WeinerButt Log (Bad Moon Seal Clubber) 14 days, 1534 turns

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WeinerButt Log (Bad Moon Seal Clubber) 14 days, 1534 turns

Post by JewDude2 »

here's my run log, posted in a day by day format.

WARNING This is taken directly from the KoLA forums, and I'm far and away too lazy to edit it. so there is language and lots of useless garbage in here. And I also think it's more accurate if I include my thoughts and feelings as they appeared while the run was happening. It's not a mafia log because I hate mafia. Enjoy!


ok, after spending 5 minutes laughing at the sound of "weinerbutt log," I can't concentrate on a run.

40-32 haunted pantry. opened!
32-22 Sleazy back alley. wait. crap! I'm a seal clubber. spiderwebs do me no good.
22-28 sell spleen items. eat beelzeburger. BLAMMO! level 2!
28-20 I'd go to the forest, but being pummeled in a chronological way is not conducive to killing anything as a muscle classs. Cobb's Knob, instead. wrestle a knob goblin teenager and get pumped up! STIMPY! level 3! also, the Pumped Up effect is enough to get into my guild once pummeled wears off. use the moxie weed and one of the barbells, sell the other barbell.
20-16 Barrels. 3 drinks, 1 ass kicked
16-13 sewers, 2 trinkets
13-34 drink 3 drinks and a mad train wine
34-0 read king ralph's letter (ooops. I'm this bad with mail in real life, too). now go forest. get larva and some meat. get some spices, fertilizer, accordion, and 4 bottles of used blood. oh, and lose my kidney
0-20 4 more hell burgers, and buy pride (shoulda done that earlier. fuck it all I suck at remembering that). REN! level 4!

now I take a brief pause, because "weinerbutt log" still sounds funny to me

20-4 tavern to murder me some rats. then I remember I want a familiar. buy the terrarium, grab mosquito. find an advanced cocktail in the tavern. WOOT. finish quest, more w00t!
4-2 make epic weapon.
2-14 drink ice cold willer + perpendicular hula. because hey, tomorrow's a stat day

level 4 17/7/11
85 turns played
495 meat on hand (I lied. 455 meat on hand. I just bought a newb tent. it's also funnier if you read it in 1337 speak)

what a good start. I'm really pleased with this

to-do list
-get gravy fairy
-open up fernswarthy
-work in making in-a-boxen
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Post by JewDude2 »


54-69 drink 3 whiskey sours
69-56 haiku dungeon. 2 spooky mushrooms are not knob mushrooms, dammit. but a knob mushroom is! Buy oven, cook up my fairy.
56-46 grab pixie buff for moxie, use some hairspray, because my moxie is ungodly low. Misspelled Cemetary, to get me a shovel. my only solace is knowing that all things die in one hit. died trying to get a smart skull
46-41 sewer beaten up, then open guild for medicinal herbs
41-27 let's try this again. for the smart skull, I mean. 14 turns before a smart skelton even showed up. bah. oh, and ROCKO! level 5!
27-18 fernswarrthy's tower. and I also finally equip my stupid shiny ring. got brain #1
18-16 get knob encryption key. then I clicked because I forgot to read the stupid map. oops!
16-14 get veil. but first get lab key, perfume, and hit for 23 damage. WTF
14-4 guano junction. get 3 sonars, and 2 baseballs
4-5 eat a fortune cookie. "Sometimes violence is not the answer. This is not one of those times." This made me LOL (35)
5-0 lay down some smack (ok, lots of smack) on the boss bat (30)
0-14 eat 3 hell burgers
14-8 barrels. 3 boozes, beaten up twice. (24)
8-14 drink a drink.
14-12 sewers (22)
12-11 snag an enchanted bean (21)
11-4 try for a box. succeed! (14)
4-0 oops. need a spring still. degrassi knoll. (10)
0-9 drink 2 willers, 1 more hell burger (last time, I promise), and a spooky mushroom.
9-5 get spring (and meat tank!)
5-3 ned chef's hat. fuck. screw it, that can happen tomorrow. more knoll to build my meatcar. build my meatcar!
3-1 get a chef's hat now. and FILBERT! level 6! make my chef in box
1-0 fernswarthy's tower, time to make that other box guy.

