phel's BM SC 12/1812 crimbokitty

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phel's BM SC 12/1812 crimbokitty

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I'm posting this 'log' because a few people have asked me too. Frankly, I consider it a rather poor run, with lots of mistakes; and eating nothing but nanite-infested food allowed a constant supply of HP and MP. If it looks like a fast run, it's just an illusion.

During crimbo, Shockeroo and Hardware ran 7-day BM. A whole bunch of people ran 8-day BM. Pantsless ran a 9-day 99.9% evil teddy bear BM (I regret not having thought to try something similar). Each of those runs is much better than this one, and those players certainly have my admiration.

Even as far as kitty runs go, this one was only 19th overall; most of the quicker ones didn't cheat and use crimbo. I consider that RNG swing, especially for the level 13 quest, can easily affect the length of a run. I try to minimise potential swing where possible.

I ascended with both moons full: the plan was to use muscle days on day one and two to their fullest, and see if I could use Oyster Egg day on Day 2 to good effect.

Day 1

First, I opened most days of my advent calandar: 2 knuckles, one garrotte, 7 cars, and the plastics.
[1]-[38] Noob Cave. Level 2 in there; black kitten.
[39] Guild Challenge
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake
[40]-[43] Spooky Forest.
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
You learned a new skill: Pride
[44]-[73] Spooky Forest. Larvae, unicorns, temple, and torso (which took a long time). I missed a chance to grab a triffid bounty here. that was one of my many mistakes.
[74]-[80] Haunted Pantry
[81]-[84] Outskirts of The Knob
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat
Buy and drink 1 Black and Tan and Red All Over for 75 Meat
[85]-[90] Outskirts of The Knob
[91]-[100] Typical Tavern Quest
[100] Guild Challenge
[101]-[109] Degrassi Knoll
Buy and drink 1 Black and Tan and Red All Over for 75 Meat
Sometime today I also ought Envy. I usually do before Pride. I also bought Hide of the Otter. My nightcap was a lazy misclick; I might have gotten a few more adventures.

Day 2

Level 4.
[110]-[111] Degrassi Knoll
[112]-[113] Sewer. Meatcar.
[114]-[119] Degrassi Knoll. BM meat, and the a few adventures for a second spring. Why, no, I never did build any innaboxes.
[120]-[132] Outskirts of The Knob. Looking for a chef's hat here, for the chef-innabox which I'll later never build. Why yes, today _is_ Oyster Egg Day; yes, I bought a basket; no, I never equipped it.
[133]-[134] Sewer.
[135]-[136] Smithed epic weapon.
[137]-[139] Fun House. Why? Maybe I was looking for a bugbear outfit for pie cookery. Maybe I wanted boxes for the innaboxes. Maybe both.
[140]-[141] Guild Challenge. Need herbs.
[142]-[157] Fun House.
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat
Buy and drink 1 Black and Tan and Red All Over for 75 Meat. That's 14 dunkeness, right?
[158]-[173] Haunted Billiards Room. Took a while to get the key. Level 5 on 167. Now, since I just ATE to fullness, I should go to the tavern for lenses, right?
[174] Tavern. No lenses on the first turn, so...
[175] Drunken Stupor. On a mainstat day. On a holiday. Does that count as two big mistakes, or three?
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
78 adventures unplayed.

Day 3

Level 5.
[176]-[181] The Don's Crimbo Compound. Exactly half the storyline was cmpleted before this run started. I'm looking for Crimbux here to turn into meat, tiny plastics and certain foods. Most foods get sold. I won't bother detailing any more than that. It's worth mentioning though that I intended on finishing, and did finish, the crimbo storyline during this run. I realise here that I forgot to eat a cookie, so I do, and get a hit in 3. Lucky.
[182]-[184] Cemetary. You know, to open up the tower, to get brains.
[185] Outskirts of The Knob. Encounter: Lunchboxing. At least something went right.
[186] Cemetary.
[187]-[224] Fernswarthy's Ruins. Lots of turns here to get two brains, which I think I autosold on day 11. sigh.
[225]-[232] Knob Goblin Harem. Bought Tongue of the Otter in here somewhere.
[233]-[255] Guano Junction. 3 sonars, took a while.
Ate a fortune cookie, ate a pasty.
[256]-[260] Typical Tavern. Lenses.
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat
drink 2 thermos full of Knob coffee
drink 1 herringcello
[261] Beanbat Chamber
[262]-[318] 8-Bit Realm. Level 6 on 288. Digital key. I should have left this until I could guarantee 3 pixels per mob.
[319] Dark Elbow of the Woods. Ran away, too tough.
[320]-[322] Knob Goblin Harem
[323]-[328] Bat Hole Entryway. Encounter: Onna Stick
[329]-[334] Knob Goblin Harem. Beaten up.
Skill: Gluttony.
Buy and eat 1 Halibut Alfredo for 75 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Halibut Alfredo for 75 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Halibut Alfredo for 75 Meat
[335] Muscle Vacation
[338]-[339] Knob Goblin Harem. Outfit and perfume.
[340]-[341] Dark Elbow of the Woods. Beaten up.
[342]-[346] Boss Bat's Lair. Cleared.
[347]-[358] The Don's Crimbo Compound
[359] Knob Goblin Kitchens. Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain. Kitty batted the helmet.
[360]-[371] The Don's Crimbo Compound
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat

I should have eaten and drank the nanite foods to gain the stats from them, and sacrificed the few extra adventures from the crimbo cafe. That would have significantly brought down my turncount and increased my survivability greatly.

Day 4

Level 6. I realise here that I am going to eat nanite food from here on out and my efforts for innaboxes were wasted. Or were they completely? You acquire 4-d camera (2).
[372]-[373] The Don's Crimbo Compound
[374]-[400] Whitey's Grove. Bird rib, lion oil, half-completed bounty, Maid disservice.
[401] Muscle Vacation
[404] Dark Elbow of the Woods
[405]-[410] South of the Border. Dead man's hand.
[411]-[413] Dark Elbow of the Woods
[414]-[422] Dark Heart of the Woods
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
Buy and eat 1 Red Herring Velvet Cake for 100 Meat
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat
Buy and drink 1 Black and Tan and Red All Over for 75 Meat
[423]-[443] Dark Neck of the Woods. Cleared.
[444]-[473] Friar's Gate. Level 7 on 454.
[474] Mysticality Vacation
[477]-[483] Defileds. I generally adventure in the crypt sublocations until I hit a choice adventure.
[484]-[490] The Don's Crimbo Compound
[491] Friar's Gate, steel liver.
Buy and drink 1 Antarctic Ice Tea for 100 Meat

Day 5

Level 7.
[492] White Citadel
[493] King's Chamber
[494]-[509] White Citadel. Why was I here? I don't know.
[522]-[510] Greater-Than Sign. Oracle on first teleportitis, so...
[523] Moxie Vacation. That's all three items.
[526] Muscle Vacation. Anticheese, how kind.
[529]-[530] Haunted Library. I seem to be unsettled and jumping around a lot, unsure of what to do next. A better plan would have helped.
[531]-[533] The Don's Crimbo Compound
[534] Menagerie 2. I must've eaten a cookie, because here are pet snacks.
[535]-[538] The Don's Crimbo Compound
[539]-[542] Unlucky Sewer
[543]-[685] The Don's Crimbo Compound. Ate a cookie and more cafe food. I was only getting 4-8 main substats per fight here. If I hadn't been interested in the storyline, skipping these fights might have saved me a couple of days, at least. Drank 2 arctics (+1 nightcap), 5 herringcellos. Got beaten up a lot more than I should. Dumb. Level 8 on 645.
Somewhere in there I bought Claws of the Otter, Thrust-smack, and Eye of the Stoat.

Day 6

[686]-[702] The Don's Crimbo Compound. cleared.
[710] Limerick Dungeon: cyclops eyedrops. This is a waste of a semirare. I must have been feeling lazy here and unconcerned with speedcount.
[703]-[743] Defileds and minibosses.
[744]-[750] Itznotyerzitz Mine. Outfit.
[751]-[757] Itznotyerzitz Mine. Ore.
[758] Goatlet
[759]-[767] Pirate Cove. Outfit.
[768]-[771] Frat House
[772]-[784] Defileds. Cleared.
Nightcap? maybe. I may have run out of time here.

