Format for Posting Logs

For review of out of clan ascension logs and those in-clan logs that don't share our super secret strategies.

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Format for Posting Logs

Post by QuantumNightmare » Sat Mar 31, 2007 8:15 pm

Shamelessly stolen from Zurich, in the private ascension log section.

When making your ascension log, please include in the title your character's name daycount path class (sign).

HCO = Hardcore Oxygenarian
HCT = Hardcore Teetotaler
HCB = Hardcore Boozetafarian
HCNP = Hardcore No-Path
SCNP = Softcore No-Path
SCT = Softcore Teetotaler
SCB = Softcore Booze
SCO = Softcore Oxygenarian

For example, a log done by myself would be titled "QuantumNightmare's HCNP AT (Opposum) run".

Once the run is complete, edit in the day and turncount. The final title would be something like "QuantumNightmare's 3-day 700 turn HCNP AT (Opposum) run". Feel free to add a brief note if the run was done as part of a particular contest.

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