The Downstairs Frank's 9/1337 Pasta-FoB(comments welcome)

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The Downstairs Frank's 9/1337 Pasta-FoB(comments welcome)

Post by Mister Mickey »

Been away from the game for a little while, come back to find myself one day away from Halloween, so I finished my last run and tried to see if anything had changed since I been gone and try to remember how to play this game.

The last time I attempted a Pasta speed run I learned that the Ballroom song is NOT worth 100+ turns to turn on. I think after 40 turns I was just resigned to the fact that the run was completely ruined. After that I did a few 100% BM stunt runs take a break for awhile.

I mean I did also try and do it as a 100% volleyball because you know, not doing a 100% 8 day Pasta FoB BM run would just be "too easy", I kinda was asking for failure I suppose.

Hopefully I'm correct that a normal 60-70% fairy 30-40% volley and/or 2% chaun FoB BM 8 day pasta run is "too easy". We'll see.

So, disclaimers and stuff:

1. I don't use mafia because my computer would have a heart attack and die, I like using it for simple automation things like "doing 150 trick or treating" adventures today, yay. Ascending? Not so much.

2. As a result my runs on done on paper(actually I use a note pad document on my computer) and they can be "rough" at times

3. Deadpool cusses 10 times less than I do. I try to tone it down since this is a public domain where anyone can view it...

4. I don't know everything about Bad Moon, I just pretend that I do. Some things I probably do are crazy, wrong or whatever but "nobody cares about Bad Moon Frank" so I get away with things that I shouldn't get away with. Not knowing everything is probably the biggest one, but I do greatly appreciate those who do question my methods, because they're probably not completely the best way to do things.

but anyway without further typing here we goes.
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Re: The Downstairs Frank's 8 day Pasta attempt(comments welcome)

Post by Mister Mickey »

New Bad Moon Pastamaster started Ascension Log Vizualizer devolped by The Downstairs Frank, who while Upstairs discovered that cave men have been writing stuff down on cave walls since the ice age and stole that idea to write stuff down as it happens in a Bad Moon run.
The result is as follows:

Day 1

Talk to Council, talk to Toot Oracle, sold pork elf gems, sell 2/3 claw machine sell big rock(yeah 1 meat is 1 meat dang it)

bought 6 chew gums terrarium volleyball etc.

/fam BFV
bought pride

40-34 Pantry - sandwhich Level 2@Turn 5! 3 razor can lids

34-21 Spooky Forest- larva, stupid unicorns

Level3@ Turn 19!

guild bought: noodles, bandages, shrukens, vampieroghi

/mp (macro to buy & use $$ MMJ)

cast vampieroghi thrall

I'll probably use him till I can survive without HP regen / until I have to start using bigger spells that drain lots of MP

Tavern(1)- rat took 7/8 HP from me...

hairspray hopefully will help me not get so close to death, I suppose I could die though which would suck

De Grassi Knoll(15-0)
Level 4!
Fucking toolboxes. No spring found.

drank 5 imported beers

I really miss the 1k meat from the EW quest gotten upfront.

I'm now at 213 meat, so I don't have enough to assemble a meatcar

Knoll 10-7

Final tally:

5 cogs
4 meat tanks
5 sprokets
6 tires
3 bugbear beanies
0 bugbear pants
1 spring

The bugbear outfit is relevant because if I would've got the bugbear outfit I could've got the spring from trick or treating since today is Halloween but I don't count on things working out that well...

autosell stuff

470 meat currently

If I'm not mistaken that's 10 meat more than I need...

buy rims 6 meat paste 1 meat stack

/paste bitch

10 meat currently

7 adventures left. Beaten Senseless is possible in 7, but I'm 27 turns away from my SRR and beaten-up would mean going to the haiku dungeon probably?

I've had bad luck getting Flowers for Daryl Dixon before... hopefully since it took me so long to get the meatcar assembled the RNG will have mercy on me, yeah right and maybe GRRM will finish Winds of Winter before 2016 is over

Still I don't see a choice.

Knoll Garage 7-2 Flowers for DD!

Meat problems gone for now, I'm over 2k

bought and drank 6 imported beers

Shore Trippin(12) Level 5@ 60 turns played

4 shore trips I did then used 4 meat globes netted me 100 meat, 400 stats and got rid of the unwanted BM buff

ate jumbo lucifers (?)

Knob Outskirts- lunchbox at turn 77

I started searching the outskirts at turn 67 because I need to unlock the knob to get +stench resistance from the harem

drank 2 coffee & ate 1 pasty (+17 adventures total)

Outskirts(21)- seeing Red

Best to go for a harem veil for +stench resistance, Right?
Hey this is me asking a serious question after the fact because
The harem screwed me royally
. I need to get the KGE outfit for buff stuff(don't I? Also another question since I'm not sure that I do as a myst class)
So that's 2 questions I'm proposing here, is there a more efficient way to get +stench resistance at level 5.5 in BM?

