Downstairs Frank's Way of suprising sauce BM run(10/1374)

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Downstairs Frank's Way of suprising sauce BM run(10/1374)

Post by Mister Mickey »

Alright so I beat the Ns and had 18 hours till rollover. I knew that I'd end up with a better run if I waited one more day but the sweet siren call was hard to resist.

Here's what we got: Terrible day one bounties and a day 4 dependence day for this run. Day 3 dependence day would be awesome, help me get liver and limes, day 4 is a little late to be extremely useful. Tomorrow's bounties might be worthless as well or they might be good, if they're worthless then I really porked myself by ascending today.

Like I said though I couldn't wait 18 hours to start a run. My goal to beat phel's top spot on the BM sauce board ( which is the fastest non crimbo sauce run ever)

as always comments, questions, feedback are all welcome, I don't know everything about BM I just think that I do. I'm writing logs by hand now and I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm always looking for simple ways to improve it though.

Obviously, this is a Frank log, which means I'm not going to explain what "lime hunting" is, or give the correct names for each BM adventure or even what they do. If you don't know then there's a wiki and a BM guide that you can use as reference.

This guide will not show you how to do BM fast, it might try to show you how to think about going fast, which is all one needs.


08/18/11 02:25:38 AM - Welcome back to the Kingdom of Loathing. Noob. - message posted in clan chat

>Toot Oracle- 2500 meat for auto-selling gems
>Pull 345 bricks to defend myself, no one throws them at me though :(

>Broke hippy stone- PvP'd 7 times, lost two fites. I can't really hurt my stats at this point but at the same time PvPing in BM has no positive effect in run whatsoever, I just want my burnt flowers. After the first loss I don't lose anymore stats by losing the second fight.

(+)Hey Deze- Eat 5 Lord of Flies sized fries- (6,4,5,6,4), Level 2!Level3!, bought Pride

>Haunted Pantry(65-63) can lid

>Talked to myst guild guy.... I needed to do this first thing to gain access to the guild quicker, every turn without a volleyball is less stats.

>Haunted Pantry(62)- Dolphin King Map, buy snorkel, equip it, get 150 meat & dolphin king crown, I can't equip the crown because I don't have 2 main stat moxie, slight draw back to hell food I suppose

>Haunted Pantry(62-56) unlock guild(57), unlock spooky manor(56), 4 razor sharp can lids

I don't know for sure if I'm going to need a gourd potion to hit level 5 today but getting 4/5 lids without envy is a good start. I made a volleyball with the EW meat, I'd been trying to get lucky with chewing gum strings before that, no luck.

>Haunted Kitchen(56-55) shiny butterknife, that's all I need from here for now

>spooky forest(55-48) Level 4!(50), mosquito larva(48)
>Tavern Cellar(48-43) smiling rat(44), beaten up(43)

>spooky forest(43-40) looking for unicorns while burning beaten up

>Hey Deze Meansucker- bought envy, meat remaining less than 100, going to be tight for awhile.

>De Grassi Knoll(40-26) meatcar, screwdriver, bug bear pants, flowers for DMX(26)

Had to heal a few times and against the war knoll chef geez, he about beat me up. I should probably note that I plan on making a chef-in-a-box ( lime pies+sauce potions ~ 40 turns total cooking) and so I'll need to come back and get a spring since I only got one while getting the flowers. I might get the bugbear hat or a frilly skirt as well so it won't be a total turn sink.

I'll worry about it later, I don't think I'll worry about completing chef-in-a-box until after I can try and get the rusty grave robbing shovel from the cyrpt, which is days away from now.

15/14 fullness, 0/14 drunk
2,038 meat
72/231 myst to level 5
39 turns played, 26 turns at the moment left

Things I could do at this point are:
Haiku dungeon for gravy, spooky forest for 1000 meat, pantry for 1 can lid, Guano Junction ( need elemental saucesphere). For 10 turns a lot of things are going to be painful to do with that BM buff from the knoll.

>Haiku dungeon- some haiku about peeing my pants, well apparently a lot of things are going to be impossible to do with 1 buffed mysticality stat.

(-)smithed EW(2)

>Knob Outskirts(24-21) chef hat
>Haiku Dungeon(21-19) Gravy - I managed to raise my buffed myst stat by equipping the EW and attacking with weapon as a combat strategy since spells are worthless.

>spooky forest(19-17) stupid unicorns gained 1,000 meat
>Typical Tavern(17-13) Faucet, shiny ring(16)
>Haunted Pantry(12) gourd potion, tomato(2 total)

Daily Dungeon looks possible to complete today, it might make hitting level 5 a little bit harder but I'm running out of ideas of things to do before turn 70 when my semi rare range starts

>Haunted Pantry(12-10) Enchanted Archeologist + 20 myst BM buff I need this effect to get passed the locked doors

>DD(10-6) beaten up by a pencil golem, ok I'm a n00b I forgot to re-equip my butterknife after passing the locked door test
>spooky forest(6-0) tree holed coin+Drank 2 imported beers(4)
>DD(4-1)- Jarhlsberg key+drank 1 imported beer(2)

70 turns played, 236 meat left. This is going to be kinda tight. I should've held off on saucy salve skill (cost 500 meat) I haven't even casted it once yet. I used elemental sauce for the elemental tests in the DD but I didn't really need that either.

>Outskirts of Knob (Turns 70-74)- no lunchbox, no encryption key- the lunchbox is good news, I'd prefer getting distilled wines from the back alley.

>Back alley(Turns 75-80)- bum cheek, spider web, autosell stuff I don't need to get the meat to buy 5 imported beers to get through my semi rare range, distilled wines on turn #80 I had 1 adventure to spare and I'd sold a bottle of rum to get that last 100 meat to buy the 5th imported beer, I was also a little concerned that I'd hit the BM adventure before the semi rare since the semi didn't show up quick, had I not burned 5 turns in the knob outskirts I would've had to accept the artist quest and hope that I got the artist item instead of the BM buff.

On one of those turns I got a choice adventure that I could skip ( introduced them to avogrande), so I declined it and did a turn in the guano junction, killed a skull bat for loose teeth and a broken skull, I wasted 10 MP before remembering I could've just equipped the bum cheek.