Day 7

Level 8. I don't know when.
[785]-[804] South of the Border. I don't know why. Was I sightseeing around the kingdom?
[805] Whitey's Grove. huh?
Drink 3 Arctics, 1 black and white.
[806]-[812] Knob Goblin Treasury.
[813] Haert of the Cyrpt
[814]-[832] Goatlet. Cleared.
[833]-[837] Haunted Library. Stairs and start gallery quest
[838]-[847] Haunted Conservatory. Gallery unlocked.
[848]-[852] Dungeons of Doom. Zap wand.
[853]-[859] Daily Dungeon: Jarlsberg's key
Nightcap arctic

Day 8

Level 8.
[860]-[868] Daily Dungeon: Sneaky Pete's key
eat 1 fortune cookie, 14 nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear
[869]-[878] Haunted Bedroom. Level 9 on 878. Leaflet. 6 nanite-infested eggnog, 1 herringcello.
[879]-[884] Barrrney's Barrr
[885] Cap'm Caronch's Map
[886]-[899] Orc Chasm. SR on 886; cleared.
[900]-[914] Barrrney's Barrr
[915]-[935] F'c'le. Cleared.
[936]-[948] Haunted Bedroom. Cleared.
[949]-[955] Haunted Ballroom. Quartet.
[956]-[1033] Haunted Gallery. Level 10 on 981.
Buy and drink 1 Gin and Herring for 50 Meat. This was a mafia cheat; the cafe was actually gone.

Day 9

Level 10. Moxie bonus today and tomorrow.
eat 1 fortune cookie, eat 13 nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear
[1034]-[1058] Haunted Gallery
[1059]-[1070] Giant's Castle. Inhaler. Kitty always hates collecting the items here.
[1071] Knob Goblin Harem. Huh?
[1072]-[1080] Knob Goblin Treasury. I wanted that helmet for eyedrops, i think, but didn't get it.
[1081]-[1098] Giant's Castle.
[1099]-[1102] Knob Goblin Treasury. Oooh, i was burning cunctatitis here.
[1103]-[1107] Giant's Castle
[1108] Haunted Gallery. And here, but I was beaten up.
[1109]-[1113] Dungeons of Doom
[1114] Haunted Gallery
[1115]-[1118] Giant's Castle
[1119]-[1122] Haunted Gallery. Yup, sneezed on.
[1123]-[1129] Giant's Castle
[1130] Haunted Gallery. Level 11.
[1131]-[1148] Black Forest. Market. Drink 6 nanite-infested eggnog, herringcello.
[1149] Muscle Vacation
[1152]-[1158] Haunted Ballroom. Flat.
[1159]-[1161] Poop Deck. Swordfish.
[1162]-[1167] Belowdecks
[1168]-[1170] Desert (Unhydrated). Drongo.
[1171]-[1181] Hidden Temple. Cleared.
[1182]-[1191] Desert + Oasis.
Nightcap on nanite eggnog. Apart from the zone-jumping, things go pretty straightforwardly from here.

Day 10

Level 11.
[1192]-[1221] Desert + Oasis. Cleared.
eat 15 nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear. drink nanite eggnog.
[1222]-[1235] Giant's Castle.
[1236] Dungeons of Doom. Why?
[1237]-[1245] Hidden City. Spirits were killing me.
[1246]-[1250] Palindome. I love me.
[1251] Knob Goblin Kitchens. KGE finally. Should I have farmed the kitchens earlier and zapped for the third piece if necessary? Maybe that would have been better.
[1252]-[1301] Palindrome. This took much too long, looking for a hound. I picked up a number of moxie substats here. Setting quartet to items might be a better idea for kitty runs.
[1302]-[1308] Giant's Castle. Finally done.
[1309]-[1310] Knob Goblin Laboratory
[1311] Cook 1 bird rib + 1 lion oil
[1312] Cook 1 wet stew + 1 stunt nuts
[1312] Knob Goblin Laboratory
[1313] Hidden City. Beaten up.
[1314] Palindome. Dr.
[1315]-[1327] Hidden City

Day 10

Level 11. El dia today.
[1328] Hidden City. The spectres gave me some damage taken issues. Kitty had an ant pick, I think, which helped a little.
[1329]-[1335] Wine Cellar & Summoning Chamber. No problem.
[1336]-[1378] Haunted Gallery. Picked up a lucre here, and only one turn after levelling to 12 on 1377.
eat 10 nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear, cookie
drink 1 corpse on the beach
[1379]-[1395] Wartime Frat House. Outfit, one cadaver, one hippy, and 500 noncombat muscle substats. That averages to about 33 per adventure? Better than the 22 per combat fighting, especially with kitty being adorable.
[1396]-[1403] Wartime Hippy Camp (Frat Disguise). Very tough.
[1404]-[1408] Hidden City. My buffs had run out, so I used the alters, then rebuffed for the final fight.
[1409]-[1418] Wartime Hippy Camp (Frat Disguise). I swear the kitty has a hidden -noncombat effect. I did get a hippy outfit though.
[1419] Battlefield. Goodies. Time to flyer.
[1420]-[1423] The Upper Chamber. Whee. I'm hurt badly after every combat and if it wasn't for the nanites would be in much more strife.
[1424]-[1460] The Middle Chamber. Also token and bomb. Done.
drink 2 corpse drinks, herringcello.
[1431] Giant's Castle. Inhaler #2.
[1461] Maybe used to bomb here.
[1462] Cook 1 grue egg + 1 spooky mushroom. Eat omelette.
[1463]-[1478] Haunted Ballroom. Quartet reset to items.
[1479]-[1500] Wartime Sonofa Beach. That's lobster number four, on my last adventure of the day.
Nightcap: drink 1 Corpse Island iced tea
[1501] Shaking 4-D Camera. And number five.