The entryway sucks(I think), back alley sucks as well but there's a chance at some cool things. Doing the Spooky Kitchen without Stench or Hot resistance sounds insane... This is way I love saucerors so much, they get freaking +2 resistance from a skill they can buy at a low level. Pastamancer's get jack shit.

so yeah, anyone have better suggestion for stench resistance don't hesistate to point it out(or do) knowing that vital piece of info might make it possible for you to become the King of Bad Moon...


better get the faucet turned off first...

Tavern Cellar(5)- faucet

Knob Harem(15)- outfit

I really thought that the forced adventure to get the outfit happened at like 12 adventures... oh well.

ate more jumbo lucifers drank 1 more imported beer (max consumption now sans nightcap)

Junction(8)- scream bat

Not any "mistakes" per say with the exception of hunting stench resistance but... nothing in any area is going "well" or "better than max adventures expected"

nightcap tavern swill+5
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Re: The Downstairs Frank's 8 day Pasta attempt(comments welcome)

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 2(at some point after finishing turns I remembered I need to break my hippy stone, PvP is 100% optimal for BM, seriously trust me on that fact. )

Want a spoiler? Well as bad as day 1 was, day 2 was worse. Why? Because I'm stupid and took on the goblin King before I could survive. Also I tried to survive the Witch Hut before I was strong enough to do that as well... so I "wasted" over 10 adventures losing to the King and Hut.

Want another Spoiler? My notes for the day are incomplete after my first loss to the King, I wrote maybe 3 more facts down. What can I say I hate getting beaten up in BM, my secret to success might be that it almost NEVER happens ever at all. And certainly after it does I don't go "forcing it" prepping the same fight without being almost completely certain I can win the 2nd time.

Today Summary:

Fought the Goblin King 3-5 times? Only had 1 perfume so that's another 3-4 adventures spent getting the effect from the harem.
Fought the Witch Hut 3 times. The 2 diseases I got from the harem yesterday came in handy after-all, you might think that -2 ML per disease is pointless but man that poison that the hut can give means death.

Cleared the Bat Lair got some stuff to make lowish level pasta dishes.

Oh great another mistake, I forgot to buy pasta and summon 3 dry noodles yesterday. Dang it, this run is not going well at all, at all.

ate Ratituini(?) +14 adventures(yay high end of spectrum)

Friars Quest... (I got the duocolars first hoping that 5% non combat would speed it up a little, normally I have noted how many adventures the area takes, but I have no clue, I think I finished it quicker than max turns but I'm not sure).

I still haven't switched to the +MP thrall yet... which means that I'm eating lucifers at this point not for the turns, but for the MP when I get low I eat one, /b 2(cast bandages) and

Haiku Dungeon- Baby fairy gravy (bugbear outfit complete, this use to be a big deal when KLPs were a thing since making them required it pretty much, now a days, not so much at all. )

Knob Kitchen vs Dungeon for a knob mushroom

This is a no brainier right? Kitchen gives me a small chance for mittens+hot resistance which will help tree-men-dously for the Liver of Steel Quest tomorrow(ah no liver of steel day 2 for pastamancers in BM ? Apparently not for this one) also help in haunted kitchen. Knob sausages, tomatoes, extra dry noodles(which I now badly need since my moronic self felt it needed another challenge by not summoning freaking noodles day 1)

/1 2 n eye(sort for goblin eye drops, the longer I try and name something to buy the greater chance I have at screwing up the name of something and not buying it or worse buying the wrong thing...)

Burrito Blessing, Hella Smooth

One advantage I have of not having turns left is I can use another blast of hella smooth tomorrow since I can't think of anywhere I'll need hella smooth, liver of steel, crypt? Nope getting the freaking mushroom is probably one of the biggest RNG swing things of this run. If I get the mushroom before my hella smooth turns run out, then I'll use it somewhere else.

Level 7 @ turn ? idk 200 ish? I really wasn't paying attention because I have things that needed to be done before I can think about looking at the crypt... I kinda do want to get there so I can get good food though...
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Re: The Downstairs Frank's 8 day Pasta attempt(comments welcome)

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 3
224 turns played so far
46 adventures to start
1,463 meat currently
48 fites
124/1,209 stats to level 8

Code: Select all

Knob Kitchen (46-35) knob sausage(3), dry noodles, spices, oven mittens, knob mushroom
Had to use todays hella smooth buff when the rest of yesterdays ran out, I didn't see many masterchiefs but it was enough.

With 4 turns left of my item drop buffs(hella smooth and burrito blessing) usually I go into Whitey's Grove for 5k meat and possibly getting wet stew ingredients

but since I haven't finished the citadel quest yet, I can get 5k meat yet.

I'm thinking I should explore the crypt some, it'll give me a chance at those pasta ingredient drops

Nook has 50% chance of monster showing up that drops marrow, Dirty old Lihc is 1/3, Cranny is less than 1/3 for ghuol ghoulash which Nematocyst (#2186263) recently pointed out on the forums to everyone is a decent food drop now, after being sucky for so long. I guess I didn't really bother to notice it over all the complaining about hi-mein / saucemaven nerfing that happened with it.