+Drank 3 distilled fortified wines(18)

25 myst stats to level 5

so level 5 is in the bag with 19 adventures and 3 drunk left, I thought about doing some guano junction junctioning at this point BUT Then I figured that didn't make a good function. I don't just need to get the south of the border meat, I also need to get the MP to cast advanced sauce 3 times AND I didn't realize it at the time BUT I'd had access to MMJ the entire day, which it's probably a good thing I didn't realize it OR I would've spent meat to waste on MP. I also decided that if I banked my hella smooth buff it would be more beneficial to try AND get a knob mushroom from the kitchen tomorrow first thing.

/end junctioning

>Back Alley(18)- Chrono pummelled

>south of the border(17-8)- Beaten senseless, Mellegra pills, Level5!(15)

I saw 2 handsome mariachi's and the irate one, I got nothing from them and I didn't get any gum choice adventures, it makes me wonder if I can get gum without 30 meat, or did they finally do anyway with this "glitch" I closet my meat before entering this area usually, I really didn't have thirty meat even in my closet when I started the area I only had 24 meat. I might never have had over 30 meat, because I had to buy a Urgent from the doc.

After I post this log I'm going to log into a multi and test it...*edit: Alternate spade account got gums with 0 meat(did have meat closeted), I guess I was just "lucky" to not get them. I'll try it again by draining someone's meat to under 30 but I think I'll get the same result.

bought advanced sauce, PvP'd more- got 8 burnt flowers today total for the collection.

>Junction(7)- had 1 turn of chrono pummeled left
>Knob Outskirts(6)- encryption key
+Drank 3 imported beers

At this point I need to stop for the day, I can get rid of my beaten up effect if I just bank my turns and I can cast advanced sauce with a couple MMJs, this is where I realize that I don't just have to try and make the 3 MMJs I found along with the shiny ring work, I can buy them from the guild.

>Noob Cave(11)- surpriseling! Gain 250 meat, gain 14 drunkeness

>Hey Deze styx pixie- Hella smooth buff

Clan Rumplus room got club necklace(equipped it), ever since 2500 meat gets dumped into my lap on turn 0 I've been forgetting about the rumplus room.


93 turns played
1,151 meat
11 turns banked

Pretty good day one, besides the beaten up turns, day 2 plan? Depends on the bounty pretty much. Fun house, spooky forest, pantry, I could see myself storing a whitey's grove one for day 3 even possibly the hippy one, but I need a lucre by the end of day 3 if I'm going to start lime hunting.
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day 2

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 2

Whitey Grove bounty.... or outskirts... Grove it is.

A grove bounty is a bit of a waste of turns, some can be gained back with white lightnings, boxed wines and actually getting wet stew and the mullet wig.

I'll have to write this log up after work, had a bit of internet / computer problems. #1- computer and lightning not a good mix bye bye fried hard drive and #2 internet that drops out for 1 minute every 10 minutes is super annoying..

Day could've gone better, I got greedy trying to add a few turns and ended up not getting any extra at all... hint knob kitchens and spices... those are the breaks though...

Day 2: 51 adventures to start

>bounty hunter hunter- dropped astronomer bounty, accepted white knights

Whitey's Grove is definitely not an ideal bounty, it basically means that I'm either sinking turns or getting screwed by the road unlock and BM adventure. There's worse places to sink turns, at least I might get some white lightnings and boxed wines for extra booze adventures and I should get wet stew and a mullet wig pretty easily.

>Knob Kitchen(51-44) knob mushroom, BM adventure +mysticality

spices would be nice, and I could get tomatoes as well. Day 2 is very hard to find food day. After getting the BM adventure I figure it's a good time to chug some lucifers and get lots of MP. I do forget to equip my EW over the shiny butterknife though so I'm not quite getting as much as was possible.

+ate one jumbo dr. lucifer(JDL)(2 adv. gained, 100 MP)
>familiar baby gravy fairy
>Junction(43)- nothing
1/13 full, 0/14 drunk <12,21,12>
Meat 1,012
I list things I can think of that I could do at this point... and decide the order them in importance..
Bugbear outfit-4
KGE outfit-1
cookbook- LOL

to equip the KGE I'm going to need 15 muscle and 15 moxie though, I realize this going in but I quickly forget it when I'm trying to get the pants for +moxie...

>Barracks(43-41)- locker: polearm(43), guard with the polearm

These guys are pretty tough, I thought that the kitchen and barracks were the same ML, oh yeah had hella smooth for the kitchen, maybe that's the difference?

+ate one JDL(2,100)

>Barracks(43-40)- nothing
>Baron von Ratsworth Mansion(39)- monocle

I decided with my final turn of the +myst buff to try and take him on. He literally almost killed me and I got lucky to quickly use saucy salve twice... with four turns of the buff left I started searching for the mansion, found it first click after the faucet, one square up...

>Barracks(38)- nothing

I decided to try my luck in the billard room to get a billard +5 spell damage ball to help me kill things.

>Billard Room(38-30) hand chalk(4), no balls no pool cue
>Barracks(29)- nothing

Meat 440, I'm starting to get to panic level... auto-sell some junk gets me up to 506 meat total


+ate one JDL(2, 49)

>Billard Room(30)- chalk
>Barracks(30-28)- locker: elite pants(28)
>Junction(28-26)- sonar(28, briefcase(26)
>Batrat Burrow(25)- uggh

Batrats are a little too strong for my taste, there's still useful things I can get in the junction right? Wads of dough, baseball and another briefcase would be at least 150 meat.

>Junction(24-21) screambat(21)
>Beanbat Chamber(21-18) enchanted bean(4), sonar
>Barracks(17)- nothing
>Billard Room(16-13) 8-ball, still no pool cue

Ok almost time to seriously panic now, I'm pretty sure I've downed 3 lucifers so 11 fullness left. My stats are: <15,25,15> so I can equip the elite uniform once I get the last piece which is KGE store access. At this point since I'm dead broke there's not much use for the store access though.

