imp ales, combo'd with the tiny amounts of moxie gained from fine wines it's more than 300 extra stats per day.

If I fail to get the outfit at level 12 the zone becomes 100% non combats. I can also get the war outfits from non combats.... gotta watch out for the spies though... if I encounter them then I'm forced to PPRR

Level 12 will also mean getting ode to booze and another 14 adventure boost per day if I PPRR, if not and I nightcap then I gain 17 adventures from ode, assuming I can ever find 3 drunk drinks to nightcap with.
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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Fri May 22, 2015 12:26 am

Day 5:
Turns played so far: 398
2,618/3,591 to level 11

Adventures to start: 46
Meat to start: 8,883
PvP fites to start: 67
Claw machine 1/3
Odd jobs: No moxie drinks

ate fortune cookie SR in 41 turns...
shore leveling... Level 11@ 428 turns played

Quests keep piling up... One more level for ode to booze and 100% non combats in the hippy camp. Yay.

/2 is my macro for /buy meat globe && /use meat globe, because I do so much

4,800 stats to level 12

hmm I have to do 2 turns since my SR is 3 turns away... shoring eats it...

Code: Select all

Hey Deze Heartbreaker Hotel- Floor 10 
I mean, I'm going to have it on the entire run so might as well do it now...

Now I have to waste a turn though... because I can't think of any other thing that I can do atm

Time to go through my list of WLsted clans and try to find one that has a moxie improvement equipment in their rumplus room...

/trade LTB WL to a clan with a Tan o Lots Tannig bed

Thanks goes out to (insert clan that gave you WL here tomorrow since I can't recall the name and can't check)

3 minutes later... WL appears yay

Code: Select all

Clan Gym Tan Machine(1)- 17 moxie stats
Better than completely wasting a turn right? Better than any amount I could get in limerick

used moxie weed +2

I most have pp that from something in the back alley...

eat and drink to fullness except for 3 drunk for wines+11+38

just incase I screwed up and this turn isn't a SR? It can happen...

back alley(1)- wines

Code: Select all

back alley(1)- stole my pants like chuck norris
Explore Guild: sooo many skills so little meat, Bought Five Finger Discount

I'm guessing that will pay for itself, especially if I get a discount on shore trips...

dang shore trips and hell's kitchen don't get discounts... still, it should pay for itself right?

Talked to the AT to get 1k meat for EW that I'm not going to bother crafting... sorry babe, not this lifetime, maybe next

I thought about buying a +initiatve skill but I can wait on that till the end of the day at least

Shore tripping till 13 adventures left... last 3 shore trips saved the scripts bought the dingy plans/ planks unlocked island...

9,022 meat currently

Ode costs... 7,500 meat so.. I can't spend too much meat...

probably time to buy lust for +50 initiative

bought lust for 800 meat

That's highway robbery honestly.

bought another doc healer... actually no I didn't I'm changing my mind and buying MMMHerbs for 100% HP restore, cheaper than docs

Hippy Camp(1)- You acquire an item: Uncle Jick's Brownie Mix

Tomorrow I should be able to get to level 12 before drinking(hopefully and get the outfit buy ode and get lots more adventures than I did today)

Which means I'll have to think of another PPRR thing to do... what could I possibly do now?

I know I want to get at least one war outfit so I can start the war quicker once the "real" run begins at level 15

Any ideas anyone? Oh well, I got 24 hours to figure it out...

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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Sat May 23, 2015 1:53 am

Day 6

Turns played 507

Meat: 8,127

ate 16 lucifers+36

ate fortune cookie 110 turns till SR

I kinda screwed up there, I should've left room for 2 fortune cookies just incase...

Level 12 @ 561

Hippy Camp(29-25)- filthy hippy disguise

You learn a new skill: The Ode to Booze

You acquire an effect: Hella Smart

(forgot to save MP) so that will give me enough to summon ode to booze a few times( my accordions suck right now)

Shore Trippin' need more meat to buy 14 grapes+14 fermenting powder... plus I need to get some MP gen from the buff...

bought grapes+ferm powder

299 meat left

I'm glad i'm good at math... now I can't do a shore trip... need 500 meat...