Nook is the best zone for food drops, I usually save it until I am unlocking the haunted ballroom since there's 2 superlikely adventures in the haunted bathroom. One of them is the makeup box wraith fight for the quest item that is needed to complete the quest to unlock the ballroom and get lady spookyraven off your 2nd floor back. The other is a Bad Moon Adventure(all BMAs are super-likes).

As far as I can tell from the spading that I've done, there's no possible way to know which superlikely that you'll hit first. The BMA is a 10% negative buff to all stats and +100% item drops. Extremely useful to dang near guarantee item drops(makes 234% trivial. 234% guaranttees drops that have a 30% base drop rate. F'cl'e items are the biggest ones that come to mind.)

but since I usually try to unlock the ballroom(at least I used to try and get the ballroom song turned on quickly, not anymore). My back-up plan was the nook. Evil eyes / ingredients for skeleton keys. This run I'm saying F that to the back-up plan. Shouldn't be a problem, I can't think of why it would be... cept for haunted storeroom unlock?

Code: Select all

Nook(4)- evil eye(3), succulent marrow(2)
913 meat

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be trying to get 4k from the treasure room

Road to Citadel Treasure Room - 4k meat ( 5 turns)

That was really unlucky.... but less turns than beaten senseless really...

cooked(2) and ate 2 fusilli +35

Code: Select all

Road(1)- glass of bourbon 
Citadel- lucky rabbit foot

11 adventures till SR

going with distilled wines for sure here...

drank glass of bourbon +6

Code: Select all

Grove 64-59 - white lightning(9), Maid Disservice

Code: Select all

Cake Shaped Arena(5) - eye pod
Suddenly I remember that there's 3,000 meat in the Bat Hole Entryway that I haven't got yet... I usually stack that buff and maid disservice at the same time. Not a big deal but I'm a bit rusty, it ain't like riding a bike.

drank 3 distilled wines+16
drank white lightning+10
drank white lightning+6

cooked knob stuffed shells ate+13

Code: Select all

Entryway(1)- Unna Stick
Well isn't that cool, my buffed moxie is 1 right now. I really don't want to start the liver quest with it that low, something gets the jump on me and I'm dead.

drank white lightning +7

1 drunk left, 0 fullness

I'm at 103 adventures left though...

pvping time....

normally I'd just random 10 fites, but this is a serious run so I need to find 10 opponents that suck, really suck. Not too difficult usually...

targeted 5 randomed 5, lost 1 for 5 stat points, which is like 1-2 main stat probably? Meh

Code: Select all

Laugh Floor(103-91) 5 imp air, other stuff

Code: Select all

Arena(91-75) - unicorn, 3 bus passes
drank booze soaked cherry+2

I think they're 1-3 advs, which is a very small chance at RNG swing, losing 1 turn isn't really worth the stats I get from it. I usually don't take big risks with foods/boozes that have RNG swing in them at all. Unless the swing is +EV(expected value). That is in the long run I'll gain more turns than I lose, here I'm breaking even in the long run.

Code: Select all

Arena(2)- 2 bus passes
30 adventures for liver? Not bad for a class that doesn't get extra item drop or pp

I didn't stop at 10 drunkness even though I've got a shit ton of turns left... I did think about it briefly(billard room unlock) but I thought there was more than I had to do... oh yeah, unlock island that's 9 turns so yeah ....

usually I turn on the Hellavator to the highest setting it gives me first choice after getting liver(I don't usually like messing with that quest with extra ML... and that is what I'm going to do... In a super dooper fast speed run attempt, I turn on the hellavator day one after shore leveling and turn it off when I'm facing the NS or not at all. It's just not worth spending adventures to change the setting on it.

680 stats to level 8

Hellavator Floor 8

Burrito Blessing

Crypt food hunting time

Code: Select all

Cranny(10)- 4 ghuol eggs, 0 ghuol golashes, (26 evilness left)
so much for that great idea...

Code: Select all

Nook(63-54)- succilent marrow(3) cleared to boss

Code: Select all

Cranny(1) cleared to boss
443 stats to level 8

Code: Select all

Niche(53-41)- 1 ingredient drop from dirty old lihc

Code: Select all

Alcove(41-33)- DGW
Cleared to the bosses, I'm 100% sure that I can't kill the bonerdagon yet. Dead Guy's Watch dropped which is +adv at rollover so that is nice.

I have enough teeth/bones to make 8 skeleton keys with 2 leftover bones. The Daily Dungeon must be completed 3 times in BM(the mirror trick seems like too much RNG screwage, way too much. That seems like a last resort when forgetting to DD enough to ascend the final day... I hope I never have to do the trick.)

Code: Select all

Crypt(5)- side bosses cleared
Got bad luck of not hitting stench/hot aganist the zombie, had to cheap flash powder out(not sure if it used a turn, it did save me from getting beaten up)

Code: Select all

Shore Trip(3)- script 

Code: Select all

Haunted Kitchen(25-11) chef's hat, billard key
Level 8 @341

time to bank

drank white lightning+7

Today went pretty well I think. 0 times beaten up, did have to run away from the crypt side boss.
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Day 4 spoiler: I hate the F'cl'e

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 4
59 adv to start
6,676 meat
1,688 stats till level 9

Code: Select all

Shore Trip(6)

Code: Select all

Pirate Cove(53-51) stuffed parrot

Code: Select all

Knoll Gym(51-43) eyepatch
I need a freaking frilly skirt

Code: Select all

Knoll Gym(1)- frilly skirt
Complaining in the log FTW!