+ate one JDL(2,52)
Did I miss something? That's four straight JDL's all giving me two adventures. Log on to a multi and drink one and gain 3 adventures first one.... I guess I'm just not getting "lucky"

>beanbat chamber(14)- enchanted bean(#5)
>Barracks(13) locker: 3rd piece, usually I can score at least one without raiding a locker, oh well
>Barracks(12) password
- used sonar to unlock boss bat lair

I'm kinda torn on what to do, kill the boss bat or get the entryway BM adventure meat, entryway would be quicker and more meat 3,000 than I'd probably get from the 5 guards and boss bat... ~ 2k probably?

With the entryway I'd have to burn 10 turns to get rid of the negative effect ( it will knock my moxie down to 1)...


It usually doesn't take this long, dang superlikelies, my internet also goes down on my computer. I log on my I-phone to play turns...

+drank 1 tavern swill(5)

I don't know why I did that, frustration possibly? I still had 3 adventures left

Entryway(7)- Onna stick 3k meat

I just remembered I have the familiar arena trainer greasemonkey script on my computer and it's very difficult to navigate on my I-phone to the wiki, I need to do 5 turns at least on my computer. My internet comes on pretty quickly but I do scramble pretty fast to get turns done before it goes out again, hence I didn't take down all the information perfectly. Actually when it does go down is when I go back and post notes on everything that I did do...

Arena(2) eye-pod
+Drank 2 imported beers(4)
shore(3)- muscle stats
spooky forest(1)- bar skin

I'm done burning the BM buff
+drank 6 imported beers(12), drank tavern swill(6)
14/14 drunk

>styx pixie hella smooth, use knob goblin eye, pet-buffing spray

Kitchens(19-9)- 2 oven mittens, 3 knob mushrooms, 2 dry noodles, 2 tomatoes, and 1 spices

I threw the kitchen sink of item drops at the knob kitchen and it didn't give me what I wanted, I guess it could be worse I could have not got a knob mushroom to drop at all after 20 turns, but still spices were what I was after and I came up emptry handed.

I've pretty much decided to eat enchanted beans burritos for the rest of my fullness, getting them spicy then making them insane will add 5.5 adventures per burrito? so I feel like it's worth attempting to try it. Plus insane ones give more stats.

Before I can really justify going after insane burritos I need to finish up a couple things.

Funhouse(19-12) clown stuff, box(12), bugbear hat(12)

Done with the bugbear outfit, done with the fun house

De Grassi knoll(12-9) eyepatch(10), spring

7 fullness left, two burritos and a JDL, 9 adventures
stuff to do? Kill boss bat, kill goblin king

I really did try to calculate it out, even asked for help in chat, they said my chances were 9% per adventure to get a spice with the item drop I had. At this point I don't think can afford to buy seven more JDLs.

My gut is telling me to just eat the normal ones and live with the consequences but I hate hate hate hate high range giving foods... I should just let it go and move on, I mean 1/10 chance? I could farm the spooky forest for spices at a better rate probably... the only thing that is those tomatoes... the more of them I get the less cherries I have to use for reagents.

Kitchen(9-0) knob mushroom(2), dry noodles(1), tomato(1), spices(0)

why do I even try?

+ate JDL(2, 54)

I do a bit of best food analysis and seeing as I now have 6 tomatoes I decide to make a mushroom pizza because it is (3-10) instead of (3-9) for a enchanted burrito, and I should have enough tomatoes to make it to the hippy outfit..

+ate mushroom pizza(4 adventures gained) Level 6! ( turns played 192)

Kitchens(4-0) knob mushroom

Come on.....uggh

+ate enchanted bean burrito(6)

I don't even know where I spent those last 6 turns, five were probably the kitchen, I have a habit of letting the RNG put me on "tilt", it's a bad thing to do. I did at least kill a boss bat body guard, forgot to use nasal spray though...

+drank TT swill 6 adventures gained

202 adventures played ~ 30 till my semi rare range starts.

I don't know exactly how I'm going to start and finish the friars and get a lucre and get liver tomorrow, but those will be the goals.

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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

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I lost power last night only for a moment but with a huge storm I decided to sleep it out. I continue to have a really bad internet connection (drops out every few minutes) this cost me quite a few turns being beaten up because I can't remember safish moxie values for any area really, and I didn't know if I'd have the time to look it up, also had to resort to playing turns on an I-phone AGAIN...... (usually I am a moxie class which means safe moxie everywhere)...

I'm really really really considering giving up on trying to log this run. I mean I really should just quit KoL until I can get reliable internet because it's too frustrating.

I'm going to attempt to keep going on this deal. Two days to write up tonight. My day 3 notes are horrible, I will say that because I was trying to click as fast as possible. This also caused me a lot of mistakes combined with my day 2 mistakes of spending too much time trying for spices and epically failing to get them, I missed day 3 liver and I missed starting my hunting of limes day 3 too so I'm not even sure where I'm at right now, I just know I'm behind.

Day 3:
3 stuffies 30 meat
I have 7 overcookies? Are they good? Meh 2 adventures but I should've just ate them yesterday instead of burning up turns trying to get marginally better foods and I probably should've also ate them because there's no swing in them.

>Billard Room(46-42) pool cue(46), library unlocked
>Boss Bat Lair(42-38) beaten up by Boss Bat

He got the jump and stole 7 MP, I didn't restore my MP to max because I figured he'd steal it, I forgot that I needed to have at least enough to cast steam and salve if he didn't steal it, I didn't have enough to kill him, totally a stupid move on my part.

+ate JDL(2,64)
>spooky forest(40-36) burning beaten up and restoring HP
>Boss Bat Lair(36-34) dense meat stack

3,095 meat total after autoselling... I need 4k to get the cold book to be able to do the friars, I just don't have a way to get my moxie high enough to plink. I can't start whitey's grove until I get 34 myst main stat which is a ways off...

>Knob Laboratory(34-32) beaten up by an alchemist.... ALRIGHT NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!!!!

-cook tomato juice of powerful power
>Knob kitchen(2) cake items
+ate JDL(3,94)

>Haunted Library(31)- book bat, beaten up did 19 damage, that place is too difficult.
>8 bit relm(31-28)- burning beaten up

This is why a day 3 dependence day would've been better, I would have 50 turns worth of 100% moxie buff and I could survive anywhere without problems right now.

