phel's BM Seal Clubber 12/1578

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phel's BM Seal Clubber 12/1578

Post by phel »

Goal: Lucre, lucre, lucre ? my last BM run netted 10; I should get at least that. I also want to finish in 13-14 days. As an experiment, I'm going to avoid SC combat skills.

Day one: Boozember 1. Halloween: random mutated monsters. Moxie day.

10/28/08 12:22:50 AM - Welcome back to the Kingdom of Loathing. Noob.
Visit Toot; add the smoldering box to my collection. Whee.
Activate BHH: hobo gristle.
Activate gourd quest.
Activate Doc Galaktik's quest.
[1-3] Sleazy back alley.
[4] Mutant saguaro. Beat me up and 10 turns of really quite poisoned. Now that's just mean.
[5] Rest at campground. My total net worth: 17 meat.
[6-19] Sleazy back alley. Chronologically pummelled on [8]; giving me 1/1/12. Level 2 on [19].
[20] Guild test 1. Buy Pride, Newbiesport tent. Order 2x imp ale.
[21-30] Sleazy back alley. Poisoned by a spider on [22]; is it poison day? Slug lord on [26]; got his pants. Level 3 on [30]. Lots of wine, but I'll need meat for food.
[31] Spooky forest. Accordion first, then spices.
[32] Mutant saguaro. Well played, RNG, well played. Sigh. Beaten up and poisoned.
[33-35] Sleazy back alley.
[36-42] Spooky forest. Order 3x imp ale.
[43-50] Spooky forest. Larva on [43]. Chester on [44]. Unicorns on [50]. Order 2x Beelzeburger. Level 4.
[51-53] Sewer. 2 worthless items; get seal tooth and volleyball. Buy terrarium.
[54-80] (Volleyball) Sleazy back alley. Order 2x Beelzeburger on [59]. Mutant fire ants, beaten up, poisoned (of course) on [65]. Drink 3x mad train wine. Order 1x Beelzeburger. Finally finish bounty.
[81-83] Guild test 2. Buy hammer, smith epic weapon.
Overdrink on mad train wine.
Buff hella smooth.
Activate untinkerer quest.

Final stats: 19/4/7. Awful luck on the bounty: 55 in the alley, choosing to not use an adventure where I had the option. I never once got the 'punch a hobo' choice adventure.
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Post by phel »

Day two: Boozember 2. Halloween: random mutated monsters.

Activate BHH: bloodstained briquettes
[84-90] Outskirts. Encryption key on [87]. Minioned on [90].
[91-92] Guild tests 3 and 4.
[93-127] Outskirts. Mutant fire ants on [93]: poisoned, beaten up. Got a couple of chefs' hats. Level 5 on [98]. Mutants on [121]: poisoned, ran away. Finally finish bounty. Trade for and drink gourd potion. Order 2x Beelzeburgers.
[128-138] Degrassi Knoll. Screwdriver on [132]. Drink 2x Willers. Order 2x Beelzeburgers.
[139-142] Barrels. Rum and cola, whiskey and soda, asplode, bloody mary. Sweet.
[143-147] Degrassi Knoll. Beanie. Eyepatch. Drink 2 barrel drinks.
[148] Degrassi Knoll. All meatcar parts.
[149] Sewer. Worthless item, get sweet rims. Build meatcar, open desert. Untinker meatcar.
[150] South of the Border. Mutant rattlesnake. Poisoned for 10, run away.
[151] Degrassi Knoll. Duhhh.
[152-154] Dude Ranch. Dy-na-mite.
[155-159] Haunted Pantry. Cookie: 152, 9, 227. Drink 3x Willers, whiskey and soda.
[160-166] Haunted Pantry. Dolphin King on [163], done. Manor open.
[167] Tavern Basement.
[168] Outskirts: semi-rare. Eat the pasty. Huh, I forgot to get Envy earlier; got it.
[169-175] Tavern Basement. Cookie on [174]: 119, 262, 165. Semi-rare on [339].

Overdrink on mad train wine.
Buff hella smooth.