Code: Select all

Pirate Cove(42-36)- outfit, leotard, bottle of rum
drank redrum +5(17 myst stats)

drank 2 white lightnings+19

I consider drinking a cheap imported beer but I have a better idea how to fill up my 1 drunkness I need to get to 10

Code: Select all

Typical Tavern Brawl(60-56) beer lens, chaun +1 drunkness
BTW with a perma pool skill of 6 do I need a 10 drunkness? Till I figure out how to guarantee victory I'll keep over killing pool skill... and SRing it until it gets to 10 permanent.

Code: Select all

Billard Room(56-51) 

Code: Select all

Library(51-38)- evil scroll, nebruculian
Unlocking the 2nd floor I calculate that I'm at exactly a multiple of 37 turns played lifetime at the moment, convenient.

Code: Select all

Bedroom(1)- Lights Out
Doing Stephen and Elizabeth's Light's Out Quest is simple to complete in Bad Moon(since the run takes so many turns ~1200+)

Code: Select all

Barrrney's Barrr(2)- beaten up
Something gets the jump, I die, pretty simple.


cooked 3 and ate 2 pasta foods

I can't recall the adv gains, I only remember getting 3.1 adv/fullness, so at 9 fullness used I suppose I got 28 turns, yay math...

I saved a 4 fullness one I made incase I hit level 9 so I can eat a grue egg omelete instead, because GEO is more awesome

bought pasta shield

1,786 meat currently

I will get 3k for pirate fledges and 3k for beating the bonerdagon and a little bit in the bedroom(1-2k possibly?) from one night stands

and 5k for beating the level 8 quest which I haven't even talked to the trapper yet.

Barrrney's Barrr(?)cocktail napkin, bottle of rum- 7 insults

drank redrum+6
fam BFV

Code: Select all

cap'm map(1)- beaten up 
Forgot to heal 49 HP is NOT enough I needed 53/56 I had... grrrrr always keep your HP at 100% at least Frank, dang it. Fraking n00bie.
fam fairy

Code: Select all

fam BFV

Code: Select all

cap'm map- booty

Code: Select all

Bar(1)- blueprints / teeth, insult pong
you know how this goes right? No need to explain it...

Code: Select all

Insult Pong(1)- Time to go on tour
7 insults I expect to get it in a single turn. If I needed to "powerlevel" and I was a moxie class I might get all 8 to dang near guarantee victory.

Code: Select all

Bathroom(8)- powder puff
That frees up some options

Code: Select all

Bedroom(4)- glasses, disposable camera, hand mirror
SR time... I think there's no point in consumable at this point, my last SR was wines a lunchbox would just screw up my meal plan and cyclops eyedrops would allow me to save the bathroom for filthworms

Assuming that I don't want to "powerlevel" in the bathroom.

Code: Select all

Limerick Dungeon(1)- I'll give you one guess of what I got

Code: Select all

Gallery unlocked(bedroom/bathroom/that other place)
I screwed up and forgot to equip the spectacles to get the AFU dictionary for fearful fedichini


4 fullness left
6 drunk
20 adventures
3,763 meat
350 stats to level 9

I'd like to hit level 9 and eat a GEO... The best way to go about that is bonerdagon
I didn't say it was the easiest way

bought stuffed mortar shell

All the eggs in the basket right here.


Time for a fire sale. That means everything that I don't need must go...

2,300 meat gained

Code: Select all

Bonerdagon defeated(1)
used burrito blessing

Code: Select all

Goatlet(12)- 3 glass of goat milk, 3 goat cheese
Now some of you are probably going to be like, geez Frank why didn't you use more item drops? Twelve turns to get 3 goat cheeses is pretty bad right?

Well I saw 3 dairy goats in 12 turns and got milk and cheese every-time from each of them, so suck it.

Level 9 @ turn #467

(I have no idea if that is good or not...)

Time to log into mafia for the strange leaflet quest. Hey I never said I didn't use mafia at all, you think I manually did 5 turns in the arena to get the eye-pod? Get real.

so anyway while it's loading... I need a spooky mushroom the problem is I still have 8 turns of burrito blessing I don't want to go to waste.

I also have 7 turns left.

so I have to drink something... best go into Whitey's Grove looking for wet stew ingredients I suppose

Code: Select all

White Grove(7-4) lion oil, bird rib
Two white lions and one white snake in 3 turns. RNG must be asleep at 3:12 am(current time for me)

Code: Select all

Spooky Forest(2)-3 spooky mushrooms
cooked and ate GEO+22 adv(I gained 23 but I subtracted 1 since it took a turn to craft, hopefully that isn't too confusing)

funny thing is, I still have 2 turns of burrito blessing getting the wet stew ingredients so fast made me forget about it...

2 turns of burrito blessing left... I say why the hell not?