Now without the meat for a cookbook and anywhere that tomato juice and hairspray will let me survive I'm in a bit of a bind.

>Laboratory(27)- reagent, menagerie key
>Library(26)- beaten up

Maybe someday I'll learn my lesson

Equip KGE(25)> knob treasury 300 meat

I must get the cookbook, but how? Kill the knob king? but how?

>Treasury(25-18) BM +muscle buff, didn't see any non combats...

Hmm my muscle is high enough to survive the friars, I should've set the king up, but I litterally was trying to get the meat from the treasury and forgot about the BM buff


I switch to another area because I'm guaranteed to hit a non combat now right? Right? Gotta get max value out of this buff...

>Neck(12-8) Hot Plate(11)


Internet goes down... I'm really surprised that I got that far, now I was clicking as fast as possible so I'm not sure but I think I did all of that stuff in less than 20 minutes. After a couple minutes it comes back...


Outskirts(8-6) Lunchbox, 2 pasties, 1 coffee BM buff... I want to use the BM buff to continue to do the friars and kill the goblin king...

and then, my power goes out, only for a moment, but with one computer already fried and a huge lightning storm it's time to shut it down and go to sleep....


Wake up, to an open whitey's grove, I killed the goblin king with the BM outskirt buff and tomato juice and made some progress on the friars quest...

My internet is completely not working so to the I-phone it is...

Whitey's Grove(11-5) mullet wig, lion oil(10), white lint(9), white lint(5)

Outfit myst ( I do that everytime btw, I just don't usually even bother to note it, should be obvious)
+ate JDL (2,68)

I'm halfway to level 7 but I have no idea how many stats I need, I-phone won't give me the exact value and I'm too lazy to calculate it out.

8bit(7) restoring HP, lucifers drop it down to one so I either hope I get the jump on something or go somewhere I know I won't get hit by the monster OR I use doc's to restore my HP a little bit... what I do usually depends on my current meat situation and what areas I can still progress..

Grove(6-0) white knight...

Current Meat 500, autosell time... 686 after smoke clears... high rollin' now..

+drank imported beer(2)

Grove(1) Rapido, 3 white lightnings

+drank white lightning(9)
-cook X 2 tomato juice of powerful power
use tomato juice of powerful power (gives me even more MP than outfit etc)
+ate JDL(3,81)
>Whitey's grove(?)- Maid Diservice, 2 wet stew, lucre


I think I feel asleep while I was playing turns on my I-phone, when I woke up I had internet that was going in and out meh but I needed to get turns played quickly ( only had a couple hours before rollover so this is what I remember)

+drank 2 white lightning(5,7)

Beach- myst vacation-tropical orchid, muscle vacation- stats

burning temporary blindness basically

I got the lucre tried to eat the extra wet stew ( 6 fullness failed) so then I ate JDL one at a time and ended up eating 5 of them, I should've probably eaten a enchanted burrito but I was scared I'd get screwed over with a low adventure gain.

5 JDL gave me 11 turns, which was not enough to finish the friars part one quest.

Usually I finish the friars part 1 quest, get liver and start lime hunting day 3... I guess I'm a little bit behind where I normally am..

I should be able to get the friars part 1 quest and liver done without eating, and it's not like I ever get to eat more than 1 KLP on day 3 so I'm not "that" far behind...
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

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Day 4: dependence day

Friars(48-38)- completed quest, had hella smooth carried over from yesterday because I forgot to use it during adventuring.

Use snake (100% moxie buff for 50 turns)

Ten turns away from completing yesterday? That makes it sting a little more than I thought. I definitely know I wasted a ton more than 10 turns in the kitchens alone.

Laughing floor(38-26) 5 imp air, observational glasses

equip the glasses over the shiny ring

Alley Behind Arena(26-15) 4 bus passes, 4 items

The 4 items I have won't work.....

Bus pass #5(14)

Bog- Giant; stink- beer; Flag- booze; Jim- sponge

steel margarita(11)

Got an extra bus pass or two...

At this point I haven't consumed anything yet ( I take it back I consumed a fortune cookie because my cookie counter got messed up during the power outage and I wanted to make sure it was ~ 90 turns away.... it was at the start of the day...

I thought about going to the crypt (at some point I hit level 7 during the liver quest) and getting a shovel and trying for a brain etc. I probably should've tried I have quite a few turns before I need to start hunting limes but I decided not to bother with it.

I couldn't get a chef made today without sacrificing most of the rest of my dependence day buff and in all those areas I don't need the buff to have "safe moxie"

>bounty hunter got odor extractor

Todays bounty's are interesting, an orc chasm one and a spooky forest one....

It will be a couple days before I can get the orc chasm unlocked, so I think I'll try and spike a spooky forest tomorrow, if tomorrow is a good bounty goats maybe? Then I can switch to it.

I should note that I should not absolutely have to complete a bounty for the rest of the run, but they can be useful..

>Knob Menagarie(11-8) 2 gotos, started hunting fruit golem(8), lime, cherry

+drank sangria(5)
+drank blotter paper(1)

I really need to use the wiki on the liver quest items. I thought they were decent food and booze...

>Friars Gate- Brother Burrito Blessing

(I'm not going to use my hella smooth buff on top of the 20 turns of snake dependence buff I have left, instead I'll do 20 turns till the snake buff runs out bank turns and use 2 hella smooths for the final 20 turns and that should be enough to stay "safe" with only tomato juice reagent

Knob Menagarie(14-7) cherries, lime, oranges

yeah one lime, I panic and start using pet-buffing spray, why I didn't use it in the first place? I have no idea what was going through my head after I use it I'm still at 75 moxie, which is way way way above what I need to be "safe"

+drank sangria(5)

starting to get annoying

+drank whine spritzer(5)

enough of that....

+drank 4 orange schnapps(8)

at 70 meat for the fermenting powder it's cheaper than imported beer is outright, although I guess I could sell the schnapps for 240 meat profit(60 meat per fruit) and buy 4 imported beers and that would only cost me 160 meat compared to the 280 I spent to make the schnapps but my head hurts and I like getting stats, even if they are the off kind.