rawr. not bad.

level 6 29/9/16
99 turns today, 184 total
not much meat

to-do list
-semi-rare in 1 turn.
-make second boxman
-get bugbear outfit
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Post by JewDude2 »

DAY 3!!

take a gander at my to-do list, to see how much swimming around I can cram in. I'm very, very glad I read my list before doing anything else

40-38 get knob guard outfit (never got the cobb's knob BM adventure... too risky)
38-32 beer lens? nope. WTF. also almost get killed by one of the pirates. beer lens? finally! 5 drunk to get 'em. fuck
32-9 go swimming
9-20 drink 2 drinks.
20-18 want a second box and bugbear pants, so, fun house. got a box!
18-0 the search for the elusive bugbear continues. And fails to yield pants
0-14 GRRRRR. hell burgers, again
14-12 I give up on the damned bugbear outfit. I'll zap it later, I've got enough beanies
12-8 Whitey's Grove. I get hit. hard. but find the sign! and a lion oil!
8-4 barrels
4-10 drink (stupid tavern ruined it for me)
10-7 get some enchanted beans
7-22 cook and eat spicy enchanted bean burritos.
22-13 harem. the non-combats are ruining my happy
13-12 awoooooo! Wereseals of Loathing! The goblin king got mutilated late last night (well, right now actually, but that doesn't work with the song)
12-0 road to white citadel. plenty of hippies, no outfit. ZIM! Level 7!
0-5 drink night cap, and cry, cry cry. log off of KoL and say bye, bye bye. Then I listen to some Johnny Cash. Then I buy pride, because I realize I never did. damn.

bah. not happy with not getting a bugbear outfit. but at least I have enough of the summer holiday effect to last me all of tomorrow still, and this made the stats be not so sucky from adventuring in sucky places

level 7 40/16/25
109 turns today, 270 total
1492 meat on hand

to-do list
-hippy outfit
-get potato sprout
-open up haunted library
-semi-rare ought be in about 90 turns, don't mess that up
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Post by JewDude2 »

DAY 4!

well it ain't no lie, baby... why the hell does RT know boyband songs?

Also: as of starting today's log, I've been awake for 33 hours. Exhaustion is starting to manifest itself in me with mental and physical sluggishness, absent-mindedness (more so than usual), and a desire for a soft bed with tons of pillows and blankets. So if I accidentally replace any words in this log with "blanket" or some such, you'll know why

45-30 grab my mosquito, and sally forth into the haunted conservatory. I start to wonder if there's a trigger for this that I didn't yet do, then I get the potato.
30-22 dark Elbow of the woods. beaten up. This run is going down the tubes, I can feel it.
22-15 barrels. beaten up. barrels. booze.
15-37 Drink up
37-6 I realize I can't really get the steel margarita today, so I'm gonna save face and get the hippy outfit first, then work on margarita to finish tomorrow. at least I'll be able to eat reasonably well. FUCK! finally!
6-7 eat a fortune cookie (6, or 29)
7-1 knob kitchens. yeah. I'm desperate here.
1-1 haunted pantry. choice adventure, no adventure loss. but, not my semirare (23?)
1-3 cook up knoll stir fry. eat it. amazing. 2 effing adventures.
3-0 gonna try again for this goddamned bugbear outfit. not eating is just ridiculous
20-10 finally. A bugbear is me!
10-2 haunted billiards room. because I'm out of ideas, and my to-do list needs doing.
2-7 i've had enough of this. nightcap.