Code: Select all

Haunted Storage Room(2)- ghost key, moose chocolate
Don't be sad cuz one out of two ain't bad

Can't really decide what to do right now...

Orc Chasm offers me a small, very very small chance at better booze than what I have

I should cross the bridge so I have a-boo peak open when I use the kitchen sink of item drops for the F'cl'e(so I can burn the extra turns of the item drop buff trying for a-boo clues)

Still haven't used my hella smooth buff today... might set up F'cl'e' up to do first thing tomorrow... or today who knows...

Orc Chasm(22- )-

wait wait wait... I kinda need to mine for lino ore incase I get a loadstone

Stupid complicated game.

so load stone vs having a back-up for kitchen sink item drops....

Load stone might not matter if I get RNG screwed on planks trying to complete a bridge. I'd just wind up with extra and take it off...

back up plan for kitchen sink item drops might not matter because F'cl'e' might take 10 turns or worse, even more...

I think I'll try to bridge the chasm... the booze dropped might net gain a few turns over what I'm going to be forced to drink

If I was broke, my decision might be different but I have over 5k meat right now

bought dictionary... untinkered it

Code: Select all

Orc Chasm(22-0)backwoods screwdriver, +item accessory 
drank screwdriver+8

Weird I thought that they were over 2.0 adv/drunk no matter what, must be a +EV range IIRC.

Code: Select all

Orc Chasm(1)- bridge complete
21 turns is standard in BM, the Pervert is usually enough to finish the bridge. With insane luck and being a moxie class it's possible to finish in less turns, but very unlikely. I started with only 12/30 progress and needed planks pretty much the whole way so the load stone wouldn't have helped me at all. Good thing I didn't bother mining ore.

drank whiskey and soda+5

I think it's time to get flushed #1 problem.

be scary low stats though

I could buy +25% HP, which would add 12 more hit points but at 4,000 meat I'm not so sure how good of an idea it is.

if I had 10k instead of 4,812 then maybe I'd consider it.

Code: Select all

Bathroom(3?)- BMA
man I really am silly sometimes....

there are my stats now:

Muscle: 33 (53)
Mysticality: 52 (72)
Moxie: 46 (53)

53 hit points max

use hella smooth

This is scary, nevermind the RNG swing of the F'cl'e but if something gets the jump on me I'm not sure if I can survive or not

Also I logged into mafia for kicks(my item drop if it's correct is 224% currently to guarantee the Fcle items I need 234%

I'm not going to try and figure out what my odds are of missing an item(s) but...

I cyclops eyedrops but that would be insane overkill.

I could buy pet-buffing spray as well and give my fairy another 5 lbs

problem is that's yet another negative stat buff...

I'm debating using old bronzer, usually I save it for the +initiative test and shadow but...

here goes nothing

F'cl'e(10-0) 2 creamy, crudgemoney, 2 crusty, 1 chatty, 1 clingy 0 cleany

Best laid plans of mice and n00bs

didn't matter which path I chose the RNG was going to fuck me up the ass either way.

Glad I didn't spend my meat on the +HP skill pretty sure I could've survived an attack and I'm not forced to take care of this f'uc'kle mess first thing, I mean with meat to spare I have options. I still probably am just going to get it over with.

drank whiskey and soda+6

Alright time to explain my "mice and n00bs" quote. I borrowed it from the best laid plans of mice and men one. Basically if you come up with a plan to defeat the RNG, she'll destroy it. I mean the F'cl'e might take FOREVER in Bad Moon without kitchen sink buffs right? I should see how many turns people that don't do this strategy take.

Anyway now I'm looking at spending a very powerful semi rare cyclops eyedrops for ???? number of turns in the F'cl'e. Or am I? Did anyone notice that I got a beer lens while getting a fairy? Did I even mention it? Do I mention that I always save springs just incase?

Did I mention that I never bother to get the EW? Did I mention that exploring the crypt would be insane(200% meat drop buff for nuns is there..) Oh but wait, the areas are now separated I can get both of them whenever I want.... yay revamps.

Did anyone follow my train of random thought there?

New game plan:

I'm going to recover my EW from the guild(6 turns ? Maybe 7-8 idk), then I'm going to get a box from the fun house spending another few turns in that area.

Then I'm going to 4-d camera the cleanly pirate in the F'cl'e. If he doesn't drop his Fledges item I'm going to buff the kitchen sink of item drops forcing him to drop it.... I know spending turns hunting the freaking pirate with eyedrops active is going to be annoying so... this is my plan to avoid that.

What in the hell of hey deze could be worth all those turns? 9 turns of kitchen sink item drop buffs in the haunted storage room MIGHT be worth the hassle that I'm going to go through with this. We'll see how that works out, Deluxe Layer Cake ingredients are a 20% base drop(so I need 400% to guarantee them? Is that possible in BM at the moment? No, but I can get dang near close, actually with the burrito blessing being 30% I might get above it.