19/19 drunk

I really shouldn't have mixed cherries until I see how many limes I get, I might need to eat cherry pies and I also might need to make some oil of expertise

13 fullness left, 3 cherry pies and one KLP? I'll cook the KLP after my burrito blessing runs out and my dependence day buff ( one turn before burrito runs out...)

+ate 3 cherry pies(10,11,10)
-cook and +ate JKLP(15)

Got hella smooth buff


Nightcap with wine spritzer later and PvPing
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by top1214 »

Yeah, I had the same problem running out of things to do, which is why I farmed the chef the hard way (opening ruins before cyrpt).

Re schnapps: If you have the fruit, it still costs 5 more meat than imported beer (35 autosell fruit, 70 for fermenting powder). Buying the fruit costs 40 meat more.

Blotter paper is 1-3 just got unlucky.

Stream seems a really expensive way to kill things in the friars. But I couldn't get the hippy outfit to save my life...
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by Mister Mickey »

I'm going to have to abort this run most likely.

On top of lightning frying my computer's hard drive and having to use my old computer and on top of the crappy internet ( which is horrible right now), on top of all that on my way home my I-phone quit working.... I called someone hung up the phone and now it's actually like I threw it in the ocean or something, no lights nothing. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery nothing. I'm going to go up and try and get it fixed/replaced or something when the store opens, but I have to sleep and work tomorrow till 30 minutes till rollover, I banked a ton of turns.....

Re: moans comments...

I probably should've went ahead and farmed the chef the hard way... had a ruins bounty yesterday that I forgot to save, or spooky forest either one... meh I mean the shovel is a 50% drop along with a smart skull in the cemertrary... they both showed up before I got the ruins unlocked anyway...

disembodied brain screwed me over bad not showing up until after I got the manual of stats book and then not dropping the brain on the first encounter.

As far as the fruit goes... why autosell an orange for 35 meat, when it's free to mix orange that you've acquired into schnapps for 70 meat(fermenting powder) and autosell the schnapps for 120 meat? I was off by 10 meat ( thought it sold for 130) but still that 120 meat when you only spend 70 to get it is 50 meat profit instead of 35 selling the fruit straight up...

If I drink the schnapps then I spent 70 meat, if I sell it then I profit 50 meat, if I drink imported beer instead of the schnapps I spend 100-50(meat profit from scnnapps)=50 meat.

so schnapps is 70 meat compared to 50 for imported beer... right?

That's where I'm coming up with that it's cheaper... if I don't have the fruit then imported beer is cheaper by 30 meat.

imported beer is always cheaper but imported beer doesn't give stats....

1-3 adventures is still an unnecessary risk against schnapps or imported beer that is a guaranteed two.

Did I say that I streamed stuff in the friars? I'm sorry about that... my moxie was high enough with the dependence buff and tomato juice to use a knob bugle and plink.

I did use stream on day 3 but when you're eating 11 JDL ... MP is not that hard to come by, infact I buffed elemental sphere and sauce contemplation a ton...

I just hate it when RL issues stop me from having a decent run. I mean I don't think I could've got 10 days but things weren't going that badly.


I managed to kinda get turns played today to a stopping point, banked a ton once I got a goats milk...

I still can't log it properly under these conditions though...

summary? Finished lime hunting, got chef-in-a-box, started cyrpt defilement, got asbestos crossbow, got 1 goat cheese and 1 milk, used milk ate stuff banked 3 turns of got milk...

accepted airship bounty since I forgot to save the ones from yesterday.

Almost out of tomato juice and with: 7 limes and 11 cherries ( but wasted like 3 on drinks) idk if I can spare much on oil of expertise...

After day 5 I have 3 limes, 6 cherries left.... I should be able to hit level 9 tomorrow... question is, can I survive without olives till level 9....

We'll see...
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 6

519 adventures played
125 adventures to start
59 till semi rare range begins

+ate cherry pie(13)

Got burrito blessing, got hella smooth after a few turns as well ( needed the +moxie more than anything)
Goatlet(138-121)- 7 cheese, 3 goat milk ( needed 2 I think), saber lime cub... no bottles of booze dropped
Crypt- no Dead Guy's watch, not many non combats at all... got it down to all bosses...
shore- stick of dynamite, plans, digny..
Pirate- cove, beaten up...
8-bit- burning beaten up... haven't seen any bloopers(maybe one) got 5 white pixels so far and the ability to make up to 9 more...


11 fullness left? Lunchbox or tarts? ..... If I get really lucky with non combats in the bar maybe I could get bad ascii art...

ate fortune cookie

cooked oil of oilness X 3, used one, used handful of handchalk, equipped swash get-up, knob bugle, hot plate, imp unity ring, jolly roger charrrm braclet, used hankful of hand chalk, bought two doc elixors, brought out blood faced volleyball...

crypt- killed side bosses and bonerdagon

It's so nice to be able to buff up once for all those guys..

fairy, baron monocle,

+drank 1 vodka and cranberry, drank 1 redrum, drank 1 grapefruit schnapps
barrrney barrr- using the rest of my oil of expertise against the pirates plus one more to make it to my semi rare...

+drank 1 redrum as soon as a bottle of rum dropped.

10 drunk for the day used so far. I'm willing to use/sacrifice 9 drunk to get stats in the barrr...

I don't get enough stats ( needed 450 in 15 turns) to get to bad ascii art...

I get 7 insults before the cap'm shows up... and the 8th one trying to get non combats in there... didn't see any non combats save the cap'm which is a superlikley? I left when oil of expertise ran out.

library- scrap

knob pantry- semi rare dough jerk

I thought about it a little bit but I need help filling my fullness since I got so few limes and I don't plan on getting a wand till level 12 if even then.

library(25 turns)- 8 scraps, 5 inkwells and 2 distilled pens... enough to make 2 demon scrolls if I get the candles

WTF? Where have all the non combats gone? Besides the BM adventure ( superlikely) that took 20 turns to show up?

log out log back in.

Library- still all combats

Hippy Camp- filthy nappy hat drops from combat

Library(2 turns)- still nothing

Frat House(2)- trying for deodorant

Library- NON COMBAT FINALLY, 10 scraps, 6 inkwells and 4 pens total from the library

Level 9 is very close....