almost level 8
too ashamed to list turns played
not much meat

to-do list
-get some sleep
-shore trips
-eat real food
-salvage a 13 day run with a better turn count than snowette (go KoLA go!)
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Post by JewDude2 »

DAY 5 of I'm already sick of this run

yesterday was bad. but I did good in setting up the rest of it to suck less

47-44 I remembered that I have a semirare coming up. Grab the lunchbox. And apparently I set myself up to reduce failure, by nightcapping early last time. BM adventure came right before semirare (I gave myself a buffer I guess)
44-37 South of the Border, for the meat adventure
37-22 shore trips. 2 sticks of dynamite, and ANTICHEESE WOOT!
22-0 friar's quest. get 1 item. and COW! level 8!
0-5 drink
5-1 barrels.
1-18 drink
18-0 more friar's. level up my leprechaun, in case I decide to do the nuns (and really, why wouldn't I want to do nuns?), get 1 more item. this is taking forever!
0-38 crack open that lunchbox (1 pasty, 2 coffee awesome), sell crap buy gluttony, cook pies, eat (and drink)
38-29 last friar item. gee, thanks. a wee bit too late
29-32 eat 2 hot wings to finish off my fullness. I was also hoping that with gluttony, i'd get some more adventures than that, and have a chance at steel liver today. but, probably not.
32-6 fernswarthy's tower, to get bartender parts. and by "parts" I mean "15 adventures to see a single brainsweeper who failed to yield a brain, then another 11 adventures before the second one did." yeah. I totally got all that from the word "parts"
6-2 get a spring, and the knoll BM adventure for meats
2-1 the part of the cyrpt with the skeletons. get a skull!
1-7 margarita to end the day.

ahhh! finally! the setup is almost complete. now I just need steel organ and I'm golden

level 8 56/25/32 (summer holiday has done a number on my stats)
467 total turns
1502 meat in hand

to-do list
-steel organ
-semi rare
-pirate/mining outfit
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Post by JewDude2 »

Day 6 of "this run makes me sad"

myst day! time to help make up the deficit between my mysticality and my other stats.

47-17 Friar's gate. Not gonna do goats today, so take the friar's blessing to level up my leprechaun.
17-11 cyrpt. nothing fancy happened
11-10 steel margarita
10-1 cyrpt. intense lag prompts me to microwave a burrito kill a huge ghuol. god damn he hits HARD. I need a shield!
1-25 eat a mushroom pizza, 3 lemon pies, and a fortune cookie. 2 fullness remaining (32)
25-12 Fumble death against the giant skeelton. also: it took this long to find him, damn (19)
12-7 barrels.
7-32 drink drink drink it up!
32-8 medicinal herbs? yes please! let's try this cyrpt crap again. yeah. you die, skeleton. I also wonder if there's some mechanic to this? because once I find the sub boss, if I die, there they are again immediately. every time. I also tried for my semirare. missed it. eat a fortune cookie to see what happened apparently I'm an idiot, because I didn't count my 5 adventures spent in the barrels. fuck. seriously. why do i fail so hard with these semi-rares? well, clear the cyrpt out (163)
8-7 get a rubdown. yeah. and turn into a wereseal. bonerdagon? I'm not sure who dagon is, and I'm sure he hardly knows her (ok, I know who dagon is). Anyway, where was I? oh yeah. bonerdagon. ded. use chest, make badass belt, love life
7-9 eat a hot wing. exciting!
9-0 pirates' cove. get the full outfit! and a bottle of rum, for kicks (153)
0-6 nightcap

level 8 still, 65/38/40 (almost balanced offstats)
99 turns, 566 total (ugh)
3656 meat on hand

to-do list
-Daily Dungeon
-mining gear (he wants chrome ore!)
-pirate stuffs (use karaoke to level up)
-quit sucking so much
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Day 7

I really, really hope I can finish this run before con. why? because that would be like, 11 days and a victory in the contest. and my semirare is in 153 turns. I can't get that many today, so I can't screw this up. yay!