Not needing to wear the swash get-up against the cleany pirate from inventory should free up some equipment slots to get over 234%

I like this plan.
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Re: The Downstairs Frank's 8 day Pasta attempt(comments welcome)

Post by Mister Mickey »

Day 5

47 adv
4,792 meat
1/3 claw machine
70 pvp fites
1,808 stats to level 10
93 turns till SRR

I'd like to hit level 10 with 10 fullness left but I don't know if that is possible or not.

1800 stats seems like a lot for ~100 adventures.

Especially since mining for ore is probably some of those adventures.

Code: Select all

Haunted Converstory- Lights Out

Code: Select all

Unquiet Graves(47-39)- Pasta of Peril

Code: Select all

Fun House(1)- box, lemon
drank 2 shots of rotgut+6(23 myst stats)

drank cream stout+3(10 myst stats)

usually I won't risk the distilled brandy variance on adv, but it gives myst stats as well...

drank 2 brandies+8(40 myst stats)

I don't think I'm going to hit level 10 with enough fullness to eat a DLC today, oh well it's not the end of the world.

Code: Select all

ItzMine(56-53)- Outfit

Code: Select all

Twin Peak(3)- All work and no play makes Frank a dull boy
Need moar ML, more stench resistance..

Code: Select all

Hellavator(1)- Floor 10

Code: Select all

Oil Peak(49-38)- oil jar

Code: Select all

Twin Peak(38-31)- rusty hedge trimmers, Where's Johhny?
drank redrum+6(17 myst stats)

1,378 till level 10

drank eggnog+5(21 myst)

drank whiskey and soda+6(9 myst)
drank cheap imported beer

Code: Select all

Spooky Forest(3)

Code: Select all

Lights out Conservatory

Code: Select all

Spooky Forest(51-42) hidden temple unlocked
Time to try and camera this cleanly sucker

Code: Select all

F'cl'e(42-36)- shaking 4-d camera, rigging shampoo
Well I still think it was a good idea, even if I didn't need it. 100% item drop doesn't guaranttee the item and it took 6 turns for the thing to show up.

993 stats to level 10

Code: Select all

Mining(36-25)- 3 lineleum ore
ate ham steak+8

993 stats to level 10, 33 adv to get there

Code: Select all

Extreme slope(33-22)
ate agolitti+18

Code: Select all

Extreme slope(40-32)-outfit
That took forever

Code: Select all

Extreme SSX tricky(32-16)
That took forever too

Code: Select all

Oil Peak(1)- bubblin' crude
cooked/ate cruddles+20

Code: Select all

DD(11)- token

Code: Select all

Icy Peak(2) 
Semi Rare time

Kitchen Sink of item drop buffs....

Code: Select all

Hidden Temple(1)- 2 stone wool
Alright now I have to decide between Haunted Storage Room for DLC and A-boo Peak for a-boo clues

It's probably better to wait on a-boo peak until I get a bigger fairy and more item drop stuff

I can go there with my extra turns after filthworms I suppose assuming I have any extra.

Code: Select all

Haunted Storage Room(9)- 2 moose chocolate, 2 sheet cake 
2 mooses, 2 ghosts and 5 freaking orante painting frame monsters

Got 10 more turns of burrito blessing, might as well try and get more ingredients

Code: Select all

Haunted Storage Room(10)-moose chocolate, sheet cake
Those stupid paintings showed up way more than the other two... I got 5 paintings of glasses of wine

I have enough for 3 DLCs now.

4 turns left, time to bank

drank typical tavern swill+5

Close to level 10.
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Re: The Downstairs Frank's 8 day Pasta attempt(comments welcome)

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Day 6

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Icy Peak(2)- Groar no more
58 stats till level 10

That's a good thing because after I clear the Oil Peak I'm not going to have a lot of things to do.

Code: Select all

Oil Peak(48-42)- Cleared
Level 10!@ 647

ate DLC +46(224 myst stats)

Words can't really explain how good those things are.

Code: Select all

Somewhere over the rainb... I mean beanstalk(88-61)- mohawk wig, tiny airship
3rd floor is taken care of now I just have to deal with the first floor.

Code: Select all

Basement Giants(61-52) pec oil(2), open sauce
Have enough stench resistance to finish Twin Peak now, +1 adv for 2 days or autosell it

I'm at 10k meat so I'm not concerned about it for meat at the moment.

Code: Select all

Basement Giants(52-48)- giant dumbbell, dumb waiter

Code: Select all

Middle Floor Giants(X)- chaos butterfly,

Code: Select all

Giant Top Floor(37-34)- Garbage cleaned up
2,501 stats to level 11, 79 turns till SRR

34 adventures left

I wish I'd saved that gallery bounty from day one, I don't think I bothered to look at the BHH.

Code: Select all

Giant Top Floor(34-15) thin black candle(5), HitS unlocked
drank 5 painting of glasses of wine+15

Code: Select all

HitS(30-20)- Richard's Star Key 
Time to find some better booze and NS quest item

ate fortune cookie 51 or 59 turns till SR(range starts at 50 so either one is a low number since the last one)

Code: Select all

Giant's Middle Chamber(21-0) Ye Olde Meade
drank open sauce+11

Code: Select all

Middle Chamber(11-7)- Ye Olde Meade(2)
drank Ye Olde Meade+16

Where the is the hell is the giant's room that I need?