+drank redrum

Bedroom- Level 9!, ballroom unlocked ( took ~ 20 turns but I didn't see a single nightstand combat in those turns, thanks for balancing yourself out RNG)

cap'm's tasks unlock F'cle

Hippy camp- BM buff of course I can't get a non combat in less than 8 turns, takes 9...

drank 6 grapefruit shnapps

Meat is not really a problem I think I'm at 8,000 meat or so?

DD- sneaky pete key, burning negative moxie buff...

PvP before BM bathroom buff- 123 burnt flowers this run so far

Bathroom- look in mirror, FLUsHED!

use milk of magnesium

+ate JKLP, Grue Egg omelette, 2 tasty tarts

I'm banking so I can use hella smooth buff tomorrow for the F'cle...

I don't know if I can get 2100 stat to hit level 10 and get through the airship in time to start my semi rare range.

I'm obviously going to use my extra turns of mega item drop in the orc chasm, if I have any left...

depending on how that goes and how quickly I hit level 10 I might get ascii art, inhaler, lunchbox or distilled wines for my next semi coming up.... still have the airship bounty accepted...

I don't think I'm going to bother farming a chaun this run since I can get greed demon summon ( as long as I get 3 candles)...

Only got beaten up once today, by the pirate in the cove...

After I get Fcle attempted, orc chasm(maybe) then, ballroom song on, bedroom for an antique hand mirror, airship, castle, start level 11 quest try to kill spookyraven, summon ax'goth drinks if I got the proper amount of thin black candles (6 or more)

The run is getting pretty straight forward now....
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by top1214 »

I think I usually like to set the son before pirates part 1: It helps me get the pirate outfit; non-myst classes like or are neutral to bar NCs, and this outweighs the F'c'le negative for me (this also depends on the other stuff; like it helps getting mining outfit, >, etc)

Man, I really had no idea how equalizing potions worked; I thought they only acted on % increasers.

You'd take the risk and leave the F'c'le w/out a barrrnacle? I usually spend my extra +item trying to get one if one doesn't drop.
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by Mister Mickey »

I had the eye-patch already so outfit doesn't take that long...

I went to try and get lucky in the barrr to hit non combat stat adventures and hit level 9 and get ascii art... I don't see how I could survive the ballroom in the first place to turn the song on.

I'm too paranoid to screw with the song before the F'cle non combats there can screw me over big time... the exception is when I have to put F'cle off until level 11...

I fought the crusty pirate with 238% item drop... he didn't drop the barrrnacle. If I need it I'll sniff the pirate... we'll see what happens when I get to the Ns tower.

I really wish that my internet was working... or that I had enough faith to log this run properly because we have really different styles of play but... here's how it went...

Day 7

+ate JKLP, ate tasty tart
>styx buff -hella smooth
-used goblin eyedrops, pet-buffing spray, serum of scarcasm

My muscle is 26 buffed lol, and myst stat is way low too, luckily the F'cle has no main stat requirement this makes my plan is to plink simple..

-used handfulofhandchalk

F'cle(5)- fought the cleany pirate twice because I couldn't remember if I'd fought him or the creamy pirate, tattered the grumpy pirate, fought a crusty pirate that dropped nothing...

Orc Chasm(5)- 334 scroll(2), spam witch scroll, lame n00b scroll(2)...

for 5 turns I have enough item drop to guarantee the scroll drops(all except for one of the 334 dropping monsters since it is a 20 base for the scroll but I did fight that guy and get the 334 anyway...)

I burn all my runaways trying to find the pron with my last turn of mega item drop... can't find him and I end up with the lame n00b guy... oh well.

Orc Chasm(1)- lowercase n

Very very funny RNG, one turn after running out of runaways now where is my adding machine?

Orc Chasm- 2nd lowercase n, meat vortex, draggin ballz hat ( + moxie might actually get used some, infact it's +moxie is better than the swash get-up so finally can stop dressing like a pirate...)

switch to volleyball

There's literally nothing I want from this place, even if I got the scrolls for a stat scroll there's not much reason to get crappy stats trying to find a second adding machine..

Chasm-baron scroll- sell dictionary become OPRAH rich (over 30,000 meat) ...

what do saucerors need that much meat for?

buy panhandling skill... 1k is a drop in the bucket and maybe I'll get that back over the coarse of the rest of the run...

I think I am going to need the level 12 skill to make my reagents last... at this point I think I'll need that skill, but at the end of day 7 I'm pretty positive I need it...

that or I'm going to have to buy a higher tier spell than stream of sauce...

got pirate fledges...

bedroom(almost 20 turns)- hand mirror, chitzy sauce ring

It takes a ridiculous amount of moxie to be "safe" in the bedroom, I had to use serum and tomato juice to get that close to safe moxie and farmed a hand mirror/ chitzy ring... don't know if it was worth it... probably not...

Maybe if the dang non combat showed up quicker but it took forever....

Ballroom(3)- set the song, at least I got that quick...

Bathroom- powerleveling level 10!

ate fortune cookie, got lunchbox with semi rare...

used milk, ate two cherry pies and 2 knob pasties... 14/14 full.. the other 7 milk turns are going to be wasted today because I can't bank at this point, I have the possibility to hit level 11 and get better drinks than shnapps...

Airship- filthy lucre, umbrella, torpedo, ocarna of space( +2 stats per fight? Hell yeah).. I got all the drops I needed. I kept using the fairy though, because HP restorers and sgeeas are not a totally bad thing...

139 turns till my next semi rare range starts...

Bedroom with volleyball- powerlevel level 11!

Black forest- picnic basket black and tan(no black pepper), market items ( nothing else)...

+drank black and tan gained 7 adventures

shore(3)- diary
desert(3)- unlocked oasis
Temple(4)- burned negative desert buffs
Ballroom(2)- dehydrated caviar, unlocked wine cellar

drank a ton of grapefruit shnapps and one knob coffee....

I was trying to get to supernova champagne and snake glyph wines and black forest booze that I blindly forgot about the fact that I can't summon ox'goth without three candles. Had I just started some of the castle until I got 3 candles or didn't get three candles then I could've probably nightcapped with an ox'goth drink or known that it was impossible.... oh well. To be fair with myself I didn't have many adventures left when I hit level 11...