Final stats: 27/6/13. Bounty was average, with a gourd potion bonus. I hoped to save a barrel drink as a nightcap, or get lucky with the rat tap.
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Post by phel »

Day three: Boozember 3. Halloween: random mutated monsters

Activate BHH: greasepaint tubes. Perfect.
[176-185] Fun House. Mutants on [177], ran away before poison this time. And ran away again on [178] using the backtick. Ugh.
[186-188] Island Getaway. Tropical orchid.
[189-212] Fun House. Level 6 on [192]. Bungguard on [196]. Mutant on [209], ran away. Beat up by Beelzebozo.
[213-214] Worthless item; I'll hold for dinghy planks later.
[215] Haiku Dungeon.
[216-218] Fun House. Defeat Beelzebozo. Smith LEW. Drink 2x Knob Coffee.
[219-221] Ski Resort. Barbed-wire fence. Hmm, I need meat.
[222-226] South of the Border. Beaten-senseless. Order Beelzeburger.
[227-232] Dude Ranch. Dinghy planks from hermit; build dinghy dingy.
[233-234] Mix and drink 2x whiskey sours.
[235-245] Fun House. Mutant on [236]; ran away.
[246] Mix and drink wine spritzer. Order 2x Beelzeburger.
[247-257] Fun House. Finished bounty. Stupid clowns. Order 2x Beelzeburger.
[258-261] Tavern Basement. Rat tap off.
[262-264] Haiku Dungeon. Mutant on [262]: killed it! No drops though. Got gravy.
[265-276] Knob Kitchens. Kelfed on [269]. Lab key. Drink whiskey sour.
Overdrink on whiskey sour.
Buff hella smooth.

Final stats: 37/12/20. Not a great day; that bounty took entirely too many turns. Stupid RNG.
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Post by phel »

Day 4: Boozember 4. Halloween: random mutated monsters.

Change of plans: BM kitty contest was announced, so I'll be skipping lucre and just trying to finish.

[277-] Knob kitchens. Mutant on [287]. Mushroom on [295]. Finally.
[296] cook and use pregnant mushroom.
[297-310] (Fairy) Cemetary. Key on [301]; back to guild to open tower. Braaains on [303]. One smart skeleton, one smart skull.
[311-324] Fernswarthy's Tower. Level 7 on [313]. Side affected on [316]. Mutant on [317]. One brainsweeper, no drop. Drink whiskey sour.
[325-326] Mix and drink 2x bloody mary.
[327-336] Fernswarthy's tower. Two brainsweepers, no drops.
[337] Cook and eat jumping bean burrito.
[338-339] Ferswarthy's Tower.
[340] Sleazy back alley. Semi-rare.
[341-3] Ferswarthy's Tower. Drink 2x fortified wine. Mutant on [347]. Only brainsweeper on [352]; got the drop. Buy Gluttony. Make chef-in-a-box; cook and eat 4x lemon pie.
[353-367] Dark Elbow. Not enough turns (20 + 3 drunk) left for steel liver, so I'll try to make a bartender. Butterknife.
[368-375] Fernswarthy's Tower. Mutant on [374]; bedsheet! Brainsweeper on [375], no drop.
[376] Trick-or-treat.
[377] Defiled Nook. Smart skull from a spiny skelelton.
[378-383] Fernswarthy's Tower. Got the brain.
[384-385] Tavern. Leprechaun, but no goggles. Drink fortified wine.
[386-392] (Volley) Dark Heart.
Overdrink on giant glass of brandy. Heh, LARP card gives a discount in Hell's Kitchen.
Buff hella smooth.
BHH: Spooky Forest (might do tomorrow, while opening temple)

Final stats: 44/20/26. A poor performance: no steel liver yet; no bartender; no guild skills.
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Post by phel »

Day 5: Boozember 5.

[393-422] Spooky Forest. Goals: bounty, cut in half, and temple. Opened temple at [400] with 2/3 triffids. Bounty on [415], torso on [422]. Seemed long.
[423-427] (Fairy) Guano Junction. One sonar; briefcase.
[428-431] Dark Heart. Candles.
[432-437] Dark Neck. Wussiness potion. Ruby W. Dodecagram.
[438-440] Friars' Gate. Cooked and ate lemon, strawberry, ghoul and lich pies. Cookie: 186, 214, 67: semi-rare on [507].
[441-467] Friars' Gate. Unicorn on [447]. Lollipop on [457]. Tutu on [467]. Are they always 10 adventures apart? I should probably read up on this.
[468-469] (Fairy) Whitey's Grove.
[470-475] Barrels. Seltzer, lotion, asplode, 3 drinks. Drink them.
[476] Whitey's Grove. Road opened.
[477] Friars' Gate. Steel Margarita.
[478-479] Tavern. Beer lenses; make bartender.
[477-500] Whitey's Grove. Maid Disservice. Mix 3x wine spritzers, drink one and a schlitz. Eat hot wing.
Overdrink on white lightning.
Buff hella smooth.
Buff Corsican.