Code: Select all

Giants Middle Room(3)- Ye Olde Meade
drank Ye Olde Meade+15

used pec oil

Code: Select all

Twin Peak(10)- Golden Ring
cooked cruddles

Code: Select all

Giant Middle Chamber/Top(15)- inhaler

Code: Select all

Daily Dungeon(10)- Token

Code: Select all

Middle Giant Castle(3)
Ok this is getting a little bit ridiculous. Soon I'm going to have to come back after getting Bram's Cocker.

Code: Select all

Middle Giant Castle(1)- electric boning knife
583 stats till level 11

What do I have left?

Code: Select all

F'cl'e'(1)- Pirate Fledges
I meant what do I have left where I can get stats towards level 11 without wasting time?

Semi Rare is zillions of turns away, I'm supposing that I'll get Bram's Cocker even though the usefulness of it is almost completely zero.

DD tomorrow might have the tonic elemental for tonic djinn...

eating DLC gets me 200-300 stats

pvp down to 80 fites(else I lose them to rollover)

drank Ye Olde Meade+14

used burrito blessing / hella smooth

I forgot to use them, well there wasn't really a good option today, maybe the castle

Tomorrow to start off I might try and farm up a sheet cake from the storage room, idk...
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Re: The Downstairs Frank's 8 day Pasta attempt(comments welcome)

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Day 7

Turns played 800

Meat 19,188

PvP - 99

Adv - 73

559 stats to level 11

ate DLC +43 ( 359 myst stats)

Again, words don't express how awesome these things are. Like 2.5 KLPs but with bigger stat gains than 2.5 KLPs would give and they do it to all stats

200 stats to level 11

Code: Select all

Haunted Storage Room(6)- sheet cake
That puts me at 20/31 fullness tomorrow

Code: Select all

8-bit Relm(110-105)- 2 white pixels
If it is at all possible to get a filthy lucre during a BM run this is probably hands down where it should be used, hands down.

Torso? Is it even worth it? Steph's Lab coat is +10 ML and 5 familiar weight but it takes ~ adv to get...

I got nothing better to do besides the 8-bit relm.

Code: Select all

Spooky Forest(105-101)- Dang Near Cut in Half

Code: Select all

8-bit Relm(101-94)- pixels
Level 11! @ 822 turns

Guild Skill Checker

bought bringing up the Rear
weapon/fearful seem worthless since I picked up the spooky cookbook from the Library

Leash of Linguini? Bought. Why not, I got meat coming out my ears. I gain MP almost every combat.

Last skill I'm going to buy I suppose. I have 17k meat without doing a fire sale or selling my golden wedding ring even.

Code: Select all

Black Forest(3)- dissambled blackbird parts

Code: Select all

Black Forest(91-83)- Blackberry(3)
I think I have time to craft them / get the beehive

Code: Select all

Forest(2)- galoshes

Code: Select all

Black Forest(81-79)- Black Market discovered
Well that is unfortunate

Code: Select all

Beach(3)- Diary

Code: Select all

Ballroom(76-71)- Let the music play
Lights out Happened right before unlocking the cellar. Oh well.

I should pay attention to how long the bomb method takes.

Code: Select all

Wine Room(71-60)- Chateau de Vinegar

Code: Select all

Laundry Room(60-46)- blasting soda
ate 2 flat panne+15

26 adventures so far for the bomb method

I'll have to finish this later because I don't have enough +ML

Code: Select all

Hidden Temple(4)- Go downstairs(what if I already am?)
Book of Matches would be nice.... just saying I have a bottle of Ye Meade as back-up and all

drank 2 bottles of laundry sherry+ ?

Code: Select all

Hidden City Park(?)- banished janitors, surgical mask, antique machette
Now comes the age old question of do I bother trying for the matches or not?

I'm looking for one more[janitor] and giving up with whatever happens.

fam leprechaun

Code: Select all

Hidden City Lianas - doors unlocked
Usually I'll use a corsican blessing to get weight on my leprechaun without having to actually use it in combat, If I have one to spare. So basically never

booze in the cellar is way more of a priority and those usually happen the same day.

Code: Select all

Hidden City Park(5)- bowling ball
No matches... moving on

Code: Select all

Hospital- 3 pieces of doctor gear, stone sphere

Code: Select all

Apartment Building(2 rotations)- dang no having cursed punches
Got an attorney badge so now if something gets the jump on me there's only a 50% chance it kills me

Code: Select all

Hidden City cleared
drank snake wines+13

Code: Select all

Shore(3)- UV compass
I always forget to get that thing

Code: Select all

Desert- black paint
2 turns until Laboratory, 3 turns until my first possible SR number

cooked blasting soda and bottle of whatever it's called

Code: Select all

Laboratory(1)- Lab coat, secret formula
Is my Bram's cocker even worth it at this point?

Poop deck, palidrome, unlocking the war are the only places non combat is going to help from here on out...

Code: Select all

Skippable non combat, so I skipped it, my SR is the other number which I figured anyway

Bram's Cocker is even more worthless since I might have to try and unlock the bellow decks before 27 turns are up

of course consumable semi rare makes even less sense. I got an inhaler last time so I wonder WTF I will get? Might get the pissability potion out of the way.