46-28 the mine. 3 helmets, 3 pants, and lots of swearing later, I get a mattock
28-22 beaten up, beaten up, beaten up, chrome ore! chrome sword woot!
22-21 clear the rocks
21-0 grab friar blessing. kill goats. Oh, I also ran to my terrarium to get my frozen gravy fairy, and then remembered I'm still in BM. this made me sad. Sabre teeth make me happy, though. the first time. not the next three in a row. because they're not dairy goats, dammit. ok, so 4 dairy goats in a row after that make up for it. finish the quest
0-21 eat the pizzas
21-20 7th dairy goat for an extra cheese for to make a goat
20-15 Barrels. I'm abut to head to the barrr, so I wanna be drunk-ish.
15-46 accomplish my goal of getting drunk-ish.
46-1 Barrr, using all non-combats I can for stat gain. BEAVIS! Level 9! Beaten up! Spend that in the Enormous Greater than Sign. Get teleportitis, and beaten up again. fuck. Spend THAT in the daily dungeon (jarlsberg's key). And after getting my ass kicked a lot, I remember that I can do the leaflet quest. yat stats! yay grue egg! yay cleesh! yay house! keep on truckin' in the barrr. and does anyone else think the toothy pirates look like something out of Order of the Stick? OPen up the F'c'le
1-27 cook up a grue egg omelette, and 2 cream pies. eat the omelette, throw the cream pies.
27-18 rather than do the F'c'le just yet... I wanna open up the haunted gallery and the manor upstairs before I rebuff myself. Haunted Library is already open, so that's a good start. Also, I want forbidden evil scroll of somethings. I get none of those, but have the upstairs and conservatory ready
18-0 F'c'le. I have to use Blood of the Wereseal to hit stuff here. the 1 fullness foods/boozes here make me not sad. dumble death! spend in the enormous sign, with better luck than last time, but not good luck (no plus sign). Use an oil of parrrlay as soon as one drops. and holy shit! this lets me finish the tr4pz0r quest! get 2 of the 3 items (that beaten up was the only cleanly pirate I saw the whole time) (19 turns to semi-rare)
0-8 drink a cream stout, eat a creamsicle (that IS a crappy joke)
8-1 get pirate fledges!
1-2 eat a fortune cookie (73, 25, 22). obviously I suck at counting. or I accidentally typed something wrong in my last log and never noticed. because being 10 off my guess (22 instead of 12) kinda leans me to that conclusions.
2-0 enormous greater than (your mother) sign. Plus sign woot!
0-6 nightcap. leave myself a reminder about my semirare (because my last reminder was from my previous run, and was about Oompa Loompas)

good day today. I even found out a new way to finish the tr4pz0r quest. my one sadness is not getting a barrrnacle

Level 9 76/49/53
133 turns played, 699 total
8,325 meat

yo-do list
-spell "to" correctly
-open up DoD
-Open up Gallery
-semirare my way to victory in the valley (level up goat in here)
-get zap wand
-whore myself out in the gallery
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day 8 of "it's almost Con!"

with math totally putting out in my log, I feel rejuvenated and ready for action!

Before I start... I remember to read my book. from the guild quest. so, this is for you, math. first use: 20 muscle. second use: 40 muscle. third use: 100 muscle