Day 11

Level 12.
[1502]-[1506] Post-Cyrpt Cemetary. Braaaains.
[1507]-[1531] Themthar Hills (as a war hippy). 99,543 recovered. heh, that was close.
[1532] Shaking 4-D Camera. I wore a frat warrior outfit here. What would have happened if I wore neither?
[1533]-[1542] Junkyard. Not too bad. That's three sidequests done; just need to finish flyers.
[1543]-[1548] Hole in the Sky. Flyers done.
[1549]-[1552] Battlefield (Frat Uniform)
eat 14 nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear, cookie. Drink 2 corpse drinks, herrincello, 2 eggnog.
[1553]-[1562] Hatching Chamber.
[1563]-[1571] Haunted Bathroom. Flushed. With the eyedrops, is this overkill on +item drop?
[1572] Feeding Chamber
[1573]-[1581] Guards' Chamber. 9 turns here. yikes.
[1582] Queen's Chamber
[1583]-[1615] Battlefield (Frat Uniform) + Boss.
[1599] Knob Goblin Harem. Massage oil.
[1617]-[1656] Hole in the Sky
[1657]-[1662] Dungeons of Doom. I don't know.
[1663]-[1675] Hole in the Sky. Itemdrop is killing me here, and kitty batted several star charts.
Overdrink on eggnog.

Day 12

Level 12.
[1676]-[1688] Hole in the Sky. Finally.
[1689]-[1698] Ed. Heh, forgot about him. Level 13 on his last form, so that worked well.
[1697]-[1705] Dungeons of Doom. I generally throw until I identify booze (and teleportitis if I have no eyedrops) or all gate potions, then taste the rest.
Gate was Teleportitis, IcyVapoHotness, and Meleegra. Not bad. 40 rolls of the dice, ouch.
[1706]-[1719] Sorceress' Hedge Maze
[1720] Sorceress Tower: Level 1. Encounter: Flaming Samurai
[1721] Ninja Snowmen
[1722] Sorceress Tower: Level 1
[1723] Sorceress Tower: Level 2. Encounter: possessed pipe-organ. Blew my wand here.
eat 10 nanite-infested gingerbread bugbear, 5 more later.
[1724]-[1730] The Middle Chamber
[1731]-[1733] Sorceress Tower: Level 2
[1734] Sorceress Tower: Level 3: El Diablo
[1735] Sorceress Tower: Level 4: Easel
[1737] Sorceress Tower: Level 5: Ice cube
[1738]-[1740] Sorceress Tower: Level 6 Canary. Not a bad tower.
[1741]-[1743] Sorceress Tower: Door Puzzles and shadow. Really high max HP, took a hit and oiled. Need an angry goat, so...
[1743]-[1749] Goatlet. got it. Now, I need to level it only a pound.
[1750] Cake-Shaped Arena. Next, a potato.
[1751]-[1752] Haunted Conservatory.
[1753] Cake-Shaped Arena
[1754]-[1757] Sorceress Tower: Naughty Sorceress. Losses for effect reduction.
[1758] Sorceress Tower: Naughty Sorceress. Bought LTS. lost on second form. She hits too hard.
drink 6 nanite-infested eggnog
[1759]-[1769] Haunted Ballroom for moxie.
[1770] Heartbreaker's Hotel. reset to 0. I forget when i set that to max.
[1771] Sorceress Tower: Naughty Sorceress. Lost on round 17 of second form. I need to hit a little harder.
[1772]-[1811] Haunted Gallery
[1812] Sorceress Tower: Naughty Sorceress.

Done. Nothing special; pretty sloppy even. Lots of room to improve. Questions, comments, criticisms are welcome.
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