I can sell some of the stuff I just bought, or do an odd job... meat is not as important as stats...

so many mistakes... ugh

drank 12 fine wine

49 turns remaining 2 drunk remaing

So now I said that I'd like to get the war outfit, problem is I might die if I encounter a frat spy

Frat Spy is 60 initaive 160 ML so about 50 above me in attack, critical would kill me, I can't risk it... but later on the stats from the camp would be worth less and less progress ugh....

I should get the SR today first, I'm at the perfect number of turns now after the outfit for shoring 39 more turns till my SR shows up.

Shore Trippin'

Right now I'm getting ~120 moxie per 3 turns, in the hippy camp I'd be getting ~100 moxie stats per 3 turns 1/3 moxie stats chance, don't care about the outfit difference. Point is the shore gives more stats and the longer I put off the camp the more stats I'll lose from doing it at all

lunchbox(1)- 2 coffees

Perfect split booze is more valuable than food, I get 2.0 adv full and food I get 2.5, so booze I'm gaining more turns with coffees over pasties(0.5 turns per coffee ).... every little bit helps

drank 2 coffee+13

22 turns left for the day....

I usually get the war outfit in less than 20 turns, especially when I level 12 for the hippy disguise(because it gets into the delay() maybe? IDK)

bought moxie mad and celebrity

+mox and +initiave, I should get the jump now...

/aa off

I could care less about pp a piece of the frat war outfit at this point

not with a chance of dying

/1 7 hair

buffed moxie is 153 now... hmm better odds I think

/aa is still off, I'd like to see his stats if he appears before committing to pping

Hippy Camp(22-8) gained 200 moxie, war outfit

well, that was depressing .... that's like 14 stats per turn instead of 33 oh well, it's one less thing I have to do when my actual run starts

Did anyone figure out what I should do for my pp and rollover run?

Bat hole, goatlet and ? Untinkerer's screwdriver? cobb's knob unlock?

Friars to get a better accordion? Junction also has that...

Junction- pp failed

so much for that... in truth there's not much progress that can be made in a few days worth of PPRRs, I know from personal experience...

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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Sun May 24, 2015 11:28 am

Day 7

Trick or Treated in the hippy outfit (lit houses only) I know I can see the combat non combat deal but I'm not pushing my luck

Level 13 @715 turns played

drank 15 fine wine, knob pasty, 16 DJLs

20 adventures from a SRR, 5,760 stats to level 14

Tomorrow might be the first day that I fail to gain a level, but I should be close... I just nightcapped with a drink that gives 3 adventures because 3 adv/ 1 shore trip so about 130 stats, there's nothing that justify losing that many stats a day.

Could be the difference between starting a run a day either or not...

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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Mon May 25, 2015 2:59 am

Day 8

Level 14@ 888 turns played

9,406 stats to level 15 at the end of the day
12,066 meat

That seems a bit much to get in a single day... If I get 115 turns tomorrow I'd have to average 241 stats per shore trip+meat globe, which is simply not going to happen. I get ~130 right now on average.

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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Mon May 25, 2015 11:57 pm

Day 9

Finished the day 2,551 stats from level 15, 129 turns from my next SR

There's a small chance that I can get to level 15 without eating or drinking... a small one, very small actually.

That could be nice though, if it happens...

Tomorrow, the run starts from real.

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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Wed May 27, 2015 2:12 pm

Day 10 or Day 1(0) really....

Adventures to start 43
Meat 17k
PvP fites:100

ate 4 jumbo lucifers+10

Had to do it to hit level 15 @ 1,086 turns played (saved last two scripts since they couldn't have got me there quicker, one I'll use for the UV compass, the other? IDK

A huge thank you goes out to:

scullyangel (#189466) as TheStupendousYappi (#1132390)
weka (#1524501)
Torturelini (#619176)
Werebear (#21163)
GrEEnKing01 (#2184363) as Sowlina (#2206610)
and Kyta (#1299850)

for helping me get the dread skills:

Grab a Cold One, Spaghetti Breakfast and Song of Slowness

Which requires all six classes: DB+SC / Sauce+Pasta / TT+AT

You're all awesome, more special thanks to GreenKing and scully, for helping me for quite a few instances after that.

scullyangel (#189466) as TheStupendousYappi (#1132390) was the one that hung me in the square, weka (#1524501) was trying to as well.