Code: Select all

Pyramid unlocked

Code: Select all

Boiler Room- 2 red hot boilermakers, spookyraven unlocked
Boiler room took 3 boilers so about ~10 turns... so overall it took 36 turns. The same that the other method takes, however the stats are better than the lower leveled areas and I gained food/booze that I drank/ate that was better than the other stuff available to me.

Seems like it's worth it. BTW it took 3-4 wine racks and 3-4 cabinets for the non heated up wine bomb ingredients. Which I've both gotten quicker than that before.

Also at times I've managed enough +ML to only need to find one boiler.

So the bomb method is the way to go usually.

SR in one turn

Drank Ye Olde Meade+15

big day tomorrow

Fingers crossed I suppose
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Epic Fail

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Day 8: Spoilers, didn't make it

Day 8 Feast of Boris

Adv to start 57
PvP 96
12,260 meat
1,666 stats to level 12
982 turns played so far

ate 2 DLCs + 92(716 myst stats)

Nuff said right?

Castle middle floor(1)- pissability potion

fam BFV
Poop Deck/bellowdeck(147-129)- Set Open Course for Virgin Booty(+320 myst)

fam gravy

Palindrone(129-116) 4 items to put on shelves, 0 stunt nuts

Level 12! @ 1,014 turns

I think I have to start level 12 quest, unlock the orchard for better booze...

Palidrome + Pyramid + DD+ beehive + 8 bit realm + a-boo peak

might be enough to flyer

Hippy camp(116-112)- filthy pants

I'm a moron...

Talked to council

Hippy camp Verge of War(112-103) Frat Boy Outfit

Frat Spy drops the entire outfit, I feel like I need to try to start the war and try and get the hippy outfit

It will take ~15 turns to get the outfit from non combats. I don't really need stats from the non combats so... yeah

Maybe someday I'll remember to do the Desert AFTER I start the war so that I can get the hippy outfit without turn sinking... oh well

Hippy Camp(in disguise[103-101] - Begun this war has

Well. Now I have to consider my options of doing the war as a frat boy

Usually I'm a hippy in Bad Moon. The exceptions are when I have good food/booze already.

I'll lose 3.0 drinks and super salads, but I have 2 boilermakers and I can get 3.0 drinks and I only have 11 fullness left for today

plus being a frat boy is slighter faster turn wise.


1. Missing the stats from starting the war and the extra battlefield turns that hippies have to do might mean I might not hit level 13 after I'm done with everything
2. Won't have any healing items for gremlins(this hopefully won't be a problem)

I think I have to do it, I haven't done my normal "ruff" calculations as to if it's going to be possible for me to ascend today or not, but I figure I need all the help I can get...

so here we go...

Frat Uniform got magnet, flyers

fam fairy
Palindome(101-99)- stunt nuts, love me Vol. 1/2
cooked stunt wet nut stew nut stew
fam BFV
Palindome(1)- misclick
Awkward death(1)

Note to self: Make sure to unequip spooky cookbook so using spells against that guy doesn't do 1 damage

fam fairy
Middle Chamber(90-79) tomb ratchet(2),
Need 5 more wheels

Top Chamber/Ed- done gone


Dang pastamancers have difficulty surviving against them. Oh well

Notes imcomplete....

I cleared the battlefield with 6 turns left. Still had 8-bit realm, DD, 1 more a-boo peak clue and NS quest left to do.

so about 50 turns short? With the extra fullness of FoB still 50 turns short?

Should be a piece of cake to finish up tomorrow, only question is will I purposely inflate my TC to 1337 turns?
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Day 9 meh

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Day 9 whatever

Did everything that needed to be done prepping level 13 quest. Got digital key, 3 DD token, beehive, final a-boo clue

ate stuff drank stuff....

1,286 stats to level 13

90 adv remaining
6 drunk left*
7 fullness

*- I plan on drinking my last red hot boilermaker to do a-boo peak so I need to save room for that

I suppose that it's best to do battlefield turns as a hippy...

I know there's better spots probably stats/adv but I'll be working a PvP mini and gaining stuff to finish filling up my consumption for the day


War ended

248 stats to level 13

2 shore trips Level 13 @ 1295

#9 muscle

Ugh, there's really nothing that can be done here

bought Lust

Feeling pretty good about my chances at fastest adventurer isn't good enough...

Afterwards still only pretty good... oh well


Fire Poi, toad, imp unity ring, hot coal, Liz's paintbrush(we've fought eachother so much that we have nicknames for eachother)

that puts me at 90 something

#4 hottest

Well that sucks, I usually get #2 in fastest, #2 in elemental(hotness is one of the more difficult elements to come by in BM though) and 5 or so in buffed off-stat

Oh well...

3 fights to beat the meat

Killed the NS then explored the cemetary...

I was short a Ruby W and a lowercase N so clearly cemetary for the NAWD is faster.

turn complete at 1336 turns. Why not use one more? Cooked something once again 9/1337
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