Official Forum Rules per Mr. Moderator

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Official Forum Rules per Mr. Moderator

Post by Zurich » Mon Mar 26, 2007 4:28 pm

1) Don't be a jackass. This means you.
2) No flaming.
3) No spam.
3.5) Keep junk posts (i.e., Anything and Everything) in the appropriate forum.
4) No touching!
5) No multis. We will find out about it, and then we will find YOU.
6) Not safe for work stuff:
If it's clearly NSFW, don't post it. If it's kind of NSFW, make sure to clearly label it as such, and if there's an image in the post then put some blank space or text above it for those that jump directly into the thread without seeing the title. The thread might be deleted anyway.

Failure to comply with these simple rules may result in any of the following consequences:
    Ban of name
    Ban of e-mail
    Ban of IP address
If you are a member of Alliance from Heck and believe you lack the appropriate permissions for our private forums, you should contact an AFHk officer in-game to get it sorted out. Account activation emails sometimes don't send properly; for these or any other forum woes, you should contact bmaher.

New members: If you have been newly whitelisted to AFHk, introduce yourself in the Introductions thread! If you have membership questions or concerns, please contact Serra725 or stupac2.