Final stats: 49/29/30. Not a great day.
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Post by phel »

Day 6: Boozember 6.

No convenient BHH today; activate arcanodiodes for later.
Drink 6x white lightning. Yee-haw.
[501-506] Whitey's Grove. Mullet wig. Poisoned by a whitesnake.
[507] Outskirts. Lunchbox.
[508-520] Whitey's Grove. Lion oil. Bird rib. Cook wet stew.
[521] Guano Junction.
[522-555] Road to White Citadel. Dread sack x2. Rabbit's foot.
[556-566] Greater-than Sign. Level 8 on [558]. Plus sign on [559]. Q on [566].
[567] Haunted Kitchen. Leftovers, that's kind of nice.
[568] Haunted Conservatory.
[569] Harem.
[570] Defiled Niche.
[571] Dire Warren.
[572-578] Greater-than Sign. Q.
[579] Frat House.
[580] South of the Border.
[581] Hippy camp.
[582] Spooky Forest.
[583] Pirate's Cove.
[584-587] Greater-than Sign. Q. Oracle on [587]. Cook and eat rat appendix stir-fry; 2x spooky stir-fry.
[588-591] (Volley) Daily Dungeon. Opened 3, skipped 6. To save an adventure, I need another key. My OAF would be proud.
[592-593] (Fairy) Defiled Nook.
[594-595] Daily Dungeon. Sneaky Pete's key.
[596-604] Dungeons of Doom. Poisoned by bees (twice in the same adventure). Mimic on [604]; zap for hippy pants.
[605-608] Guano Junction. Open Boss Bat chamber. Drink thermos of coffee.
[609-613] (Leprechaun) Boss Bat's Lair. Buffed Hella Smooth and Brother Corsican first.
Dammit, forgot to bank FoB turns for tomorrow. Oh well.
Cook and eat 2x lemon pie. Eat knob pasty, cookie: 66, 142, 260: semi-rare after [679].
Overdrink on white lightning. 24 adventures unused.

Final stats: 54/35/36. Lots of room for improvement, I think. I should have used early teleportitis on DD/mining/etc.
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Post by phel »

Day 7: Boozember 7. Eat, eat, eat!

Drink 6x white lightning. Yes, again.
Read guild book (1/5).
[614] (Fairy) Beanbat Chamber.
[615-637] Harem. Extra-tough darkness on [618], must be a Boris.
[638] (Volley) Knob King.
[639-647] Daily Dungeon. I do this early in case I need to zap for a key. Jarlsburg's key!
[648-657] Defiled Nook. Cranberry Sauce on [650]; that might be my new favourite monster. 3 noncoms in a row, I took the moxie.
[658-672] Defiled Cranny. Only one nap. Is there a way to speed things up here?
[673-679] Defiled Niche. Shouldn't that be spelled nihce? More cranberry sauce on [675].
[680] Knob Kitchens. KGE outfit.
[681-687] Defiled Niche.
[688-696] Defiled Alcove. Two noncoms to start, nice. Dead guy's watch, good.
[697-709] (Fairy) Mine. He wants chrome, I should have got this yesterday. D'oh. More cranberry sauce on [706].
[710-720] Mine (in disguise).
[721] Goatlet.
[722-728] Haunted Billiards Room. Eat 4x cranberry sauce (12 full).
[729-742] Haunted Library. Stuffing on [739]. Hmm, only one inkwell ? should I make a scroll for drink summoning (no meat demon name)? I'll decide later, but probably yes.
[743-782] Goatlet. Buff Burrito. Candied yams on [774]. That took forever, I should've sniffed them. Reminder to self, consider sniffing for speed runs.
[783-792] Pirates' Cove. Eat yams and stuffing (18 full).
[793-797] Haunted Bedroom. 5 combats in a row? I'm missing something here. Wasted turns.
[798-838] Barrrney's Barrr. Yams on [803]. Level 9 on [808]; zork it up. Cook and eat omelette. Eat yams (25 full). Six insults gathered. Booty crab; catburgled; pong (four fails). Tofurkey on [833].
[839] Hmm, I better eat a cookie: 165, 249, 34; after [872].
[840-865] Valley. (Fairy) after a few fights. 4 pr0ns in a row at one point, then two adding machines; who broke the rng? Eat tofurkey leg. Drink Knob coffee. Yams on [865].
11 adventures left; no more boris monsters.
Overdrink on white lightning (last one).
Zap 30669 into 33398. Perfect, just need a machine.
Equip chrome, dgw.