Code: Select all

You acquire an item: unwound mechanical songbird
/1 terrar

drank cold one+7

crafted and drank 4 bloody kiwitinis+72

(Scully said she would keep going until one of us said stop, I had to be the one to say it)

I have enough bloody kiwitinis(11) for a couple more days hopefully.

Code: Select all

Spooky Forest(30-17)-larva, unicorns, spooky mushroom(3)
ate grue egg omelete+22

Net gain of 9 turns.... better than a net loss.

bought envy@ 1600 meat

Code: Select all

Friar Quest(39-27)

Code: Select all

Spooky Pantry(1)- Tarts
ate tarts + 17

Code: Select all

Friar Quest cont.(44-28)-clear
bought phat loot lyric

You acquire an effect: Brother Corsican's Blessing

Code: Select all

Liver of Steel Quest(28)- need 1 more imp air
ate jumbo lucifer+2

Code: Select all

Laugh Floor(2) - nada
ate 2 jumbo lucifer+5

Code: Select all

Laugh Floord(1)- imp air
Drank Steel Margarita

ate 3 jumbo lucifer+9

Code: Select all

Black Forest(13-1)- 4 black berries
drank black berry schnapps+4

I don't actually have the meat to buy the diary. The black forest it was all I could think of to get to better food/booze over imported beer/lucifers. I found one extra booze I suppose.

drank bloody kiwitini+18

Tomorrow goal will be to continue questing

I'll probably hit the level 11 quests zones to try and pick up some decent food/booze...

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Re: Frank's BM 100% Mechanical Songbird run

Post by Mister Mickey » Thu May 28, 2015 12:21 pm

Day 11 or 1+1=2 didn't go so well

Adventures to start: 60
Meat to start: 5,469
Fites: 100

Turns played so far: 1,224

drank cold one+7
drank 3 blood kiwitinis+54

ate spaghetti breakfast+6

so many quests to do I have no idea what or where to go...

I remembered my real reason for stopping in the black forest, I'm almost done and I wouldn't have had the turns to get the beehive.

Black Forest(1)- market unlocked

used 2 cans of black paint

Haunted Kitche(126-114)- billard room key

Bat Hole Junction(114-110)sonar

Bat Rat(1)-sonar

Bean Bat(1)- bean, sonar

Billard Room/Library(108-89) unlocked second floor, 3 killing jars, scroll of ancient evil, 2 tattered scraps

Lights out in 15 adventures

Bedroom/Gallery/Bathroom(89-66)- 2/3 items, flushed #1 problem

Crypt Nook(66-56)- clear, 6 skeleton keys so far

Bedroom(1)- makeup monster guy

Drank 3 bloody kiwitinis+54

bought polka of plenty

Bat Lair(108-102)- cleared

bought forged identification documents

Shore(3)- diary

Ballroom(99-93)- basement unlocked

Basement- blasting soda ingredients found

No food found

Goatlet- 3 goat cheese

I couldn't think of anywhere else to use a burrito blessing

Desert- 14 pages

One cactus fruit

I should've started the war. I'm still not sure which side I'd like to fight on though...

Bram's chocker(1)

Hidden Temple/City/Tavern unlocked

War Started(18)- took a long time...

Updated flyer macro, guess this is a good reason to buy accordion bash...

ate 3 blackberry and jumbo lucifers

drank fog murderer for a nightcap

Obviously I did some other things, I got the pirate outfit and untinker screwdriver to help with the bridge. I suppose I'm going to pyramid and palidrome after I finish the war.

Gotta work the next few days so not sure how well I'll take notes. I go faster without taking them, all be it with more mistakes in not choosing the correct thing to do.

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