49-48 DoD? no. no risking teleportitis with looming semirare. Haunted Conservatory to open up teh gallery. grab goat with friar's blessing. might as well. Well. best laid plans... one turn (19 or 22)
48-30 well... since I opened it... might as well. Haunted Gallery. I also grab Thrust Smack to try and kill things quick. w00t! second trip into the painting yields muscle boost. oh, and tetanus sucks.
30-23 valley. owned.
23-9 enormous greater than sign. get consultation, use up teleportitis in the daily dungeon. get beaten up by all the elemental tests. yay. Sneaky pete's key, YAY! (the first yay was sarcastic)
9-0 well, since I'm still beaten up, and because this is on my list... DoD to get the wand. But first, I sell the dictionary
0-41 drink some strawberry daiquiris, snifters of throoughyl aged (and misspelled) brandy, and a bottle of pinot renoir (which I pronounce "Pie-naut ren-o-yurr," because I'm a jackass). and then I drink another daiquiri ("Congratulations! You just discovered a new recipe!" that's awesome. and makes me feel accomplished.), and a cream stout. finally, 19 drunk
41-39 get zap wand (almost fumble death against the mimic. that would have made me angry/sad)
39-34 well. that was smooth. my entire to do list is complete, except the whole whoring myself out thing. so, let's do that! Off to a street corner... I mean, haunted gallery, I go. stop quickly, remember a good idea!
34-12 haunted ballroom, to get food and to set the quartet to non-combats. wait. fuck. I lied. haunted bedroom. to open the ballroom. did jick like, make the combat rate in here really high all of a sudden?
12-0 Haunted ballroom. HOLY CRAP A SHIELD! let's see if it helps me not take massive damage. it kinda does! oh, and SOMETHING! level 10! last adventure is the quartet, set 'em how I want
0-43 eat: 4 lemon pies, 2 desiccated apricots, one dehydrated vaciar.
43-23 I *could* start the level 10 quest, or I could keep on whoring myself out for stats, and possibly some decent weapons. I'm considering the antique gear for the NS, even. oh hey, cool! I got snarl of the timberwolf. I forgot I got the standard... but this will make life easier (hidden city). God I love this. amazing stat gains.
23-0 I've got 2 antique spears, so i equip one. and off to the airship I go! wow. things just... die. Get all 4 immaterias, and a load of healing items, and everything I want for the Lair.
0-4 Cook up a Cocoabo (his name is Pikachu? seriously?), drink a nightcap of... flat champagne. oops! forgot to have booze

level 10 97/55/60 (yeah. I'm 2/3 to level 11. holy shit the gallery loves me)
832 turns total, which means 133 played today
16219 meat on hand (oh, I bought tongue of the otter somewhere in there. to heal beaten up easily if I need to)

to-do list
-level 10 quest.
-semi-rare (grab inhaler)
-level to 11
-level 11 quest
-pack for Con!
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Day 9 of "holy crap i'll be on a plane in 18 hours"

Alright, so to start the day... ... I accidentally superglued two of my fingers together. good start.

47-46 airship with cocoabo (seriously. his name is pikachu, I don't know why). open up castle
46-42 castle with fairy. procrastination giant gets cleeshed, because cunctatitis will ruin me. hmm. out of buffs.
42-32 too many asplodes in the booze section of the barrels. tiny house to unbeaten up. then I remember I have tongue of the otter
32-0 rebuff myself. more giant slaughter. and by "giant slaughter" I mean they slaughter me. get a muscle non-combat, turn the wheel to myst gains (I wanna equip my damned pirate fledges!). raver giants, where are you? giant needles, where are you? fuck! c'mon!
0-26 drink 15 drunk worth of stuff
26-19 giant needle please? now? finally! and make a WANG. then untinker it and make a wand. I discovered how to make wangs!
19-20 eat a fortune cookie. lucky number = 7. glad I remembered. holy shit
20-13 gallery. stupid tetanus
13-12 inhaler
12-4 more enjoyment of beating up works of art. BANANANA! level 11! dedicated to Monkee
4-0 Black forest. grab the broken wings and map, an adder pwns me because I forgot to stock up on anti-anti-antidotes. I cleeshed it.
0-8 eat a lemon pie
8-0 no eyes yet. but I get black pepper!
0-14 eat black forest cake, and black pudding
14-10 HAHA YES! black armaments outfit! equip it. make myself a blackbird, and wish that there was such thing as /familiar command. I send that in to jick for the radio show. someone tell me if he mentions it
10-7 shore trip.
7-12 eat my last pie of the day (2 fullness left)
12-1 grab friar's blessing to level up cocoabo, go to the haunted ballroom to open up cellar. I *was* gonna go to the poop deck (huh huh) but I still cant equip those bloody fledges. now I can. and 11 turns? superlikely my ass!
1-13 drink a flat champagne, eat 2 desiccated apricots
13-11 open up belowdecks. hang out a bit to see if I can't snag some cool stuff. like the sailing adventure. which is the very next adventure. win! this makes up for that crap in the ballroom taking 11 turns about a minute ago (or 5 minutes, because I get distracted).
11-1 crap! forgot to switch to fairy and I fought a grungy pirate. yay he still dropped the guitarrr! and then a 2nd one drops also a guitarr. make the talisman! and Pikachu is now 7 lbs, so this makes me happy.
1-0 palindome. hoping for booze from an evil olive, but instead get the photograph of god.
0-3 gross. imp ales.
3-0 palindome. remember to take fairy out this time. get the ostrich egg.
0-3 drink some sake as a nightcap. sell off the imp ale before I ever touch it again.