Final stats: 73/50/55. Better.
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Post by phel »

Day 8: Boozember 8

Hey, new IOTM. Maybe I'll get that and stick it in my display case, never to be used, like the others I have.
Did I not hella buff yesterday? Oh well. 60 adventures.
Read guild book.
[866-870] Haunted Library. Freaked out.
[871-872] (Volley) Haunted Conservatory.
[873] Outskirts. Lunchbox.
[874-881] Haunted Conservatory. I should have looked for the key much earlier.
[882-885] Valley. Sell facsimile, buy Eye of the Stoat, Claws of the Otter, Hide of the Otter, Hide of the Walrus.
[886] Haert of the Cyrpt.
[887-897] F'c'le. Mop on [887] (Fairy) on [890]. I'm a bit slow. Polish on [891]. Shampoo on [896]. No barrrnacle though. Oh well. To bad I can't wear these fledges yet.
Hmmm, it's a muscle day tomorrow. I think I'll just eat and overdrink now and save adventures.
Eat yams, stir-fry, gravy, 2x pasty, lemon pie, goat cheese pizza.
Drink 3x aged brandy, 3x rotgut, knob coffee, 4x whiskey sour.
Buff hella smart.
Buff Corsican.
Equip chrome, dgw.
Zap N into A.

Final stats: 76/53/58; 128 adventures saved. I'm beginning to realise that saving adventures helps optimise the run, but I like to 'loathe' every day if I can.
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Post by phel »

Day 9: Dougtember 1. Muscle day.

Cubist bulls are on tap at the BHH; activate.
Read guild book.
Zork it up with eerie glow.
Open dagon's chest.
Hmmm, I only have 1/5 familiars and I won't 'run across' any more. That's a problem.
Eat a cookie: 2, 170, 160. Could be either of the high numbers.
[898-907] Haunted Bedroom. I need the +5 noncoms.
[908-915] Haunted Ballroom.
[916-1011] Haunted Gallery. I'd like to get partway through level 11 here. Found muscle boost and level 10 on third trip, [935]. Buffed hella smart. Bounty on [964], a bit slow. Level 11 on [977]. Stopped after 1200/4800.
[1012-1032] Airship. Umbrella, ella ella, ay, ay: finished trapzor.
[1033-1069] (Fairy) Castle. D and G; back to (Volley). Used butterfly. Inhaler on [1058].
[1070-1073] Black Forest. Eat manetwich. Buy documents, 2x paint.
[1074-1076] Shore. Headache. Eat 3x lemon pie, creamsicle, blackberry, cookie: 155, 259, 294.
[1077-1080] Poop Deck. Cannonball charm, nice.
[1081-1095] Belowdecks. Guitarrr, convenient.
[1096-1100] Desert.
[1101-1103] Inexplicable Door.
[1104-37] Oasis & Desert. Drink 6x daiquiris, cream stout. Buff burrito. Seemed long.
[1138-1139] Palindome. Cook wet stunt stew.
Equip chrome, dgw.
Zap caviar into black pepper.
Overdrink on supernova.

Final stats: 123/69/77. Guess I spent too long in the gallery; I levelled up more than expected afterwards.
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Post by phel »

Day 10: Dougtember 2. Muscle day.

No good bounties.

[1140-1163] Palindome. Level 12 in here somewhere, or was that yesterday? Wow, for some reason I grabbed papayas twice instead of stats. Oops. I should stop watching post-election news? I should also open the orchard and then come back. Hmmm, I really overlevelled.
[1164-1182] Hippy Camp. Two combats which were tough.
[1183-1194] Frat House. War started with no turns left ugh. Eat 3x cactus fruit.
[1195-1198] Hatching Chamber.
[1199-1205] Feeding Chamber.
[1206-1213] Guards' Chamber. I was getting worried there.
[1214] (Leprechaun) Queenie. Yay, plums. Cook and eat 3x Crimbo pies. Chef is making noises.
[1215-1219] Inexplicable Door. Buff Corsican. A few more leprechaun pounds?
[1220-1223] Cemetary. Braaaaaaains.
[1224-1233] Themthar hills. Buff hella smooth, etc? one inhaler only. Got half the meat. I usually do this much later, and buy greed for it. Oh well.
[1234-1235] Daily Dungeon. Checking for potato. Nope.
[1236-1247] Hidden Temple.
[1248-1250] Menagerie level 2. Crap, I must have miscounted. Dammit.
[1251-1267] Hidden Temple. Drink 9x plum wine. This took forever!
[1268] Palindome. I'm not sure why I jumped around so much.
[1269-1270] Laboratory.
[1271] Palindome. I'll think of caribou barbie whenever I read that now.
[1272-1278] Haunted Ballroom.
[1279-1299] (Fairy) Hidden City.
[1300-1302] Barn. Drink fine wine.
Overdrink on plum wine.
Equip chrome, dgw.