This was a good lesson in going for one goal, instead of trying for two and failing both of them.

used booze blessing

Wine Cellar(4)- no duplicate snake wine, needed it to unlock the chamber..

killed spookyraven

blindly tried to get 3 black candles from the castle, got 1, wheel turned to myst and giant needle and furry fur...

at 16 drunkeness with my final two turns before having to settle on schnapps I went for champagne again
oasis desert- fought oasis monster- didn't drop fish or champagne

drank 3 grapefruit schnapps

castle- 2nd black candle....

out of adventures....

Pvp- got 24 burnt flowers...

I think I'm going to eat a fortune cookie to get an inhaler, I don't have good food at this point, no way to get to level 12 without fully consumption tomorrow probably...

I think I'm going to finish the castle off immediately and try and get 6 black candles, the lights out stats are pretty good, and 2 oxgoth nightcaps plus straight up drinking one tomorrow will be ok adventure gains. The problem is that in the bedroom I no longer have to buff with reagents to survive... in the castle I'd definitely do... so maybe on second thought I won't bother with the black candles unless I somehow get 4 more before the awful poetry journal...

Or hey, maybe a castle bounty tomorrow? That could tip the scale to the castle...

and I mean unless I get a ten day run, I'll need three more nightcaps.... day8, day9 day10....

so I'm looking at gaining ~ 13 adventures?

Oasis is going to be my main source of food, hopefully... I almost feel like I should use the food blessing there...

again I apologize for the lack of information in this log, but I couldn't risk writing it down and losing internet while I wrote stuff down... had to click as fast as possible.. posting this reply took 3 tries alone after writing it, I had to copy paste, wait to log back in, wait for internet to come back then I tried to edit it and had to wait again...
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by top1214 »

I did all of level 11 (including the bosses; I set up the GMoB, which costs about 5 extra turns powerleveling [the other NC being 2X myst makes up for setting him up]), and it took me 200adv to go from 11 -> 12, only 9 of those were in the bathroom. You are a day ahead of me, and I only ate 1 cherry pie getting to're looking good! Good luck!
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by Mister Mickey »

I'm writing this on my I-phone yeah, tomorrow I am going to ask the roomate if the internet is ever getting fixed this is ridiculous, I'd have dropped enough F bombs on them to get an NC17 rating by now. They are lucky it is not in my name.

So what day am I on now? 8. I started out writing good notes but once my connection dropped things quickly went south.

Castle(44-20) 6 black candles, lights out stats, all letters and possible gate potions etc. I got the first black candle from a non combat on my first turn of the day, seriously RnG likes to laugh at me sometimes....
I got the 5th candle before the 2nd wheel turn and then decided to go for the last one after unlocking HitS. Did not get the non combat for it, and two goth giants said "no dice"

Oasis/desert- took 3 blurs for a drum machine, then worm hooks took forever, I decided to come back later...

Poop Deck- I actually ran a fairy here hoping for a cannon ball charrrm, got a yoyo instead. No virgin booty stats...

Bellowdecks- this is where the frustration of my horrible internet connection peeked, I ran out of serum of scarcasm and the first enemy I fight is my 2nd gaudy pirate, that wastes a few turns. I ran a fairy here too, trying mainly for an acoustic guitar, which I got to drop.

Palidrome- started using Hella smooth before getting the three superlikely items, found bob he dropped chaps, nuts and ketchup.... Thanks bob...

I got bouyobottoms so I been using them but I might use leather chaps at some point...

Mega gym in a single turn, I was actually hoping to get a chance at reagent or two... Oh well, can't stop progress!

Oasis/desert- worm hooks, supernova chamgne BM buff from oasis

I had two turns of ultra hydrated left... Decided to go for good foods/booze... First turn BM buff reminded me why it's a bad idea....

I did manage to get the champagne... For tomorrow incase I don't get to schnapps before running out of turns....

Unlocked hidden city... Took about 15 turns? Not bad...

Bathroom- powerlevel

I end up half a mysticality stat point away from level 12 or 122 mysteriousness or whatever it's called.

so 1046 turns played so far this run, meat = 20,107 (probably have a little bit of stuff I could autosell but until filthworms are clear I can't risk it... Currently I have 7 reagents left... Those will go very quick once the war starts... Though...

Gluttony tomorrow finally? 3200 meat, the level 12 skill to extend reagent buff duration? 15,000 meat... I might seem rich but I'm really not...

I might do some calculations and stuff and try and figure out if I need to buy it or not... without counting on any extra reagents when I go for "shall we dance" I'm looking at 13 total left for the run...

that's 360 turns of buff-age if I can get away with only using one reagent or less per turn... with the level 12 skill it goes up to 540 turns of buff-age.... that is way more turns than I need, for the run but it would allow me to run more than one reagent at those "hard times"

Not sure what to do yet, I got time to think about it... I'll probably have to write down my expected turns for each zone and whether I can get away with zero reagents in them...

I think by the time I get to the hidden city, I might, might have enough moxie to survive, I definitely don't need reagents for the rest of the 8bit relm, and level 13 back farming won't need them either.. don't need them getting the hippy war outfit... etc.

/me goes to do maths...

Fights left today=25
Ranking 79
Fights won 149
Fights lost 40
Flowers picked so far this run- 147

I took the rye test, for the first time in awhile, I'm 25% heart, 25% diamond, 22% spade and 28% club....

I always figured I was a little bit of all of them... Or maybe I just know how to answer the questions to get the % I want.... can the diamond trump the club? Probably not... pvp in BM = fun

picked 24 flowers... Then got retarded and attacked watchless dead guy... I probably could've found someone easier to beat... or with a rank over 100 I could've found someone that didn't want to be rank dumped on but that's PVP for ya... I won 25 fites.

oh and the stat loss from that fight doesn't mean much because I forgot to use my manual of transmission so really I "broke even"

still wish I could stop... but it's a bad habit to break...
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of the surprising sauce BM run

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 9
+use manual gain 20 myst
>Haunted Bathroom(54)- thumb war! Level 12!-turn #1,047
>Hippy Camp(54-37)- Outfit

so now it's time to start thinking about if I need impetuous sauciness or not.
Following places need serum=start war, filthworms/Hits, Dooks, Nuns, Battlefield, Junkyard, Hidden city(?), Hits, Pyramid.

