Mafia bricko fight script

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Mafia bricko fight script

Post by lostcalpolydude » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:09 am

This script will fight a bricko monster for you until you are out of bricko fights for the day. The primary purpose is to vcrisis for turns. I also use it to charge up stinky cheese stuff, get meat from an NPZR/stocking mimic, and get CoT drops.

You need to set up your own outfit for the fights and handle any gear folding that might be needed, and possibly change the outfit name in the script to match your saved outfit name (or just name your outfit "airship").

For this to work you need to have a bricko airship or cathedral on hand. Using a cathedral at too low of a level will get you beaten up on round 8 or so (which is wasteful), while using an airship at too high of a level will lead to it dying and cost you a good chunk of meat. I have cathedral filled in for the script to use because that's the option that won't cost you a lot of meat; change that if needed. Make sure you have the bricko item you want to use.

I wrote this just for me at first, so chances are I've overlooked something that could be more generic or more configurable.
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