I'm still happy with how today went. 2 days in a row that I feel good about... that's a bad omen, probably. but I *will* need to start generating more turn count if I still wanna hit 13 days

level 11 109/61/66
116 turns today, 948 total
10152 meat on hand

to-do list
-Kill Spookyraven ASAP
-farm ingredients for 3 scrolls of AFUE (2 for cocktail summons, 1 for meat demon)
-palindome, set up Dr. Awkward
-open oasis
-... ... unlock hidden temple (fuck)
-pray for 13 day ascension
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Day 10 of "I'll be on a plane in 12-ish hours"

so. con! which gives me not much time to play all my accounts, pack, clean house, and sleep. naturally, sleep will be the first thing omitted to compensate for time.

46-34 oh, boooo blood of the wereseal SUCKS today. but it's good enough. Grab brother smoether's buff and gather up wines. my first three wines... match none of the symbols. assballs! at least the good one won't get used up to open the chamber. I get frustrated fairly quickly with my lack of luck, and even try zapping. when that doesn't work, I keep on adventuring.
34-52 drink all the good wine while I remember what it is
52-51 buff myself up, just like ElGrande. get my muscle over 100. a lot over 100. 156 over 100, to be exact. use an oil of parrrlay and can of black paint. and... apparently having moderate resists just destroys spookyraven's ability to do anything. including not getting his ass kicked, because I do just that.
51-43 well, I'm still buffed, so... palindome again. with some luck! get everything I want and get the book
43-41 find Mr. Alarm
41-39 BM meat adventure? ok. bird rib? win! (I already had lion oil)
39-36 now I take a gander at my to-do list... and... before I rebuff, I wanna do the stupid crappy crap. starting with opening the oasis
36-32 next, opening the hidden temple
32-12 and now to open the hidden city. this upset me
12-7 haunted library, to make those scrolls. get enough for 2, use one to summon the booze demon
7-44 drink some real drinks!
44-0 open up the pyramid. bad luck with drum machines, good luck with consumables. and I didn't actually open the pyramid. superlikely my ass.
0-57 eat 2 fishy fish casseroles, centipede eggs, 3 savoy truffles, and a fortune cookie. lucky number = ... 7. again. sweet!
57-51 get the last worm riding manual page(s) and the hooks
51-50 get Mega Gem
50-49 get pet snacks (omg omg i'm excited I didn't mess up a semi-rare!)
49-24 filthy knitted dreadsack. hobo gloves. snarl of the timberwolf. spiked femur. hidden city! oh man, things destroy me! use a bottle of alcohol and many attacks to finish off the boss
24-23 kill Dr. Awkward, and make the staff!
23-18 upper chambers. cleesh the asps because holy CRAP they suck. actually, everything in here sucks when my buffed moxie is 105. and I'm also full on spleen. uh oh!
18-0 middle chambers. because getting my ass kicked by lesser monsters wasn't enough. turn the wheel 5 times, got the token. and saved lots of grief by using tongue/ancient magi wipes to heal HP and then MP.
0-9 supernova champagne to end the day.

