Clan officers / who to contact

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Clan officers / who to contact

Post by lotsofphil » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:28 pm

Heck Executive: littlelolligagged
Oversees the Heck officers and helps as needed, tries to get to know Heck members and their activity, sets up and runs monthly officer meetings, works with officers and AFH to decide how to handle unusual situations and to set new policies.

Recognition: Gordito
Maintain the in-clan leaderboards and achievement bulletins.

Bounties: redfoxtail
Maintains and tracks the bounty system and claims.

Recruitment and Heck Promotions: reverkiller, lord bitchalot
Recruit people by handling applications and sending invitations. Also follow their recruits through Heck, making sure they're getting acclimated and promoting when applicable. Work together to keep an eye on all clan members, encourage them to reach their full potential, and reward them when they do.

Forum Admin: bmaher
Makes changes to forum sections as needed. Give people proper forum access when necessary.

Dungeons: BigglesWorth, Schlurp
Responsible for opening and closing dungeons, as well as loot distribution.

Contests: Snarkypants
Comes up with and collects ideas for contests, and works with the Treasurer to arrange a payout structure. Prepares before and during the contest, makes sure they start on schedule, sends out prizes afterwards.

Treasurer: Antipasta
Keeps track of AFH stash, as well as income and expenditures. Processes and approves/disapproves of requests for funds for spading, speed runs, and contests. Helps Loan Supervisor with gear loans.

Spading: GoldS
Assists Treasurer in dispensing funds for spading projects.

Hell Promotions: Playultm8
Facilitates promotions to and within Hell by providing feedback to highly-ranked members of Heck and by running votes.

Clan Leader: Mai
Determines overall policies and processes, organizes votes or appointments for Hell officers, upholds the clan vision and leads clan towards goals.