Semi-Auto A-boo clue use

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Semi-Auto A-boo clue use

Post by wyli romesco » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:49 pm

Here's another mini-script. This one automates using A-boo clues, a bit.

You should have A-boo clues (at least one) in your inventory, or it won't do much of anything :P You shouldn't have any ten-leaf clovers in your inventory (disassembleds are fine). You should be all buffed up to the point where you can survive a few turns of THE HORROR...

The script will either use all the clues you have in your inventory or stop when A-boo peak is completely deghostified - whichever comes first.

The script will attempt to auto-recover full hp (as per your preferences) in between visits to the peak. If for some reason it cannot do so, the script will abort with an "autorecovery failed" message.

That is all.

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void main()
	while(get_property("booPeakProgress").to_int() > 0 && item_amount($item[a-boo clue]) > 0)
		use(1,$item[a-boo clue]);
		int buttonthump = 5;
		while (buttonthump > 0)
			buttonthump = buttonthump - 1;
	print ("Hauntedness: "+get_property("booPeakProgress").to_int()+"%");
	print ("Clues remaining: "+item_amount($item[a-boo clue]));

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