I made a LOT more progress today than I could have hoped/imagined. wow. 13 days is so much more within my reach now.

level 11 119/72/79 (3421 of 4809)
158 turns today (happy!) for 1106 total
12579 meat. which amazes me that I have *more* than yesterday, since I spent thousands on blood of the wereseal

to-do list
-don't screw up
-finish off Ed
-start war
-flyers in HitS, and ... uhh... the other place... 8-Bit realm
-more flyers in the filthworms/gremlins

P.S. chances are, there will be no day 11 or 12 log. We'll see. If not, I'll summarize it later, and there will be a day 13 of victory!
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DAY 11

There is no day 11. I never logged on, because I was at KoL Con with my clan, celebrating my birthday and drinking myself into oblivion. Best weekend ever.
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Day I'm not sure

sorry to disappoint, El, but yeah. I'm gonna fail, hard. I didn't even eat or drink the day I missed. oh well, 13 days still reasonable. maybe. hopefully. c'mon, to-do list! but good things! my friend let me borrow the new OotS book, so I have that to play with

95-82 well, I already failed the first thing of my to do list. ok, what's next? ed. alright. If I remember... I turned the wheel 5 times. so time to press onward! Blood of the wereseal is better than it was 2 days ago. bitchin'. things get deaded in one hit with a thrust smack.
82-75 grab pikachu (I'm not changing the name) and leave ed wishing he weren't undying. ok, so I'm not even level 12 yet. damn.
75-72 try and get a lime. get a cherry. try and zap into a lime. get a lime. happy!
72-55 grab the lime, and gallery for to level up. also: gauze shorts. freakin' lovely right now. and wow, I still remember the gallery path. I also get the dreams and lights effect, and cast snarl of the timberwolf. a lot. BORON! level 12!
55-34 fuck. I accidentally bought 13 bloods of the wereseal instead of three. but you know what? I will use them all. 15 turns of nothing, then all three drop quick. and holy hell I am getting pounded into dust here.
34-15 ok, so the hippy disguise's low DA is replaced with the frat warrior outfit. I take significantly less damage. it went from "holy crap I'm gonna die" to "ouch! damn! stop hitting me!" but it's helpful nonetheless.
15-74 summon booze demon, drink 3 advanced cocktails (I love this!) and 2 supernova champagnes. and a can of swiller.
74-59 grab the fliers, head out to the HitS. also grab the pixie's moxie buff, and do what I can to alleviate HP loss (gauze shorts. oh man restoring HP after combat is lovely, and i will take any help I can get). this includes picking up Sloth. I get bored with this quickly, and move elsewhere
59-40 elsewhere! the 8-bit realm. this is cool, because now the gauze shorts are actually healing me enough that I gain HP. and then cata messes up a semirare and that reminds me that I have one coming up
40-41 fortune cookie! (24, 19) my guess will be 24, but I will still try 19
41-34 get a digital key (wow, that was FAST) and also a red pixel potion. (12 or 17)
34-22 HitS again. I use 6 STARS AND 4 LINES to make a STAR STARFISH. take a break for...
22-21 semi-ra... wait, no. it's not. so like, 4 more turns
21-8 I need one more star. and can't get one. It frustrates me enough to make me miss the semi-rare. so, yeah. I suck. I could just edit out all the stuff above about semi-rares to make it look like I didn't actually try and fail, but that's less fun.
8-56 eat: super kabob (got the parts from non-combat choices from the frat house), 4 unidentified jerkies, lemon pie
56-48 filthworms. one word: fast.
48-42 gremlins. get 1 tool, and flyering is on its last leg. I run out of spleen though, so I'm calling it quits today
42-37 I lied. I'm not quite done, there's one thing I can accomplish. Haunted Library, farm pieces for a 3rd scroll of whatever evil something
37-42 martini nightcap. hurray! It's a moxie drink!

