Post your introductions here. Now required in order to unlock the private areas of the forum. Well, as long as you're actually in the clan.

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Re: Introductions...

Post by illarion »

Hi all

After a 2.5 year hiatus (not coincidentally, this is the age of my daughter ;) ), I'm easing back into KoL. I was sad to see that "my" (HardcoreOxygenation) forums no longer exist (I'm grimly repressing the loss of all my posts, run logs and so on), and I'm looking for a new place to talk about the game (mostly about HC speed, and right now, particularly about IotMs I've missed and need to pick up).

I have actually had an account on here for some years - there's a run log of my DitRII entry here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3226&p=44056&hilit=illarion#p44056 - but I'm hoping to be a bit more active and involved.

I have to be honest - RL responsibilities/lack of time mean I'm never going to be as active or dedicated as I was back in the day - but I do hope to crank out a respectable run now and then. My KoL goals are:

3 day HC unrestricted (I have done one of these, before unrestricted was a thing, but the landscape is very different now)
3 day HC Standard
2 day HC unrestricted
2 day HC Standard (this may be out of reach with my current shinies?)

In RL, I'm an IT Manager/freelance developer. Hobbies include snowboarding, coding, gaming (video and board), drumming and homebrewing. I have time for none of these :/

I've missed KoL - I hadn't realised just how much, before Crimbo lured me back - and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all :)
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Re: Introductions...

Post by boozedup »

I'm Matthew. I'm a PhD student in Computer Science in real life. I like to cook, run, eat, and play Super Smash Bros. My favorite food is jambalaya, and I play yoshi in Smash 64, but I like the other games too! As far as KoL goes, I am looking to have fun, and the way that's manifesting itself at the moment is hardcore ascensions. I also enjoy dungeons, but for now, I think most of my time will be spent ascending (either in Boris, Standard, or the current challenge path), farming my last 40 lucre, and doing the sea.

I'd like to work my way down to a HC 3 day ascension at some point.

Looking forward to interacting with all of y'all.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Tallim »

Hi, I'm Tallim. Had a massive break from the game for (5 years at least) but now I'm back and really getting into it to make up for lost time.

Mostly working towards getting HC Standard speed decent.

Real life is mostly spent gaming, writing and some slapdash attempts at coding. My sleep pattern is really messed up so I'm potentially around at all times of the day. Looking forward to getting to know the people here and extracting some speed running knowledge!
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Re: Introductions...

Post by embeddedtower »

Hey nerds, I'm embeddedtower. I've been back for about a year after a long hiatus. I really enjoy trying to hit standard leaderboards and screwing around with all my super-old IOTMs in out-of-standard dietary paths, but my first love is spamming clan chat with mistyped chat commands. I look forward to seeing you all around.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by whitecandy »


I am white candy and i'm 33. Been playing on and off since 2006. Cant even remember what my first account was as it was deleted. Picked the name WC as it was a reference to in-game white candy hearts, which people have helped me over the years amassing the largest collection of them (i think still currently). Been in a few clans since i've been playing, was in SPNG's at the start and other smaller clans which were active when i was playing all those years ago.

Joined this clan to learn more about speed in the game. Just leader-boarded for the first time in the gelnoob challenge path.

A little about me - I'm from the small island of Jersey, which is in between France and England. I currently work in compliance and enjoy what i do. I studied film at university in London. I used to play GameBattles's for Call of Duty (i wasn't that great but i enjoyed the team effort and practice). I enjoy reading, anything IT or computer based, films, music etc

I like this game as it lets you play at your own pace, and you can play however you want, be it spade, heart, diamond or club. Think I've been all four at some point.

Anyway, hope i can learn a lot from you guys and girls and look forward to talking to you.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Infested_Jerk »

Hello, I am he-who-regrets-decisions-past-me-made-at-the-age-of-12 to 15, otherwise known as Infested_Jerk (#1042900),

I'm 26 years old, working as a sysadmin for a startup just outside Boston. I've been playing KOL since I was 15, part of the reason I'm stuck with this particular username. My interests include science, reading fantasy novels, video gaming, clubbing infernal seals, tabletop roleplaying, boardgames, and going on long hiatuses from KoL upon reaching the level 9 quest.

As far as KoL goes I'm a habitual HC player. My accomplishments to date include:
  • A single telescope coupon
    2 pieces of the violent vestments
    1 Piece of the hateful set (seriously, I don't remember getting the chefstaff, but here it is in my inventory)
    Did not drop Kittycore for Crimbo '08 (And was successful at unlocking BM permanently, even if forgetting to use clovers is something I need to stop doing)
    Complete Unblemished Uniform
    Encountered my first Ultra-rare (Baoiwulf) about 2 weeks ago
    I currently have the 7th largest collection of Mountain Stream Soda in the Kingdom
    My fastest run ever was a 7-day HC Zombie Slayer 100%NPZR run.
    19 Hobo Codes in my Binder
I'm really looking forward to participating in an active clan again, maybe rounding out some of my clan dungeon gear, improving my speed, and meeting all of you in chat.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Potzee »

Hello AFH,

I am a long standing member of the SCO. I started out in kol with the intention of restricting the amount of time I spent playing mmo style games. I began playing kol in 2006. I have recently returned to the game after a semi-long break of off and on playing.