That stuff is about ~ 238 turns... give or take 30, but I have enough reagents for 360 turns....

For the moment I'm not going to worry about it. In all of those places listed I'm using serum of scarcasm btw, unless I note otherwise.

>Frat House(37-28)- War started
>Hatch Chamber(27)- gland
>Laboratory(27-25)- half baked potion, "shall we dance"
>Feeding Chamber(25-23)- gland
>Guard chamber(23-21)-gland
>Hole in the sky(21-15)- 2 star charts, 9 stars, 8 lines
>Filthworm Queen(14)- heart
>Dooks(14-1)- against the wind...

+drank supernova Champagne(8)
+drank 8 pear schnapps(50)

>Dooks(59-44)- 2 flaming feathers, 2 frozen feathers
>Graveyard(44-39) Braaaaaaains
use hella smooth, scroll of evil greed, use nasal spray, use Corscian blessing, use star chart rolling in my 6-4 = starfish

brought out starfish

Bought gluttony -1,600 meat

+ate 4 pear pies(15,12,14,13) +ate 2 centipede eggs(8,7)

108 adventures total left for the day...
+drank last summoned drink(12)
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Way of suprising sauce BM run(10/1374

Post by Mister Mickey »

internet was so bad that day 10 was played almost 100% on an i-phone. It took me a long time. I had 5 minutes to spare before I had to leave for work ( actually I had negative five minutes but whatever)...

Day 10
160 adventures to start
1118 played
14,647 meat

Nuns(160-138) - complete
semi rare(134)- pet-snacks

I think I did one extra turn on accident after unlocking the junkyard... I-phone misclick...

Junyard(111-94)- gremlin juice
Battlefield(94-79)- Arena Unlocked...

Hits(79-73)- star chart@(73), 7 stars, 7 lines
8 bit relm(72-66)
Hidden City(66-51) found all alters and stones pretty quickly there....
Hits(51-41) - complete
Hidden City(41-36) complete
Palidrome(35) - complete
Pyramid(35-8) - Ed unlocked

4,924/6,279 myst points needed to level 13

over 80% completed with flyers, I'm not sure on the exact % because on an I-phone, mafia is impossible to run... I'm probably not going to get to level 13 from just the war alone...

8 bit relm(0)- blooper

should I powerlevel? Is the question I'm asking myself at this point. I figure I'll be ~ 500 points short...

>than sign(52-48) left parethesis, burning serum

I chose the wrong option the first time going for a parethesis, that's me not having wiki access there.

8bit(48-43) completed digital key, 26 black pixels remaining and 1 of two other pixels, not enough to make a single pixel potion of any kind... oh well, ON WARD!

>sign(43)- plus sign
Bathroom(42-36) powerleveling and flyering

still not done...

>than sign(36-25) unlocked DoD, 4 large 3 small boxes, dump them out and get all 9 potions...

Now I realize that I need one more star chart... I have the stars and lines to make everything I need, but I need a star chart... glad I realized this here but I'm still not done flyering

battlefield(19-3)-path to the man is clear
Level 13! Turn 1317
3 chloroform rags and traded for 16 macrame nets ( I bought 4 filthy polices as well even though I have 4 garters, always afraid of a misclick against the shadow, specially now...

forgot to identify !potions... oh well do it against the man? I have almost 400 moxie, I don't think he can hit me...

Frat House(2)- I get to milky going alphabetically for them and it's drunkeness, good enough I can drink the rest...

Ns quest

3 drunk left
15 fullness
1 adventure left (currently)

Gates: Need a thin black candle or yummy bean luck and I need a marizpan skull... I keep my meat out in south of the border, yeah the gum costs 30 meat, but getting the cock fight to show up saves me adventures by being able to chicken out...

all systems go on item drop...

use milk, ate 5 pear tarts(67)

I should have probably ate +muscle or moxie since I'm already level 13, oh well...

south of border(66) pile of candy- marzipan skull, 2 yummy beans

I down the yummy beans and come up empty on the rainy soul deal...

castle(65) goth giant- think black candle

DD(65-61)- four locked doors is pretty cool

buffed to 735 HP for the skeleton key since I have very little out of combat HP restore and it took one dice roll to beat the skeleton


I go out to eat with my roommate and his friends/coworkers to a mexican restaurant, while I wait for my food and chat casually I continue to hack away at the Ns quest...

Hedge Maze(61-55)

1. spider web(60),(54)
>back alley(60-55)
2. firecracker(53)
3. pygmy blowgun(52)
4. razor sharp can lid(51)
5. disease(50), Fun House or Harem? someone in chat gives me some statistic, 1/3 with 10% base drop vs 1/6 with 30% drop....
>Harem(49)- disease

6. Barb wire fence

Light Door- south telling the truth? With the other two arguing back and fourth... ding! Mirror reflect, buff muscle and initiative for shadow, 4 garters

Tower Familiars
Need potato- I've already done the DD today so time to do the potato old skool style, conservatory( no idea how long it takes /aa attack with weapon and clicking as fast as possible because I'm running out of time)...
Need saber lime for my 2nd one, put it in the terranium.... her naughtiness awaits

Ns- lose 4 times

use pilter, tomato power, bought sloth, bought and used 6 MMJs ( I'm not going to use MP but if I have it maybe the Ns will try to take it away?)...

used final nun heal...

1st form
debuffed attack is negated
>chloroform rag- connects
>nets, nets, nets, nets, nets, nets

first form defeated...
2nd form
take 65 damage
>brick of sand- hits
>nets, nets, nets
take damage again....
>chloroform rag- blocked
>scented massage oil- gain 194 HP
>chloroform rag- blocked
>nets, nets, nets, nets, nets
take damage...
take damage...
VICTORY! (one net remaining in inventory)

10/1374... makes it the 2nd fastest sauce BM run ever completed outside of crimbo, phel's last sauce run was three turns faster than this run...

I'll get him next time....
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