Final stats: 138/83/91. Poor day today. Should finish in two days.
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Post by phel »

Day 11: Doughtember 3.

Activate BHH: corks. Meh, you never know.
Read guild book, since I forgot to on the stat day. Ugh.
Cookie: 36, 185, 116. I think 116.
[1303-1320] Nuns. Hella smooth, etc. 27 total turns, meh.
[1321-1327] Barn.
[1328-1332] Pond.
[1333-1337] (Mosquito) Back 40.
[1338-1342] Other back 40.
[1343-1367] Battlefield. Eat 4x peach pies, brown sugar.
[1368-1384] (Fairy) Junkyard. Stupid AMCs.
[1385-1387] Daily Dungeon. No potato.
[1388-1404] Battlefield. Drink 5x peach schnapps. Flyering time. Areas left: pixels, wine, pyramid, stars; and battlefield and tower.
[1405-1423] Inexplicable Door. Fire flower. Crap, crap, crap. Now I have to find _and_ level familiars.
[1424-1431] Wine Cellar. Buffed smothers. Drink 4x peach schnapps, fine wine.
[1432] (Mosquito) Spookyraven.
[1433-1434] Upper Chamber. Yes, I was poisoned here.
[1435-1457] Middle Chamber. Token on [1442], level 13 on [1445], bomb on [1454].
Overdrink on peach schnapps.
Equip chrome, dgw.
Zap for = of increase damage.

Final stats:. Way too much gallery levelling. I still only have 1/5 familiars. The RNG will determine whether I finish tomorrow; I'll have to arena level to 10 for each familiar. Oh dear.
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Day 12: Doughtember 4. Yuletide.

Read book.
[1458-1463] Middle Chamber.
[1464-1470] Ed.
[1471-1486] (Fairy) Hole in the Sky.
[1487-1488] Daily Dungeon. No potato.
[1489-1518] Hole in the Sky. On [1500], finished flyering and had enough stars and lines, but still need 2 charts. Changed to (Mosquito). Eat 4x peach pie. Slow. In a contest, extract the astronomers first and come back for the stars/lines later. 21 extra lines.
[1519-1536] Battlefield.
[1537] The Man. Finished the war with 2010 substats, so that's over 40 adventures wasted earlier, likely closer to 60. Well, at least I know where to shave time next run.
Gates of Morose, Intrigue, Not a Gate. Need handsomeness, and I better get sgeea first.
[1538-1541] (Fairy) South of the border.
[1543] Airship.
[1544- 1549] Hedge Maze. Drink 5x peach schnapps. 5 adventures for the key; 1 to finish.
[1550] Rorschach. Good think I didn't make that scroll!
[1551] Dan Brown.
[1552] Burgertime.
[1554-1557] Signs. Sigh, of course. Off to oasis and desert. Hey, first fight! After BM adventure though.
[1558] Safari.
[1559] Zombie canary. 10 turns, not bad considering which I was missing. Hmm, it's been almost 160 turns since that last semi-rare... I should eat a cookie.
[1560] Shadow. Took 5 poultices ? I only have one left. Uhoh. First familiar is a Goat! Yay! My mosquito is 18/19 to level 10, so...
[1561] Arena. I could have saved this turn by mosquitoing the tower. Buff pet spray and primal. Second familiar is the lime (since the DD had kept it from me, of course).
[1562-1564] Haunted conservatory. Third adventure! The RNG is kind. Eat cookie: 174, 291, 31. So, at [1595]: I have 2 fullness, nine drunkenness, and 8 adventures. I should get level 5+glasses+pet spray+primal, first. 17 turns of primal.
[1565-1574] Arena. Eat jerky. Drink glyph 4. Lead necklace, no problem
[1575-1578] (Potato) Her Naughtiness. I've no healing items, so I'll lose a few times first.

Ended up with 5 lucre.

Things to not do next time: mess up cookies; overlevel.
Things to do better next time: healing items after the war.
Things to maybe try next time: farming limes.

Comments, criticism, and suggestions are more than welcome.
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