The reason I am reaching out to the AFH family is to pursue a deeper understanding of the BM path. Specifically as a SC class. I would like to learn and speed up my runs.

Louisiana is my home state and I am 43 years old and a guy.

My current goal in kol is to achieve back to back BM SC runs within a 30 day or less window. My next goal will be to squeeze three BM SC runs into the same month or 30 day window.

Thanks and nice to meet everyone.

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Re: Introductions...

Post by Turtle Juice »

Hi guys and gals,
I'm Turtle Juice ... former softcore student (and by my own admission in this feed "softcore to the core" -- which turned out not to be true).

I just found my intro post to this forum in December of 2009. I took a fairly long break and am back, collecting IOTMs and trying to figure out the best style of runs for me.

See you in chat!

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Re: Introductions...

Post by DeweyMetalgears »

Hey there. I'm Dewey. I'm American, 41 years old and live in Lisbon, Portugal. I started playing Kol way back in 2004 on an account that was deleted at some point. I came back in 2012 and played casually without ascending for about six months and then forgot about the game until late 2016. Since then I've been playing a lot, focusing on optimizing standard HC ascensions (including current challenge paths, sometimes) and aftercore farming. Not much of a collector of trophies/tattoos/etc.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Lyft »


I'm a fairly new player with a staggering six months of experience. Currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. I was introduced to the Kingdom via West of Loathing. I was instantly sold on Asymmetric's stick figures after meeting some of the crew at PAX West 2017 :)

I've had this forum account for a while now, but just put in a WL request today.

My goal would be to eventually complete a 2 Day HC standard run. I'm sure I'll pick up many new ideas from these boards. Learning obscure ascension strategies is fun!

Hobbies include analog games (board, card, etc), pinball restoration, and interactive fiction.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Machevort »

Hi all,

I'm Machevort. Ive had a 6-year break from the game - back in the days I was a pretty decent HC speed ascender (got 3 and 4 day HC ascensions back in 2011 and 2012, most challenge pathed). It seems there has been some serious power creep in IotMs, but I'm looking forward to making my account relevant again :).

In real life I am a 33-year old married data scientist living in London. My interests include the stock market, science fiction and popular science.
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Silverclaw »

Hey hey, everyone!

I'm Kari, I've been playing since mid-2005 or so (not counting about six or seven years of Black Cat-induced breaks) and I've recently been trying to break back into HC speed ascension. I'm still a ways out - I only just broke 600 turncount on HCNP last week - but I hope to rapidly improve! My goal is to hit a 2 day HC standard, and potentially even to get onto the 2018 leaderboards. (And then to figure out .ash scripting.)

As for me as a person, I'm a 27 year old data scientist in the Pacific Northwest who enjoys long walks on the beach, writing, and shamelessly DMing for a few different Dungeons and Dragons groups. More recently I've been on an escape room kick, and I still haven't failed one yet. ;)

Great to meet you all, and hope to see everyone around in /clan!
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Re: Introductions...

Post by Cieka »

I feel like it's worth posting here, again.

I've been gone from the game for about 6 years and have recently come back. I'll admit, I was never very good and didn't seem to progress much beyond "promising".

I love the idea of planning for a spectacular run and doing well, but in reality, grinding the necessary skills always seemed like a bit of a drag. Being able to automate a lot of that work (which was possible, but VERY buggy back last time I played, and hardly made it worthwhile) has got my attention again so I'm here to see if I can stick with it and do some more of the part I do actually really enjoy again.

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Re: Introductions...

Post by mumfler »

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Re: Introductions...

Post by Ryo_Sangnoir »

Hi all,

I'm Chris. I created my account in 2006, but I first started ascending seriously in 2010, and well in 2014. I grabbed a single silver in Ed, but I mostly just collect bronzes whenever a run happens to do well enough to stay on the boards. I applied for a whitelist after talking with DanceCommander6 about Dark Gyffte, when I realised I still enjoyed talking about the speed game. I don't play as much as I did just after university (before I got a more challenging job with a longer commute), but I still do runs from time to time.

I'd like to do a 3-day Oxy, but my last run was so far off that I'm not sure that's an achieveable goal with the changes that have happened. I also want to grab the last capacitor skills.
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