New protocol for ascension logs

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New protocol for ascension logs

Post by Pascal » Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:25 am

With NS13, it seems like more and more people are holding back on the speed game as they go lucre/trophy/basement/whatever core and do more aggressive work on spading.


Because of this, the ascension logs forum has essentially died down since then. Why don't we possibly have a new section (or at least some moderate change in posting protocol) so that those of us who are leisurely lucreing through 10 to 15 day runs with no desire to brag about anything speedy or efficient therein can have a place to post these lazy runs so that the spades of our group can go over them and look for data to help out with some of their theories? There's still a lot of use to be had over reviewing some of these logs, even if its not "zOmG 1 turn pirates!!!1! awesome RNG dooude!"

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Post by QuantumNightmare » Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:44 pm

The public ascension log is made for this sort of thing. Post anything in that forum, it doesn't matter if the run is amazingly fast or anything. Private logs are for the sort of secret-tech-filled runs.

And speaking of spading, a collection of logs to go through wouldn't help me. You need well-controlled data for this stuff, and logs just aren't the place.

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