Should I use ascension tools?

For stuff related to KoLmafia, KoLproxy, Ascension Log Visualizer, and greasemonkey scripts. Maybe other stuff too.
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Should I use ascension tools?

Post by Eleron » Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:27 pm

Should you use ascension tools?
Short answer: No, if you wouldn't benefit from them. Yes, probably, if you want to do speed runs.

Long answer: If you really want to use ascension tools, you probably already know that you'd like something beyond the standard interface, and that you'd like to try an interface enhancement. If you just feel that you "should" for some reason without actually seeing any benefits, then you definitely don't have to.

You can write short notes about your day as your ascension log, without breaking it down into individual turns. You can track your semirare numbers and other counters manually with a text editor or with /timer, or even just ignore them. Then, later, if you find those things too complicated and it takes too much time and attention, you can try a tool to give you some automatic assistance.

The more things you pay attention to (basically, the better and faster your ascensions become), the more likely you are to benefit from a tool, since tracking everything manually can take a long time and be error-prone, and there's usually enough other stuff to do in the game if you're trying to optimize. If you want to do speed runs, you could probably benefit from *some* form of assistance beyond the standard interface.

What tool should you use?

* Normal KoL, no special tools: Straight-forward.
* Greasemonkey: Runs entirely in the browser. Most KoL scripts are reasonably simple and each adds specific helpful pieces of game information or interface enhancements to the browser. No KoL scripts are included but many third-party scripts are available.
* Kolproxy: Runs between the browser and the server, with support for logging and automation. Comes bundled with a bunch of scripts that track useful counters and other information, and enhance the normal browser interface. Focused on ascending, and provides numerous warnings to help detect and avoid misclicks and other mistakes. Everything is included in the distribution, and additional features can be turned on or off on the settings page.
* KoLmafia: Runs between the browser and the server, with support for logging and automation. Has external GUI and command line interfaces for interacting with the game as alternatives to the browser, with new functionality. Should always be updated to the latest version or features can stop working correctly. Needs to be configured and used conservatively, otherwise it's likely to do more than you intended which can hinder your run. Extensive aftercore functionality. Many third-party scripts available.

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