ok, so, still finishable. very little RNG reliance now, until the tower. I should have a decent amount of turns for the tower, enough to have a shot at 13 days

level 12 134/81/88
1272 turns total, 166 today
42 turns banked (it's ok if you bank today now, math)
510 meat

P.S. used my manual of labor. so, let's look at my past notes!
day 1: 20
day 2: 40
day 3: 100
day 4: 40
day 5: 20
day 6: ????
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Post by JewDude2 »

day 13 of "damn I need to ascend NOW"

oh CRAP! I didn't make a to-do list! well, last thing I did before giving up was gremlins. that seems like the logical place to start (even though my logic is flawed. always.)

85-81 gremlins: done. flyering: not
81-67 well, let's get creative! dress up in hippy gear and fight some ducks while flyering. grab my leprechaun, too. for the meat (that's what she said). flyers: done! ducks: more than half done, so I'll finish it when it opens as frat. I'm ready for war!
67-32 kill things. there's a few beatens up in here. oh, and MEAT! PRECIOUS MEAT! from the hippy stand. open up the nuns
32-4 summon meat demon. inhaler. knob goblin nasal spray. leprechaun at 10 lbs. take a look at some old BM logs and remember winklered exists. killing the nuns and having these free heals will make me happy in pants. this took kinda long :cry:
4-43 drinky drinky!
43-0 plow onwards with the war. and holy shit. elder shapersons hit HARD. I'm not even going to bother separating out when I do the ducks. but needless to say, I do the ducks.
0-33 eat nutty organic salad + beer basted brat
33-27 clear battlefield. remember to cash in my quarters at the last second, and demolish Wisniewski. and by "demolish wisniewski" I mean "get my ass kicked, thoroughly."
27-26 let's try again. with moar buffz0rZ!. my antique spear broke. fuck.
26-25 try again, with a real weapon. win!
25-0 gallery. extra stingy with non-combats. by which I mean I get one.
0-13 beer brat
13-12 RAWR! level 13!
12-4 get some gum
need a broken skull, so I spend about 3000 meat making pies to blow up my chef
4-0 get some hedge maze puzzles
0-13 eat 2 lemon pies
13-11 hedge maze, complete!
11-1 bronzed locust, check. can of hairspray, check. chaos butterfly, check. razor sharp can lid, check. frigid ninja stars... nope. then, yes. stick of dynamite, check
1-0 shadow somehow kills me? I don't quite understand how 175 + 177 damage = 455, but it killed me. either way, I couldn't fight the NS

this is depressing

level 13 149/92/98
1455 turns total
3 meat on hand
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Day one too many!

at least I get to finish BM forever now, until there's some sort of amazing incentive

40-39 kill the shadow
39-14 GODDAMMIT! I need a barrrnacle. I coulda sworn I had one, too. well, looks like ascending yesterday was NOT possible, even if I had the extra 2 turns. sad.
14-4 level up barrrnacle, and then cocoabo. for the spurs
4-0 lose 4 times
0-37 drink 3 boilermakers
37-35 ooooook. so it's obvious I'm getting my ass kicked.
35-14 8-bit, to gather red potions
14-0 gallery, to get some more muscle. and a level for my cocoabo
0-17 drink
17-15 FINALLY! had to use all 6 pixel potions and all 6 boomboxen (had more, but wasted 'em on wisniewski. Otherwise I would have killed the NS sooner, probably. kinda bummed about being forced into conservation)

09/29/08 09:53:56 PM - Welcome back to the Kingdom of Loathing. Noob.

too many days, 1534 turns
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